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July 22, 2021 | Posted by Jack Irene
Impact Wrestling

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Slammiversary lived up to the hyped an delivered an unforgettable night, full of surprises. Among those surprises Mickie James made her return to the company while Jay White made his IMPACT debut. Both will appear tonight for a newsworthy episode of IMPACT.

Chris Bey vs. Rohit Raju (w/Shera)

Both men competed in Ultimate X on Saturday, coming up short. This is a first time meeting between the two. After the match, Bey found a Bullet Club shirt on his chair. Crowd chants for Bey early on as Rohit grounds him. They reach a stalemate as both display their craftiness. Rohit feels confident as he takes advantage but Bey flies into a dropkick. Rohit hangs him up on the ropes to regain control. Rohit delivers some stuff strikes as Bey continues to fight on. Bey flips out of a kick reversal but Rohit backs him into the corner and kicks him. Cannonball attempt missed and Bey creates seperation. Bey shows off some flashy kicks and a Beymouser. Bey hits an elbow into the corner and from the top rope for a near fall. Bey looks for the Art of Finesse but Rohit catches him in a leg sweep and crossface. Rohit looks for a drive-by but Bey lifts him up for a forearm shot. He hops into the Art of Finesse for a decisive victory. Jay White meets with him afterwards, offering him a spot in Bullet Club. Bey rejects but White leaves it in the air, under a limited time period.

WINNER: Chris Bey

This was a pretty fun match with a hot crowd for Bey. He was able to score some needed momentum as he’s in line for a push.

*Mickie James heads to the ring next.

*Don Callis is interviewed, expressing his concern over Omega’s injuries at the PPV. Callis is standing in for him, with the belt.


At Slammiversary, Mickie James invited IMPACT Knockouts Champ, Deonna Purrazzo to NWA EmPowerr, an event Mickie is booking. Deonna rejected but paid for it, and now we have Hardcore Country on IMPACT Wrestling for the first time in six years. Mickie is here to finish her business, inviting Deonna to the ring once more. Her music hits and the Champion makes the walk. Mickie James acknowledges their negative encounter and reminds her of the EmPowerr offer. Deonna reminds everyone of her worth, then demands that Mickie apologizes on her hands and knees. Deonna threatens to slap her as Gail Kim’s music hits. Gail reveals that it was her idea to send Mickie out for the offer. Gail promotes the opportunity and Mickie gives her one last speech. She extends her hand and Deonna hesitantly matches it. Deonna is booked for NWA EmPowerr.

This was pretty good stuff with strong mic work from everyone involved. Hopefully there is some long-term work set for Mickie and Deonna as it has a hot start.

*Drama King Vignette

Brian Myers, Sam Beale, and Tenille Dashwood vs. Jake Something, Matt Cardona, and Chelsea Green

Myers sends Beale in against Jake Something. Beale pounds away at Jake but gets floored by a jumping press. Jake tags in Cardona who meets Myers with a flapjack. Tenille distracts Cardona on the top rope and Myers kicks his legs out. Cardona counters a double suplex attempt with a neckbreaker. He scores the tag to Chelsea, as does Tenille. Chelsea hits a lungblower and curb stomp against the buckle. Cardona is sent outside by Myers, who is taken out by Jake. Tenille looks for a flash pin but Chelsea pops out into an unprettier attempt. Kaleb interrupts but Taylor Wilde returns for backup. Beale lifts Chelsea but is sent into Tenille. Chelsea hits the Unprettier on Beale to win.

WINNERS: Jake Something, Matt Cardona, and Chelsea Green

This was another fun match with a long-awaited return in Taylor Wilde. Constant action in this one and it didn’t outstay its welcome. Chelsea Green continues to gain momentum, even scoring a win over Sam Beale.

*Eddie Edwards reminds Morrissey of Slammiversary where he suffered blows from a chain. He invites him to the parking lot to settle the beef.

Eddie Edwards vs. W. Morrissey

We head to the parking lot with fans for a street fight. Morrissey sends him into a production truck and grabs a traffic cone. Eddie responds with a cooler but gets booted. Morrissey bashes him with a trash can and chokes him with a cable. Eddie pops up and baits Morrissey to where Kenny is. He reveals two kendo sticks and whacks them against Morrissey. Morrissey heads out as the crowd chants for Eddie.

This was a unique segment that extended the simple yet effective feud between these two. The parking lot brawl matched both characters well and the addition of the live crowd created some energy that they capitalized on.

*Myers, Beale, and Tenille are interviewed as Myers brushes off the losses. Tenille dumps Myers for Homecoming. Myers blames Beale, who claims he can find him a new partner.


Jay White introduces himself to a chorus of cheers. He takes credit for selling out Madison Square Garden, and being the first Grand Slam Champion, as well as the current NEVER Openweight champ. He makes it clear that he is here for David Finlay. He also happened to meet who he claims are Bullet Club’s biggest fans, in the Super Elite. He calls The Good Brothers nothing without Bullet Club affiliation. He rejects their application for the group but will allow them to appeal. The Brothers, Callis, and Omega make their entrance. Callis looks back on young Jay White and early Bullet Club. Callis mentions how all three of his guys were there and offers him a spot in The Elite. White questions if Callis works here or not. White reminds everyone that he won against Omega in their last encounter. The Good Brothers take over and take credit for giving Jay White a stable to capitalize on. They seek acknowledgement but White isn’t having it. He roasts them and they brawl. He’s outnumbered but Chris Bey hits the ring and makes the save.

This was high-level work with a hot angle to play off of. Jay White has major star presence and Bey receiving this huge spot is a fresh, intriguing angle.

*Josh Alexander is interviewed on his upcoming plans. Omega walks through and is insulted that Josh views himself as the face of the company. Omega calls him the “Lightweight” champ and is escorted away by Callis.

*The Good Brothers challenge Jay White and Chris Bey to a match next week.

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton vs. FinJuice (David Finlay and Juice Robinson)

Ace backs Finlay into the corner and allows Fulton in. They use some tag work to neutralize Finlay in their own territory. Finlay slips out of a suplex attempt but eats a double jump roundhouse from Ace. Creative offense from Ace allow him to take control but Finlay stays crafty with his reversals. Fulton comes in and meets Juice. FinJuice take them both out with a cannonball and dive to the outside. Juice jabs Ace before knocking him down with a straight. Juice flies at Fulton who catches him but Juice rolls into a pinifall to win. They brawl after the match before Rohit and Shera charge the ring and gang up on FinJuice. Both teams lay out FinJuice.


This was a good tag team match with creative displays from both teams. FinJuice has good star power and are much needed in the tag division.

*Swann and Mack are offering VBD a challenge before the lights flicker and they are attacked by the maniacal stable. Eric Young grabs the camera and vows to end them.

*Moose is looking for Scott D’Amore and demanding a rematch against Chris Sabin. Sabin approaches saying they can fight without D’Amore. They’re booked next week for IMPACT’s main event.

Fire n’ Flava vs. Rosemary and Havok (C)

This is a title rematch from Slammiversary. Kiera looks to strike Rosemary but can’t find the target. Rosemary and Havok use their power in the corner, bashing Kiera. Tasha sends Havok into the corner with a dropkick and some uppercuts. Havok crushes Tasha with a STO backbreaker and lariat. Rosemary looks for a move out of the corner but Tasha catches her with a cutter out of nowhere. Fire n’ Flava jump on the opportunity as Kiera comes in and ground and pounds The Demon Assassin. They unload chops in their corner as Rosemary tries to fight back. Tasha starts twerking as she continues the onslaught. Rosemary sways the momentum with a slingblade but Tashsa hits a codebreaker for a near fall. They back Rosemary into the corner once more but Rosemary has had enough. The trade strikes before colliding with crossbodies. Rosemary reaches Havok for the tag and she floors Fire n’ Flava. Havok unloads with a boot wash to Kiera and taunts Tasha. Kiera backpacks Havok and Rosemary grabs the tag. Reverse DDT scores a near fall as Kiera is in trouble. Tasha enters the ring, restraining Rosemary. Kiera looks for a superkick but connects with her partner. Rosemary hits an assisted spear allowing Havok to get the win.

WINNERS: Havok and Rosemary

This got a good main event spot was a quality match but nothing special. It appears that this could be Kiera Hogan’s final IMPACT match and if so, then the spot is even more warranted as she really hit her stride in IMPACT and was able to develop into a superstar. Solid action here though, and much in line with the rest of the card.

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