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Aubrey Edwards Says She’s Not Working on AEW Console Game Yet, Focused on Elite GM

October 11, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Aubrey Edwards is a big part of AEW Games, but she’s noted that she isn’t yet working on the console game because she’s focused on Elite GM. Edwards was a guest on Into the Danger Zone with Chris Denker and talked about how she isn’t up to speed on the console game’s development as of yet.

“This is gonna blow your mind. I’m not working on the console game at all,” Edwards said (per Fightful). “I am 100% focused on Elite General Manager. All of the things that you have seen of the console game are the same things that I have seen of the console game. So if it’s public footage, that’s what I’ve seen. It’s very, very close to the chest right now.”

She went on to note that she will be working on it at some point, saying, “I think part of [why] the expectations are so high is that Kenny [Omega] is very, very focused on this. When he’s not wrestling, he’s working on this thing. It’s insane. I will be working on it eventually, that’s a given, but with Elite General Manager shipping this year, and then us trying to get out our Season Passes and all these things, there’s a ton of things for me to be focused on, right now, around that project.

“I don’t want to be like, ‘Peace guys,’ and just go over and work on the cool hotness, and ditch my buddies over here because it’s still a project that is important to us and of course needs to continue to generate revenue for the company. So I totally agree with you that anticipation is very high. For me in particular, because I really, really want to work on it. Console games are like my bread and butter. I’ve shipped six of them.”

AEW Elite GM is currently available on mobile, with the console game still in development.