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KUSHIDA Challenges Alex Shelley To Match At NJPW Music City Mayhem

July 13, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
NJPW Music CIty Mayhem Image Credit: NJPW

KUSHIDA wants a Time Splitters battle at NJPW Music City Mayhem, calling out his old tag team partner Alex Shelley. NJPW posted a new video in which KUSHIDA challenges Shelley to a match at the event, as you can see below.

The WWE NXT alumnus said in the video (per Fightful):

“”July 30 in Nashville, there’s someone important I want to face. I thought it would be best to put my feelings in a letter. ‘Dear friend, what are you doing now? I signed with New Japan Pro-Wrestling and started a new professional wrestling life. The match between you and I were cancelled a long time ago… Do you remember it? I want to see you in person very soon. We are waiting for you at the Nashville NJPW Strong on July 30. Please show up to the ring. My dearest professor, my best friend, my all-time best partner. Alex Shelley.

Best regards, KUSHIDA. Now is the right time for this to happen. Shelley, I’m waiting.”

The event takes place on July 30th in Nashville over Summerslam weekend.