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Irene’s Impact Wrestling Review 4.29.21

April 29, 2021 | Posted by Jack Irene
IMpact Wrestling 4-29-21
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Irene’s Impact Wrestling Review 4.29.21  

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Tonight marks the first episode of IMPACT Wrestling featuring a World Champion by the name of Kenny Omega, coming off of his victory of former champ, Rich Swann at Rebellion. Josh Alexander was also able to claim gold as Ace Austin invokes his rematch clause tonight.

We open to a glitch that sends us to a black screen.

They refresh it and we begin.

*Everyone is barking outside D’Amore’s office asking for a title shot. D’Amore says he will be out to the ring soon, when Callis approaches. Callis was planning a Zoom meeting with Omega, but D’Amore demands he show up in person.

*Scott D’Amore enters with the ring surrounded by the roster. D’Amore reveals that there was no rematch clause in the contract and there will be a six-way at Under Siege to determine Omega’s number one contender. Over the next two weeks there will be qualifying matches to earn a spot in the match. D’Amore invites a returning Chris Bey who will fight Jake Something.


Everyone is ringside here making for a lumberjack type match. Jake muscles Bey up who flips out of some dangerous territory. Jake tries to press Bey who reverses it into a sunset flip variation, but hits it on the repeat. Bey looks sharp as he hangs him up in the ropes and delivers an elbow. Bey sends an elbow and kick to the back of the head and hits a clothesline from the top. Jake launches Bey setting him up for a big forearm shot. Jake crumples him with a shot to the back but eats a spinning back kick. Bey gets powerbombed with impact for a near fall. Jake attempts a Black Hole Slam but eats a Code Red for a near fall. Bey hits the ropes for a cutter but Jake catches him, getting caught in a near fall. He pops up with a huge discus lariat. Jake latches the arm and sends him against the ropes where Bey escapes. Jake looks for a spear but Rohit Raju snatches the leg on the outside. Bey kicks Jake into the corner and rolls him up to move on to Under Siege.


This was a really good opener with nice energy and flow. Some really nice impactful moves from both men but Jake Something takes yet another loss. Bey looks great in his return.

*Callis advises Omega on the phone to just take the jet and pop in to IMPACT. Sami Callihan approaches, warning Callis that he is coming after Omega.

*Taylor Wilde is interviewed and excited to be back. Tenille Dashwood appears seeking a tag partner after many weeks of trial and error. Taylor reveals that she is after the Knockouts Championship.

*Next week Rohit Raju meets Trey Miguel, Rhino fights Chris Sabin, and James Storm squares off with Moose.

*Tonight we have Brian Myers and Matt Cardona, as well as a rivalry renewed with Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards.


This is the former Big Cass’s IMPACT Wrestling debut. Morrisey grabs the mic and reminds the audience that the locker room is full of bad people that do not care about the fans. Morrisey feels honest as he attacks Beale to start the bout. Morrisey floors Beale with a short-arm lariat. Morrisey hits a jackknife powerbomb to seal the deal and make quick work of Beale.


This was a squash as it should be. I am interested to see where they go with him but he looks fantastic.

*Kimber Lee is interviewed with Deonna mentioning that she is going to stay in the back while Kimber and Susan take care of Taylor Wilde. Havok approaches, perhaps next in line for the belt.

*Willie Mack is interviewed confused as to why every new guy has to go through him. Mack is ready to meet Morrisey at Under Siege.


Taylor enters to one of the strangest wrestling theme songs of all time and hits the splits and plays air guitar. Kimber Lee blasts her with a dropkick to start. This allows Kimber to take control but Taylor snaps her over with some armdrags. Taylor looks good as ever showing urgency. Kimber halts her high pace as we head to commercial. Kimber grouns Taylor with a body lock . Kimber looks for a suplex but Taylor drops down into a sharpshooter attempt. Kimber hands Taylor in the ropes and Susan hits her with a shoe. Taylor shoots some foreamers to the face of Kimber followed by a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Kimber jacks her jaw and delivers a spinning back kick for a near fall. Kimber seeks a Swanton but falls on some knees, and eats a Codebreaker. Taylor locks in a modified Indian Deathlock to win but Susan attacks her after the bell. Tenille storms the ring and takes out Susan. Taylor is confused by Tenille’s assistance.


This was a pretty good match with Taylor looking great in her return. Her athleticism and pace fit with the current roster, especially champ Deonna Purrazzo.

*Moose meets up with Scott D’Amore and questions why he has to go through qualifying matches. He threatens D’Amore as James Storm approaches. Storm hands Moose two Jason’s Deli bags as packed lunches for next week’s ass-whooping.


Josh starts with relentless pressure but Ace uses his speed to take an advantage, nailing a bulldog. Ace delivers elbows to the head and body of a grounded Josh. Ace snatches the wrist and a playing card, delivering a paper cut. Ace hits a double jump rana from the top and meets Josh in the corner with a clothesline. He attempts the double jump roundhouse but Josh connects with a Chaos Theory. Josh clubs away at Ace and looks for Divine Intervention but Ace pops out with a jumping knee. Ace flies in with a kick but gets his ankle picked. Ace goes off on Josh landing flush with a spinning back kick scoring a near fall. Ace has Josh in trouble in the corner, ready to take his title back. Josh fights back with a huge forearm buying a breather. Josh follows Ace to the apron where he gets backed into the corner. Ace catches Ace on the apron but Ace flips out. Josh picks him back up and plops him onto the apron, dropping to the floor. Fulton tries to take out Josh, but gets sent into the steps. Ace looks for The Fold but ends up with a double springboard kick instead. Ace hits a twisting senton onto the knee of Josh and looks to steal his move. Josh catches Ace from the top, powerbombing him onto his knee and linking an ankle lock to retain.


This was a very good match as always from these guys. I could watch Josh Alexander X-Division Title matches every day of my life. Then again, the same thing can be said about Ace Austin. I can’t get enough of the X-Division in 2021.

*Swinger and Hernandez approach Callis. Swinger owes them $20,000 but Callis makes a deal with him. Swinger arranges his man to pick up Omega from the airport.

*During an interview with Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering, Fire n’ Flava invoke their rematch clause for Under Siege.


Both men brawl on the outside to start with Cardona sweeping Myers into the barricade. Myers gains control in the ring flooring the explosiveness of Cardona, assaulting the knee. Cardona slides out with a basement dropkick as he suffers from the pain. Myers drops Cardona’s knee onto the steps as we hit a commercial. Myers is focused on the knee as we return, bashing it against the apron. Myers tosses Cardona into the turnbuckle, knee first. He heads to the outside but Cardona drags him into the post. Myers nails the impaler DDT for a near fall as Cardona continues to fight on. Cardona hits a huge Sky High for a near fall. Cardona’s knee was too damaged to secure a strong pin attempt. Myers holds onto the ring skirt to avoid danger and hits a flatliner. Myers looks for a spear but gets hit with Radio Silence, allowing Cardona to move on to Under Siege.


This match was alright, with nothing very memorable but strong work throughout. Cardona’s selling and the psychology of Myers shined as it did at Rebellion. Cardona moving on should be interesting as this is his biggest shot so far in IMPACT.

*Vignette revealing NJPW’s El Phantasmo for next week


Eddie and Sami trade strikes to start things off, with Eddie catching Sami with a Suicide Dive. Callihan trips Eddie in the corner as he swarms him. Callihan neutrazlies Eddie with a headlock in the middle of the ring. Eddie fights to his feet but gets floored immediately. Eddie hits a rana from the top and they exchange shots again. Eddie hits a Blue Thunder Bomb but can’t seal the deal. Eddie aims for the Boston Knee Party but Sami hits a pop-up bomb and looks to finish but The Good Brothers and Kenny Omega storm the party. The Good Brothers deliver a Magic Killer to Sami Callihan. Omega looks for the V-Trigger but FinJuice comes to the aide. The Super Elite take care of everyone and feels confident heading forward.


This was a quality match but incomplete and really only served for Omega’s appearance and beatdown.

The final score: review Average
The 411
This show was very good with several surprises and returns. El Phantasmo being confirmed for next week is exciting and Chris Bey and Taylor Wilde looked fantastic in their returns. The Under Siege picture is fresh as well but Kenny Omega's appearance tonight fell flat and was hyped for nothing. The ongoing storyline through the night was based on him showing up, and we received two minutes of the champion beating everyone down and ruining the main event. I suppose this adds some heat but Omega could've been a bit more involved. Also check out the X-Division Title match but you already know that.

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