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Jeremy’s WWE NXT Review 8.2.22

August 2, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE NXT Solo Sikoa Von Wagner Image Credit: WWE
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Jeremy’s WWE NXT Review 8.2.22  

Hello, everyone and welcome to our live WWE NXT coverage on 411! I am, as always, Jeremy Thomas and WWE is on an upward slide this week so let’s hope NXT rides the waves as well! NXT’s tag team divisions will see big matches tonight as the new NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships are decided and The Creed Brothers defend their titles against Tony D’Angelo and Stacks. Elsewhere, Von Wagner faces Solo Sikoa in a Falls Count Anywhere match and Sarray battles NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose. There’s likely plenty more on the horizon as well, and I’m feeling optimistic about this one.

Here at Thomas HQ, it’s been another busy week but I still managed to get some entertainment viewing done. I picked back up on my Marilyn Watch Project with the fantastic 1950 classic All About Eve, and did my first rewatch of Orphan in forever to refresh myself on the film before Orphan: First Kill arrives this month. (It’s still a wild, well-acted film that is mostly fun.) Saturday night I watched the Shudder documentary This Is GWAR which doesn’t quite connect all its narrative threads but is still an emotional watch for any metal fan, and then saw a couple of family films in Minions: The Rise of Gru (better than the first Minions) and Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank (actively mediocre).

Outside of films, I watched the engaging true crime docuseries The Innocent Man on Netflix and finally started playing The Quarry on PC, which takes a while to get going but picks up REALLY nicely. And I am brimming with excitement for this Friday’s The Sandman, so be sure to look out for my thoughts on that next week.

Anyway, we’re gonna have a lot to cover tonight so let’s hop right in.

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

* We’re LIVE in the Capitol Wrestling Center and kicking off with the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship match!

NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship Match
Katana Chance & Kayden Carer vs. Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz vs.
Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley vs. Toxic Attraction

Tatum starts with Kayden and they lock up, jocking for position and end Jacy Jayne tags Kayden. Jacy with a slap to Tatum and gets shot into the ropes, she runs Tatum over. Gigi tags in, she flips Tatum to the mat and covers for two. Gigi catches Tatum’s boot and Tatum flips over, “hits” a dropkick and tags in Ivy who takes Gigi down. Quick tag back to Tatum, Gigi into the ropes for a double body check and cover for two.

Kayden tags back in from Gigi and charges Tatum in the corner, Feroz tags in and takes over. She locks in a standing headscissors and flips Tatum over, Leon tags in and Gigi gets knocked down off the apron. Leon in now and she has control but Kayden escapes out of a hold and flips over Leon for a superkick. But she quickly gets pulled out of the ring and brawls with Ivy and Tatum as Chance comes over to help. Feroz picks Leon up and press slams her onto the lot of them! She gets Kayden back in and covers for two.

Paxley tags in but Leon still in control, suplex and strikes but Tatum fires back. Leon tags in Feroz who hits a crossbody on a suplex positioned Paxley. Feroz on Paxley’s shoulder and Ivy tags in, she hits a big shot and covers for three!

Gigi in now and she tags over on Nile with hard shots, Jayne tags in and knocks Nile down for two before laying in mounted punches. Jayne mocks those on the outside and turns around into a shot by Nile, who roles Jayne up for two and hits an enzuigiri. Paxley tagged in and Jayne quickly tags out to Katana, Paxley grabs Chance from a sunset flip into a suplex for two.

Ivy in now and Irish whip, Nile with a springboard off Paxley into a BIG kick, cover for two! Paxley tags in but Chance takes over, she covers for two. Tag in to Kayden, Paxley fights Kayden off but Chance takes her out, Jayne sneak tags in and covers for three!

We’re down to the final two now, and they’re all in the ring talking trash. It devolves into a brawl, TA with double big boots and then assist each other with slingshot cannonballs. Jayne picks up Kayen but she slips off, they counter each other, Jayne with a rollup for two and a half! Big shot from Jayne, lungblower and a clothesline from Gigi for a nearfall.

Kayden counters a wheelbarrowslam and rolls through, she hits a suiperkick for two. Kayden now battering Gigi, Chance tags in and hangs Gigi on the ropes, then comes in for a two-count. Gigi shoves Kayden off, back suplex by Gigi! Jacy tags in, she knocks Kayden off the apron. Total Elimination, Jacy covers but Kayden breaks it up! Gigi and Kayden kick each other and all four women are down!

Jacy and Chance up now, they trade shots back and forth, Jacy takes over with a kneelift but eats an elbow drop and Eat Defeat! They go for the tandem finisher but Gigi pulls Kayden off the top. Jacy with a nearfall but Kayden kicks out and sends Jayce into a shot from Chance! Chance goes up, 450 splash/neckbreaker and that’s it!

Winner: Kaden Carter and Katana Chance (12:07)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: A few notable botches aside, this was a fast-paced battle that had an appropriately climactic ending. Nice to see Kayden and Katana get the win they’ve deserved for a while.

* McKenzie is backstage with Briggs and Jensen and asks them who’s next. Jensen makes a dumb joke and gets smacked; Briggs says they’re ready for anyone. Joe Gacy walks in and talks about how Jensen is a second-generation superstar but Cameron Grimes can’t say the same. James Drake asks if Fallon is staring in his eyes and says they’re the windows to his soul. Jensen talks shit and Gacy says Jensen can be in the ring for his special message to Grimes.

* Melo and Trick are in the ring for Melo’s open challenge. Trick says everything’s been amazing for them since the GAB. They’ve been stacking dollars, starting drama (“Wes Lee”) and collecting baby mamas. Trick says it’s Melo’s birthday, and Melo says everyone knows he’s a money player and makes nothing but money moves, so tonight’s move is the open challenge. Next person in the ring can step up and get stepped on. It’s Giovanni Vinci! …or not because Nathan Frazer beats him to the ring.

NXT North American Championship Match
Carmelo Hayes vs. Nathan Frazer

Vinci is on commentary as Melo and Frazer lock up to star, Frazer with a headlock and goes into a headlock, then a headscissors. Melo flips over for two, they trade counters and Frazer with a pin attempt for two. Melo isn’t happy and smacks Frazer in the chest, he gets slapped and shoves Frazer into the ropes. Frazer with a big dropkick, he charges at Melo in the corner and dives under him to the outside, grabs Melo’s legs and crotches him on the ringpost.

Frazer back in, he goes to dodge a charge, Melo catches him and goes for the Fadeaway but Frazer ducks so he nails him and hits it the second time, cover for two. DDT from Melo. Frazer hits a jawbreaker to slow Melo down, but Melo comes off the ropes with a big springboard forearm for two!

Melo goes for a suplex, Frazer slips out but gets rolled up for two. Frazer grabs Melo on the way up for a Downward Spiral into the second turnbuckle! Melo to the outside and Trick talks to him. Melo back in, he gets decked by Frazer once, twice, three times and now diving forearm and a Thesz press followed by mounted punches. Frazer goes for the 450, Melo moves but Frazer rolls through and hits a BIG superkick for two!

Melo escapes to the outside, Frazer dives on him on the announce table and spills liquid on Vinci. Frazer gets Melo back in, Trick distracts the ref and Vinci pushes Frazer off the top. Melo with the top-rope Famouser for the win.

Winner: Carmelo Hayes (5:41)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: That is about as good a match you can have in less than six minutes.

* The NXT Heatweave Summit is next.

* JD McDonagh and Bron Breakker are already in a security-filled ring with Wade Barrett when we return. Barrett asks McDonagh about his methodical approach and his “uncomfortable” way he introduced himself last week. McDonagh says he was very comfortable and wants to talk about NXT Heatweave. He says he’s never been in the ring with anyone like Bron who is relentless and fearless. He says he sees the fire and knows that might scare some, but it’s a stimulant for him because he feels the urge to stomp him out. He says everyone respects and fears bron but why, because he’s a cover model for Muscle & Fitness? He’s going to tear Bron’s muscle off his bones and the only sound sweeter that hearing that will be hearing Alicia Taylor announcing him as the NXT Champion.

Barrett asks Bron how he’ll deal with McDonagh, and Bron says JD is special. He studied JD’s NXT UK career and says he may be the smartest superstar he’s ever been in the ring with. JD knows now to challenge his strength or speed, and says that everyone has a plan against him until he breaks them in half. When the title is on the line he’s an animal and he’s glad JD likes pain so much because at Heatwave he’ll be feeling it.

JD says he believes what Bron is saying and believes everythng Bron says is true. But while Bron endures pain, he welcomes it.

Barrett introduces the contract and hands it to JD to sign. JD says he won’t because he knows it’s tradition for the challenger to sign first but he thinks he sees fear in Bron and wants him to sign first. Bron calls JD a frickin’ sicko and takes the contract, signing it. Wade hands it over to JD, who says that this summit won’t end in violence but to show him how serious he is, it will end in blood. JD cuts himself and signs the contract in blood. Well, THAT’s a thing.

Both men stand up and stare off, JD extends his blooding hand. Bron holds the title up.

* Backstage, the Creeds are jostling with each other when Apollo Crews shows up. He says he’s a huge fan of what they’re doing, and Julius says they’re big fans of his and the gym is always open to him. Crews says to watch their back and not everything is what it seems. Julius gets it and says tonight’s about the Tony D and Stacks. Apollo leaves and Damon Kemp comes in, saying Roddy is running late but will be there for the match.

* Gigi and Jacy are losing their shit backstage. Mandy comes in and says that’s why they didn’t want her out there. McKenzie shows up and they yell at her to leave. It’s Mandy’s turn for a match and she heads out.

Mandy Rose vs. Sarray

This match started during the break with Mandy starting in control, but Sarray quickly taking over. As we come back, Sarray comes off the top but Mandy hit her with something (it was a long-distance shot). Mandy takes over but Sarray battles back kicking Rose down against the bottom rope. She goes for her dropkick but Rose slips out, she grabs Sarray and drops her before covering for two.

Rose with kicks to Sarray in the corner and then grinds the shin of her boot into Sarray’s face. She pulls her into the center and covers for two, Sarray back up and rolls Rose up for two. Sarray tries to dive onto Rose but gets caught with a wheelbarrow facebuster for two. She then grabs Sarray’s head and rams it repeatedly into the mat, then covers but Sarray bridges out. Dropkick by Sarray!

Rose tries to nail Sarray but gets blocked, Sarray with big shots but Mandy stops it with a kick. Rose with a clothesline attempt but Sarray counters and hits a drop toe-hold, missile dropkick off the second rope. Fisherman’s suplex for two.

Sarray charges at Rose in the corner and it ends up super-awkward, Rose with a spinebuster for two and a bicycle knee for the pin.

Winner: Mandy Rose (5:41)
Rating: * 1/2
Thoughts: That was just…not great. These two were way off in their timing and it showed throughout. Rose has been improving a lot in NXT but this felt like a real step backward as a match.

Afterward Rose tells Zoey Stark this is what awaits her at Heatwave. She goes out and grabs a chair, bringing it into the ring with her title. She talks trash to Sarray and then grabs the chair, unleashing on Sarray’s knee with it. Stark comes out and lays into Rose, downing her with clotheslines and a superkick. Rose manages to bail with her title.

* Tiffany Stratton is seen doing gynmastics and says that she has no time for losers like Wendy Choo. She knows she’s great and she works at it every day, which is why everyone in NXT is obsessed with her. She hated losing the battle royal because Tiffany Stratton and losing don’t belong in the same sentence. She says Wendy may think it won’t be a pretty picture when they next meet but everything Tiffany does is pretty.

* MzKenzie is backstage with Axiom who is very excited to be here and says the timing couldn’t be perfect. Duke Hudson walks in and says he doesn’t belong here and things are changing, which is why he stays ready. Axiom is undersized and he’s 275 pounds (260, he’s cutting weight). Axiom says he isn’t afraid of Duke, who calls him a nerd and slaps him. It turns into a brawl down the CWC backstage hallway with Hudson largely in control. They fight out into the arena with Axiom knocked to the floor.

Hudson’s shirt comes off, Axiom fights back but gets plowed into the ring apron. He rolls Axiom into the ring and stomps him down, he picks him up for a spinning uranage and poses for the crowd. Duke goes and gets a mic, saying that is why you don’t believe in your heroes: they’ll always let you down. Duke starts to leave and Axiom says things have changed, but he can make it right here and now. Duke grins and returns to the ring, we have a match.

Duke Hudson vs. Axiom

Hudson beats on Axiom, sets him on the top turnbuckle and kicks him to the floor. He follows along, slams him into the apron and rolls him in. Axiom fights back with kicks to the knee, he comes off with a springboard dropkick to the knee. Axiom charges into the corner but is caught and uranaged down.

Hudson beats on Axiom in the center of the ring, repeated elbowdrops and a kneedrop. The crowd chants and distracts Hudson, allowing Axiom to get a kick but Duke picks him up for the Razro’s Edge — countered by Axiom into a hurricanrana! Axiom gets a roll-up win.

Winner: Axiom (2:09)
Rating: N/A
Thoughts: Fluke win is fluke win.

* McKenzie is backstage with Wes Lee, who says he has a history of overcoming the odds and notes that Trick got the best of him but says Trick thinks he’s the Muhammed Ali of NXT. He shows how Trick mimicked Ali’s famous picture and says Ali inspired millions while Trick annoys millions. He suggests that next week they have a good old rounds match. Trick’s move, ding ding.

NXT Tag Team Chmapionhip Match
The Creed Brothers vs. Tony D’Angelo & Stacks

Roddy still isn’t here, to no surprise. Julius and Tony start off, Tony gets taken down and put in a headlock. Tony tries to shoot Julius off into the ropes but Julius holds on and takes Tony down; Tony finally gets free and tags in Stacks, who gets promptly nailed. Brutus tags in and takes Stacks over, he rolls him on the ground and hits a big armdrag and then a forearm.

Julius back in and he hits an atomic drop. Tony tags in and gets caught for a suplex, but blocks it and slips around for a kick to the back of the knee. Tony grabs Julius and suplex him up but legs go and flips him around to land HARD as we go to PIP break.

We’re back live with Tony and Stacks having been in control, as Stacks has a single-leg crap on Julius. Julius kicks him free and tags in Brutus, Stacks escapes to the outside but Brutus rolls him in and LAUNCHES him off the ropes. Stacks back to the outside, Brutus gets him back in but Stacks with a big forearm. He grabs Brutus’ arm and smashes it against the steps, then Tony tags in for a Euro uppercut. Big stomp on the hand of Brutus, and he slams it into the mat. Tony sends Brutus into the corner and tags in Stacks, who snaps the arm down on his shoulder and goes back to the hand.

Tony tags in and hits a leaping double hammer to the arm, then catches Brutus’ hand in his singlet for a suplex! Tony tags in Stacks and they work on that shoulder and arm, Stacks with an arm submission while wrenching on the hand. Brutus fights to get free but gets chop blocked down. Stacks nails Julius with a cheap shot and then stomps on the arm. He goes up to the second rope but Brutus gets a foot up! He makes the tag! Julius in hot and he hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Tony! He tosses Stacks in the ring and then throws him out, belly to belly suplexes on Tony and a dropkick off the ropes.

THE STRAPS ARE DOWN! But Julius doesn’t get to do anything with it as Tony hits a dropkick. Julius goes for the tag but Stacks pulls Brutus off the ropes; it turns into chaos and Brutus pounds on Stacks as Elektra passes Tony a crowbar. He goes for it but there’s something snagging — Santos is back! Elektra is looking on pleased, and Santos nails Tony! Rolling spinebuster, big clothesline, champs retain!

Winner: The Creed Brothers (10:46)
Rating: *** 1/4
Thoughts: About damn time they moved this feud forward. Santos’ return worked well within the context of the match, which was very good on the whole. I have no complaints here.

* Roxy says she’s been dealing with almost every emotion possible over the last three weeks after Cora turned on her. First shock, considering how close they were. She was the ultimate Cora Jade fan and they were doing so well. They won, they were unstoppable and she used her contract because TA had been a thorn in Cora’s side. She didn’t see Cora attack her from behind, and the attack during the match hurt her. She never wants to be associated with Cora again. She was there all the times Cora needed her and she was in denial for a week until Cora threw her title in the trash. She says “Okay, bitch. We both know the truth.” So they’ll settle it once and for all at Heatwave.

* McKenzie asks Cora about Roxy’s challenge and Cora says not to listen to her sob story. She’s the talk of WWE like Bayley and Roman and says she’s done with that charity case. Mandy Rose walks in and says she’s only here to talk business; she wants Cora to repeat what she did to Zoey. Cora isn’t buying it, but Rose says if she takes out Zoey, Cora is the runner-up for the battle royal and will get the shot. Cora says she’ll give it some thought “little girl.”

* We get a promo for WrestleMania 39.

* A vignette plays for Von Wagner vs. Solo Sikoa tonight recapping their feud.

* McKenzie is with the new women’s tag champs. Katana says they’ve been through hell and back, cheated and slighted but they finally did it. Kayden says Katana is her rock and they kept at it which makes this moment so much sweeter. Katana says the fans never gave up on them and this is where the titles will stay.

Brooks Jensen vs. Joe Gacy

Lockupo to start, Gacy into the ropes and he breaks the hold, hitting a shot. Jensen sends Gacy into the corner, nails him and sends him across the ring for a back bodydrop. Jabs and a big right hand to Gacy. Jensen slides out of the ring and hits a big knee on the apron. He rolls in, Gacy grabs him for a DDT.

Gacy with stomps and then chops and shots in the corner, Jensen fights out and they’re trading shots. Kick by Gacy, Irish whip and Jensen reverses, revses back and a shot by Gacy followed by a diving right hand off the ropes. Gacy does a Wyatt-style handstand in the corner and then hits a standing uranage. Big elbowdrop, cover for two.

Jensen fights back to his feet but gets picked up, Jensen slides out and hits a spinning heel kick. Drake and Gibson creep out Fallon Henley and Briggs intervenes — which lets Pretty Deadly come in. Jensen takes them out but is hit with a big clothesline from Gacy for the pin.

Winner: Joe Gacy (2:59)
Rating: N/A
Thoughts: RIP Brooks Jensen.

Afterward, Gacy says Grimes needs to change his life and can do so via the Schism. He can feel the emptiness in Grimes’ soul. Someone in the audience yells “GACY LIKES PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA!” Grimes is looking backstage and leaves the area.

* Tony is losing his shit backstage and says without Santos he’d be NA Champion and Tag Team Champion. STacks says it’s four-on-two but Tony says they’re sheep. Santos calls him and says after they put him in the hospital and nearly ended their career, they’re almost even. Tony says the next time he sees Santos, they’re done. He says there needs to be one final accord between them — no Stacks, no Legado. Santos agrees and Tony says he’ll tell him where.

Alba Fyre vs. Lash Legend

Match started during the commercial break. Legend is in control, she hits Fyre with a shot to the back but Fyre fires back. Legend picks her up into an across the back torture rack, she transitions into a facebuster on the knee and covers for two.

Legend chokes Fyre on the ropes for four and then grabs her for a delayed gutwrench suplex and kips up. Legend soaks in the boos. She picks Fyre up but gets sent into the turnbuckle, Fyre with a Tornado DDT. She goes up top but Lash nails her in the head, then climps up to the second rope. Delayed superplex but Fyre counters with a knee to the head and knocks Lash off the top. Fyre goes for a Coup de Grace, Legend rolls out of the way and goes for a bat but Fyre with a superkick! KLR Bomb! Fyre goes up top, Swanton and pin!

Winner: Alba Fyre (3:26 shown)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: Match was badly hurt by starting during the break, but what we saw was quite good and Legend’s best match yet. Nice to see Alba get the win to end this feud.

* Melo and Trick walk into the parking lot and Trick is suggesting a match stipulations. One of the ladies asks if they know how to jump start a car and they go to help.

* Nikkita Lyons says she say Kiana’s presentation on her but she doesn’t care because she owns who she is. She says Kiana wants to judge her because she doesn’t fit a small box, but she won’t change herself for anyone especially her and she can see her in the ring next week.

Set For Next Week:
– Cora Jade vs. Zoey Stark
Rounds Match: Trick Williams vs. Wes Lee

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Von Wagner vs. Solo Sikoa

It goes right into brawling to start, Solo with a back elbow on Von off the ropes. It goes outside and Solo runs Wagner over, then hits a senton for two. Big chop by Von and a shot, he knees Wagner and rolls him back in for an uppercut. Wagner whipped across the ring, Solo with a splash and a cover for two.

Solo is down in the corner, Solo charges in for a hip smash and Von falls out of the ring. Solo follows and is briefly distracted by Stone, Von takes over and slams Solo into the apron, then the ring steps. Wagner slams Solo headfirst into the steps and grabs the steps, picking them up! He slides them in the ring and nails Solo before rolling him in. Wagner grabs chairs from under the ring and puts them in the ring, he comes in and nails Solo in the gut before chairshots to the back. Solo drops the chair on the mat and grabs Solo, back suplex onto the chair and a cover for two.

Wagner grabs the chair again and nails Solo with it a several more times, mostly to the shoulder. He sets the chair up and grabs another chair, setting it up as well. Wagner grabs Solo, picks him up and bodyslams him through the chairs. Cover for two.

Wagner throws the chairs out of the ring and kicks Solo in the head, he shoves Solo to the floor and follows. Charging clothesline to Solo, Wagner takes apart the announce table. Wagner grabs Solo, but Solo picks him up! Samoan Drop onto the table! Solo gets a hand on Von for two.

Solo and Von now battling to the back, Wagner sent through the door to the parking lot where Melo gets shoves into the car. Wagner grabs Solo and throws him into the wall, then picks him up and tosses him into the dumpster. Wagner shuts the dumpster and walks away as if the match is done — Solo pops up! He throws a trash bag at Wagner and climbs out, nailing Wagner in the head. They’re fighting along and Wagner gets end into a rolling door. Repeated knees to Wagner against the door, Wagner grabs Solo and pulls him into the building as he runs over Cameron Grimes! Wagner with a sidewalk slam into the table, cover for two.

Solo to his feet, Wagner throws him into a cart and then puts him in a chair, beating on him. Stone tells Von to get something to finish him, Von gets a chair but Solo with the fire extinguisher! Back in the arena, Wagner in the ring and Solo follows! Repeated shots, a big superkick and a Samoan Drop! Solo is fired up, and he grabs a chair. BIG chairshot to the back, and another and another! A fourth! SOlo grabs Chekov’s in-ring stairs and sets it up, he grabs Von — uranage onto the stairs! Solo covers for a nearfall, but Von kicks out!

Von back up and he is going up top — Robert Stone grabs Solo! Solo grabs Stone and headbutts him to the floor, he goes up but Von crotches him on the ropes and he falls to the outside. Von is ready, he grabs Solo but Solo slides off and pushes Von into the ringpost. SUPERKICK! Another one! Von is on the table, and Solo is going up top! SUPERFLY SPLASH! He covers for three.

Winner: Solo Sikoa (12:26)
Rating: *** 1/2
Thoughts: This is what a Falls Count Anywhere match should be: lots of action, lots of weapons, some silliness like the dumpster spot and a big spot to finish. Wagner’s best match in NXT to date and a big win for Solo.

And with that, we’re done for the night!

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Great show all in all from the NXT brand. We had mostly good matches outside of the Mandy Rose vs. Sarray bout, a relative dearth of silliness (but still enough to keep things fun) and a few really big moments in Solo's win and the new NXT Women's Tag Champs. It feels like NXT 2.0 still, but a better version of what it's often been and that's a good thing.

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