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Jeremy’s Impact Wrestling Review 9.22.22

September 22, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Sami Callihan Impact Wrestling Image Credit: Impact Wrestling
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Jeremy’s Impact Wrestling Review 9.22.22  

Hello, everyone and welcome to our live Impact Wrestling coverage on 411! I’m Jeremy Thomas, stepping in this week as Ethan has had to step away for work reasons. We’ll have a new regular coverage person next week, but in the meantime I’m back on the Impact beat for tonight! Tonight we have the Motor City Machine Guns, fresh off their win over the Good Brothers last week, taking on Aussie Open with a World Tag Team Championship match on the line at Bound For Glory. In addition Brian Myers and Bhupinder Gujjar will battle (again) for the Digital Media Title and Sami Callihan, Moose and Steve Maclin will have their contract signing for Barbed Wire Massacre and much more. It’s a busy night ahead of Victory Road tomorrow, and we’re gonna have a lot to cover tonight so let’s hop right in.

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

* We start off with a recap of last week’s Impact.

Impact Digital Media Championship Ladder Match
Brian Myers vs. Bhupinder Gujjar

Bhupinder and Myers stare off a bit before Myers attacks, but Bhupinder takes over with punches followed by an elbow. Bodyslam by Bhupinder and a leaping kneedrop. Irish whip, spin kick by Bhupinder and a short-arm knee strike. Myers on Bhupinder’s shoulders for a Samoan drop and the challenger is fired up! Upon the second rope, he leaps for a spear but gets hit with a knee by Myers, who rolls outside and gets a ladder to bring into the ring. But Bhupinder with a dropkick to the ladder into Myers through the ropes, and now Gujjar brings it into the ring before Myers hits a back suplex on the apron.

Myers into the ring and sets up the ladder. He begins the climb and gets partway up before Gujjar nails him in the back and pulls him INTO A CUTTER! Gujjar up to the second rope, GARGOYLE SPEAR into the ladder! Myers is on the outside and Gujjar climbs, but Myers is able to get in and he pushes the ladder over, sending Gujjar into the top rope.

Myers folds up the ladder and tosses it into Gujjar, then sets it in the corner. He grabs Gujjar by the hair and decks him in the cut, then whips him hard into the ladder. Gujjar down and the ladder falls on him. Gujjar is bleeding from the nose pretty heavily now and Myers lies in wait as the crowd chants “MYERS SUCKS!” Myers charges in for a big lariat. Myers sets up another ladder, Gujjar grabs the first and goes to set it up. Myers goes in the attack but gets kicked down, we have two ladders up now. They start climbing on opposite sides and trade punches on the top. Myers’ head goes into the ladder, Myers with a punch but he falls off the ladder! He’s climbing up though and stops Gujjar from getting the title — back suplex off the ladder!

Both men down now, they roll out to the outside. Myers grabs another ladder and sets it on the ringsteps, grabbing Gujjar but Gujjar fights back! Big right, followed by an attempted DVD on the ladder but Myers slips out and rakes the face — POWER BOMB ONTO THE LADDER! Myers crawls on the floor toward the ring, Gujjar is doing the same. Myers gets into the ring and goes to climb up — he makes his way up the ladder but Gujjar is climbing into the ring.

Myers almost has the title but Gujjar pulls him down, sends him into the ladder and superkicks him! Myers is out of the ring and Gujjar is climbing up. But Myers back in with a low blow! He also has tape and has taped Gujjar to the ladder to keep him from climbing up. Myers climbs up but gets hgrabbed, he nails Gujjar and pulls the ladder down.

Winner: Brian Myers (12:11)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: Solid match, even if it could have been better. Both guys worked hard and it didn’t have the most memorable spots, but it did its job.

* Heath apologizes to Rich Swann and Josh Alexander for last week and says they need to get on the same page. Alexander says they have to show Honor No More what they’re dealing with and Heath says that he has an open challenge for a Street Fight tonight. Swann says he and Josh have Heath’s back, and Heath says he appreciates that but he’s going to do it himself.

* Hannifan and Rewholdt run down the Victory Road card. We’ll have live coverage tomorrow, by the way from Andrew Cazer, returning for a night to cover the Impact! Plus special!

* We get a recap of Steve Maclin attacking Sami Callihan last Saturday at Wrestling Revolver’s show which turned into a pull-apart brawl.

Jordynne Grace vs. Zicky Dice

Dice tries to attack with a kick but Grace catches it and beats Dice around. BIG German suplex, followed by the shirt being ripped off of Zicky’s body. She grabs Dice for the Grace Driver and gets the win.

Winner: Jordynne Grace (0:43)
Rating: N/A
Thoughts: RIP Zicky Dice.

* We then get a pretty great vignette promoting Grace’s match against Max the Impaler at Victory Road.

Black Taurus vs. Laredo Kid vs. Alex Zayne vs. Trey Miguel vs. Mia Yim

Bell rings and everyone faces off until it turns with a brawl with Yim just watching. Taurus and Kid get knocked on the apron, Trey and Zayne help Yim take them out and then take Yim out! Zayne and Trey now trade quick maneuvers, Zayne into the ropes and runs Trey over4 but he kips back up. Counter flips and wrestling, they stare off but Yim to the top rope for a double dropkick!

Yim in the ring with Taurus now, Yim fires off with shots but gets headbutted RIGHT to the mat. Yim out of the ring, Kid in with a top-rope rana. Kid into the ropes for a spinning armdrag, he charges into the corner but Taurus moves and lays in the strikes. Taurus with a leaping knee strike but Kid ducks, sending Taurus to the floor, and dives onto him. Zayne and Trey are in the ring, they star at each other and DIVE onto Taurus and Kid! And now Yim up top and she leaps onto all four guys! Three guys in the ring now, Yim is climbing in but gets pulled face first into the apron by Taurus as we go to break.

We’re back with Zayne and Kid double teaming Trey, but Trey dodges an avalanch and kicks Kid, then armdrags him and hits a droptoe that forces Kid to headbot Zayne down low. Double Downward Spiral, Trye covers Zayne for two and then Laredo Kid for two. Try dropkicks Taurus off the apron and then does the same with Tim, puts Kid on the top rope and hits an enzuigiri. Taurus in but he heads a kick from both Kid and Trey — Zayne off Taurus’ back with a double rana! Baja Blast to Taurus, cover for three. Yim charges it but eats a superkick.

Kid and Trey take out Zayne, Kid takes out Trey and then gets planted with a Crucifix Bomb. Chaoes in the ring, Mia Yim with a powerbomb on Zayne! She picks him up, double underhook — PILEDRIVER! She covers but Kid and Trey with a double superkick to break it up. They begin trading strikes with each other, Kid throws Trey into Taurus for a torture rack backbreaker. Kid sends Taurus to the outside, knocks down Zayne and goes for the corkscrew moonsault but Zayne moves!

Zayne is now up top, he goes for the Cinnamon Twist but Kid gets the knees up! Taurus in, Destination Hellhole to Zayne for the pin.

Winner: Black Taurus (11:58)
Rating: *** 1/4
Thoughts: This is the kind of match Impact excels at and everyone killed it here. Great effort by all involved.

* Eric Young walks up to the new VbD recruits and says they’re part of the revival. They will be seeds that spread, because they’re everywhere and everyone. He has them show him and they salute. He asks who they are and they say “I Am Violence!” He and Deaner proceed to beat the recruits up and they don’t fight it. Not sure where this is going but VbD, while great talents, have never done it for me as a stable. This isn’t convincing me (yet).

* We get a vignette with a couple arguing in melodramatic fashion about the father of their child. Then Joe Hendry music plays and it turns into a music video about Hendry and I love it.

* Heath is in the ring for his open challenge. He tells Dallas to make some noise and then says Impact’s given him a street fight with any member of Honor No More and he’s ready to get the damn party started. He calls out the group to bring out any one of them — and it’s PCO!

Oh wait, it isn’t. Honor No More comes out and stops him, and Eddie Edwards says the match isn’t happening. Heath tells PCO that Eddie is talking nonsense, but Heath says to listen to the people in Dallas. Heath says he’d rather die as a rebel than live as a coward. Eddie says PCO’s thoughts and decisions don’t belong to him; they belong to Honor No More and him.

Heath says PCO is supposed to be human, but right now he looks like Eddie’s little lapdog. PCO is coming down to the ring, so we have a match.

Street Fight
Heath vs. PCO

Heath leaps on PCO to start! Vincent gets involved and gets shoved, but PCO runs Heath over. PCO lays into Heath with kicks and a neckbreaker on the ramp, then a legdrop and another. PCO picks Heath up and decks him, following him up the ramp, but Heath fires back and hits a backdrop on PCO onto the ramp.

Heath throws PCO into the guardrail and batters him down the side of the ramp. A chair gets thrown into PCO’s face, but PCO battles back as they move toward the crowd. Heath throws a drink in PCO’s face, but PCO battles back and nails him with a garbage can. Heath goes into the rolling garage door headfirst, and PCO grabs a roller of folding chairs, throwing them off into the stands. That doesn’t look good for Heath, who has climbed up onto the stage.

PCO follows Heath up but Heath with a DDT onto the stage. Heath grabs PCO and THROWS him OFF THE STAGE into the chair pile! Heath walks his way down the stage and PCO hasn’t moved — but here comes Honor No More! Heath is in the ring as he gets surrounded, with Edwards directing traffic — and Alexander come down to even the odds! Josh beats on Eddie and Swann chases people off with a chair, Alexander with an anklelock but he gets pulled to safety.

In the ring, Heath attacks Heath but gets nailed with the Wake Up Call. Heath talks with Alexander and Swann, and PCO is now finally getting up wearing chairs! He walks to the ring and tosses chairs in the ring for Heath to dodge, adding more from the timekeeper’s area. PCO enters the ring, and it’s a brawl! Both men trading blows, PCO pushes Heath into the corner, Heath out into a chokeslam!

PCO piles the chairs in the center of the ring and puts his black glove on. Heath up — Mandible Claw into the chairs! PCO goes up top, he leaps — HEATH MOVES! PCO into the chairs, Wake Up Call by Heath! That’s it.

Winner: Heath (9:12)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: This was an overbooked car crash, but that was always the point. It was generally entertaining and played into the storylines and I’m okay with that.

Aussie Open vs. Motor City Machine Guns

Shelley starts off against Fletcher and they lock up. A little bit of counterwrestling to star off, Fletcher sends Shelley into the corner and goes for a shot but Shelley fires back. They go into the ropes and Fletcher runs Shelley over. Suplex attempt but Shelley counters and chops Fletcher down, he hyperextends the elbow and Sabin does the same in the ropes. Sabin tags in, double splash for two.

Flecher sends Sabin into the hostile corner but he somersaults out, and Fletcher tags in Davis who throws Sabin. They stare off, lockup, Sabin backed into the corner. he ducks a shot and hits a chop, leaps off with a sprinboard crossbody but gets caught. Sabin escapes and hits a rana on Davis! Davis however comes back with a big chop and then an Irish whip, but Shelly tags off the ropes and they take Davis out. Fletcher in and gets dropkicked out of the ring. The Guns to to the apron and double superkick him, Davis charges but the ropes are down and he goes to the outside! The Guns take Aussie Open out with dives from the apron.

Davis rolled back in, Shelley goes up top, he leaps but Davis moves. Davis with a forearm in the corner, Sabin comes in but Fletcher eaves the odds. They run the ring but Aussie Open catch the Guns and smash them into each other as we go to break.

We’re back with Fletcher picking up Shelley for a delayed vertical suplex, and Davis tags in. Fletcher hands him off, and they do it again! Shelley finally gets dropped, cover for two. Davis tagged back in, Shelley is fighting back and hits a big chop, but Davis bodyslams him. Senton misses, Shelley dodges a corner splash and Fletcher tags in to prevent the tag. Shelley pulls Fletcher into a shot from Sabin, who tags in and comes in hot! He takes out Davis on the apron, hits a missile dropkick on Fletcher, out to the apron to kick Davis in the face! Top rope crossbody, cover but only two!

Sabin and Shelley in, they run into Fletcher, dropkick/Downward Spiral combo for a nearfall. Sabin tries to whip Fletcher out of the corner but Fletcher keeps blocking it. He escapes and hits a Michinoku Driver in the middle of the ring! Davis tags in, toss into a kick, lifted cutter, cover but Shelley breaks it up. Shelley is sent to the floor, Irish whip-assisted splash, Razor’s Edge into a flipping slam and cover for two!

Aussie Open just start trading shots on Sabin, they go for the finish but Sabin with a DDT! Shelley in now, basement dropkick and Sabin holds Fletcher for a dropkick to the face! Sabin grabs Davis, Skull & Bones finishes it!

Winner: Motor City Machine Guns (15:31)
Rating: *** 1/2
Thoughts: What else would you expect from this but a great match? The two teams worked together incredibly well and we had a lot of hot sequences. This is exactly what you would want from these four.

* Gia asks Tasha about her match with Killer Kelly at Victory Road. Steelz says she’s gonna hurt Kelly for trying to play games in her division, and that Savannah and her are going to introduce Kelly to their friend the chair. They walk through the back and Savannah is grabbed out of nowhere. She turns around and Kelly is there sitting. She says here she is to play, but Tasha says they’ll play tomorrow night.

* Gisele Shaw says Mickie James has had an amazing career with numerous titles, great matches, and inspiring a whole generation. But tomorrow she makes the most important contribution of her career: handing off the torch to her. And she knows a lot of people will upset that she retires Mickie, but she’s doing Mickie a favor as she can go home and be a great mom, because in Impact the spotlight belongs to Gisele Shaw.

* Rehwoldt and Hannifan run down the Victory Road card.

* It’s time for the contract signing, with Scott D’Amore presiding. D’Amore says it’s not just for a wrestling match; it’s also for a Hold Harmless agreement that releases Impact and each other from any liability stemming from serious injury. He says tomorrow marks the return of one of the most dangerous and barbaric matches in wrestling history in Barbed Wire Massacre, and there’s an added layer of risk considering the participants.

He calls them out one at a time, with Moose first coming down. Up next is Steve Maclin, who stares off with Moose before taking a seat. And finally is Sami Callihan, but Sami doesn’t come out. D’Amore accuses the other two of doing something, and Moose takes the mic and says it doesn’t matter. He tells Maclin that Sami’s been in the ring with him but Maclin hasn’t. He says Maclin’s a marine and has been through wars, but none of it is a fraction of being in the ring with him and he’s going to put Maclin through hell.

Maclin says Moose is a former NFL player who is now a coddled prizefighter, and he doesn’t know a damn thing about Hell on Earth because he hasn’t don’t what Maclin’s done or seen what he’s seen. Moose thinks Maclin’s scared of him, or of Barbed Wire? He says guys like him transcend things like this. He signs the contract and Moose stars to talk — but Sami’s here!

Sami says the Death Machine has finally arrived, and apologizes to D’Amore but he was looking for his favorite chair. He says Steve and Moose caught him off guard before, bu7t they made a grave mistake by not realizing that the Death Machine is the master of puppets. Now he has Maclin and Moose by the throats going into Barbed Wire Massacre and will cut them ear to ear.

Maclin tels Sami to sign the damn contract and he says he doesn’t need their pen; he brought his own. He has a barbed wire-wrapped pen and goes to sign it, but Maclin stabs Callihan with his own pen and flips the table. Moose and Maclin beat on Sami, and Mooss sets Sami in the Tree of Wore. He tells Maclin to attack and when Maclin charges, Moose spears him! Moose sets a table up as Callihan bleeds. Moose goes to spear him through the table, but Sami moves! Cactus Driver ’97 to Moose! Sami grabs the contract and signs it with a handprint of his own blood.

And with that, we’re done for the night!

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
This was a strong, focused episode of Impact Wrestling with generally good to great matches and some decent work in serving as the go-home show for Victory Road. I enjoyed the contract signing well enough and they kept any nonsense to a minimum. Very little to complain about here to be honest, as Impact continues delivering consistent quality on its weekly TV.

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