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Hall’s WWE NXT Review 5.14.24

May 14, 2024 | Posted by Thomas Hall
WWE NXT Charlie Dempsey Tony D'Angelo 5-14-24 Image Credit: WWE
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Hall’s WWE NXT Review 5.14.24  

Date: May 14, 2024
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Booker T., Vic Joseph

We’re coming up on Battleground and last week seemed to set the stage for the show’s main event. Noam Dar seems to be coming for Trick Williams and the NXT Title, but Lash Legend is in the middle of the whole thing. Other than that, the Heritage Cup is on the line as Tony D’Angelo challenges Charlie Dempsey. Let’s get to it.

Noam Dar has been attacked, with the rest of Meta Four arguing about it. Dar looks…confused?

We look back at last week’s combine, which set up the qualifying matches for the Women’s North American Title match.

Kiana James gives Izzi Dame a pep talk.

Sol Ruca won the combine and is ready to win the title too.

Women’s North American Title Qualifying Match: Sol Ruca vs. Izzi Dame

Ruca walks to the ring in her hands. Dame grabs an armbar to start but Ruca suplexes her way out rather quickly. A middle rope flipping X Factor sends Dame outside and another dive hits her on the floor. Back in and Ruca tries a headscissor but gets thrown over the top for a face-first landing into the steps.

Ruca gets dropped onto the announcers’ table and Dame grabs a backbreaker back inside. The reverse chinlock goes on but Ruca fights up with a springboard elbow to the face. Ruca’s standing moonsault gets two but Dame’s big boot gets the same. Dame sends her into the corner, where Ruca tries another headscissors, with this one being flipped into the Sol Snatcher for the pin at 5:38.

Rating: C. There are certain moves where you know it’s over as soon as they connect and the Sol Snatcher is the newest on the list. I’m still not sure I can believe she’s doing it every time and you do not see a move like that very often. It’s pretty clear that Ruca is destined to be a star so her winning here was hardly a big surprise.

Ava isn’t happy with the D’Angelo Family for switching referees last week but they claim a bad case of bronchitis. Tony can still have his title match, but he’s getting fined $20,000. That’s fine, as an envelope full of cash (more than $20,000) is handed over.

Brinley Reece fires up a nervous Edris Enofe (with his rabbit’s foot) and Malik Blade.

Shayna Baszler, with Lola Vice, implies she’s coming for the Women’s Title but Natalya and Karmen Petrovic run in for the brawl.

OTM vs. Edris Enofe/Malik Blade

Jaida Parker and Brinley Reece are here too. Nima picks Enofe up to start as it’s off to Blade for a double drop toehold. Some rapid-fire elbows stagger Nima but he’s up for the tag to Price. Everything breaks down and OTM get caught with stereo hurricanranas and dropkicks. Parker grabs Enofe’s foot though and the women get in a fight on the floor as we take a break.

Back with the women getting into it again and this time they go up the aisle, with referees getting rid of them. Enofe gets knocked down out of the corner for two, setting up a standing camel clutch (with Enofe’s legs wrapped around the standing Price’s ribs). That’s broken up but Enofe, who is losing his boot, can’t get over for the tag. The assisted Alabama Slam to Enofe is enough at 10:43.

Rating: C. It’s a bit weird to see a team whose story is bad luck but it’s not like Enofe and Blade have anything else going on at the moment. They still feel like a team that could go somewhere if they were treated as a basic, athletic team but instead, they’re in a spot like this. OTM is already better without Scrypts, as he really didn’t add anything to the team.

Meta Four is still arguing about Noam Dar but Lash Legend doesn’t have time for this.

Ridge Holland praises Chase U to Axiom and Nathan Frazer. The OC come in to mock him but Holland is willing to find a partner for a match tonight.

Women’s North American Title Qualifying Match: Ivy Nile vs. Lash Legend

Jakara Jackson is here with Legend who wastes no time in knocking Nile out to the floor. Nile fights up and glares at Jackson, followed by a spinning kick to Legend’s head. Legend’s super chokeslam is countered into a super bulldog for two and the Diamond Chain Lock goes on. Jackson offers a distraction though and Legend hits the pump kick for the pin at 3:56.

Rating: C. I’m not sure what happened to Nile but she has fallen through the floor. There was a time when she seemed primed for at least a title run but it never came together. Now here she is, more or less just a jobber to a potential big star like Legend. There wasn’t much to the match, but Legend has come a VERY long way in the last few months.

Je’Von Evans doesn’t know who attacked Noam Dar but he’s ready to face Oro Mensah.

Carlee Brights wants to face Lola Vice tonight but Ava isn’t sure after Bright’s combined score. Then she gives Bright the match anyway.

Oro Mensah vs. Je’Von Evans

Jakara Jackson is here with Mensah, who strikes away to start and rakes Evans’ eyes over the top rope. Mensah sends him crashing out to the floor and we take a break. Back with Mensah hitting Big Show’s old Alley Oop for two but Evans fights up. Evans goes up top and kicks Mensah down, setting up a springboard clothesline. A springboard cutter sends Mensah outside and of course, Evans is right there with the dive. Cue Lash Legend with a chair but Trick Williams pops up to glare at her. Evans fights out of a powerbomb and hits a superkick into the corkscrew splash for the pin at 10:10.

Rating: C+. It was good, though not quite up to the levels of excitement that Evans has shown in his previous outings. He’s athletic and the fans like him, but right now he still needs wins like this one to boost him up. That is a necessary thing, but it might not make for the most riveting action.

Post-match Williams shows respect to Evans.

Charlie Dempsey is on his own tonight and promises violence and revenge against Tony D’Angelo.

Here is Wes Lee for a chat. Last time he was in this ring with this mic, things were going very badly for him. He wasn’t sure if he was ever going to be able to get back but dang did he miss this. Fans: “WE MISS YOU!” He is back six months earlier than scheduled because he missed this so much. Lee needs a minute to compose himself but Oba Femi interrupts. Femi respects him but Lee has taken the title as far as he can. While Lee has shown the spirit of a warrior, Femi is a real warrior. Lee says he wants a title shot, but Femi tells him to prove it.

Cue Ivar to interrupt, saying he knows what it’s like to have a career-ending injury. He and Lee even had the same spinal surgeon! They both want a title shot, but here is Josh Briggs to interrupt and try to get in on this too. He came this close at Stand & Deliver with broken ribs, but now he’s all healed up. Femi likes the arguments, so Femi says make it a fatal four-way. Instead, Femi says fight among yourselves and the winner gets the title shot. This was really basic simple stuff but it did its job.

Chase U comes up to see Ridge Holland, who can have Riley Osborne as his partner tonight. Holland is very grateful.

We hear an alarm clock go off but see nothing.

Lexis King hits on some women when Jazmyn Nyx comes in with a get-well-soon card for Jacy Jayne. King signs but gets the name wrong.

OC vs. Ridge Holland/Riley Osborne

The rest of Chase U is here with Holland and Osborne. Holland trades shoulders with Gallows to start, with a jumping version putting Gallows down. Osborne comes in and is quickly taken into the wrong corner. Some dropkicks get him out of trouble in a hurry though and a standing shooting star press gives Osborne two. Gallows isn’t having that and knocks Osborne into the corner again and we hit the chinlock.

Osborne fights up again but gets sent hard into the corner. A quick flip dive out of the corner finally gives Osborne a breather and the diving tag brings Holland in to clean house. Holland loads up an Alabama Slam but Osborne misses a springboard dropkick and hits Holland by mistake. That’s enough for Anderson to roll Holland up for the pin at 5:10.

Rating: C. The OC might be stars but they’re not exactly the most thrilling addition to the show. They’re the same team they’ve been for years now, meaning they’re here to collect a check and follow the formula they’ve had for far too long. The ending was what mattered here, as it is going to be an issue for Holland and his path to redemption.

Video on Carlee Bright.

Carlee Bright vs. Lola Vice

Vice has Shayna Baszler in her corner. Bright tries some early rollups to start but Vice kicks her off the ropes. More kicks and strikes set up a dance, allowing Bright to grab a rollup for two. A front flip kick to the face in the corner gets two more but Vice kicks her out of the air. The spinning backfist finishes Bright at 3:10.

Rating: C+. Bright has been around on NXT LVL up in recent weeks and it’s nice to see her do some things that she hadn’t done around there. Right now though, she’s just another newcomer in great shape and that isn’t going to be enough to carry her to the next level. It was a nice match, but little more than a decent first step.

Post-match Natalya and Karmen Petrovic come out for the brawl, with the villains bailing in a hurry. The tag match is made for next week.

Riley Osborne apologizes to Ridge Holland in the back but Holland says it’s cool. Holland hopes Chase U trusts him and that seems to be the case, albeit a bit tentatively.

We look back at Noam Dar being attacked. NXT loves itself some mystery attacker stories.

Here’s what’s coming next week.

Heritage Cup: Tony D’Angelo vs. Charlie Dempsey

D’Angelo, with the Family, is challenging. Round One begins with D’Angelo taking over and grabbing an early rollup for two. Dempsey isn’t sure what to do to start and D’Angelo takes him down again to make it worse. A cravate finally slows D’Angelo down for a bit, only to have him reverse into a cradle for the first fall at 2:46.

We take a break and come back with just under a minute to go in Round Two. They trade forearms until Dempsey suplexes him into a cross armbreaker but D’Angelo survives until the round ends. Round Three begins with D’Angelo’s arm in trouble so Dempsey goes right for the cross armbreaker. With that broken up, Dempsey grabs a Fujiwara armbar. That’s reversed into a rollup but D’Angelo misses a charge into the post, allowing Dempsey to German suplex him and tie it up at 2:10 of the round and 9:14 overall.

Round Four begins with D’Angelo going right after the arm, including some stomps into a short armscissors. D’Angelo can’t quite roll out so Dempsey pulls him into a triangle choke. A powerbomb gets D’Angelo out and a belly-to-belly puts Dempsey down. D’Angelo grabs a spinebuster but can’t cover as the round ends. Round Five begins with D’Angelo grabbing a German suplex as the rest of the No Quarter Catch Crew, looking a bit banged up, arrives. They’re dispatched just as fast and Forget About It gives D’Angelo the pin and the cup at 1:08 of the round and 14:08 overall.

Rating: B-. I was a bit surprised by the ending as they seemed to be setting up the No Quarter Catch Crew interference to retain the Cup. D’Angelo needed to win something on his own and it’s nice to see him finally do it. He has the talent and has managed to get this rather stupid gimmick over, which is more than I would have expected. Solid stuff here, with the Crew’s run already looking to be in trouble.

We cut to the back where Wes Lee, Josh Briggs, and Ivar have been attacked. The camera pans up to Gallus, as the trio is back (I wonder if they attacked Noam Dar) to end the show.


Sol Ruca b. Izzi Dame – Sol Snatcher
OTM b. Edris Enofe/Malik Blade – Assisted Alabama Slam to Enofe
Lash Legend b. Ivy Nile – Pump kick
Je’Von Evans b. Oro Mensah – Corkscrew splash
OC b. Ridge Holland/Riley Osborne – Rollup to Holland
Lola Vice b. Carlee Bright – Spinning backfist
Tony D’Angelo b. Charlie Dempsey 2-1



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The final score: review Good
The 411
This wasn’t the strongest show from a wrestling standpoint but the main event was good and it had a nice surprise at the end. You can see at least some of the Battleground card coming together and there is almost a month to go before the show to fill in the gaps. Not their best show here, but it covered a bit of ground, including the first few qualifying matches.

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