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Nic Nemeth Wants To Carry TNA Banner Forward, Says Everyone’s Motivated To Make Rebellion A Great Show

April 19, 2024 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Nic Nemeth TNA Impact 4-4-24 Image Credit: TNA

In an interview with Wrestlezone (via Fightful), Nic Nemeth spoke about his desire to become the TNA World Champion and doing his part to help the company grow. He also noted that the locker room is prepared to make Saturday’s Rebellion PPV a great show. He will challenge Moose in the main event. Here are highlights:

On his goals and plans for TNA Wrestling: “For the last few months, I’ve had a lot of firsts. Showing up in different companies, being in the ring with people that one I never thought would be possible, or have never seen before or have only seen footage of. But the decision to go to TNA and New Japan is purely based on, I saw what they had to offer. I saw their business model, their business plan, and they had long-term goals for the company, for the champion, for the brand, everything. I said, this is the place that I want to be, and I want to help. So other than showing up and having some matches, I actually had a really good match with former TNA World Champion [Steve] Maclin, that was a blast. But now the current world champion, Moose, who I will not hear and pretend that he’s bad at wrestling because he’s a bad guy. He’s got a bunch of people protecting him, The System’s watching his back, but he has earned the right to be the champion. He dominated for a few years. He’s come into his own. He’s had the banner of TNA over his shoulder for the last few years, and someone who actually looks the part, backs it up, and can fight, can move quick, that linebacker breaking speed, he looks great. He can do a lot of different things. Hopefully, the thing that he may lack is the experience. I’m not experienced like, ‘Ah, I’m old, I got experience.’ No, no, I have a ring IQ that’s very high. There’s a reason somebody who does not have a relative in the business, did not work the independents, five-foot-eleven, 190 pounds, lasted 19 years in New York, two times as World Heavyweight Champion. It sure as hell wasn’t because I was getting favors done for me. It was someone who could break through, even if they didn’t want me to.”

On wanting to help TNA grow: “So my plan now is to take that and pass that on. I’m not just sitting around giving advice to young up-and-comers. I want to be the best, I want to be world champion. I want to represent TNA. I want everybody to think of me and have that name be synonymous with TNA because I know that locker room has so much…they’re busting about this pay-per-view because we’re all gonna try and outdo each other. We want everyone want to be talking about TNA. We just had WrestleMania. AEW’s being talked about constantly. We want TNA to be the name when people say, ‘How awesome was that show? How great is that roster? Did you see what the hell just happened?’ That kind of buzz around is purely based on all the talent that we have here, and it’s really gonna shine through on Saturday at Rebellion.”

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