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Join 411’s Live Impact Slammiversary Coverage

June 19, 2022 | Posted by Robert Winfree
Impact Slammiversary WT Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

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Hello everyone, Winfree tagging in for the evening to cover Impact Slammiversary. Impact/TNA has been around for 20 years, which is a heck of an accomplishment for any wrestling company, to say nothing of all the times they’ve been on verge of total disaster but somehow persisted. In honor of the big 20 years they’re bringing back a few old favorites, we’ll be getting a reverse battle royal as well as a Queen of the Mountain match. Thankfully nothing on a pole though. The main event sees Impact champion Josh Alexander taking on the deranged mastermind Eric Young, we’ll also get the Knockout’s title on the line in the aforementioned Queen of the Mountain match, The Briscoes put the tag belts up for grabs against the Good Brothers, plus a big multiman match when the Impact Originals clash with Honor No More. That’s not everything of course, but those are the big selling points for the event. Well that’s the preview, so let’s get to the action.

Kick-Off Match – Impact Digital Media Title Match : (c) Rich Swann vs. Brian Myers

Apologies, but this winds up joined in progress as I had some technical issues. Myers hits a back suplex onto the apron on the outside then starts working a chin lock in the ring. Swann fights back with strikes but he’s tripped up trying to run the ropes. Another chin lock from Myers, Swann again tries to fight back but is cut off with a blow to the back. Boot from Swann, then a rolling clothesline. Swann goes to jabs then a series of rights and a buzzsaw kick for a two count. Myers avoids a second rope Phoenix Splash and hits a Flatliner for a near fall. Spear from Myers but still only a 2 count. Now Myers yells at Swann, but he runs into a series of kicks then a swinging neckbreaker from Swann. Back kick from Swann connects but he can’t keep Myers down yet. Enziguri from Myers then a gut kick and swinging DDT for a 2 count. Swann lands more kicks then the Lethal Injection connects, and Swann heads up to hit a second rope 450 splash and he pins Myers.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Rich Swann retained the title

Rating: 2.5 stars

I missed the first part, so my apologies, but this felt really solid considering how quickly they had to put it together.

Reverse Battle Royal time. Most of the field walks down together before Father James Mitchell introduces Slash as the last guy to be around the ring.

Kick-Off Match: Reverse Battle Royal

Slash goes right for the violence as everyone tries to get into the ring. We need 8 men to get into the ring of the 16 that are around it before we move onto the next portion of the match. The usual wild brawling before Chris Bey gets into the ring over the top rope and waits for everyone else. David Young and Johnny Swinger shake hands and climb in, then Steve Maclin follows. Chase Stevens winds up legally in the ring, we didn’t see how he did it. Shark Boy flips in as I believe the last one. On the outside Mike Jackson messes around with Shera to some pretty good crowd reaction, he’s got an arm tied up and is walking around the barricades with the oldest Old School ever. Eventually Jackson drops onto the arm of Shera. Oh, we’re still waiting on the last competitor and Shera jumps into the ring.

Now we have a traditional battle royal until we’re down to the last two men. Chase gets kicked off the apron by Shera. Macklin and Shera start trading strikes. Bey and Maclin now square off and Bey avoids some offense before running into a back elbow. Maclin tries to toss Bey over the top rope, Bey tries a counter with a headlock and they both wind up on the apron. They trade blows on the apron, and Bey winds up hitting a Cutter and they both fall to the floor eliminated. Johnny Swinger and Dave Young toss Goudra, minor technical issue as we miss an elimination but come back to Swinger and Young working over Shark Boy. Shark Boy fights back with strikes but runs into a spinebuster from Young. Swinger takes the chance to toss Young and we’re down to pinfall or submission between Shark Boy and Swinger.

Swinger tosses Shark Boy over the top rope, Swinger thinks he’s won but the ref explains the rules to him. They head back into the ring and Swinger messes with the crowd but Shark Boy hits the Stunner and pins him to win.


Rating: 1.5 stars

The camera work here was a real problem, we missed a few things on the broadcast but Shark Boy winning is a suitably feel good moment for a gimmick match like this one.

Time for the PPV.

We open with a video recap of the history of TNA/Impact and some of the incredible talent that’s come through these doors. It’s a nice little trip down memory lane before transitioning to hyping up the card tonight.

Match #1 – X Division Title Ultimate X Match: (c) Ace Austin vs. Kenny King vs. Mike Baily vs. Trey Miguel vs. Alex Zayne vs. Andrew Everett

Everett is taking the place of the injured Jack Evans. Ace with some cane shots to get us going but he’s floored by Zayne. King and Everett climb towards the ropes but change their mind. Everyone winds up on the outside, where Everett hits a dive then Zayne hits a moonsault onto the pile on the floor. Bailey and Zayne climb along the cables, but King and Trey pull them down then lay in corner offense before King lays out Trey with a heel kick and drops Zayne with a spinebuster. Trey counters a Royal Flush into a hurricanrana then hits a dive onto King on the outside. Ace starts climbing the ropes but Trey cuts him off with kicks. Knee from Ace to Trey, then he lays in kicks to Trey and Everett before hitting a Fosbury Flop onto Trey and Everett. Ace with a punt kick to Bailey on the apron but Trey heads to the apron with him and drops him with a neckbreaker on the apron. Everett then hits a German suplex to Trey on the apron. Everett then hits a springboard corkscrew plancha onto the pile of bodies. Back in the ring Bailey and Everett fight over who gets to climb to the ropes, then Zayne takes them both out. Trey climbs to the ropes, but Zayne pulls him down and hits a powerbomb as King assists with a blockbuster. Bailey winds up climbing while King and Ace deal with Zayne, then Bailey drops onto those three men to drop everyone. Everett and Bailey fight on the top rope, Trey joins them as does Ace. King heads over as well, and this ultimately allows Zayne to hit one of the most absurd Tower of Doom spots, but Trey held onto the scaffolding and didn’t go so he mocks Zayne then kicks him on the top rope and hits a top rope Canadian Destroyer. Ace, Trey, and King are to their feet first and start trading strikes. Trey gets the better of this including dropping Ace with a tornado kick, then he climbs to the ropes as does King and Ace. Bailey takes the fourth path to the belt and all four men move to the belt, Bailey kicks King down as Ace kicks Trey in the groin to drop him as well. Ace and Bailey both reach for the belt and trade strikes while doing so, but here comes Everett to complicated things. Everett moves on top of the ropes and yanks at the belt but Bailey takes him down with a head scissors leaving Bailey and Ace again to fight over the belt. Zayne’s turn to interrupt things, he climbs behind Ace but Ace kicks him down, though the distraction allows Bailey to kick Ace down then pull himself on top of the ropes and undo the belt to win the title.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mike Bailey won the X-Division Title

Rating: 3.5 stars

A wonderful spot fest.

We get a brief memoriam segment to Bob Ryder who passed in 2020 and was one of the founding members behind the scenes for TNA/Impact and they dedicate the show to his memory.

The Impact Originals get an interview ahead of their match, the Motor City Machineguns, Frankie Kazarian, and Nick Aldis are here. Alex Shelley talks about how the MCMG redefined tag team wrestling and won a fan poll over all the other great tag teams in Impact history. Chris Sabin takes issue with Honor No More. Frankie talks about being in a celebratory mood, but also in a fighting mood, and mocks the members of Honor No More. Aldis says this line up of talent only makes sense to those who know they take pride in wrestling and in this company, and how this company gave them the opportunity to make a name for themselves. They’re asked who the fifth member of their team is, Aldis says a lot of people applied but their selection was a no brainer, and don’t tell us who it is.

We get a video from Sting, and he talks about TNA being his way back into the wrestling industry and relives a bit of his history with the promotion. His highlight memories include Joker Sting for being a way to allow him to step into a new version of his character, plus his matches with Samoa Joe, Hulk Hogan, Jeff Jarrett, and Kurt Angle. He wishes everyone well and encourages everyone to tear it up.

Match #2 – Knockouts Tag Team Title Match: (c) The Influence (Madison Rayne and Tenille Dashwood) vs. Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie

Madison and Taya start us off, Taya easily overpowers Madison and hits a mat return. Taya lands a clothesline then grabs a front headlock. Rosemary tags in and goes nuts on Madison with strikes and bites. Madison gets free and tags out as Rosemary and Taya aren’t quite in sync. Dashwood gets tossed into the wrong corner and Taya tags in then chops the heck out of Dashwood. Dashwood fights out of the corner but eats a kick from Taya then Taya hits the sliding German suplex as Rosemary tags in. Madison pulls Dashwood away from a Rosemary spear and the Influence take over. Madison and Dashwood isolate Rosemary in their corner and work her over with strikes, Dashwood with a bit of a face buster for a 2 count. Dashwood with some elbows then grabs a chin lock. Rosemary fights to her feet and hits a back suplex. Rosemary crawls for a tag, but Dashwood pulls her away, then gets kicked off and both women tag out. Taya runs wild on Madison first, then lays in kicks to Dashwood and this a Blue Thunder Bomb to Madison for a near fall. Rosemary tags back in and hits an exploder suplex to Madison. Dashwood intercepts a Rosemary Spear with a Spotlight Kick and Taya has to break up the pin. Things break down as all four women start fighting, Taya and Rosemary get the better of things at first but they go for stereo 10 punches but are cut off off. Meeting of the minds as Taya and Rosemary avoid being sent into each other, then they both hit Spears for stereo near falls. Madison rakes the eyes of Rosemary and shoves her into Taya, who then takes a neckbreaker through the ropes from Dashwood. The Collab connects to Rosemary, but Taya tosses Dashwoodo out of the ring. Madison kicks Taya down, but Rosemary rises from the dead, Taya hits Madison with a knee to the face then Rosemary hits her finish and pins to win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary won the titles

Rating: 3 stars

Solid match, the story of Rosemary and Taya finding their chemistry was well told and the right team went over.

Kurt Angle with a video now, he congratulates Impact on 20 years and reminds us of his feuds in TNA, and wishes for Impact to keep going for another 20 years.

Moose and Sami Callihan are let out of their isolation rooms, Moose is struggling with the light while Sami came out saying he wants to live there.

Match #3- Monster’s Ball Match: Sami Callihan vs. Moose

Sami jumps Moose during Moose’s entrance and we get to brawling right away. Both men trade strikes on the floor and Sami sends Moose into the barricade. Sami lands a couple of trashcan shots then starts tossing weapons into the ring. A couple of cookie sheets for Sami, and he whacks Moose repeatedly in the head with them, but Moose gets a trashcan lid and brains Sami with it after Sami spent a bit too much time playing with the crowd. Moose gets a hotdog and water bottle from a friend, he consumes both then goes back to stalking Sami. Sami is bleeding now and Moose starts laying in punches, targeting the wound. Sami fights back by gouging the eyes of Moose but Moose is able to hit a uranage onto the apron. Another uranage to the apron from Moose, there’s a table set up and Moose then uranage’s Sami through the table. Moose starts tossing chairs into the ring, then he and Sami finally head between the ropes. Moose sets a chair against the ankle of Sami, then goes to hit it with a chair but Sami avoids it and then tosses the chair into Moose’s head, Moose tosses his chair as well and both men are down. Moose wants the Spear but Sami sidesteps and Moose goes face first into the trashcan. That was very well timed by both men. Sami whacks the trashcan with a chair a few times, then sets the trashcan up with Moose’s legs kicking out of the top of it. Now Sami goes under the ring again, he finds a door with barbed wire on it and puts that into the ring. Moose finally gets out of the trashcan as Sami sets the door up in a corner. Sami goes to toss Moose into the door, Moose puts on the brakes, then botches trying to climb the ropes. Moose climbs again anyway, and Sami shoves him off over the corner and through a table on the floor. That would have been very cool if they’d hit it the first time, as it was it was still a nice looking spot. Sami follows Moose to the floor and drags him back into the ring, but before he joins him in the ring he gets a bag of tacks which he pours into the ring. Sami wants a tornado DDT onto the tacks, but Moose grabs him and hits a Sky High onto the tacks for a near fall. Moose pulls tacks out of his seat as he stands, then he drags Sami through the pile of tacks for a bit. Now Moose wants the Spear again, but Sami catches him with a Death Valley Driver into the barbed wire door which gets a 2 count on the cover from Sami. Sami gets a couple of trashcan lids, and tosses one to Moose inviting him to trade blows. Moose obliges and they take turns blasting each other in the head with the lids until we get stereo shots and they both drop. Both men fight to their feet and they trade strikes with Sami getting the better but he runs into a pump kick, then comes back with a clothesline. Sami hits the Cactus Driver but only gets a near fall. Sami tries the Cactus Driver again, but Moose hits a low blow to cut him off. Moose gets a trashcan and sets it up on one end, then puts Sami on the top rope only for Sami to slip out from under him. Sami lands kicks to Moose then hits a truly sick powerbomb onto the can, which does not give. Cactus Driver again but Moose kicks at 1 as he fires up. Sami pulls a barbed wire bat from a can, whacks Moose a few times with it, hits another Cactus Driver and finally gets the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Sami Callihan won

Rating: 3.5 stars

I’ve lost a bit of my taste for this kind of match, but these two did a solid job of telling the story where Sami used the rules and environment to overcome the physically better Moose. Both men took about an equal amount of punishment and there were some truly nice spots. It’d be four stars if there hadn’t been a few botches.

Match #4 – Impact Tag Team Title Match: (c) The Briscoes (Jay and Mark Briscoe) vs. The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows)

All four men go at it to begin, Mark attacking Anderson while Jay clotheslines Gallows out of the ring. Anderson winds up isolated and takes a double shoulder block to send him out of the ring. Stereo dives from Jay and Mark onto both Gallows and Anderson, then Mark hits a Cactus Elbow to Gallows. Gallows starts fighting back and abuses Mark with strikes while Jay takes Anderson up onto the entrance stage and hits him with a scoop slam. Gallows boots Jay, Jay then boots him back but Gallows cuts him off with a body blow. Anderson and Mark trade hands and we miss Jay tossing a chair into Gallows. Jay tosses the chair to Mark in the ring, Mark sets the chair up and uses it to dive onto Gallows and Anderson. Back in the ring Anderson finally cuts off Mark and takes over with kicks. Anderson sets the chair in the corner but Mark boots him and tags in Jay. Jay gets his eyes raked then Anderson tosses Jay into the chair before throwing the chair out of the ring. Gallows tags in and lays in body blows to Jay before Anderson tags back in. Anderson grabs a headlock, Jay fights to his feet and hits a hangman’s neckbreaker. Anderson tags out and Gallows eats a superkick before Mark tags in. Mark runs wild with strikes, Anderson is back in as well I guess. More strikes from Mark, then a flying forearm. Gallows tries to cheap shot Mark, but Mark hits him with an enziguri. Mark heads up top and hits a flying chop to drop Gallows then a belly to belly suplex for Anderson. Anderson gets set on the top rope and Mark takes him down with a cross wrist slam but he only gets 2 on the cover. Mark goes up top for the Froggybow, but Anderson cuts him off with a blow then heads up there with him. They fight up there, Mark headbutts Anderson down but misses a flying nothing then eats a spinebuster from Anderson for a 2 count. Gallows tags back in and Mark takes a back suplex/neckbreaker but when they set for the Magic killer Jay comes in and Spears Anderson, Mark rolls up Gallows for 2. Gallows lands a kick for a 2 count then tags out. Anderson plays with the crowd a bit, then he and Mark start trading strikes until Anderson drops Mark with an uppercut. Back elbow from Anderson but Mark sends him into the corner and Jay flies behind him with an avalanche then takes out Gallows. Mark hoists Anderson up, and they hit a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo but that only gets a near fall. Jay tags in, he wants the Jay Driller but Anderson fights free only to eat a clothesline. Now they set for the Doomsday Device but Anderson fights off the shoulders of Jay and catches a flying Mark with a Gun Stun. Gallows and Anderson want the Magic Killer again, Jay fights them both off but Gallows drops him with a super kick. Magic Killer to Jay and Gallows intercepts Mark allowing Anderson to get the pin.

OFFICIAL RESULT: The Good Brothers won the titles

Rating: 3.5 stars

Really good stuff here, these two teams understand tag team wrestling as well as anyone going right now and turned in a frantic brawl.

Post match they all stare down, but the music for America’s Most Wanted hits and here comes James Storm and Chris Harris. All three teams are in the ring now and Storm says everyone here is just like them, they only know fighting and drinking. And since the fighting’s happened now it’s time for drinking. Storm hands out beers to all of them except Harris who they joke is the designated driver. Storm puts over tag team wrestling in Impact’s history and they share a toast, Storm reminds us that for 20 years people have been doubting Impact’s ability to succeed and stick around, well to the haters and doubters, “Sorry about your damn luck”.

We get a video package for the original commentary team for TNA, Mike Tenay and Don West. These history bits have been very well done thus far.

Christy Hemme makes an appearance to welcome out Scott D’Amore to the ring. D’Amore comes out in his Team Canada get up and joins commentary for our next match.

Time to find out who the mystery man is joining the Impact Originals. Dixie Carter shows up to introduce the last man. She starts by thanking everyone for any and all support that’s been given over the years, and introduces Eddie Edwards only tag team partner Davey Richards.

Match #5 – 10 Man Tag Team Match: Honor No More (Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven, PCO, Mike Bennett, and Vincent) w/ Maria Kanellis vs. Impact Originals (Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Frankie Kazarian, Nick Aldis, and Davey Richards)

We get a wild brawl to start and the Machine Guns take out Taven and Bennett in the ring. Sabin with his lovely basement drop kick. Edwards cuts off Shelley and Bennett drops Sabin with a brainbuster. Sabin grabs a backslide for 2, but Bennett cuts him off with another suplex. Aldis tags in and gets a thumb to the eye. Chops from Bennett then he hits the ropes but Aldis catches him and hits a slam then tags in Frankie. Frankie with strikes but Bennett tags in Vincent. Running Russina leg sweep from Frankie connects. Vincent drives Frankie into his corner and tags in Edwards. Edwards lands a headbutt but Frankie gets free and tags in Richards. Richards and Edwards stare off, but Edwards tags in Taven who Edwards just smacks around with kicks. Shelley tags in and floors Taven with kicks then Aldis hits a Hart Attack and Taven takes a ton of tandem offense. Things break down again and Benett takes a double suplex from Shelley and Sabin then Richards hits a punt kick to Bennett. Springboard leg drop from Frankie and the Originals pose. Taven takes some corner offense but fights back and now it’s time for Honor No More to gang up on Shelly. Vincent lands a knee then a back suplex and kneeling Flatliner to Shelly for a 2 count as Sabin breaks up the pin. Russian leg sweep from Vincent to Sabin. Bennett tags in and he and Taven abuse Shelly with strikes. Bennett with a spinebuster to Shelly and Taven hits a Lionsault for a 2 count. Shining Wizard from Taven and he tags in Edwards. Edwards lays in a headbutt then boots Richards off of the apron. PCO tags in and they continue isolating Shelley. Shelley is dragged to the apron, and PCO climbs up top but Shelley avoids the Deanimator. Taven and Bennet clear the Originals but Shelley fights back and hits a double Shiranui onto Edwards and Vincent. Frankie tags in and runs wild for a bit, including hitting a slingshot Cutter onto Vincent. Bennett takes out Shelley, Frankie DDT’s Bennet and everyone’s getting their stuff in. Edwards looks to isolate the Guns but they respond with some of their signature spots. Sabin with a suicide dive onto Bennett, then Taven dives onto a pile of humanity. This leaves Richards and Edwards to finally square off. They start trading blows, Richards with kicks to the chops of Edwards. Richards gets the better of things and kicks Edwards into the corner. Richards hits a Dragon Screw leg whip through the ropes as Edwards tries to beg off. Now Richards heads up top for the double stomp, but Edwards avoids it. Sharpshooter attempt from Richards, he switches to the Trailer Hitch and Taven tires to break it up but Richards catches him with an Ankle Lock. Shelley grabs Bennett in the Border City Stretch, basically everyone’s getting a submission but PCO throws off Sabin and Frankie to then break up everything. Aldis and PCO square up, PCO drops Aldis with a DDT then Taven hits a Frog Splash and Vincent follows up with a Swanton Bomb but Sabin breaks up the pin. Scoop slam from PCO to Aldis, then he climbs up top but eats the mat as Aldis avoids the moonsault. Shelley and Sabin with kicks to PCO, and Aldis hits a Michinoku Driver. Richards goes up top, hits the double stomp onto PCO but that only gets a 2 count. Sabin tags in, he wants to Future Shock PCO but Maria distracts things and PCO clubs Sabin, only for Tracy Brooks to show up and take out Maria. PCO drags Brooks into the ring but Frankie saves his wife. PCO again climbs the ropes, Frankie meets him there with strikes and hits the Flux Capacitor but when Sabin covers he still only gets 2. Kenny King then shows up to fight with Sabin, but here comes D’Lo Brown and he wipes out King with a Sky High. Brown climbs up top for the Low Down, and hits it to King. PCO staggers to his knees, Shelley and Sabin unload with kicks then Taven and Bennett run into super kicks from Frankie and Shelley as Sabin hits the Cradle Shock on PCO. Earl Hebner is here and in a ref shirt, he counts the 3.

OFFICIAL RESULT: The Impact Originals won

Rating: 4 stars

Another wild brawl, this one with plenty of Impact call backs, PCO looking like a beast even in defeat, and the Impact guys going over. A bit too chaotic to go higher than this but a very enjoyable ride.

A video from AJ Styles is next, he wishes Impact a happy anniversary and talks about wrestling the Flying Elvises in the first match for TNA. He waxes nostalgic about all the crazy stuff he did in TNA/Impact, but the one match that changed everything was him, Samoan Joe, and Christopher Daniels in 2005. They weren’t 6’5 and jacked, but they changed things, they transcended wrestling. The fans voted Styles the most impactful wrestler in Impact history, and he says AJ Styles wouldn’t quite be phenomenal without Impact. He thanks WWE for letting him do this, because they know this means something to him, and he virtually toasts to the next 20 years of Impact wrestling. Styles is still the man.

Mickie James heads to the ring, she’s the special enforcer for our next match.

Match #6 – Knockouts Title Queen of the Mountain Match: (c) Tasha Steelz w/ Savannah Evans vs. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Jordynne Grace vs. Mia Yim vs. Chelsea Green

Everyone eyes Tasha to start, so she powders and let’s everyone else fight. Yim and Green fight while Grace takes on Purrazzo. Tasha and Evans set up a table outside of the ring. Purrazzo and Green take out Yim for a bit, and Yim then dives onto Evans and Grace. Tasha with a cannonball senton onto the other three, then Green with a cross body onto the pile and Purrazzo caps off the dive fest with a cannonball from the top rope onto everyone. Green covers Tasha in the ring and gets a pin after a minor botch, so Green can win and Tasha goes to the penalty box. Tasha wont get into the box, so Mickie tosses her into Evans and locks both of them in the box. Green misses a belt shot to Yim who lays her out with strikes and covers but Purrazzo breaks up the pin. There’s a ladder in the ring now as well. Grace starts stomping on Purrazzo, then holds her for Yim to kick. More double team work to Purrazzo and a double suplex to her then Yim covers for 2 as Grace breaks up the pin. Grace and Yim start trading words but remain on the same page for a bit. Purrazzo boots Yim then hits an elbow to Grace as Tasha and Evans are let out of the box. Tasha with a pump kick to Purrazzo then a Codebreaker to Grace. Stratusfaction from Tasha to Yim but she only gets 2 on the cover. Mickie gets after Evans for her interference, and Mickie ejects Evans. Tasha gets after Mickie and Green rolls her up for 2. Uppercut from Tasha to Green the a punt kick and Yim breaks up the pin. Yim lands a head kick to Tasha then a briding back suplex to Green that gets a 3 count. Green heads to the box and Yim can now win. Green kicks the door of the box into Mickie but does go into the box. Yim sets up the ladder and starts climbing with the belt but Purrazzo cuts her off. Grace attacks Tasha on the top rope as Yim whacks Purrazzo with the belt to knock her off the ladder, but Tasha jumps off the shoulders of Grace to hit Yim with a Cutter. Awkward landing for Tasha there. Purrazzo covers different women but can’t get a pin. Grace and Purrazzo square off and Purrazzo gets her in the Fujiwara armbar, then switches to grab Tasha in one as well. Green is out of the box and attacks Grace as Purrazzo switches to yank the arm of Tasha around the ladder and Tasha has to tap. Back to the box for Tasha and Purrazzo can now win. Green and Purrazzo team up to attack Grace but Grace fights back and smacks Purrazzo out of the ring then drop kicks her but is caught with a lungblower from Green. Green drops Yim with a forearm then hits a Curb Stomp into the bottom turnbuckle but she can’t pin Yim. Yim fights back with strikes and they separate. Green gets the belt and sends Yim into the corner then poses with the belt.

Tasha gets out of the box, but Green cuts her off with a Curb Stomp into the ladder, only for Yim to come off of the penalty box and drop kick Green into the ladder as well. Yim the runs up the ladder and hits a dive onto Purrazzo and Grace on the outside of the ring. Package Piledrive to Grace on the floor from Yim, then she pins Grace who has to go to the box. Now Yim sets up the ladder and starts climbing, but Tasha cuts her off and hits a super kick. Green headbutts Tasha down and starts climbing with the belt, Mickie cuts her off because they hate each other and Mickie lays out Green with a kick. Yim gets the belt and climbs again, but Purrazzo cuts her off then powerbombs her onto a second ladder. Tasha slams Purrazzo onto the ladder, then Green takes her out with a Flatliner onto the ladder. Green and Purrazzo both climb, Green has the belt though. Grace is out of the box but Yim shoves the ladder over and sends Green and Purrazzo all the way to the floor through a table. That was a wild looking bump. Grace hits Yim with a bridging German suplex, and Tasha gets on top of both of them as the 3 is counted, so the ref says they’re both able to win now. Tasha hits a neckbreaker onto Grace then sets the ladder back up. Tasha starts climbing with the belt, Grace cuts her off though and drills her with a Muscle Buster then pins her to send Tasha back to the box. Grace now climbs with the belt, it’s all clear for her and she hangs the belt to win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jordynne Grace won the title

Rating: 4 stars

This was in 3.5 territory but I’ll bump it up just for the sick fall Purrazzo and Green took near the end there. All of those women busted their butts out there and my hat is off to them.

In the back Goldilocks is here to interview Gail Kim, as Kim was voted the most impactful knockout. Kim thanks the fans, and everyone who cam before her as well as the chance Impact has given to women. She puts over the match we just saw, and she’s excited about the future of Impact.

Match #7 – Impact World Title Match: (c) Josh Alexander vs. Eric Young w/ Deaner and Joe Doering

They tie up a few times and quickly break, neither man getting an edge. Another tie up, they fight into a corner then we get a clean break from Young. They tie up, Young gets Alexander into the corner then misses a punch. Now they trade slaps, Young smiles at Alexander. Alexander hits a hip toss to Young but Young then kicks him off and hits a hip toss of his own only for Alexander to kick him off and they stand off. Young goes to strikes as they fight in the ropes but Alexander lands a kick then a Finlay Roll but when he goes for a Best Moonsault Ever Young moves then tries his own moonsault but neither lands. Both men hit the ropes and we get a double clothesline but they come up immediately and being trading strikes. They just keep trading blows, then go to chops, and back to punches. Alexander lands a boot, then avoids a clothesline and unloads a flurry of strikes then does the Samoa Joe boot scrapes in the corner. Young catches Alexander with a high angle Death Valley Driver for a 2 count. Now Young looks to work on the neck of Alexander as Deaner sets up a table on the outside. Alexander fights back with strikes, he sends Young to the apron and tries to knock him through the table but Young holds on and lands a right of his own. Young goes up top, but Alexander meets him and they trade blows but Young knocks Alexander down then hits an elbow drop for a 2 count. Young heads out of the ring and begins undoing the canvas and padding on the top of the ring. Back in the ring Alexander lands a kick then a back elbow and a belly to belly suplex. Another back elbow from Alexander, and he lands a gordbuster then a folding powerbomb into a Boston Crab. Deaner gets on the apron and Alexander knocks him down then heads to the other side and takes out Doering before flying back into the ring with a cross body for 2. Alexander wants the C4 Spike but Young counters into The Stroke for a near fall. That’s just not fair Young, I had serious flashbacks there. Young tries the Piledriver, Alexander counters into the Ankle Lock but Young quickly rolls through and sends Alexander into the buckles. They hit the ropes and Young hits a Black Hole Slam for a 2 count. Young lands another right hand, they’re in the corner that’s partially undone now and Young keeps laying in punches, then poses for the crowd.

Alexander comes out of the corner with an STO, and he wants the Best Moonsault Ever, he hits it for a near fall. Young avoids a C4 Spike with a back drop then they trade punches but Alexander is still upright. Alexander tries the C4 Spike, but transitions into a Styles Clash for another near fall, but he switches to the Ankle Lock on the kick out. Young writhes in pain, and Alexander pulls him back then grapevies the leg. Deaner tosses powder into the eyes of the ref as Young taps. Deaner in the ring, and Alexander drops him with a German suplex, then a boot to Doering and he hits a dive onto Young. Doering gets in the ring, but Alexander hits him from the apron, then hoists him up for an Angle Slam to through the table on the floor. Back in the ring Deaner has the VBD flag and looks to clock Alexander with it, but Alexander pulls out the Team Canada flag on a hockey stick and snaps it over the back of Deaner. But Alexander turns into a freaking guitar shot from Young, Young covers but only a near fall. Now Young pulls up the canvas that he’d loosened earlier, then pulls the padding up as well to expose the wood. Young sets for the Piledriver on the wood, and hits it but only a near fall! Young is beside himself, he sets Alexander on the top rope and goes for a second rope Piledriver, but Alexander slips free and grabs the Ankle Lock again. Alexander cranks on the lock but Young kicks Alexander off, only to run into an ST-Joe in the corner onto the wood. Alexander hits the C4 Spike on the wood and pins to win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Josh Alexander retained the title

Rating: 4 stars

You have to understand what this match is supposed to be to truly appreciate it, this was a love letter to the greatest or in some cases infamous things that drew so many of us to TNA back in the day. They integrated those moments and call backs while also keeping the physical issue between Alexander and Young front and center, and Young pretty much exclusively calling back to heels while Alexander used moves from wrestlers loved for their time here was a really nice touch.

Alexander poses with the title to end the show.