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Leighty’s WWE 205 Live Review 12.03.21

December 3, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE 205 Live
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Leighty’s WWE 205 Live Review 12.03.21  

-You can find my World War 3 1996 Review here. Now to WWE 205 Live. Let’s get to it!

-Announce Team: Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuiness
-Taped: WWE PC, Orlando, FL

Ivy Nile (w/ Diamond Mine) vs. Erica Yan

-Nile gets a throw early and then a go behind into a side headlock. Yan rolls through into her own, but Nile regains control. Roll-up from Yan, but Nile won’t release the hold. Yan finally escapes and gets a snapmare and mugs for the crowd. Nile is done playing as she slams Yan down by her hair. Snap suplex from Nile and another. She stands on Yan in the corner and drops an elbow on the spine. She buries a knee in the back with a submission. Yan gets to her feet and gets a sunset flip for two, roll-up for two and then another for two. A version of the Flatliner gets another two count. Yan charges into an elbow and eats a step-up enziguri. Dragon Sleeper causes a tap-out at 4:19.

Winner: Ivy Nile via tap-out at 4:19
-What you would expect as Nile gets to roll over someone other than a few hope spots. *

-Vignette for Draco Anthony as his actions will speak louder than his words.

-WWE Shop commercial as it is Brock Friday!

-Back to NXT as Boa interrupts Solo’s interview. Solo gets a win to remain undefeated, but Boa attacks from behind and now he is wearing face paint.

Boa vs. Draco Anthony

-So we get a vignette to hype Anthony and he is likely getting beat here. Makes sense! Anthony controls with a side headlock, but Boa breaks. He misses a kick, so Anthony runs him over with a shoulder tackle. Boa goes to the arm and then into a side headlock. Anthony shoves off and gets a drop toehold. Boa breaks a side headlock with a belly to back suplex. He snaps off a kick to the small of the back and then rams Anthony into the corner. Kicks and strikes from Boa and then some knees. Running knee to the ribs and a butterfly suplex next. That gets a two count. Nerve hold from Boa, but Anthony fights back. He lands another shoulder and then a dropkick. Swinging neckbreaker follows, but a supple is blocked. Boa ducks a suplex and gets the chin claw to put Anthony out at 3:53.

Winner: Boa via pin at 3:53
-Basically a SQUASH, but not what you would call an impressive one. *

-WrestleMania commercial as Santa is pimping tickets now.

-Day 1 commercial. I can’t see the giving us Brock/Reigns again on that show and expect Sami to be added to the match so he can eat the pin and gets smashed.

-Back to NXT as Joe Gacy continues his quest to end the CW Division as he wants a title that is all inclusive. I mean, if they are ditching the division then please change the name of this show. Actually, change it anyway.

The Creed Brothers (w/ Diamond Mine) vs. Jacket Time

-Ok, Jacket Time theme and entrance is sweet! Ikemen starts with Julius and Julius easily gets a take down. He tags to Brutus and he rolls Ikemen around the ring a bit as he toys with him. He goes8:54. to a standing side headlock, which Ikemen breaks though he ends up getting run over. Jiro starts firing jacket assisted right hands and makes the tag to KUSHIDA. In an ugly spot Brutus drops KUSHIDA on his head from a Fireman’s carry. Tag to Julius and he lands a release suplex. Tag back to Brutus, but KUSHIDA gets a handspring elbow. Tag to Jiro and it’s more jacket punches. The Creed brothers bail to the floor. Jiro sends Julius back into the ring which lets Brutus pounce him off the apron to the floor. Nice! Brutus goes for a cover, but the ref refuses as he didn’t see a tag and sends him out. Julius gets another suplex and now the tag to Brutus who covers for two. Bearhug from Brutus and then he opts to just plans Jiro in the middle of the ring. Tag back to Julius and they pinball Jiro back and forth with knees to his ribs. Another suplex and then a choke that drops Jiro into a pin. He gets his foot on the bottom rope to stop the count. Back to passing Jiro back and forth with well placed knees to the ribs. Dead lift from Brutus into an inverted bearhug and then into a powerbomb for two. There is something there with these two, but they need more work and thus we have shows like this. Another deadlift into a reverse bearhug. Then into a traditional one which Jiro flips out of and then avoids an elbow drop. Julius in, but Jiro gets the hot tag to KUSHIDA. He runs wild for a bit and hits a crossbody. Brutus in and KUSHIDA drops him as well. Tag back to Jiro who comes off top with a missile dropkick. Sweet combo moonsault-springboard splash gets two for Jacket Time. KUSHIDA gets dumped to the floor and Jiro is screwed. Julius with a sidewalk slam and tag to Brutus who throws Julius onto Jiro and then hits a standing moonsault for the pin at 8:54.

Winners: The Creed Brothers via pin at 8:54
-Solid tag match that was a little rough to start, but the Creed Brothers just kept dumping Jiro over and over again until it got fun. Again, the potential is here and matches like this will only help. **1/2

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Average
The 411
Basically, two enhancement matches and then a solid tag match. That makes this an easy watch and we will call it an average show.

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