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March 20, 2024 | Posted by Tony Acero
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I’m sorry guys, but my heart could NOT handle the debut of Mercedes, so I opted out.

But I’m back, babyyyyyy!!!

Know who else is back? Michael Ornelas with a history and review of Culver’s, a place whose existence is outside of my knowledge, but I am instantly intrigued by a butterburger…

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means…

Earlier today, Christian Cage and Adam Copeland show up followed by Okada (in a Lambo).


Mercedes Mone

Is here! She looks like she might be in action, and goodness I cannot wait!

Schiavone is in the ring with her and hands over the mic.

She says hello to Toronto, says she has missed all of this. She is so excited to be here in AEW. She says this all almost got taken away from her ten months ago. She had a career ending injury against Willow Nightingale. She knows this is in the past, and she is in the new home of AEW.

Here’s a video package about her for us to get caught up of what she’s been doing.

She was kicking butt all over the world, then it got taken away from her. She didn’t know when she was coming back, but she knew she would, and knew it would be here. Minor setbacks come with major comebacks. She is not here to lead a women’s evolution, she is here to lead a women’s global revolution. She came here to face the best women in AEW and all over the globe.

About last week, when Hart and Blue attacked Willow, they must not have heard that she has unfinished business with Willow. There’s a price to pay when you mess with Mercedes Mone.

She tosses the mic and does a little dance until the lights go out.

They come back on and…Sasha is still alone in the ring.

Julia Hart is at the bottom o the ramp. Skye Blue enters the ring to attack but gets hit with what they call The Mone Maker. Hart slides in, Mercedes grabs her, Skye is up to help, and they head out of the ring and grab some chairs, but here come Willow Nightingale and Kris Statlander with their own chairs and stand side by side by side with Mercedes.

The lights go out as Hart smiles.

They come back on and Willow has a chair while Mercedes back is turned. Willow considers, hesitates, then Mercedes turns and they have some words, then she leaves.

Earlier today, The Young Bucks want Marvez to speak Okada’s native tongue next time he addresses him. Matt speaks some, tells Alex it’s ok, he’s trying. As for Okada, he’s so handsome, so much charisma. He’s got a big match later, and Okada is the one who rises to the occasion. They will be behind the curtain, and be Okada’s personal producers.

Okada gives Eddie a message in Japanese. He’s coming for his title.

Continental Crown Championship Match
Kazuchika Okada vs Eddie Kingston

Eddie takes his time to start. They lockup in the center. Okada brings Eddie to the ropes, Okada allows Eddie to stand free, mocking him. Eddie drops Okada, chops the chest hard, then kicks the chest. Eddie grabs Okada, lifts up, turns for a neckbreaker but releases and hits a short clothesline instead. Okada rolls outside the ring. He comes back in and they go shoulder to shoulder.

They end up outside together, and Okada hits a huge DDT on Kingston, then smiles heavily.

We head backstage to see The Bucks “producing” alongside Tony Khan.

They do a replay of the DDT then we see Okada roll Eddie back into the ring. Okada locks the head, turns, neckbreaker! Cocky Pin from Okada gets a 1. Okada with the straight jacket hold. Eddie turns into it, Okada with a knee. Snapmare to Eddie, Okada hits the ropes, low dropkick.

We are back and Eddie hits some chops, but Okada hits him with a knee, whip, reversed, Eddie tries the abdominal stretch, Okada breaks the hold, tries for a hip toss, Eddie spins in front of Okada and suplexes Okada over the head. He then heel trips and drives Okada down into the mat. Eddie corners Okada and hits the flurry of chops that people know and love. He tries for an Exploder, but Okada hits a few knees. Eddie turns him for a Saito Suplex, Okada hits more elbows, Eddie gets a GERMAN!!! Sliding forearm! Cover! 1..2…NO!!! Now Eddie toys with Okada, kicking him around. Backfists from Eddie, he hits the ropes. Okada with a dropkick!

Okada lifts Eddie onto his shoulders, then drops him shoulder first onto the knee! Cover! 1.2….NO!!! Okada with a body slam! He heads to the top rope! Dives off, roll through, BACKFIST FROM EDDIE! He drops against the ropes! He reaches for a cover, gets to it, 1..2…NO!!! Both men to the knees. They exchange rights. Both men stand, continuing to exchange right hands. Eddie chops and Okada drops to his knees. He stands back and hits a forearm. Another chop from Eddie ,another, locks the head, flips and Okada lands on his feet! Waist lock. He spins for a Rainmaker, but Eddie blocks! He still drops with the hit, but not a KO. Big kick out of the corner by Eddie. He rushes with a clothesline. Okada distracts the ref then gouges the eyes of Eddie.

Eddie drops off a hold and hits an Enziguri! He waits for Okada to stand, back fist attempt but Okada ducks and slams him down hard with a slam. He lifts Eddie. RAINMAKER!!!! COVER! 1….2….3!!!!

Winner: Kazuchika Okada
A little bit of a surprise, and a firm focus on the support behind this guy. As for the match, Eddie more than pulled his weight and this may be in his top 5 best matches to date.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 15:55

Okada gets some fireworks, but it’s short lived because PAC is here! He walks out and stares down Okada from the top of the ramp.

Oh my…

Swerve Strickland is backstage with Renee. She asks about his intentions with the chain and Samoa Joe. He says the title. Joe tried to humiliate Swerve by choking him out. Swerve has a history of choking people out himself. Tonight, in Toronto, CA, the six – he’s been inspired by Tyson’s sparring, so he offers an open challenge tonight. Anyone is welcome to come see him, just make sure you send a big man.

Backstage, after a break, Renee is with Kris and Willow and Stokely.

Willow says after tonight, she will have been in more street fights than any other woman on the roster, so don’t get it twisted.

Kris warns Julia and Skye that she meant what she said .This swill be the end.

In walks Mercedes Mone. Kris walks up to her, says thanks for having Willow’s back and extends a hand. Mone doesn’t shake it, she says payback is a bitch, and thanks for having her back as well.

Willow walks up, wants to say something, Mercedes, complete with 50 Cent’s Power of Acting School provocation, tells her that she has done enough.

Stokely tries to introduce himself, but Mercedes walks away. He tells Willow that she did break her ankle, so….

Up next, Jericho v Hook.


Hook vs “Lionheart” Chris Jericho

Bell rings and Hook heads straight to the center. Jericho is still in the corner. Love that. Jericho centers, Hook spins Jericho sideways gets a bit of a Saito/T-Bone suplex and Jericho is down hard. He’s holding his head and the ref holds Hook back. Jericho stands and hook goes IN with some forearms over and over and over into the corner. Ref holds him back at 3. Jericho chops Hook out of the corner, another chop. A third is missed, Hook with a Saito lock, spins a bit to underhook the leg, and gets another nice toss to Jericho! Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Hook attacks the head with a righ,t another, he attacks the body with some shots, then whips into the corner. Jericho with a right forearm ot the head, then a chop. Right hand to the afce. GERMAN OUT OF THE CORNER!!! Another German!

We come back and Hook hits Jericho with yet another GERMAN! He lcoks up for another one, but Jericho hooks the leg, tries for Walls. Jericho kicks out of the corner off the escape. Jericho with a shoulder tackle. Another. Hook shoots Jericho to the apron, he hops ot the top, dives off with an axe, but Hook catches him and hits an over the head suplex! Big clothesline! Misses a second, big boot from jericho. He hits the ropes, Lionsault! Off the rope, Hook kicks, but Jericho locks the waist and tosses Hook sloppily. Damn. Big. Boot scrape to the face. Chop to Hook. He sits Hook on the top rope. Jericho climbs, gets some high punches. He gets to 6, but Hook stops him. He spins Jericho and LOCKS IN REDRUM!!! He scissors Jericho in between his legs! Jericho walks with hooko on his back! He drops to his knees! Hook rolls to his back!

Jericho breaks the grip, then turns and hits some punches. He locks the legs, going for Walls, but Hook hooks the legs and rolls Jericho up with a cradle for a 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Hook
Unfortunately for Hook, the star power of jEricho isn’t nearly as big as Jericho would like to think it is. He did the same with Andretti, and the follow-up was next to nothing. Match-wise, this was clunky and disjointed, with Jericho appearing to sell the head injury (I think), but only serving to make the match look like he was too heavy for Hook multiple times, and nearly dropping him on his head at least once.
Total Rating: *1/2
Match Time: 10:45

Adam Cole is seated in a nice chair, and it appears he’s got some story time. He says that last week, Wardlow disappointed him. Wardlow challenged for the title and he failed. He had one damn job and he failed. Right now, Cole should be – Wardlow should be, he means, a new champion. He failed, so now he has a new goal. He will make sure that the rest of The Undisputed Kingdom keeps their titles. He does that, they’ll forgive him. He cares about Wardlow and wants what’s best for him. He wants Wardlow to reach his true potential, so don’t screw it up.

Chris Jericho is backstage, and Renee brings up that he wanted this match. Did Hook earn Jericho’s respect?

Jericho says he wanted this for a reason, and Hook lived up to what he was hoping for. Hook showed him something. Hook is a future world champ and a bad bad man. After tonight, Hook has his respect. Next week, he has a proposition for Hook.

Will Ospreay is here!!! Crowd is very pro-Ospreay! Tony asks him about Bryan.

Will says the last time he was here, he was a bit of a naughty boy. He gets it, he’s changed, he is here for the betterment of AEW, so he’d like to stand here and say, to Canada, he is sorry for what he did last time. He is here to give us elite level of professional wrestling, but in return, he’d like some of that maple syrup.

He has said all he wanted to about Bryan until he watched him against Shibata. What a match. He hopes all the lads studied, because that was professional wrestling. As for what Bryan said afterwards, how he said DB was grateful, but also that Will couldn’t walk in his shoes. Maybe he’s right. Will would goo over to Japan, where Bryan WANTED to be a big star, and Will saw those very shoes. He said there’s no way he could fit in those shoes. Why? Because they were too small for him, bruv.

Will goes over some highlights of his career, ending with the World Heavyweight Championship. But apparently he cant walk in Bryan’s shoes. Want him to prove it? Ok, he wants Shibata. Long time, no see, he says. Seven years ago, he faced him and Shibata beat the shit out of him. He’s no longer 23, he’s 30, has pugs, kids, a wife, a mortgage, and a point to prove. Next week, Ospreay v Shibata.

Video package for Cage v Copeland

Thunder Rosa and Deonna Purrazo vs Toni Storm and Mariah May

Deonna and Thunder attack before the bell rings, getting a few solid hits before Rick Knox calls for the ding ding.

Mariah and Deonna start the match off legally, and May hits a dropkick before tagging in Toni. They double team Deonna, Deonna shoves Toni into May, then hits a double clothesline. Whip to Toni, Rosa kicks her off the apron. Tag and Rosa hits some Poetry in Motion with the help of Deonn.a Rosa corners Toni, hits an uppercut, snapmare, low lariat and a cover for 1.2.NO!!! Toni with. Riht, shove, Rosa with a dorp toe hold. Rosa runs and sits on the back of Toni. Luther swipes at Rosa, distracting her, and Toni hits her with a hip attack.

We are back and Rosa flies off the top eith a crossbody to Toni and Mariah. Tag to Deonna and she runs with a knee lift to May, then a Russian Leg Sweep! Nice! She goes for the arm bar, May escapes, so Deonna kicks her in the face and ropes her hard. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! May tries for a right, Deonna ducks tries for an arm bar, kicks off the ropes. Rosa pulls Deonna and gets a blind tag. In comes Toni to drop her hard, May hits a headbutt to Deonna. Rosa with a Death Vally Driver! Toni is in, waist lock.

GERMAN TO THUNDER ROSA!!!! HIP ATTACK!!!!! Toni tries for a Piledriver, but Rosa flips over with a jackknife cover! 1…..2….3!!!

Winners: Thunder Rosa and
I’m not exactly interested in a Thunder Rosa push, even if she – in some way – has a right to want a shot at the title. At the very least, we have some drama to follow other than the tired “I want the title,” chase in the Women’s division.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 7:16

The Butcher answers the cll.

Swerve Strickland vs The Butcher

We stat with a staredown until Swerve hits a headbutt on The Butcher. He hits an uppercut out of the corner, then hits another one to the back of the head. Swerve tries to attack in the corner, but Butcher blocks and hits a right then sends the shoulder into the post. Snapmare and bzutcher kicks the arm. Whip to Swerve, reversed, go behind from Butcher, who hooks the left t arm and slams Swerve down on the knee. Chop from Butcher. Another. Kick from Swerve. Antoher to the face, then a flurry of them. Swerve hits the ropes, Butcher grabs the tights, Swerve breaks the hold with aboot, hits a right hand, runs into a n arm hook, gets shot off, big lariat from Butcher, but Swerve hits a stomp to the back immediately after.

HOUSE CALL! Swerve to the top rope. Butcher is seated. STOMP TO THE CHEST! Instead of a cover, he wraps Butcher’s arm in a submission and Butcher taps immediately!

Winner: Swerve Strickland
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 3:22

Swerve wants a mic. He calls out Joe, saying as he got to know Joe, he really stopped liking him. Now, he’s getting Swerve very close to hating him. He stands with this chain in his possession and thinks daily about wrapping it around Joe’s neck and hanging it around that post, but he doesn’t have enough chain for Joe’s big ass neck. Understand this, though – every week, he’ll send security and every week, he’ll deal with them until Joe gives him exactly what Strickland wants.

Out comes Samoa Joe to tell Swerve that even though he’s been shoved back down the championship ladder, Joe cant just let this guy walk around thinking that he can box with the God. That the impossible is possible. The problem with that belief is that it becomes infectious, and all these people start believing that they can be great, too. That’s fine and dandy until someone like him shows up, smashes him in the face, and takes everything that you have. It’s with that realization that he knew exactly what to do with someone like Swerve, and that’s to give him exactly what he wants.

Joe looks to attack, but…

Don Callis is here to stop him! It strikes him, Swerve, that he guesses when he’s in Swerve’s house, he can jut book anything he wants. But Swerve and Takeshita have the same amount of wins. Swerve needs to know what it taste like to lose to the family. The will teach Swerve a lesson that he’s taught many people – this place, this company is The Don Callis Family House.

Swerve says if he had more itme and wasn’t distracted with what he had going on, he’d burn the Don Callis Family Tree to a crisp, but he accepts. He’ll take on Takeshita, then he’ll come for Joe.

Adam Copeland gets a HUGE reaction, with the crowd signing his song in unison until Christian Cage breaks it up hilariously.

TNT Championship Match – I Quit Match
Christian Cage vs Adam Copeland

Huge pop and they haven’t even locked horns.

Adam tries for a spear, but Cage heads out of the ring quickly. Adm follows, fights him over the barricade, and heads towards a penalty box! Then finds a fan and rips a Bruins jersey off of him! He then grabs another jersey, a Leafs one, and him and Cage have a hockey fight in a penalty box!!!! Adam rips the jersey! Right hand, another. Another, sending Cage out of the box!

We come back and these fools are on a ladder stretched across the barricade and the announce table! Adam is behind Cage, he grabs the chain and slams Cage down hard.

Ref checks Cage and he’s still in. Adam sends Cage into the ring after the ladder. He sets the ladder up…upside down in the corner! Adam front suplexes Cage onto the ladder! Cage doesn’t quit!

Back outside, Adam sends Cage into the post shoulder first. Adam. Grabs a table, sets it up against the barricade.e He grabs Cage, right hand to Cage. Adam readies for a spear into the table! Cage hops over the running Adam! Cage sends Adam into the post face first! Cage readjusts the table. He moves the stairs. Cage climbs the corner and flies off of Adam THROUGH THE TABLE!

Copeland did the blade job because he is pouring from the forehead! Cage rolls Adam into the ring, the ladder is laid horizontally. Cage catapults Adam into the ladder! Ref asks! Adam breathes, says no. Cage grabs the leg, tugs Adam toward the other corner. Cage to the top rope. Frog splash! BUT ADAM MOVES! CROSSFACE!!! Ref puts the mic to Cage’s face! Cage wont quit! He turns into the hold and scrapes the damaged forehead.

We are BACK from presumably the final break. Adam sets up a hockey goal and drops Cage onto the edge of it. Lol. Adam sends Cage into the goal! Cage stands, crowd LOVES every bit of this. Adam fights Cage down the ramp and back towards the ring. Cage begs for th end and out comes Momma Wayne with a hockey stick! She low blows Adam!!! Cage sends Adam into the ring. He grabs the stick and slashes away at Adam! Ref asks Adam as Cage shoves the stick into the neck. Adam is quiet, doesn’t say anything, ref asks for an answer. Ref says he did not quit. Cage leaves the ring and heads under the apron to grab…a chair! Another chair! But he drops it and reaches under for….a chair wrapped in barbed wire! Cage sets up for the Conchairto, but Adam moves! He has the barbed chair! He runs at Cage, Cage kicks! Cage tries for Killswitch, Copeland counters! Adam grabs the hockey stick and attacks Cage with it! Crossface with the hockey stick!!!! Adam grabs the drawsting holdint his tights up and chokes Cage with it! Ref asks, but here comes Killswitch and Nick Wayne!!!! They attack over and over then hold Adam on his knees for Wayne’s mother to slap him.

Here come Matt Menard and Daniel Garcia! They attack everyone! Copeland with an elevated DDT to Killswitch onto the barbed chair! Menard and Garcia send Nick over the top rope onto Killswitch, then Adam climbs a ladder and flies off onto Lucha and Nick with a double clothesline! Garcia has handcuffs! Adam grabs Nick Wayne and locks him up in the corner, while Menard and Garcia lock up Killswitch.

Nick Wanye’s mother thinks better of it all and runs out of the ring. Menard and Garcia each get a hit on Cage, then Adam hits a huge SPEAR!!! Adam has cuffs. He, Menard, and Garcia cuff Cage up in the corner.

ADAM REACHES UNDER THE RING FOR SPIKE!! HE’s got it! Adam slides the briefcase in the ring and before opening it, he runs with a low blow to Cage! ANOTHER LOW BLOW!!!! Adam kicks over and over, killing Cage’s future kids!

Adam grabs Spike! He SWINGS IT INTO THE NUTS OF CHRISTIAN CAGE!!! Ref asks if he wants to quit, Cage says no.Adam raises Spike above his head, and Cage quits!!!

Winner: Adam Copeland
This was a perfectly crafted match that played to both its strengths and its crowd. For that alone, it gets major high marks, but it was also fun and felt like a culmination of a lot, leading to a satisfying finish. A great main event to a solid episode.
Total Rating: ***3/4
Match Time: 25:43

End Show

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