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Kevin’s NJPW G1 Climax 29 Night Four Review

July 15, 2019 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
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Kevin’s NJPW G1 Climax 29 Night Four Review  

NJPW G1 Climax Night Four
June 15th, 2019 | Hokkaido Prefectural Gymnasium in Hokkaido, Sapporo | Attendance: 6,946

Night four emanates from the building where the last few G1s have started. Interesting move. I like it because this crowd is usually hot. We’re back to the B Block. I’d say they overdelivered on night two and matched A Block. However, A Block stepped up for night three and I’m not too confident in this card to reach that level. We’ll see.

B Block: Shingo Takagi [0] vs. Toru Yano [2]
After an undefeated block run in the BOSH, Shingo dropped the final against Will Ospreay and his G1 opener. Meanwhile, Yano upset Shingo’s stablemate Naito to start 1-0. Some good old fashioned fun Yano in this one. I love him in the G1. She’s such a breath of fresh air from all the serious wrestling. Yano sat in the aisle on a chair to bait Shingo after him. He then tied him up, put a table in his way, and threw the turnbuckle pad at him to keep him from beating the count. Shingo did, but that was hella fun. Yano tried to pull an Eddie Guerrero with a steel chair, but BUSHI showed up to distract the referee. Shingo hit Yano with it and added the Pumping Bomber to win in 6:16. An enjoyable Yano match. These are so welcome in the G1. [**¾]

B Block: Hirooki Goto [2] vs. Juice Robinson [2]
Goto beat Juice in NEVER Openweight Title matches in 2017 (***¾) and 2018 (****), while Juice finally bested him in last year’s G1 (***¼). These guys work well together. They kind of gave me exactly what I thought they would. Some quality back and forth that all looked smooth. As we reached the final few minutes, the intensity picked up and the spots got bigger. It’s typical stuff and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. I got a kick out of Juice busting out a Jackhammer like his name is Goldberg. I liked both guys firing up to block strikes with their heads. It’s not something you see often and showed how both guys were stepping up. Juice hit Left Hand of God and Pulp Friction to win in 12:23. The idea that Goto isn’t the same guy who started 2-0 against Juice was clear. Juice has grown and Goto has fallen. Juice’s bad hand that caused him to struggle in last year’s G1 is a thing of the past and he’s rocking. Great action and a very good match. [***½]

B Block: Jeff Cobb [0] vs. IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion Jon Moxley [2]
First ever meeting here. That’s the case with a lot of Moxley’s G1. A surprising amount of early brawling here. That’s not always Cobb’s style but maybe he channeled his Matanza for it. They fought outside and on the aisle. The part where they did a double clothesline up there and kind of came to a stalemate was well done. Back in the ring, they kept up the fight atmosphere. It’s a change of pace from what Cobb has done in his NJPW run to this point. He teased a German suplex to the outside, but Moxley blocked. He hit a draping Death Rider to score the win in 8:54. They kept it short and sweet. I liked how Moxley worked the shoulder and it neutralized Cobb’s offense. Moxley’s stuff feels different and that’s always welcome in NJPW. [***¼]

B Block: Jay White [0] vs. NEVER Openweight Champion Tomohiro Ishii [2]
For all the problems Jay White has with CHAOS (Okada and Goto), he’s never faced Tomohiro Ishii one on one. This was two different styles coming together nicely. Ishii plays no games and wants none of the bullshit. White is all about bringing in those cheap tactics and using Gedo for help. It made for an interesting dynamic. White was a little shit, goading Ishii into mistakes because he’s smart. But then Ishii would get pumped up and just kick his ass. Like when he began leaning into forearms and then popped right up from a backdrop suplex. White was in serious trouble. The closing stretch to this revved up in that NJPW way we’ve all come to appreciate. The fans really got behind Ishii and badly wanted to see White and Gedo get what was coming to them. Ishii overcame the Gedo shenanigans and hit a series of lariats, followed by the Brainbuster to win in 19:13. This is kind of the era where Jay White lives. That world of hovering just under four stars. It’s a fine place to be. Ishii continues to be as consistent as they come. [***¾]

B Block: Taichi [0] vs. IWGP Intercontinental Champion Tetsuya Naito [0]
Naito beat Taichi in an IC Title match earlier this year (**½) and at the Anniversary Event last year (***¼). With this being in Taichi’s hometown, I was hoping he’d bring the effort. He didn’t really and it doesn’t help that Naito is looking slower than usual so far in the tournament. Maybe wrestling physically exhausting matches for years has caught up to him. Too bad he never got the run as the guy when he deserved it. Anyway, the combination of the Taichi I expected and a lesser Naito didn’t bode well. It as a whole lot of the usual Taichi antics and it went on for far too long. The match clocked in at 21:03, yet only had maybe a few quality minutes. As always, the final bit was the highlight. Taichi won with the Last Ride. A lackluster outing. The kind of main event you might get during the middle of the G1 when everyone takes it easy. [**]

KENTA 4 (2-0) Tomohiro Ishii 4 (2-0)
Kazuchika Okada 4 (2-0) Jon Moxley 4 (2-0)
Lance Archer 4 (2-0) Juice Robinson 4 (2-0)
Bad Luck Fale 2 (1-1) Jon Moxley 2 (1-0)
Will Ospreay 2 (1-1) Toru Yano 2 (1-1)
SANADA 2 (1-1) Taichi 2 (1-1)
EVIL 2 (1-1) Hirooki Goto 2 (1-1)
Hiroshi Tanahashi 0 (0-2) Tetsuya Naito 0 (0-2)
Kota Ibushi 0 (0-2) Jay White 0 (0-2)
Zack Sabre Jr. 0 (0-2) Jeff Cobb 0 (0-2)
The final score: review Average
The 411
Certainly the worst night so far. With three good matches and a fun Yano one, I enjoyed a fair amount of it. But nothing is must see and that main event dampens the overall product.

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