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Winfree’s AEW Dark: Elevation (Ep. 12) Review 5.31.21

June 1, 2021 | Posted by Robert Winfree
AEW Dark: Elevation
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Winfree’s AEW Dark: Elevation (Ep. 12) Review 5.31.21  

On the heels of AEW: Double or Nothing we’re back for another episode of Dark: Elevation.

Thunder Rosa slow claps and congratulates Britt Baker on winning the AEW Women’s Title. New champions come with old enemies, and tonight she’s going to remind Baker why she’s still afraid Rosa.

The fans are back live in attendance.

The Acclaimed are up first, and per request I will reference Caster’s rap. He calls their opponents ugly versions of Sister, Sister and likens them to the vaccine, two little pricks.

Match #1 – Tag Team Match: The Acclaimed (Max Caster and Anthony Bowens) vs. Brent and Brandon Tate

Bowens lays into both men, tags in Caster and they double team Brent. Brandon breaks up a pin attempt. Caster abuses Brent, prompting Brandon interference and Brent jumps Caster from behind. Brandon tags in, they hit a double team move on Caster. Brent back in, runs into a kick, Bowens blind tags and hits a neckbreaker over the knees of Caster. Blind tag from Brandon, both of them kick Bowens a few times before Brandon runs into a roaring elbow. Caster in, clotheslines Brent and Bowens floors him with a drop kick assisted F5. Rock Bottom side slam, then Caster in with the mic drop to win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: The Acclaimed won

Rating: Giromontina. . . SQUASH

The Acclaimed doing their thing.

Jungle Boy interview from Double or Nothing, post Battle Royale win, he’s interviewed in the ring with Tony Schiavone. This was taped post event, there are no fans for the interview. Jungle Boy feels he’s come close to winning big matches in the past, but he finally did it and now has the biggest match of his life coming up against Kenny Omega. Christian Cage interrupts the proceedings, he says he’s not trying to steal the moment but he wants to make sure everyone knows he’s not happy. He hates to lose, he doesn’t doubt the passion of Jungle Boy and remembers meeting him when Jungle Boy was just a kid. But week to week he’s not convinced that Jungle Boy hates to lose like he does. Christian ultimately says he deserves to win. Matt Hardy is here, he and Christian yell about who betrayed who, and here’s Private Party to beat down Christian but Jungle Boy dives onto all three men. The Hardy Family Office scatter, swearing revenge.

Match #2: Leyla Hirsch vs. Robyn Renegade

They tie up, Renegade tosses Hirsch away. Hirsch with a double leg and lays in elbows then moves to the ride position. Some paint brushing from Hirsch and she lets Renegade up. Crucifix from Hirsh, they trade roll ups then break and Renegade lands an elbow. Sunset flip from Hirsch but she gets a knee strike caught and Renegade with a release northern lights suplex. Menteora from Renegade. Hirsch starts firing up, and they trade chops. Renevade eats a German suplex, running knee strike, armbar follows and we’re done.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Leyla Hirsch won

Rating: 1.5 stars

Robyn Renegade is still a little awkward in the ring, but this was maybe her best outing. Hirsch keeps getting in the necessary reps in terms of ring time.

Varsity Blonds get to talk. Pillman is no stranger to chaos or adversity, but Serpentico has been trying to get in his way. Well that’s a fight Serpentico can’t finish. Garrison promises that they’ll rip the head off the snake tonight, and get towards the tag team titles.

Match #3: Thunder Rosa vs. Reka Tehaka

Rosa with a quick takedown and works on the mat. Tehaka gets a side headlock and shoulder blocks Rosa down. They run the ropes, arm drag from Rosa then a scoop slam. Senton from Rosa. Tehaka hangs Rosa over the top rope and hits a pump kick but that gets just 1. Rosa takes over with a snapmare and kick to the spin. Rosa after the arm, then chops on the feet before Tehaka lands a headbutt. Tehaka posts herself, then Rosa with her usual corner flurry. Some strikes from Tehaka, she needs to work on the aesthetic of those. Rosa returns chops, hits the Death Valley Driver then locks up the Peruvian necktie to force the tap.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Thunder Rosa won

Rating: Maliformis. . . SQUASH

A slightly more competitive squash, Rosa really has mastered the formula for giving her opponents just enough time to shine while never really looking in danger of losing.

In the back Penta El Zero M speaks Spanish with Alex Abrahantes, Abrahantes translates. This time he’s coming for the titles with Pac, and tonight he’s going to beat Jack Evans.

Match #4: Varsity Blonds (Brian Pillman Jr. and Griff Garrison) w/ Julia Hard vs. Chaos Project (Luther and Serpentico)

Pillman and Serpentico start, with Pillman running wild on both men. Garrison tags in, they’re isolating and abusing Serpentico with quick tags. A drop kick assisted spinebuster, then a double back suplex but all that only gets 2. Serpentico avoids a suplex but eats a back body drop. Luther trips Pillman, pulls him out of the ring and tosses him into the barricade a few times. Back in the ring Luther tags in and tosses Serpentico into Pillman. Luther with some offense, tags in Serpentico and again uses him as a weapon onto Pillman. Serpentico tries to keep Pillman grounded, tags in Luther after tossing Pillman out of the ring. Luther with a scoop slam on the floor, then Serpentico climbs the ropes but Julia Hart blocks their double team move and Garrison tosses Serpentico off the top rope. Pillman lands a kick and both men tag out. Garrison is the old house on fire, concluding with a Stinger splash into a flap jack for a near fall. Pillman tags back in, but Luther stops a double team move. Serpentico tosses Luther onto Garrison then hits a swanton bomb onto Pillman for a near fall. Luther back in, Creeping Death follows but Garrison breaks up the pin to save the match. Serpentico gets tossed out of the ring, Luther eats a roaring elbow then a flying clothesline from Pillman and the Blonds win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Varsity Blonds won

Rating: 2 stars

The Luther and Serpentico schtick is amusing once or twice but kind of wears thin. The Blonds continue to look pretty good.

Schiavone interviews Dustin Rhodes about his upcoming Bull Rope Match against Nick Comoroto. This was also recorded post Double or Nothing. Dustin says they’re men in AEW, and Nick Comoroto hitting him with his own bull rope awakened a beast. He doesn’t care how big or strong Comoroto is, plenty of others have tried to put him down and keep him there and failed. Comoroto has power, but doesn’t have passion. Dustin warns Comoroto that playing stupid games will get you a nice surprise upside the head. He’s never lost a bull rope match, and on Dynamite he’ll bulldog Comoroto to hell.

Match #5 – Tag Team Match: Big Swole and Red Velvet vs. Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero and The Bunny w/ the HFO

Velvet and Bunny get things going. Bunny skips around the ring, Velvet ties up but Bunny gets a mat return from behind and then gets a side headlock. Shoulder block from Bunny, they run the ropes and Velvet gets a drop kick. Nyla and Swole both tag in. Strikes from Swole, going for the leg to drop the base of Nyla then gets a senton. Velvet in, double super kicks then double flatliner before Velvet hits a standing moonsault. Vickie trips up Velvet who then gets caught by Nyla with a kneeling spinebuster. Nyla tosses Velvet into the corner, tags Bunny then they both avalanche Velvet in the corner. Bunny beats down Velvet for a bit then tags in Nyla. Nyla starts working the body of Velvet then hits a scoop slam but misses a knee drop. Drop kick from Velvet, then she climbs the ropes and hits a cross body for a near fall. Velvet tries to throw hands with Nyla, that goes poorly and Nyla plants her with a chokeslam. Nyla up top now, but misses the swanton bomb. Both women tag out, and Swole runs wild on Bunny. Bunny avoids Dirty Dancing but runs into an ST-Joe for a 2 count. Bunny fights back, Nyla blind tags and is able to lay out Swole with a clothesline. Nyla hoists Swole up, but Swole fights free before getting her ears boxed. Swole with Dirty Dancing onto Nyla but Bunny saves the match. Bunny tosses Velvet out of the ring, Swole kicks Bunny down but misses a kick to Nyla and hits her with a headbutt. Private Party distracts the ref, Bunny gets a loaded knuckle duster and clocks Swole with it, Swole collapses and Nyla pins her to win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Nyla Rose and Bunny won

Rating: 2 stars

Standard match, everyone played their parts but the overflow of people ringside was a bit of an issue in terms of visual clutter.

Joey Janela talks, he shows off a chipped tooth from his match with Adam Page. He’s asked about Sonny Kiss and not being there for Kiss when Kiss was attacked, Janela claims he had a terrible migraine. He gives a few similes for his relationship with Kiss, and he’ll be there for Kiss. Janela makes a lascivious offer to the interviewer and walks off. Janela is becoming more unhinged I guess.

Match #6: Jack Evans w/ Angelico vs. Penta El Zero Miedo w/ Alex Abrahantes

Evans yells at the crowd, so Penta takes off one of his gloves. Some monologuing from Evans, Penta lets him go for a bit, lets him dance then kicks him in the ribs. Penta tries the Fear Factor but Evans slips out and they run the ropes with Penta landing another kick to the ribs. Another Fear Factor attempt, Evans slips free and this a tornado kick. Evans ties the mask of Penta to the ropes and lands a basement drop kick. Suplex from Evans for a 2 count. Cartwheel back elbow in the corner and a flying side kick from Evans, then a standing corkscrew moonsault. Evans back up top, misses the 450 but hits a northern lights suplex then a Michinoku Driver for 2. Penta lands a kick to the head then a couple of sling blades. Overhand chop from Penta, then he gets low bridged but avoids a hand spring dive and sling blades Evans on the floor. Back in the ring Penta kicks the leg of Evans. Super kick to the seated Evans, Evans counters a Fear Factor with a roll up into the ropes which the ref sees. Evans argues with the ref, and eats a super kick for his troubles. Penta up top, Evans up but shoved off, Penta with a Canadian Destroyer, then a Fear Factor and Penta wins.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Penta El Zero Miedo won

Rating: 2.5 stars

A bit too spotty for my tastes, but these two have enough history to pretty much always create something watchable.

Match #7: Tay Conti vs. Ashley D’Amboise

They tie up, Ashley gets a front headlock but is tossed off and eats a back elbow before Conti gets a roll up for 2. Roll up from Ashley then a drop kick. Thrust kick from Conti, then she goes for the armbar, switches to a triangle choke but Ashley gets to the ropes to force a break. Ashley tosses Conti out of the ring then charges but runs into a right elbow. Conti with a spinning backbreaker on the floor, then sends things back into the ring. Hip toss from Conti, then a pump kick to the seated Ashley. Clotheslines from Conti, then a pump kick in the corner and running face wash. Tay-KO, into the DDTay because there’s no kill like overkill and Conti wins.


Rating: Pattypan. . . SQUASH

Match #8: JD Drake w/ The Wingmen vs. Jungle Boy w/ Jurassic Express

Drake has ditched the jeans and fancy shirt in favor of a more traditional singlet. Also if this crowd is any indicator, Jungle Boy is quite over. Chops from Jungle Boy, Drake with strikes of his own in the corner. Head scissors take over from Jungle Boy then another chop. Arm drag from Jungle Boy, then a drop kick and Drake heads out of the ring. Jungle Boy with a suicide dive onto the pile of Wingmen but gets bounced off the ropes into an elbow from Drake. Drake snaps Jungle Boy to the mat back in the ring. Drake avoids an enziguri and stomps Jungle boy. Rolling senton from Drake gets a 1 count. Drake with a drop kick for a near fall. Chops from Jungle Boy, but Drake kicks him in the head for another near fall. Jungle Boy with a headbutt and kicks, then a series of strikes to put Drake on his heels. Drop kick to the knee from Jungle Boy, then a clothesline off the ropes to drop Drake down. Step through DDT between the ropes from Jungle Boy gets 2. More kicks from Jungle Boy, Drake eggs him on taking more strikes but eventually Drake catches him with a swinging neckbreaker. Jungle Boy to the apron, Avalon gets involved and Jungle Boy kicks a few Wingmen but gets caught coming back in the ring. Drake hits a cannonball senton then a running kick to the face for a 2 count. Drake heads up top, but Jungle Boy catches him with a sunset flip powerbomb, transitions to the Snare Trap and Drake taps.


Rating: 2.5 stars

JD Drake has looked decent in these matches, a trend that continues here. Jungle Boy gets the win as he should.

The final score: review Good
The 411
Above average episode, the addition of the fans seemed to inspire a few of the wrestlers in a very positive way.