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Top 7 Wrestling-Related Foods

November 29, 2019 | Posted by Steve Cook
WWF Ice Cream Bears

When I think Thanksgiving, there’s one main thing that comes to mind…


Who doesn’t love the turkey, the potatoes, the stuffing, the cranberry, the corn, the green beans, the pumpkin pie & everything else that we all wolf down every Thanksgiving while watching football and trying to tune out our family members? It’s one of the few days of the year that even people that eat healthy let things go a little crazy.

You’d have to be crazy to eat or drink of the things in this week’s Top 7. We’re looking at the most magnificent wrestling-related foods! DIG IT!

7. WWE Chocolate Bars

I have seen these in my infrequent trips to the mall, and I’ve been somewhat tempted. But, having worked in places with chocolate bars that don’t really sell all that often, there’s a good chance that the stuff on the floor is probably expired. It’s an interesting idea, but I feel like wrestling fans in general are more likely to go with less expensive chocolate options.

6. Chris Jericho’s A Little Bit Of The Bubbly

Probably some recency bias here putting this on the list when it hasn’t even been officially been released. But come on now, this is pretty awesome. This is the equivalent of if Stone Cold Steve Austin had been selling some actual “Steveweiser” beer during his heyday. I know ol’ Stone Cold has his IPA thing going now, and I want some of that too, but you gotta give Nocking Point, AEW & everybody involved for striking while the iron’s hot.

5. Hulk Hogan Vitamins

Like most of the battles that took place between Hulk Hogan & Ric Flair over the years, you have to give the edge to Hulk’s vitamins. Ric was on TBS selling these 4 Horsemen Vitamins that were allegedly the secret to their success. Did anybody honestly believe that? The only performance-enhancing pills Ric’s probably ever taken were invented after the 1980s. You knew the Hulkster always said his prayers and took his vitamins & trained, and that’s why Hulk’s vitamins were the safer bet, brother.

4. JR’s Family Bar-B-Q Sauce

Over the years & years Jim Ross has provided commentary on wrestling events, we’ve learned that he likes the barbecue sauce. Ross family recipes became the backbone of a couple of WWF cookbooks, then JR got into the barbecue sauce selling business. He even got into the restaurant business for a period of time, but his passion was & is the sauce. It’s pretty good stuff, though it’s never really had the best distribution. WWE sold it on their website for sometime, JR sells it at conventions, and I’m not sure where else you can get it right now.

3. Booty-Os Cereal

Booty-Os weren’t the first wrestling-related cereal to hit the shelves. WWF Superstars Cereal in the early-90s got mixed reviews. Stone Cold Steve Austin was on a Wheaties box. John Cena got a nice deal with Fruity Pebbles thanks to the Rock comparing the cereal with Cena’s wardrobe. However, the New Day are the first professional wrestlers I know of to base their gimmick around breakfast food. It is the most important meal of the day, and having a bowl of Booty-Os will make sure that your day isn’t booty.

2. Slim Jim Beef Jerky

When you think of Slim Jim, you think of the Macho Man. Randy Savage appeared in commercials for years telling us that if we needed a little excitement, all we needed to do was snap into a Slim Jim. Savage’s Slim Jim sponsorship was a boon to WCW’s budget when he arrived there, and was allegedly part of the beef between Savage & Vince McMahon that led to Savage’s accomplishments being ignored by WWE until his death.

After the Macho Man’s retirement from the ring, WWE did get some of their wrestlers to sell the beef jerky. Edge & the Bella Twins appeared in some commercials, but it just wasn’t the same. Heck, the Ultimate Warrior was the first wrestler to appear in a Slim Jim ad. We don’t remember him doing so. We remember the Macho Man telling us to SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM!

Honorable Mention: Traci Brooks’ Cookies

Some of TNA/Impact Wrestling’s missed opportunities over the years involve merchandising. Don West was a hell of a salesman, but the company never produced enough quality product for him to really take TNA to another level. They also had a reluctance to jump on things when they got over. For example: Cookiegate. WWE was filming a commercial at Universal Studios Florida, not too far from the soundstage where TNA held their Impact tapings & PPV events. So, some of the TNA folks thought it would be fun to pay their WWE friends a welcoming visit. Traci Brooks even made some cookies! It was a good time.

Since the whole Cookiegate thing drew some interest, I wonder why somebody at TNA didn’t think about selling some cookies. Surely Traci has some pretty good recipes to draw inspiration from. Could have been a thing. And if it didn’t work, at least they would have tried. Look at Chris Jericho’s Bubbly. Somebody between him & AEW was smart enough to try & make a buck off of it. Who knows, maybe Traci could have been the next Betty Crocker.

1. WWF Ice Cream Bars

I have a confession I need to share with you guys.

I’ve never eaten a WWF/E Ice Cream Bar. Amazing, right? I don’t remember ever seeing them in grocery stores in my area. I don’t recall ever seeing them available in an ice cream truck. They weren’t at any shows I went to. I heard all about them, but I never got to partake in the ice creamy goodness. I feel like this is one of the main things I’ve missed out on during my life, along with having a high school sweetheart.

Hopefully, WWE will bring them back one day. Or maybe Cody’s nostalgic for them and is looking into AEW producing some. Either way, I need to have a wrestling-related ice cream bar to feel like I’ve been the best possible wrestling fan. Someday, hopefully it’ll happen.

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