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Jimmy Korderas Critiques Referee Distraction Spots at AEW Dynamite Grand Slam

September 22, 2022 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Jon Moxley Bryan Danielson AEW Grand Slam Dynamite, Tony Khan Image Credit: AEW

– During a recent interview with WrestlingInc.com’s Nick Hausman, former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas shared his thoughts on the refereeing during the matchups at last night’s AEW Dynamite Grand Slam. Korderas spoke about last night’s card having referee distraction spots in back-to-back matches, specifically Chris Jericho vs. Claudio Castagnoli and The Acclaimed vs. Swerve In Our Glory. Korderas stated the following:

“It happened in the first match; okay, we get that. It happened in this match as well, and it doesn’t look good. The referee distraction is supposed to be there to help the heel get heat, the heel team get heat. Not put heat on the referee for looking stupid and looking like they’re trying to look away so that they don’t see the spot. And that’s the way it felt to me, it felt like the referee was just trying to look away just so he doesn’t see the spot going on behind his back … It just didn’t make sense like, ‘Oh, I’ll just look over here,’ and then that doesn’t just fall on the referee, it falls on the talent, that falls on the agent producing that match, and stuff like that.”

During AEW Dynamite Grand Slam, Jericho used a distraction to hit Castagnoli with a lowblow in order to land the Judas Effect and score the pinfall. In the tag team title match, Swerve Strickland accidentally hit Keith Lee with a boombox while the referee was distracted. Also, Billy Gunn hit Strickland with the Fameasser while the referee was distracted, enabling The Acclaimed to win the match.