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Vince Russo on Why He Wouldn’t Last in WWE’s Current Creative Team

December 5, 2023 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Vince Russo Image Credit: VICE TV

– During a recent interview with Developmentally Speaking, former WWE and WCW booker Vince Russo discussed his time writing in WWE, comparing it to today’s current WWE creative team, with multiple writers putting together Raw and SmackDown every week. Below are some highlights (via WrestlingInc.com):

Vince Russo on how it used to be him and Vince McMahon or Ed Ferrara writing WWE: “You know, bro, there was a time when it was just me and Vince [McMahon] writing the show. That’s it. And then, when the Attitude Era really started taking off, Vince couldn’t do it anymore, so that’s when Ed Ferrara came in, and it was just two guys. Now, you’ve got 20-something writers and all these people, and, bro, I would not last in that environment for 24 hours, man.”

On how he wouldn’t be able to deal with a whole creative team writing WWE: “Bro, especially when you’re doing two live weekly shows. There’s no time for that, bro. There’s no time to get the opinions of 20 people and sit in on meetings and committees. There’s no time for that, bro. And I think that has to do with, in my opinion, why you see a very lackluster production.”

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