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Details on Why Impact Stars Were Pulled From The Wrestling Code In 2020

April 27, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
The Wrestling Code logo Image Credit: Virtual Basement

Impact Wrestling pulled their talent from Virtual Basement’s The Wrestling Code a couple of years ago, and a new report has details on why. You may recall that Impact had Fallah Bahh, Kylie Rae, Rich Swann, and Su Yung removed from the planned roster for the video game in 2020. Bahh has since been added back to the roster after he exited Impact. Fightful Select has some details on what went down that caused the withdrawals.

According to the site, Virtual Basement had some meetings with Impact during which a pitch was made to work on a new Impact Wrestling video game. Anthem Entertainment, who owns Impact, made the decision to pull their contracted talent from The Wrestling Code but wanted the companies to work together on the potential Impact game. The issue is that this would have required Virtual Basement to put their independent game on hold, and the game studio would have also needed to fund the new game. That didn’t end up happening.

As of the current moment, Impact Wrestling has no plans to release a video game. There is currently no release date set for The Wrestling Code.