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Kevin Nash Is Not a Fan Of How Cody Rhodes Walks To the Ring

February 27, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Cody Rhodes WWE Raw Image Credit: WWE

Kevin Nash had some strong words for one aspect of Cody Rhodes’ presentation, namely how he walks to the ring. Nash spoke on Kliq This about how he believes Rhodes is not aggressive enough when he makes his way to the ring, throwing in plenty of iterations of a particular bleepable word in the process. You can see highlights below, courtesy of Wrestling Inc:

On Rhodes’ walk to the ring being too casual: “You can’t f***ing walk down the f***ing ring with the f***ing like — Dude! Either you’re selling toothpaste, or are you gonna fight somebody? But that’s not a f***ing warrior face. Because most of us, even though we’re f***ing 64 years old, we still want to f***ing extend the f***ing belief that we are f***ing not watching pro wrestling, that we’re watching a real deal and if you can do that, you’re f***ing really good.”

On his advice to Rhodes: “So, please try to f***ing do that and I’ll grade you on your future endeavors… Walk to the ring like the f***ing dude that’s in the ring, you f***ing just watched a video of him f***ing your wife on the kitchen counter where you make your coffee in the morning.”

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