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Jeremy’s WWE NXT Great American Bash Review

July 6, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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Jeremy’s WWE NXT Great American Bash Review  

Hello there, NXT fans! We’re back with a very special episode of the Tuesday Night Brand, as the Great American Bash is in session. I’m Jeremy Thomas, as always, and it goes without saying that we have a huge show tonight. Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly will fight the latest battle in their epic war, the NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles are on the line, Karrion Kross will have a face-to-face with Johnny Gargano and more! There’s a lot going on so without further ado, let’s get right into it.

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We start off with a vignette for the Bash, which itself begins with a voiceover by Dusty Rhodes before going in to preview the various matches to take place tonight.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match
MSK vs. Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher

We get the full-on match introduction treatment. Carter and Ciampa start it off and lock up, with Carter backed into a corner. They go into some counter-wrestling and Carter flips through shit only to get chopped down. Off the ropes, but Carter with a corkscrew springboard elbow. Thatcher tags in and the lock-up turns into Thatcher with an elbow lock, but Wes Lee manages to tag in and they start kicking at Thatcher, but he ducks a kick and takes out Carter, then Ciampa is in and they beat down the champs with twin forearm batterings. Thatcher starts to pick apart Lee and bends his leg back to an uncomfortable level, almost getting in a crossface but Lee avoids it. Ciampa tags in now, hard knife-edge chop and off the ropes with a knee to Lee’s head. Cover gets two, and Ciampa right back into a headlock. Lee gets to his feet but gets a knee, he pushes Ciampa into the ropes and hits a big dropkick. Lee with a charging uppercut and tags in Carter, who lays in a host of strikes that sends Ciampa out. Carter goes for a springboard moonsault and Thatcher pushes Ciampa out of the way to take the move, and Ciampa wipes out Carter as we go to break.

Back from break with Ciampa in control of Carter, but he manages to slide out of a back suplex and tag in Lee. Lee knocks Thatcher off the apron and takes Ciampa down, Lee goes into the ropes but goes through as Thatcher pulls them down! Lee rolled in and Ciampa covers for two. Thatcher tagged in but Lee gets control with kicks and tags in Carter, they take him down and the Hot Fire Flame gets a two-count! Carter with knife-edge chops but gets taken down with a belly-to-belly. Ciampa tagged in, chops to Nash in the corner and Thatcher is tagged back in for uppercuts. Ciampa in now for some more chops, Carter is fighting back with shots to both challengers but he gets kneed by Ciampa and then blasted in the jaw. Carter up and says “HIT ME!” and Ciampa obliges, but Carter fires back and takes Ciampa down. Tommaso off the ropes into a big dropkick, Lee tagged in. Thatcher comes in and goes for an uppercut but takes out Ciampa! Lee with a big shot but Ciampa is back with a big double knees and cover — NO! Nearfall and Ciampa is surprised by that. He goes for a Fairy Tale Ending but Lee blocks, then counters into a suplex for two. Thatcher tagged in, he goes for the leg but eats an enzuigiri and kick tgo the head. Carter tagged in and rocks Thatcher with a kick, but Ciampa gets tagged in. Lee knocked down on the apron, he gets Carter on the top rope but Carter fights back and kicks Ciampa in the head hard. Tag to Lee, kicks to Ciampa by both champs! Carter up top for a senton, he tags in Lee for a corkscrew senton, cover gets two before Thatcher grabs Lee and yanks him to the arena floor by his foot. Carter goes to dive on Thatcher and eats an uppercut. Thatcher is in the ring, Ciampa with a Fairy Tale Ending and Lee with the ankle lock! Carter was being held by Ciampa but he pushes Ciampa into Thatcher to break the hold. Thatcher goes for it again but Lee with the roll-up and we have a pinfall!

Winner: MSK (15:30)
Rating: *** 1/2
Thoughts: Fantastically-paced match that saw all four men shine, with some real back-and-forth action. The ending was a bit anti-climactic with a roll-up win but that’s WWE booking.

* The battery is at 90%.

* Earlier today, Adam Cole walked into the Capital Wrestling Center for tonight, as did Kyle O’Reilly.

* Samoa Joe and William Regal are out in the ring. Regal says that we’ve all seen how Gargano has antagonized Karrion Kross, and he needs to address that. He calls both men to the ring. Gargano is out alone and calling for Kross to come out, and so he does (without Scarlett).

Regal says he brought them here because things need to be settled. Gargano says let’s get formalities out of the way: “You suuuuuck!” He says he’s been living like a king in Kross’ head, rent-free, and says Kross tried to run him down last week because he’s terrified to get in the ring. Regal says next week it’s Gargano vs. Kross for the title. Kross gets on the mic and says “You think I’m afraid of you??” The crowd chants yes. Kross says he only nearly ran over Gargano because he was in The Way (ha ha). Kross says he has greater convictions than Gargano and has goals, which include main eventing WrestleMania and becoming WWE Champion. He says he knows Gargano thinks he’s going to do some really cool moves next week, but this isn’t a comic book; this is real life. People like Gargano get beaten by people like Kross and next week, that’s what’s going to happen.

Regal announces that Samoa Joe will be the guest ref next week, and Gargano loves that. He steps out of the ring and says that Kross couldn’t lace Candice’s boots. Kross doesn’t want to wait until next week, but Joe stops him from attacking.

* We get a vignette recapping the feud for the Million Dollar Title including LA Knight attacking Ted DiBiase and Grimes coming after him for it.

* We’re back with a promo from Kushida talking about Diamond Mind attacking him, saying he’s proud to be champion and that he’s ready for them.

Million Dollar Championship Match
Cameron Grimes vs. LA Knight

Grimes with a big boot to start, and he clotheslines Knight out of the ring! Out on the apron and he kicks Knight hard in the face, then grabs him and throws him in the ring. Top rope crossbody and a cover gets two. Grimes with a side headlock, Knight fights to his feet and shoots Grimes into the ropes for a back elbow. Knight stomps on Grimes and puts him in the corner, Irish whip but Grimes reverses and Knight is out on the apron. Grimes goes for him, but gets hung up by Knight, LA springboards into the ring RIGHT into a big punch for two! Standing moonsault for another nearfall, and Grimes with a headlock. Knight manages to get to his feet, back suplex but Grimes flips out, he grabs a waistlock but Knight runs into the corner and Grimes goes face-first into it! Takedown by Knight and we’re on break.

Back from break and Grimes with a jawbreaker to Knight, but the champion with a couple of shots. They go into the ropes and have a couple of ducks, and Grimes counters a crossbody with one of his own and a cover for two! They’re trading blows in the ring now, Grimes takes over but Knight grabs the hair. Grimes with a series of slaps and strikes but has to back off because Knight is against the ropes. Shoulder blocks off the ropes by Grimes, spinning uranage and a cover — NO! Grimes with a clothesline in the corner, but Knight manages to cut Grimes off and sends him over the ropes. Grimes skins the cat but gets caught by Knight by a reverse Death Valley Driver for a nearfall. Knight goes for a stunner but Grimes counters with a backslide for two. Grimes nails Knight and goes up top, but Knight leaps up for a superplex and a cover for two. Knight is looking frustrated now and he goes out to grab the Million Dollar Title. He comes into the ring and the referee stops him from using it, Grimes rolls him up for two but Knight grabs the tights and reverses for his own two-count. Reverse rana by Grimes, cover is a nearfall! Grimes back to his feet, he gets the energy from the crowd, goes “TO THE MOON” But Knight slips out of the ring. Grimes on the apron but Knight catches him and trips him up. Knight hits a DDT onto the Championship that was on the ground. The ref counts, he’s up to nine but Grimes slides in JUST in time! Knight is incensed, he lies in wait, BFT and the cover gets it.

Winner: LA Knight (13:16)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: Good, solid match here that used Knight to probably the best of his ability. The end result was expected because Grimes as a butler is the clear narrative choice. It wasn’t an all-time classic but it was good.

* Raquel and Dakota are backstage with McKenzie, who ask them who they think will win the NXT Women’s Tag Team Title match. Raquel isn’t happy about the question and Dakota says she would be walking out champion if not for Shotzi and Ember. She says Ember’s a bug she’s ready to squash, and they’ll put Shotzi on the shelf again.

* We’re back with the NXT Breakout Tournament competitor reveal: Trey Baxter, Carmello Hayes, Andre Chase, Josh Briggs, Ikemen Jiro, Joe Gacy, Odyssey Jones, and Duke Hudson. The tournament begins next week with Jiro vs. Hudson.

NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship Match
Zoey Stark & Io Shirai vs. The Way

We start with Indi and Io, and they do some counter-wrestling to start. Indi with a wristlock that Io flips out of, she comes off the ropes with a diving dropkick to the knee and then a leap onto Indi. But Indi picks her up and drops her on the ropes, then tags in Candice who makes a couple quick covers for two. Indi tagged back in, they whip Io into the apron but she kicks them both as they come in and sends Candice to the outside. Missile dropkick and cover for two, Zoey in and a double suplex to Indy. Cover for two. Indi reverses a whip into the ropes but a backdrop attempt gets her kicked in the face, more kicks by Zoey but she gets back elbows and then suplexed into a drop gut-first on the ropes. Stark is out of the ring as we go to break.

Back from break with Indi in control of Stark, and she is in control via an elbow lock but Stark flips her off. Indi blocks a tag attempt but Stark kicks her. Candice and Io in now, and they start brawling. Io takes over, forearms and then a springboard missile dropkick for two. Whip into the corner, avalanche and Zoey in for a leaping high knee followed by diving knee for Candice. Io picks Candice up in a double underhook for a BIG KICK from Zoey! Stark off the ropes, kick to the head and cover for two. Io tagged in, she goes for her moonsault finisher but Candice moves! Gargano Escape! Zoey comes in but Indi takes her down and applies the Silencer! Io manages to roll Candice over for a cover for two. Io with a palm strike to Candice, she goes up top and stops Indi from interfering, but Candice pulls her off the top. Zoey comes in to even the odds but gets taken down. Hartwell with a big back suplex as LeRae knocks Stark off the apron, cover gets a nearfall. LeRae tagged in, roll-up by Shirai gets two and Candice kicks her hard in the head in retaliation.

The lights go dark! The battery is at 100% — AND TEGAN NOX IS HERE. Candice is in shock, she stars and Io kicks Indi in the knee. Io with a dropkick that sends Candice out, K360 by a tagged-in Stark, cover gets three!

Winner: Io Shirai and Zoey Stark (11:33)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: It was a well-executed match that saw a sports entertainment-y finish. But it’s also not a bad finish either. The title loss tells a story for Nox’s return and the title change will lead to some new matches. I have no issue with this.

Tegan comes down to the ring and Candice tries to escape to no avail. Nox gets LeRae in the ring and beats her down, LeRae manages to escape and runs away with Nox in hot pursuit as the champions celebrate.

* We’re back with Toni Storm, who is not happy that she’s not getting a title shot any time soon. She says that Raquel fears her and, when asked about Sarray’s challenge from last week, she says it’s cute and Sarray may want a match with her but she’s not on Toni’s level and says no.

* Apparently during the ad break, Dexter Lumis came out and rescued Indi Hartwell from the ring.

* Ashante Thee Adonis kicks off the Hit Row NXT North American Championship cypher. B-FAB starts it off and I’m sorry, I’m not quick enough a typist to transcribe a cypher so we’re just gonna say that Top Dolla was next, followed by Swerve. I’m a big fan of freestyle and cyphers, and all in all this is a decent one. Anyone who’s heard Swerve knows his flow is fantastic and the rest had decent verses too as long as you’re not looking for Wayne or Kendrick levels of quality. That said, this is way, WAY too long. This absolutely, 100% should have been cut in half because it just. Went. On.

* Back from break and McKenzie asks Regal and Joe about tonight’s show, and Regal puts over the whole of the show and says he’s looking forward to next week. McKenzie asks about the feud between Kross and Gargano, and he says he doesn’t look to change the outcome of the match and won’t intervene unless provoked. Next week, may the best man win.

* Set for Next Week:
NXT Championship Match: Karrion Kross vs. Johnny Gargano
NXT Breakout Tournament Match: Duke Hudson vs. Ikemen Jiro

Adam Cole vs. Kyle O’Reilly

Cole is playing up the knee injury. Lockup to start and Kyle pushes Cole into the ropes, break called. Test of strength and Cole trips O’Reilly, but Kyle turns it around until Cole manages to flip him for a one-count. Both men back up, they’re in the ropes, Kyle with a kick but Cole slides out and we’re on break.

Back from break with Cole sent into the ropes but he goes into a sunset flip, Kyle catches it and goes into an armbreaker, Cole blocks it so Kyle with an ankle lock. Cole gets to the ropes and forces the break, but O’Reilly is right back on him. He drops a knee and backs up, then runs in with a kneedrop. Cole comes off the ropes to get leveled with a kick, then goes outside. They fight through the ropes and Kyle comes to the outside, only to eat a neckbreaker on the floor. Both men back in, Cole with a pump kick and cover for two. Neckbreaker for another two-count, and he picks Kyle up to slam him head-first in the turnbuckle. Hard whip chest-first into the corner and Cole immediately locks his legs around O’Reilly’s neck. He hits a couple elbows, then picks Hyle into his shoulders but Kyle counters and Cole off the ropes into a knee lift. Knees to Cole and strikes, leg sweep and a charging forearm in the corner. O’Reilly with a trio double-underhook throws and a cover for two. Kick to Cole’s left thigh, Cole misses an enzuigiri but hits a backstabber for two. Cole is pissed: “I’m better than you O’Reilly! Always have been.” He insults Kyle and says he’s a disappointment to himself and his wife, which fires Kyle up! He slams Cole in the corner and goes up for elevated punches, but Cole slips out and kicks the knee! Cole slips outside of the ring and slams Kyle’s knee repeatedly into the ringpost, and then we’re on break.

Back from break and Cole and Kyle are trading shots, they come off the ropes and a double clothesline leaves both men down. They trade punches on their knees and slowly get up, still going back and forth. O’Reilly takes over, goes for a discus punch but gets kicked by Cole! He backs into the ropes but Cole catches him in the ropes to wrench the knee! Cole breaks the hold and comes at O’Reilly, but he catches the knee of Cole and wrenches it from the outside. They trade shots and it ends with Cole hitting a chop block on O’Reilly, big knee off the ropes and a nearfall. Cole up to the second rope, Panama Sunrise is scouted by Kyle. He counters and it leads to a big suplex by O’Reilly with both men down. Kyle up first and kicks Cole in the thigh, then repeated kicks to Cole’s head. Cole with some punches but Kyle mounts him with punches, then goes for an armbar. Cole counters it but gets rolled up for two. O’Reilly with a heel hook, Cole is out of it and locks in a figure four! O’Reilly manages to get out of it, and locks in his own unique leg lock. Cole barely manages to get to the ropes. Kyle goes for the ankle again but Cole holds onto the ropes long enough to hit an enzuigiri. Kyle with a knee to the chink and then a kick, to the head, German suplex countered with enzuigiri. Kyle goes for a knee lift with such force that he ends up on the outside. Cole is out — PANAMA SUNRISE on the floor! Cole rolls in O’Reilly, cover gets — NO! O’Reilly’s foot is on the ropes. Cole lies in wait and lowers the knee pad, he goes for the Last Shot but Kyle counters, quick action sequence that ends with O’Reilly into the ropes with a big clothseline! Kyle up top, goes for the big knee but Cole moves! LAST SHOT! Cover gets NO, it’s a nearfall and Cole is shocked. He goes up for Panama Sunrise, Kyle pulls him down. Cole dodges a charging knee and takes out Kyle, he goes for the Panama Sunrise again but eats a kick. The kick hit O’Relly hard, Cole with a Panama Sunrise and then Last Call for the pin at last.

Winner: Adam Cole (24:01)
Rating: ****
Thoughts: Fantastic work as usual from these guys, and they were given more than enough time to hit the high notes. Cole getting the win makes sense since he took the loss in their last match, and this was booked in a way that didn’t hurt O’Reilly at all. Great, great match to end the show.

And with that, we’re done for the night!

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Honestly, this is an episode where there wasn't anything particularly bad and a lot that was absolutely great. The only major negative was the Hit Row segment, which would have been fine if it hadn't gone on for about twice as long as it needed to. On the flip side you have a great opening match, a stellar main event, a big title change, a major return, and the fun Grimes vs. Knight feud hitting its next stage. That makes this a big winner of a show for me.