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August 5, 2021 | Posted by Jack Irene
Impact Wrestling 6-Man Tag Kenny Omega kazarian Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

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*Tonight, a major six-man tag team match pitting Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers against the team of Sami Callihan, Eddie Edwards, and the returning Kaz.

IMPACT Insider on YouTube is supposed to be airing the show but is not on time.

Chris Bey vs. Juice Robinson

Bey rushes Juice with a dropkick sending him in the corner. Juice reverses it and clobbers him. Bey gets loose, sending Juice outside. Bey follows and decks him on the apron. Back inside, Bey follows up with a dropkick from the top for a near fall. Bey locks in a sleeper after some knees but Juice backs him into the corner. Juice nails a spinebuster, flooring both. Juice hits a cannonball and jabs away. Switchblade tries to distract Juice but Finlay takes him out. Bey catches Juice with the Art of Finesse to win. Clearly impressed, Jay White gives Bey a Bullet Club shirt. Bey is an official member of Bullet Club, too-sweeting to send us off.

WINNER: Chris Bey

*Omega, Callis, and The Good Brothers are backstage, feeling great. Violent by Design approaches as Eric Young reveals that the faction will be invoking their rematch clause on August 20 at Emergence.

*Fire n’ Flava are feeling confident as they have patched things up and are ready for their title rematch.


Deonna reminds everyone of all of her accomplishments in IMPACT. Her and Matthew Rehwoldt are celebrating their Homecoming tournament win. Mickie James music hits as she approaches with a contract. Deonna is frustrated with the interruption, but Mickie needs her to commit to NWA Empower. Mickie reminds her that the title will be on the line but Deonna demands to know her opponent. Her opponent, Melina arrives to a warm reception. They sign and make it official. Deonna respects her but is ready to defend her strap.

*Taylor Wilde reveals that her absence was due to someone calling immigration on her. Wilde has reason to believe Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K are responsible. Wilde challenges Tenille for next week.

Jake Something vs. Trey Miguel vs. Daivari vs. Rohit Raju

Trey starts off hot with a moonsault to the outsidel. Daivari and Rohit join the action. Jake hits a running crossbody flooring everyone. Jake launches a spear in the corner to Trey and tries the same on Rohit. He dodges it, sending Jake in the corner. Rohit and Trey trade shots, before Trey applies a sharpshooter variation. Daivari gets caught with a scorpion kick from Trey. Jake eats a jumping knee from Rohit. Daivari hits a dropkick but gets floored with a Black Hole Slam, for a Jake Something victory. He will face Josh Alexander.

WINNER: Jake Something

*Rohit is visibly frustrated after losing, Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green are nearby where he nearly hits Green by accident. Cardona stands up for her against Rohit and Shera. They say that they wouldn’t hit a woman as Cardona is still fired up.

Josh Alexander is backstage, looking forward to meeting Jake Something at Emergence. Daivari approaches, demanding a title shot. Alexander gives him an opportunity to earn one, next week.

Fire n’ Flava vs. Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering

Grace and Ellering use their power to floor Fire n’ Flava as the match begins. Grace ragdolls Tasha with vertical slams. She backs her into the corner and Rachael comes in for some combo offense. Fire n’Flava back Grace up into their corner and use frequent tags and ring control. Grace hits a double suplex to counter the momentum. Rachael hits the ring and cleans house. Grace bashes Kiera with a Vader Bomb and Rachael follows up with a leg drop. Grace dumps Tasha to the floor. Kiera catches Rachael with a superkick for a near fall. Rachael hits an assisted swinging slam to win. After the match, Savannah Evans appears, destroying Kiera with a Samoan Drop as Tasha watches on.

WINNERS: Rachael Ellering and Jordynne Grace

This was a pretty solid match with a great twist at the end. Evans looks good and could help serve a great dynamic with Tasha in the tag division.

*Violent by Design approaches Scott D’Amore. EY informs D’Amore of their plans of getting their rematch clause at Emergence. Mack and Swann walk out as they were asking for the same. D’Amore books a three-way tag for Emergence.

Steve Maclin vs. Jah-C

Maclin faces indie talent, Jah-C. Maclin bullies him early on as he places him in the tree of woe. Maclin spears him in the corner and covers him, letting him up before three. Maclin unloads elbows to the shoulder of Jah-C, still set on inflicting damage. Maclin argues with Brian Hebner before nailing a lifting reverse DDT to win in impressive fashion. Maclin assaults him after the match, grabbing a chair at ringside. Petey Williams charges the ring, making the save. He grabs the chair as Maclin slowly leaves the ring.

WINNER: Steve Maclin

Good squash here with Maclin showing intensity in every step. Petey and Maclin should be a neat program.

*An episode of All About Me with typical guest and co-guest, Tenille and Kaleb. They introduce today’s host, Dr. Ross Forman. They demand him to ask Kaleb about his injured neck. D’Amore comes in taking the doc’s spot. He brings up Taylor Wilde’s immigration case. Taylor has agreed to drop the charges for a match with Tenille.

*Last week Moose defeated Chris Sabin. Sabin is ready to win next week’s contenders battle royal.

The Good Brothers and Kenny Omega vs. Sami Callihan, Eddie Edwards, and Kaz

They all brawl to begin. Callihan and Omega go at it to start. Kaz comes in but is backed up by Omega and the gang. Doc has full control over Eddie, with a grounded rear chinlock. Omega becomes frustrated, sending Karl in to finish Eddie. Eddie looks for the tag to Kaz but he’s pulled from the apron. They continue to keep Eddie in their territory, before Eddie hits a dropkick. Sami grabs the tag and puts thumbs to Omega’s eyes. They all hit their stuff with Kenny finishing off with a V-Trigger on Kaz. They triple team Sami in the corner and hit a suplex/neckbreaker combo. Karl catches Eddie with a spinebuster, as he evaluates the ring. Omega catches Eddie but he breaks free and hits a Blue Thunder Bomb on Karl. Sami hits a piledriver to Omega on the apron and Eddie hits a Boston Knee Party to pick up the win. Eddie is celebrating but W. Morrissey appears out of nowhere. He plants him with a powerbomb and stands over his body.

WINNERS: Eddie Edwards, Sami Callihan, and Kaz

This was a good main event with great babyfaces and heels going at it. Eddie picking up big wins is always a good thing.

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