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Sambus’ AEW Collision Review 02.24.24

February 24, 2024 | Posted by Theo Sambus
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Sambus’ AEW Collision Review 02.24.24  


Hello again, friends! If you tuned in for our Elimination Chamber coverage this morning, you’ve got your second dose of Theo Sambus for the day, as we now turn our attention to AEW and our regularly scheduled Saturday programming of Collision! I genuinely missed the show last week, which is testament to how Collision has solidified itself as appointment viewing on the AEW calendar. I mean, sure, the ratings still aren’t there, but those who know know!

Tonight looks like it will be a return to form, as we have Bryan Danielson vs Jun Akiyama headlining, which needs no introduction for any puroresu fan. Elsewhere on the card, FTR take on the team of Shane Taylor and Lee Moriarity, and we’ve got a No DQ encounter taking place between Sammy Guevara and Powerhouse Hobbs, neither of whom have been featured on Collision much, so that will be a fresh change of pace. Let’s head to ringside and see what else AEW has in store for us tonight…



Location: Springfield, MO

Venue: Great Southern Bank Arena

Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Kevin Kelly & Tony Schiavone


We go straight to the opening credits before the pyro hits and Dasha is in the ring, ready to welcome the participants of our opening contest.

Match One: [No Disqualification Match] Sammy Guevara vs Powerhouse Hobbs

Hobbs’ new purple velvet gear is SWEET. Running rising knee by Sammy starts this off hot! Enziguri by Sammy and a springboard cutter, Sammy is on fire already. He clotheslines Hobbs to the floor and says into the camera ‘I’m a Collider now!’

Sammy avoids being whipped into the steps, takes a run up and launches off the steps but Hobbs catches him and hits a front powerslam into the steel steps. Hobbs repeatedly slams Hobbs into the ring apron and then tosses him against the barricade, dumping him on the floor. Hobbs gets in the face of Kevin Kelly, and demands Kelly’s belt, which Kelly gives to him. Sammy gets whipped with the belt! But no, Sammy moves and nails a superkick. Sammy grabs a chair and smacks Hobbs in the back and in the face as the crowd approve. Step up kick to the face, assisted by a chair. Hobbs catches Sammy and throws him over the barricade onto the concrete floor, Sammy landed hard there.

Back in the ringside area, Sammy hits a cutter on Hobbs on top of the steel steps! And now Sammy has the belt and whips Hobbs with it. Guevara pulls out a table from under the ring, much to the delight of the crowd. Sammy gets another table and lays it out next to the other one. Hobbs is up on the apron as Sammy climbs the ropes….he dives in a crossbody splash to Hobbs, but Hobbs catches him, SPINEBUSTER OFF THE APRON THROUGH THE TABLES! Damn those tables just exploded under the weight. We go to PIP while Guevara and Hobbs recover.

Hobbs brings Guevara back into the ring and goes for a diving clothesline, although he slightly slipped off the top rope…nailed it anyway! Hobbs grinds the face of Sammy into the mat, whips him into the turnbuckle, and into another, but Sammy avoids a splash. Sammy with the GTH! 1, 2, no!

Sammy grabs a monitor from ringside and smacks Hobbs in the face with it. He heads back outside the ring, looking under the ring for…another table. Guevara brings the table inside the ring this time, but Hobbs cuts him off before he can set it up with a huge clothesline, and Sammy takes the flip bump on that. Hobbs sets the table up near the corner, but Sammy is back in this one, superkick to Hobbs. Springboard cutter attempt, caught, Hobbs with another powerslam for a 2 count.

Running boot by Hobbs and they both roll to the floor. Hobbs gets another table out! AND ANOTHER! Was there a sale on?! Hobbs sets both tables up on the floor, picks Sammy up on his shoulders, but Guevara sends him into the ringpost. Sammy grabs a bottle from a fan, drinks from it, and then smashes the bottle over Hobbs’ head!! Real glass, cry me a river? Now Sammy pulls out a ladder, and that is a BIG ladder. Sammy sets it up in the ring as the Please Don’t Die chants start.

Hobbs is prone on the tables as Sammy climbs. Sammy gets to the top, he is high up there…SWANTON OFF THE LADDER ONTO HOBBS THROUGH THE TABLES!! Sammy brings Hobbs back into the ring and moves the other existing table nearer the corner, laying Hobbs out on it. Guevara ascends the buckles…but Hobbs shoves the referee into the ropes and Sammy is crotched. Hobbs joins Guevara up on the ropes, picks him up and plants him with the huuuuuge powerslam off the ropes through the table for the 1, 2, 3 at 17:03.

Your winner by pinfall: Powerhouse Hobbs

Rating: ***1/2 – That was mad! Hot way to start off the show, and complete balls-to-the-wall craziness. My only complaint is…did the feud justify this at this stage? Seemed a little random to throw this out there, although I can’t object to a PPV-quality match on Collision.



Back from break, we are with Jon Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli backstage. Mox reflects on how tough Claudio is…do FTR think 20 minutes is a lot? Mox isn’t a sprinter but he can run all day and all night. They don’t get paid by the hour…for them, a time limit draw is unsatisfactory. You wanna pay homage to the art of tag team wrestling at Revolution? BCC accept. Claudio says FTR look to the past, but BCC look to the future. They create the style, the wrestling that they want to see. If FTR want to step into the future, that path is through them. Be better than Jon Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli.

Moxley says that can’t be all that FTR had. It felt like they emptied their arsenal when BCC were only getting started. FTR will have to bring their whole bag of tricks.

We go back to ringside as FTR themselves make their way out for tag team action.


Match Two: FTR vs Shane Taylor & Lee Moriarty

Dax and Moriarty start this off, with Moriarty winning the opening exchange. Tag to Wheeler, Moriarty controls the arm and pie faces Cash, riling him up. Lee runs into a back elbow from Cash and a tag to Dax allows FTR to capitalise. Shane Taylor tags in, shrugs off a shoulder block from Dax, and they both back away after avoiding a series of strikes. Dropkick by Dax, Taylor comes back with a splash but Dax avoids it. Tag to Moriarty, snapmare and a dropkick combo to the face of Harwood.

Dax chops Lee in the corner now, atomic drop by Dax but a blind tag to Taylor allows Taylor to come in and take Dax by surprise with a clothesline for 2. We go to PIP as Taylor jaws with Cash on the apron. Open hand chop to the chest of Dax, and Lee is back in now. Dax fights back with chops but Taylor in again, scoop slam to Dax. Another scoop slam followed by a leg drop, cover for 1, 2, no. Sidewalk Slam by Taylor, 1, 2, kickout. Taylor applies a bearhug but Dax fights out of it, tag to Moriarty. Dax gets a quick rollup for 2, then looks for a sleeper but Lee backs into his own corner and a tag to Taylor. Knee to the face by Taylor, clothesline in the corner and a uranage. Taylor climbs the ropes…splash off the middle rope but Dax rolls out of the way. Lee tagged in, cuts off Dax…no, Dax makes the tag anyway!

Cash in, taking on both members of STP. Short arm clothesline to Moriarty. Running clothesline to Taylor. Uppercut to the back of the neck and a jumping neckbreaker gets a 2 count for Wheeler. Cash tries to suplex Lee back in but Taylor sweeps the legs from the floor, punches Cash in the face and Lee gets a rollup! 1, 2, no.

Cash knocks Taylor off the apron, gets a sunset flip on Moriarty, lifts Lee up and Dax is there on the top rope! DOOMSDAY DEVICE! 1, 2, 3. FTR get the pinfall at 10:19

Your winners by pinfall: FTR

Rating: *** – I really liked them using the Doomsday Device after the BCC promo, proving Claudio’s point about relying on the past…and yet it got the job done. I’m a fan of STP getting some consistent showings on Collision, especially after Moriarty was one of the ones to answer the Cope Open challenge recently, so it’s good to give them more screen time.

Cash Wheeler takes the microphone post-match. Unlike a cockroach, it will take more than just stepping on them to kill them. Dax heard what they had to say earlier. Mox has been here for almost 5 years and has been the king. This is his house. Dax sees people cowering from Moxley backstage. But FTR aren’t scared of him. To be a king, you gotta kill a king. At Revolution, they’re coming for his head. Top Guys, out!



Promo package for our main event. Hype!

Match Three: Thunder Rosa vs Lady Bird Monroe

Chops to the chest by Rosa and she rebounds Monroe’s head off the top turnbuckle. Monroe with chops of her own and an uppercut. Rosa with a rising knee, followed by a running dropkick against the ropes. DVD by Rosa! Tijuana Bomb connects, 1, 2, 3 at 2:07.

Your winner by pinfall: Thunder Rosa

Rating: N/R – Rosa climbs her way through the ranks, racking up another win.



Renee Paquette is backstage with Kris Statlander and Willow, along with Stokely Hathaway. He doesn’t appreciate what Skye Blue and Julia Hart said recently. Kris and Skye have one win a piece against each other, so she wants to face Skye Blue 1 on 1 next week.

Bang bang Scissor Gang head out for the next context…and ooooh Max Caster flubbed his rap on the intro, we’re live pal!


Match Four: Bang Bang Scissor Gang (Jay White, Billy Gunn & Colten Gunn) vs Iron Savages

Billy and Boulder start off, and trade shoulder blocks. Tag to Bear, and Boulder introduces us to ‘titty city’ but Gunn interrupts. Dropkick by Colten, who is tagged in now. Colten misses and splash and falls all the way to the floor as Bear jumps on it, bringing him back in for a quick pinfall attempt. Bear tags in Jacked Jameson, and the Iron Savages pull off some quick tags before Boulder suplexes Colten in the middle of the ring.

Colten sends Bear and Boulder to the outside and tags in Jay White. Hair pull by White on Bear, chops to Jameson, uranage to follow! 1, 2, no. Boulder comes in for a splash, White avoids it so Boulder splashes Jameson. Fameasser! White with the Blade Runner on Jameson to pick up the 3 count at 4:48.

Your winners by pinfall: Bang Bang Scissor Gang

Rating: ** – Barely enough time to mean anything, and what we saw was a little scrappy. I’m not sure what we’re doing with the BBSG right now.


Backstage, Lexy Nair is with Bryan Danielson. Tonight is a dream match against Akiyama. Danielson corrects her, Akiyama is a legend. Eddie Kingston will be on commentary, watching Danielson beat one of the best wrestlers in history. Danielson respects everything Akiyama has done, but he doesn’t respect Kingston. Danielson thinks it actually might kill him if he had to show Kingston respect. Danielson questions the professionalism of Eddie Kingston, and says he wasted all his potential. He doesn’t respect Kingston, and the wasted potential pisses Danielson off, and that’s why Danielson will beat him for the Continental Crown.



Match Five: Malakai Black vs ‘Bounty Hunter’ Bryan Keith

Keith wins the opening exchange with a wristlock, but Black snapmares him out of it and picks the leg. Big boot by Keith sends Black into the corner, but Black hits a knee to the arm. Suplex by Keith though, and a knee drop for 2. Keith hooks the arms looking for a tiger driver but Black escapes, clubbing Keith down and knocking him to the apron. Enziguri by keith but Black just boots him off the apron into the barricade and we head to PIP.

Black continues the assault on the outside with a series of boots to the face. Back in the ring, Black nails another rising knee out of the corner for a 2 count. High roundhouse kick gets another 2. Body slam by Malakai and a leg drop, another 2 count. Black has Keith grounded with a chinlock but Keith battles to his feet, and they begin to trade forearm shots. Kick to the back by Black, more strikes, and a big right hand by Keith followed by a series of clotheslines. Exploder by Keith! Neckbreacker across the knee gets a 2 count for Bryan Keith as he signals for the end. Tiger Driver attempt but the knee gives out and he can’t do it…but he manages a Tornado DDT out of the corner!

Both men sit up into the cross legged position. They come face to face and trade blows, kick to the back of the knee, another leg sweep by Black. Black to the top rope but a rising headbutt by Keith meets him there. Keith looks for an exploder off the top but Black shoves him off, double stomp! Rising Knee and a German suplex gets a 2 count for Black. Black Mass attempt but no, Keith hits a knee strike to the face and the Tiger Driver! 1, 2, no!! Oh but Keith walks straight into the Black Mass. 1, 2, 3! A victory for the House of Black at 10:57

Your winner by pinfall: Malakai Black

Rating: ***1/4 – This is a strong way to build Bryan Keith, he had some great hope spots and kept up with Black throughout. Ultimately, that Black Mass has been built as an absolute killer, so it’s game over when it hits.

The lights go out, and when they come back on, Mark Briscoe is here with a kendo stick! House of Black appear and he takes them all on with the kendo stick. Now Brisoce has the spike! He misses with it, Black Mass by Malakai and the HoB enter the ring again and the Dante’s Inferno connects for Brody King and Buddy Matthews. Briscoe is left lying.



Match Six: Serena Deeb vs Lady Frost

Deeb bridges out of a clutch early on, and they trade cross-arm chokes. Arm drag by Deeb, but Frost cartwheels into a dropkick from behind. Shoulder block by Deeb takes Frost down, and a leg whip into a reverse kneebar. Deeb fires up the crowd as we go to PIP.

Frost gathers her breath on the apron and steps back inside the ring, and Deeb pounces with chops, but Frost turns the tables. Chops and kicks from Frost, Fisherwoman’s suplex. Frost with shoulders into the midsection in the corner, but Deeb comes back with an uppercut. Chops by Deeb but Frost is fired up and chops Deeb in the corner. Snapmare by Frost, Deeb catches the leg and a dragon screw grounds Frost. Deeb with jabbing punches now, and a running clothesline. Deeb with a neckbreaker over the middle rope, followed by a swinging neckbreaker for 2!

Frost escapes a piledriver, kick to the head, and she gets the cartwheel Chiller Driller, 1, 2 no! Spin kick avoided. Pepsi Twist by Deeb! Deeb locks in the single leg crab and Frost has to tap at 8:43.

Your winner by submission: Serena Deeb

Rating: *** – Lady Frost has been great in her Collision appearances, and that was no different tonight. Two pros on show here, slightly marred by the commercial break as they seemed to falter a bit in pacing through that.

Deeb takes the mic after the match, and says the women’s division is heating up. She put the locker room on notice…if any woman wants to join the women’s division, she is waiting for them. Deeb is here to elevate the division. When the Professor wrestles, the picture doesn’t go black and white, the lights don’t turn out, but she wrestles! Deeb is here to put the wrestling back in All Elite Wrestling.



When we return from commercial, out comes Eddie Kingston, who is joining commentary for our main event.


Match Seven: Bryan Danielson vs Jun Akiyama

Danielson and Akiyama grapple with neither man getting an advantage. Danielson backs Akiyama into the ropes, clean break. Shoulder blocks by Akiyama, but Dragon picks the leg and looks for the surfboard. Surfboard stomps by Danielson, followed by a leg whip and a knee drop to the inside leg. Dragon wrenches on the knee of Akiyama, but Akiyama grabs a cross armbreaker to get out of it. Dragon rolls through and goes back to the legs, locking in an Indian Death Lock, and then rears back into the Muta Lock!

Akiyama gouges the eyes to escape the hold. Akiyama hyperextends the arm of Danielson and wrenches it over his own shoulder.Knees to the arm, which is hammerlocked by Akiyama. But Danielson sends Akiyama to the floor and goes for the suicide dive, only to get caught with a right hand. And Akiyama looks for the Exploder off the apron, but Danielson flips to avoid it, yet is still thrown to the floor.

Danielson with a kick to the back of the leg, and then kicks to the chest but Akiyama fires up and steps into them. Eye gouge by Akiyama and a running knee gets a 2 count. Akiyama pulls Dragon to the apron and stomps on him…knee drop on the apron on a prone Danielson! Akiyama looks for a suplex on the floor but Danielson reverses and Akiyama gets suplexed on the floor instead. Dragon with the diving knee strike off the apron to follow up.

Dropkick off the top rope from Danielson now, and the running boots in the corner but Akiyama comes back with a running lariat! Akiyama gets caught in the LeBell Lock, but he is by the ropes to cause the break. Danielson goes up top, right hands by Akiyama and he meets him up there. Headbutt by Danielson, dives into a rising knee from Akiyama…and a piledriver!! 1, 2, NO.

Knee strikes by Akiyama, but Dragon catches on and rolls through into a single leg crab. Transitions into the ankle lock! And Danielson transitions again into a big German suplex. Yes Kicks delivered now until Akiyama intercepts and hits the Exploder! 1, 2, NO. Guillotine choke applied to Danielson! Danielson reaches the ropes with his feet. Knee to the face by Akiyama, Danielson replies with a German but Akiyama comes right back with an Exploder and another knee strike, both men are down!

Both men go for Busaiku knees and take each other out! Back to their feet, they trade forearms until Akiyama hits one that knocks Danielson to the canvas. Wrist Clutch Exploder escaped, and Akiyama walks into a Busaiku Knee. Danielson with the Yes Chant, signalling for the knee again now. Busaiku Knee connects and Danielson gets the pinfall at 15:59.

Your winner by pinfall: Bryan Danielson

Rating: ***3/4 – I’m sure Zack Sabre Jr would be proud of the tekkers in this one, this was good graps. Akiyama barely shows his age as he can still go, and the limb work was smartly peppered throughout from both men.


After the match, Danielson extends the hand to Akiyama and Akiyama shakes. Danielson turns his attention to Eddie Kingston and flips him off…so Akiyama slaps Danielson across the face! Danielson apologises and shakes again, and LOW BLOWS AKIYAMA! Eddie Kingston dives in the ring and goes to town on Danielson, but here comes Claudio to Danielson’s aid. And here come FTR! Dax goes at it with Danielson and they clear the ring. Schiavone informs us that Tony Khan has booked FTR & Kingston vs the Blackpool Combat Club, this Wednesday! Niiiiice.

With that, we’re done! Have a great week folks, see you next Saturday!

The final score: review Good
The 411
Tonight's Collision return was bookended by the best parts of the show - the wild No DQ opener between Guevara and Hobbs got us off to a hot start, and we closed with some awesome technical/strong-style hybrid action between Danielson and Akiyama, leading to a great finish with FTR and Kingston getting involved, adding fuel to the fire on both BCC storylines. The middle portion of the show didn't hit the same highs, with the Bang Bang Scissor Gang basically just existing at the moment. Of course, we're in full Revolution hype mode, so maybe things will take a turn once the chips have fallen after next weekend.

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