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TCW Show 13-35 Recap and Review

September 18, 2013 | Posted by Jesse Nguyen
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TCW Show 13-35 Recap and Review  

Show starts with Boyd Bradford visiting Colonel Parker backstage. Bradford is angry that he has been banned during the Jon Saxon/Kincaid best of seven series. Parker says Bradford can be ringside for the next match, and handcuffs the two of them together.

TCW Jr. Heavyweight Championship, 5th of the best of seven series: Kincaid (c) vs. Jon Saxon
Quick lockup leads to a standstill. Saxon gets a headlock, but Kincaid puts him in the corner and gets the advantage with a series of strikes. Saxon recovers and puts Kincaid in the corner, stomping him down. Saxon grabs a handful of the hair and tosses Kincaid across the ring. Kincaid gets a takedown, but Saxon reverses to a hammerlock. Kincaid gets out, but Saxon knocks him down with a reverse elbow. Saxon locks in a chinlock, but Kincaid counters with an armdrag. Saxon with an armdrag of his own, holding Kincaid down with an armlock. Kincaid tries to roll through, but Saxon holds on. Kincaid makes it back to his feet and sends Saxon to the corner. Kincaid charges, but Saxon gets the elbow up. Hits a clothesline and goes for a cover. Not enough as Kincaid kicks out. Saxon with another chinlock. Kincaid once again stands up and runs in circles, leading Saxon out of the ring. Kincaid charges and hits a unique 619 style maneuver. Kincaid poses and rolls to the outside. Saxon recovers and pushes Kincaid into the ring steps, following it up with a scoop slam on the floor! Saxon tosses Kincaid back into the ring. Kincaid backs off, but grabs Saxon’s tights and throws him into the bottom turnbuckle. Saxon gets tossed outside once more. Kincaid hits a double axehandle from the apron and attacks Saxon in front of Boyd Bradford. Kincaid smashes Saxon’s head and back against the guardrail. Kincaid charges, but Saxon gets the boot up.

Commercial break.

Both back in the ring, as Kincaid gets the upper hand with a scoop backbreaker. He pins Saxon but only a two count. Kincaid tries to whip him into the corner, but Saxon reverses. Kincaid climbs to the top and gets the boot up, but Saxon catches it and pulls him off the top turnbuckle. Saxon hits a running vertical suplex. Saxon with another cover. 1…2…Kincaid kicks out. Kincaid gets to the corner and thumbs Saxon in the eye. Kincaid grabs a hold of Saxon and nails a gutwrench suplex. Kincaid grounds Saxon with a submission. Kincaid rakes the back and lifts up Saxon, hitting another backbreaker. Kincaid with another cover, but still not enough. Saxon gets on his feet and starts to eat Kincaid’s forearm strikes. Saxon finally goes down and Kincaid shoots the half. 1…2…Saxon kicks out once again. Both to their feet, and Saxon fights back with straight punches to the face. Kincaid charges, but Saxon puts him down with a back elbow. Saxon goes to the top, but Kincaid crotches him. Kincaid climbs the ropes, and sends Saxon flying with a top rope Frankenstiener! Kincaid goes for the cover. 1…2…no! Kincaid stays on the attack with strikes before hitting a t-bone suplex. Kincaid goes to the top rope, going for the double stomp. He takes too much time, and Saxon knocks Kincaid off balance. Saxon climbs to the second rope and nails Kincaid with headbutts. Saxon gets to the top and hits an avalanche belly-to-belly! Both wrestlers are down. They get to their feet and Kincaid strikes first. They start to run the ropes until Saxon trips up Kincaid and locks in a Texas Cloverleaf! Bradford drags Parker around the ring. The Empire comes out, attack Parker and distracting the ref. Kincaid is tapping, but the ref doesn’t see it! Bradford gets in the ring and hits Saxon. Matt Riviera tosses the handcuffs to Kincaid, who uses them to knock out Saxon! Kincaid with the pin. 1…2…3!
Winner via pinfall, and still TCW Jr. Heavyweight Champion: Kincaid
Kincaid leads the series 3-2

Slower paced matched between these two. I find it shocking that these two have had more than four matches in this promotion, and each one are worth watching. While they still have not had a match as good as the first in this series, this one is still good. I think the finish does a good job of putting both The Empire and Kincaid as some of the top heels in the promotion

Backstage, Rich Rude and Alan Steel talk about how angry they are Titan is too dangerous, causing Michael Barry’s retirement. Lily comes into the room and explains that Titan feels back about the incident. Titan enters and apologizes. Steel is outrage that all he gets is an “I’m sorry”. Titan wraps a hand around Steel’s neck, but he escapes it. Steel challenges Titan to a match later tonight. Titan claims Steel can join Barry in retirement.

Commercial break.

Scott Phoenix, Sigmon, and Tim Storm are backstage. Sigmon claims he’s the only person who deserves a title shot against Phoenix. It is announced that Phoenix will defend his newly won TCW Heavyweight Championship against both Sigmon and Storm in a triple threat match. All three get their taunts in.

Match #2: “Golden Boy” Greg Anthony vs. Zach Gowen
Anthony charges right away, but Gowen avoids it and climbs to the top, hitting a missile dropkick! Anthony charges again, but Gowen holds the rope down and sends him to the outside. Gowen over the top with a plancha! Anthony recovers and strikes Gowen before slamming him down onto the steel steps! Anthony gets back in the ring, seeming to be okay with a count out victory. Gowen fights his way back to the ring, only to be met with stomps and kicks. Gowen grabs the top rope, but Anthony uses Gowen’s leg to slam him against the mat. Anthony goes to the outside and slams Gowen’s face into the apron before choking him out. Anthony back to the apron, and he hits a running leg drop. Anthony taunts Gowen, lighting a fire under him. It is not enough as Anthony kicks Gowen down again and applies a claw to his ribcage.

Commercial break.

Both are on the mat as we return. The two fight to get back up, using the ropes for support. Anthony charges with a dropkick, but Gowen avoids. Anthony is stuck in the ropes as Gowen flies off the top with a leg drop! The Empire comes out to support Anthony. It is enough of a distraction for Anthony to recover and hit a piledriver! Anthony pins Gowen. 1…2…Gowen kicks out! Anthony is visibly frustrated. Anthony drags Gowen to the corner, trying to put him on the top rope. Anthony follows, but Gowen fights back with elbows, sending Anthony to the mat! Gowen takes the opportunity and hits a moonsault! Matt Riviera distracts the ref and Steve Anthony nails Zach Gowen with a stomach breaker. Anthony crawls to the pin. 1…2…3!
Winner via pinfall: “Golden Boy” Greg Anthony
The Empire beat down Gowen until Americos and Matt Hardy come out for the save.

This was a very good match between the two. I enjoyed this one more than the one they had not too long ago. It was being advertised as a heated rematch, and that is what we got. There is a lot of great offense and it was all sold very well. Once again the Empire is what led to a victory, which is disappointing to see twice in a row on a three match show, but it sets up the Americos/Empire feud a bit more.

Commercial break.

Main Event: TCW International Title Match: Titan (c) vs. “All That” Alan Steel
Steel attacks Titan as he climbs into the ring, but he shoves Steel away. Titan approaches, but is met with boots from Steel. Steel continues to take the upper hand with strikes, focusing on the leg of Titan. Titan shoves him away and nails a big boot! Steel in the corner, but Titan throws him across the ring like a little child. Titan in control now as he tosses Steel shoulder first into the ring post. Lily attacks Steel with slaps, causing him to go after her. Lily slaps Rich Rude as Titan catches Steel. Titan hits a chop to Steel’s chest that resonances across the arena. Both are back in the ring, and Titan slams his body weight against Steel’s back. Titan locks in a chin lock, grounding Steel. Steel gets back up and attacks the knee. Titan tries to pick up Steel, but he slips through and nails two chop blocks in a row. Steel back up and still attacking the knee and leg of Titan. Steel continues the offense as Titan gets back up to his feet, trying to hit a clothesline. Steel duck and once again kicks out Titan’s leg. Titan down to a knee, allowing Steel to nail some strikes to the head and back area. Titan stands up again, reeling back to the corner. Steel wraps Titan’s leg in the ropes and causes more damage before being shoved away. Steel hits a dropkick to Titan’s knee. Steel drags Titan out of the corner and charges, but Titan wraps his hand around Steel’s throat and nails a chokeslam! Titan is too hurt to go for a cover right away. Titan goes to the outside and pulls out a table. Titan sets up the table on the outside, going back in to grab Steel. Titan drags Steel to the apron and follows him. Titan looking to hit Steel with the same move that retired Michael Barry. Speaking of, Barry comes out and slams a chair against Titan’s back, causing a DQ.
Winner via DQ, and still TCW International Champion: Titan

Decent match, but not really main event material. It was slow, but that is not a bad thing. The one thing that really put me off of the match was that Titan did not sell the knee after hitting the chokeslam. Once Steel was grounded, Titan would walk around just fine. For a match where his leg and knee was attacked the whole time, you would think he would have a bit of a problem walking on it. I know he is suppose to be a ‘monster’, but it somewhat ruins my suspension of disbelief.

The Hounds of Hell come out and attack both Barry and Steel. Boyd Bradford keeps Rich Rude out of the ring with a steel chair, but Steel and Barry form up once again and cause the TCW Tag Champions to retreat. Barry grabs a mic. Barry says to the hell with the doctor’s order and that Genetic Perfection is back, and they are after the TCW Tag Titles!

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The 411: Pretty good show this week from TCW. The wrestling itself is pretty good, with only some minor gripes from the main event. There was not a lot of talking on this show, which is odd considering that there will be a TCW Heavyweight Championship match on next week's show. I believe TCW should have had an in ring segment building up the match, as opposed to the short backstage segment they had.
Final Score:  7.5   [ Good ]  legend

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