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November 18, 2022 | Posted by Steve Cook
Impact Over Drive 2022 Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

Hi, hello and welcome to 411Mania’s coverage of Impact Wrestling Over Drive! I’m Steve Cook, here for another big show in Louisville! I’m among the top 1,000 wrestling names to ever live in the River City, so I’m as qualified to review this show as anybody. We start with some Countdown to Over Drive matches because every fed needs to have way too many matches before the show actually starts.

Kenny King vs. Yuya Uemura vs. Rich Swann vs. Mike Bailey vs. Jason Hotch vs. Bhupinder Gujjar: Joined in progess apparently, so we won’t give this the star rating treatment. Bailey hits those speed kicks on King and it’s pretty cool. Dobule dropkicks by Uemura & Hotch. Uemura goes after Gujjar. A bridging German gets two for Uemura. Uemura goes up top, gets kicked off. Hotch with a tope suicida. Gujjar hits a dive. Bailey hits a moonsault to the floor, then Swann does a Phoenix splash to the floor. Handspring exchange by Bailey & Swann. Bailey gets knocked off the top rope by King. King gets kicked out of the situation by Swann. Hotch with a double neckbreaker. Apparently he’s the Gut Check Winner, I’ve never seen Hotch before in my life but he’s doing well in this skirmish. Gujjar with some big moves. He’s shaking the ropes and stomping. Bailey hits the Ultimo weapon onto Gujjar & Hotch, gets two. Swann hits the Lethal Injection on Bailey and gets the win!

Winner: Rich Swann

Ace Austin & Chris Bey vs. The Motor City Machine Guns: Why in the blue hell are we doing this on a pre-show? If Ace & Bey want to be a tag team they could be one of the top tag teams of the 2020s. The Guns were one of the best tag teams of the 2000s & 2010s. This is dream match schiznit. The Guns are currently the NJPW Strong Openweight Tag Team Champions. Chris Sabin starts against Ace Austin. Sabin evades a dropkick, grabs a headlock. Shelley tags in, there’s some double teaming going on because that’s how it goes. Double suplex, some leg drops. Bey tags in, hits some nice offense on Sabin. Matthew Rehwoldt points out the similarities between these two teams, and it’s obvious that Austin & Bey have been watching some Guns matches. Shelley gets the hot tag, snaps some arms. BC gains the advantage in the ring. Austin & Bey hit some nice moves on Shelley for a two. They continue double teaming Shelley. Double team leg sweep, then a standing moonsault gets two. Bey misses a top rope move and gets driven into the corner. Sabin tags in, he’s going all ham. Cradle into a fisherman’s suplex gets two. Some Ace/Bey double team action goes awry. Guns’ attempts to go to the floor also go awry. Guns hit double German suplexes in the ring! Magic Killa by the Guns on Bey gets two! Bey slips out of a Natual Disaster. Austin gets the tag, Sabin gets dropped. Austin kicking people on the apron. Bey dives onto the MCMG on the floor! Sabin is isolated, getting kicked left & right for a two count. Sabin breaks up a double team. Bey is isloated, and caught between a rock & hard place for three!

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

The Guns are great, and I’m very high on Ace & Bey as a tag team going forward.

Tables Match: Bully Ray vs. Moose: Our announcers Tom Hannifan & Matthew Rehwoldt point out that Moose has never been in a tables match before, but doesn’t shy away from such things. Bully Ray has been in 89 tables matches. Some staring down to start. Moose hits a spear early on. Moose looks like he’s at home except he’s not sure how to handle the furniture. Moose puts a table in the corner, then Bully spears Moose and forces him outside. It’s Ray that meets the ringpost on the outside. Moose tries to suplex Bully onto a table, but Bully reverses and suplexes Moose on the floor. Bully with a headbutt to the groin back in the ring, and Bully gets the table. Moose with some chairshots to the back. Moose goes for the urange through the table, Bully answers with a German suplex. Bully has a chair, cracks the back of Moose a couple of times. Moose hits a big boot on Bully. Moose runs into an elbow, but dropkicks Bully on the top rope. Bully hits that powerbomb off the top. Not gonna be good for a Moose with athletic tape on his back. Bully & Moose exchanging some shots. Moose blocks the Bully Bomb, but dives into a Cutter. Coulda been a finish, but there was no table involved. Ray runs through a table, but since Moose didn’t drive him through it, that’s not the end of the match. Frustrating for the Moose. A series of reversals leads to Bully Rayi driving Moose through the table.

Winner: Bully Ray (10:00 via table

Gia Miller talks to my girl Traci Brooks & her son. They love & support Frankie Kazarian, and are so proud, and are confident he will come home Impact Champion.

Impact Knockouts World Tag Team Championship Match: The Death Dollz (c) vs. Savannah Evans & Tasha Steelz: Taya & Jessicka are wearing the belts, so it looks like it’ll be those two defending the titles with Rosemary in the corner. Taya & Tasha start. Taya has the advantage striking early. Jessicka hits the sidewalk slam for two. Jessicka wants some of Savannah, and HERE WE GO. Some meat slapping meat here. Jessicka hits a kick, a slam, a legdrop and it only gets two! Double elbow from the Death Dollz gets a two count. Evans with some big blows to Taya. Tasha tags in to get her shit in. Snap mare and a dropkick gets two. Tasha keeps the offense going. Taya drives out with a clothesline, but that breaks up the tag scenario. Jessicka finally tags in, and things get all Dusty Rhodes. Tasha showing some of that Dusty Flava, ends up in a Sick Driver for the three count!

Winners: Death Dollz

We see a conversation between the MCMG & Ace/Bey. The Major Players break in and tell all these fools to watch them.

Last Rodeo Match: Mickie James vs. Taylor Wilde: These two were previously ships passing in the night. Two of Impact’s top Knockouts that never crossed paths. I am absolutely here for it. James works the top wristlock, Wilde counters into a wristlock of her own. James with an armdrag, Wilde reverses. James with a headlock takeover, Wilde headscissors her way out. Arm drags between them, a headlock by Wilde; James into a headscissors, Wilde works out. Monkey flip by James, shared dropkicks and a stalemate. James with a rana out of the corner, Wilde answers. Mickie drops down and deposits Taylor to the floor. Mickie holds the ropes for Taylor, bur Taylor didn’t take that as a sign of respect. She drives Mickie into the apron a couple of times, covers for two. Snap suplex on James gets two. Taylor works Mickie into a surfboard, but the referee breaks that up. Wilde with a backbreaker out of the corner gets two. Wilde with the rear chinlock, Mickie breaks out. Some shots exchanged, Taylor wins the exchange. smacks Mickie down, but Mickie comes back strong with the Thesz press. Taylor reverses out of the Mickie DDT, eventually hits a big kick. Taylor gets faceplanted. Mickie goes up top. Taylor meets her at the turnbuckle.Taylor gets dumped off the top, some evasions, Wilde hits the German suplex for 2, then the Camel Clutch! Mickie gets out, htis some kicks, hits the DDT for three.

Winner: Mickie James (12:38 via pinfall)

Here comes Deonna Purrazzo! She stands up in Mickie’s grill, calls her a selfish bitch and says she’s only here for herself. Mickie has been hell-bent to ruin Deonna’s career, but that ends now. Deonna wants to end Mickie’s career via the Last Rodeo.

Impact World Tag Team Championship Match: Heath & Rhino vs. The Major Players: Two of my favorite under-card WWE 2010s tag teams here. Rhino & Hawkins start. Rhino hits some big moves. Once Heath comes in, the target is Heath’s neck. Heath tries to work out of moves, but Heath works out. Cardona pulls Rhino out of the way when Heath can tag. Here come the Motor City Machine Guns, who have chairs to sit on to view this spectacle. Cardona hits another cheap shot on Rhino, but a Broski Boot attempt gets blocked. Rhino & Myers tag in, and Rhino is a house of literal fire. Myers hits a Flatliner on Rhino, which gets two. Double DDT by Myers & Hawkins gets two. Heath breaks things up. The Guns grab some chairs at ringside, which leads to a gore gore gore by Rhino for the three count.

Winners: Heath & Rhino

Gia interviews Bully Ray, who doesn’t understand why Frankie, Josh or anybody else doesn’t understand him. He wishes them both luck.

Impact X Division Championship Tournament Final: Black Taurus vs. Trey Miguel: Crazzy Steve has quite the intro for Black Taurus. Trey has some spray paint. Tieup! Goes nowhere! Taurus has the strength advantage, but Trey has the agility and resilience. Taurus resists the lucha arm drag, but can’t resist the head scissors, Taurus has some ideas of his own, which leads to a standoff. Taurus gets blocked by Miguel, Trey runs into a boot, a bulldog, sling blade, backbreaker gets two. Taurus hits a chop. Then he hits a Whisper in the Wind! Taurus hits a snap powerslam for two! Taurus winning more of the Louisville fans over by the minute. Locks Trey into a Cloverleaf. Taurus catches Miguel in a pop-up Samoan Drop for two! Taurus with some chops, Miguel meets him in the corner. Trey hits some kicks and both men are down. Louisville fans are loving this. Trey with multiple shots in the corner, the running Meteora gets the two count. Shots are echanged! Trey wins for a second, we see mutliple shots off the ropes & dobule headbutts and both men are down! Lousiville respects both of these men. Taurus goes for a powerbomb, Miguel reverses into a sunset flip for two, then an enziguri off the ropes for two. They go up top. Taurus just Gorilla press slams Miguel down for two! What the hell? Taurus misses in the corner, ends up outside, does some flips onto Taurus on the outside! Meteora inside the ring should have been three but was not! Holy Hell! Taurus blocks, gets Miguel on the shoulders, both men end up on the outside. Taurus powerbombs Miguel onto the post! Back into the ring, Trey spray paints Taurus in the eyes! Gets the three count!

Winner: Trey Miguel (15:43 via “pinfall”)

That was some nonsense.

b>Impact Knockouts World Championship Last Knockout Standing Match: Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Masha Slamovich:Two of the baddest women out there right now. Let’s see what happens. They go outside, Masha’s chair attempt doesn’t work out well at all, as Jordynne targets the left leg. She also suplexes her on the floor. Masha blocks a piledriver attemprt and backdrops Jordynne on the floor. Masha with a stretch muffler for a few seconds! They trade some moves back into the ring, then Grace hits some boots on Slamovich. Grace targets that knee on Slamovich. It’s not looking good for Mahsa as Jordynne sets up some chairs. The chair setup ends up with Masha getting powerbombed onto two chairs. Masha gets up for a second! Jordynne hits Masha with something. Masha hits a DVD into a chair! Jordynne’s selling now! Masha is looking under the ring, barely breaks the 10 count. Jordynne wins the fisticuffs battle. Grace drops Masha with the Vertebreaker on a trash can. Masha barely answers the count. Grace goes for the muscle buster, but strikes get exchanged. Masha with a Moscow Sunrise! Both women get up. Grace stomps all over Slamovich, hits a KneeDT, then a Figure 4! All that move can do is keep Masha from getting up, but we see some reversals of the move. Both women are up. Jordynne wants a Grace Driver on the floor, gets blocked, Masha hits a reverse piledriver on the floor! Grace barely beats the 10 count, and Slamovich has introduced a door to the proceedings. There is also a toilet seat. The door should be more important. Grace gets Slamovich in the musclebuster position, walks up to the apron, slams her through the door! Masha can’t answer, so Jordynne wins!

Winner: Jordynne Grace (21:35 via referee’s decision)

Impact World Championship Match: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Frankie Kazarian: Alexander’s family is at ringside, Kazarian’s family has been barred. Doesn’t sound too fair on the surface. The truth is that Traci Brooks didn’t want to set foot in Kentucky. A tieup ends with both wrestlers on the floor. Some chain wrestling back in the ring, ends up in a standoff. Kaz works out of an ankle lock, tries a chicken wing but ends up in the ropes. Kaz with a Fujiwara armbar, Josh works out, suplexes out and has a wristlock. Arm drags by both, Kazarian gets the advantage. Trying to get a key lock, but Alexander goes back to that ankle lock. Alexander with the elbowblock. He’s on the offensive, but that left arm isn’t looking great. Backbreaker by Alexander gets two. Alexander hits a German out of the corner, and keeps the grip like Kurt Angle for one more. Kazarian hits a slingshot legdrop to break things up, a tope and a clothesline on the floor! Slingshot legdrop back in the ring gets two. Kazarian blocks Alexander, hits a Perfectplex for two. Series of reversals leads to a swinging neckbreaker from Kazarian. Louiville is supporting Frankie. Kaz with a slam, another slingshot legdrop gets two. But then Alexander goes back to the Germans, but only gets one before being overheaded into the turnbuckle. Shots exchanged! C4 spike is blocked, but the butterfly suplex is not. Alexander fights back, gets blocked but goes into his German suplex gimmick. There’s three, JA going for 4 and he finds it. Alexander with five times like he’s Booker T or something. There’s six, which we all connect with Sean Waltman. Seven, which Dustin Rhodes will punch me for saying. Eight, Nine & Ten. Kazarian still hanging in there. Kaz goes for the chicken wing! Josh goes to the ropes. Off the ropes, Kaz goes for the flying jalapeno but the referee was in the way. We end up with a spot where Kaz hits a tornado DDT on the floor. Kaz wants the belt, and Jade tries to talk him out of blasting her husband. I know Traci well, but I’m not 100% sure what her take would be here. Kaz takes Josh back into the ring, they exchange submission holds. Shots exchanged, then Kaz hits the Killswitch for the two count! Josh & Kaz fight on the apron, Kaz misses a legdrop & Josh hits a crossbody. Modified UFO powerbomb gets two for Josh, and the fans still feel for Frankie. Kaz catches a chicken wing on the mat! Josh works out, gets an ankle lock! Kaz gets the ropes, but Josh hits the suplex. Alexander with some chops, then follows Frankie up top. Going for the suplex, Frankie blocked, nothing really happened there. Back To The Future gets 2! I haven’t seen Frankie try that electric chair in years! Alexander goes for a Styles Clash, Frankie blocks, Josh hits That’s Incredible for two! On the outside, Kazarian is struggling & Alexander wants to drag his opponent back into the ring. Kaz hits a slingshot flip into a cutter for two! Are you kidding me? Good shit, pal! Kaz fires away on Alexander in the corner. Alexander fights back. Kaz with an ankle lock of his own? Why not? Alexander reverses and maybe that’s why not. Kaz finds the ropes. Kaz clotheslines Alexander out of his boots, hits the Styles Clash! That move nearly ended Kaz’s career, it gets two here! Kazarian takes Alexander up top, going for the Flux Capacitor! Josh has other ideas, this ends up with Josh taking a tumble. Kazarian hits the Alabama Jam for two, then locks in the chicken wing! Josh rolls out into a two count, some back & forth now for near-falls. Kaz’s tornado DDT is blocked, Kaz & Josh trade near-falls, but a C4 Spike ends it for the reigning & defending champion.

Winner: Josh Alexander (32:32 via pinfall)

Two professionals went out there and laid it on the line. Kazarian is absolutely pissed at first, but the fan adulation he receives for his effort encourages him to shake Alexander’s hand and raise it. Nothing for that man to be ashamed of.

BUT HERE COMES BULLY RAY! HE’S GOT THE TROPHY IN HIS HAND! WILL HE CALL THE SHOT? It sure would make sense. Bully Ray tells us that he just witnessed an incredible pro wrestling match, which is what wrestling is all about. Alexander is the most credible wrestling champion out there right now, compared to everybody else. That match deserved a standing ovation, which the fans were already giving. Bully Ray is challenging Alexander at Hard to Kill on Friday, January 13 in Atlanta, GA for the title. The fans booed at first, but cheered at the end.

Welp, then Bully Ray attacked Alexander at ringside with a steel chair. Jade is not very happy about all of this. Bully has a zip tie to connect Josh to the bottom rope. That’s when Bully puts his hands on Jade, and I’m very happy Traci didn’t make the trip to Kentucky. Bully demands that Josh hands the belt to Bully, so he does. Bully doesn’t piledrive Jade, but he teases Josh with a chair. This should be quite the couple of months of television.

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