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Looking at The Death of Allie on Impact Wrestling

April 14, 2019 | Posted by Dino Zee
Death of Allie Impact Wrestling

Editor’s Note: I don’t know how, after watching that video, you could expect anything but a kayfabe breakdown, if I’m being honest. What kind of real talk would one expect on the ten minute journey that we went down last Friday night? Should I break down the workrate? Should I be talking about the incredible psychology? Would you like a list of the top 9 moments of Rosemary and Kiera’s attempt to finally free Allie from The Sinister Minister and Su Yung? Maybe I can break down the finer aspects of the acting and cinematography?

Like, I’m being up front here. I know the ZWI stuff isn’t for everyone – I don’t get how wrestling fans can be so confused by a kayfabe article, but I get that it’s not for everyone. And that’s fine. But I tend to cover Impact more often than WWE, and Impact tends to dip into this side of the sport far more frequently than WWE.

And I’ve probably said it here before, but it just seems really, really weird to give the usual wrestling writing treatment to something so absolutely fantastical. And it also seems really, really weird that people get so up in arms over someone covering the show as it actually happened. I guess it’s better to let everyone in the room full of people who know how wrestling works that you, too, know how wrestling works?

Either way, back to your regular ZWI coverage!

It was just about three weeks ago where I wondered openly if Kiera Hogan was getting in too deep with her attempts to free Allie. I wondered if she was going to be able to keep fighting, or if she’d have to allow Rosemary to take it from here. Here, of course, meaning their victory in last month’s Dark War that should have emancipated Allie from the evil clutches of Mitchell and Yung.

Of course, when you do a deal with the devil, you’re more than likely going to pay more than what you bargained for, and this time was no different. To answer my question, Kiera Hogan made it clear that she wasn’t going to abandon Allie. The burden she placed on herself for Allie being in this predicament was never going to go away, at least not until Allie had been fully restored.

But churning inside of Rosemary was an even more painful guilt. Sure, it was Kiera getting stuffed in the casket that led to Allie visiting the dark realm which in turn infected her, bringing us Dark Allie. And sure, that was awful. But Kiera’s guilt came from an accident. She had no idea what was going to happen the night she simply tried to help her friend, and ended up being stuffed in the casket.

Rosemary, though? Rosemary knew all too well what kind of forces were dealing with them. She knew the deep power held by Su Yung, she knew everything that Sinister Minister was capable of… and she knew how innocent Allie was, how susceptible to their draw she could be. And, for some reason, she still sat back and allowed it to happen. She let Allie go to the dark realm to save Kiera. By the time Rosemary realized what was going on, it was already too late.

And in her head, Rosemary has known that. That’s why, ever since Bound for Glory, she’s done everything in her power to make it right. It’s why she’s tried to do it alone, telling Kiera and Jordynne Grace that they’re out of their element in this fight. Part of it, sure, is just trying to protect two more people from falling into the clutches just like Allie did. But more than that, it’s her own penance – she alone had the power to stop it, and she didn’t use that power. So she’d been looking to fix it – alone – and make it all right again.

In the end, even this columnist missed that important detail. So caught up in Kiera’s fight was I, that I missed just how tortured Rosemary was about how her inaction led to her favorite bunny being lost, possibly forever.

She tried to say that it was on Allie for not listening, but the words rang hollow. You could feel the actual pain inside The Demon Assassin, and it was uncomfortable to see. Eventually, if you don’t deal with the pain, it’s going to eat you alive. And Rosemary wasn’t going to allow that to happen, which is why, once again, she had to return to the Undead Realm and settle her deal with The Sinister Minister. Thankfully, Kiera Hogan would sneak in as well, because no amount of warnings would keep her away.

Once there, the ambush was on, as Mitchell would unleash his group of undead brutes to stop Rosemary. Seemingly down, Rosemary would mist and wrench her way back into the contest, before an all-out blood-bath was unleashed. Huge warriors, Undead Bridesmaids, and Su Yung herself would all attempt to stop Rosemary, who had told Mitchell that she wanted to meet The Boss.

All the while, Dark Allie just stood there, staring a thousand miles away. Kiera Hogan, however, was not going to just stand there, getting Rosemary her sword when she was surrounded by Su and her Bridesmaids.

I told you I was gonna be with you until the end, Kiera would say, not realizing the gravity her words would soon have.

In an instant, Su Yung got back to her feet and freed Dark Allie from her chain, and a standoff between the two of them and Kiera and Rosemary was under way. Yung hammered away at Hogan with devastating punches, while Dark Allie stomped and choked away at Rosemary, threatening to stab Rosemary at one point – a stab The Demon Assassin laughed off. She’d shrug Allie off of her, and grab Yung off of Hogan, only to be trapped immediately in Yung’s mandible claw.

Rosemary broke free, slamming a knee into Rosemary’s face, before we finally saw The Boss – the walking personification of evil himself, Kevin. Fucking. Sullivan.

You, of all people, know how this is gonna end he warned.

Defiant, Rosemary reiterated what they wanted – Allie’s soul. Sullivan then set the trap, reminding Allie that she’s nothing but a serpent in his realm, and that all of this was for nil. Rosemary stared daggers at Sullivan, unaware that Yung was behind her, bladed glove applied, ready to bring an end to Rosemary once and for all. She lunged, and the blades found a home… but it wasn’t the intended target.

Dark Allie had seen the light, and it was Allie who would save the day, pushing Rosemary out of the way. Unfortunately, that led to Yung’s blades impaling Allie. Even Sinister Minister couldn’t hide his look of shock at the unexpected events. This allowed Kiera Hogan the moment to break free from his grip, and coldcock Yung with a wrench to the head.

Rosemary, however, already knew. As Allie – now fully restored to her innocent best – lay dying in the ring, Rosemary could only feebly demand that she don’t. Rosemary wept, Kiera sat there in shock, as Allie let them know one last thing…

Demon… it’s- it’s okay. It’s okay. I’m whole again.

Like that, Allie passed on to the next realm. Gone. The purity, the light that she brought, all gone. This isn’t a time to lecture about ineffective management, or to wonder how this could have been prevented. Everyone involved knew the risks. Everyone involved was willing to sacrifice.

It was Kiera Hogan’s sacrifice that started this. It was Allie sacrificing herself to get Kiera back that ultimately brought back Rosemary. And, in the end, it was Allie sacrificing herself to save Rosemary. All along, it was Rosemary who thought she was the one that needed to protect her Bunny. And now, she lives because her Bunny chose to die.

As of this writing, the April 5th edition of Impact Wrestling has not aired. We don’t know how Rosemary or Kiera are going to carry on. We don’t know if they’re going to let it all go, or if they’re going to come back stronger.

I’d hope, for their sakes, that they take a little time to mourn, so that they’re not fighting on emotions. This was a huge loss for the both of them, and if they hope to make it right, they’re going to need to be at their very best. Their enemies have already shown them the lengths they’re willing to take this.

Thank you to Allie, wherever you are. You’ll be missed by the Impact fans. I’m sure that your spirit will land elsewhere, and AnywhEre you Wrestle will be fine with us.

What a crushing end to such a beautiful run. What a heartbreaking twist to the fight for Allie’s soul.

Run Free, Bunny

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