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RIG 900 Max HX Headset Review

November 21, 2023 | Posted by Adam Larck
RIG 900 Max HX Headset Image Credit: RIG
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RIG 900 Max HX Headset Review  

RIG Gaming has been around the gaming headset scene for years, releasing headsets for gamers at any price point.

From the budget-friendly 300 Pro Series to their premium 800 Pro Series, RIG has offered plenty of options for gamers. Now, with the release of the 900 Max HX, the company has released a new standard for Xbox gaming.

The 900 Max HX, retailing for $249.99, is licensed for Xbox, but is also compatible with PC and PlayStation, as well as the Switch and mobile devices via Bluetooth. In fact, one of the great features this headset boasts is the dual connectivity between wireless and Bluetooth.

The headset comes complete with a USB-C cord to plug into the base to charge, as well as a USB stick to plug into your system of choice (or the charging dock if that’s plugged into the system) for wireless use. At the same time, the headset can be linked to your phone or other Bluetooth device. While the wireless connectivity takes precedence, the headset will hop between wireless and Bluetooth seamlessly if a call comes in.

Probably my only complaint with this feature is the two can’t overlap. While I would’ve loved to be able to play music through the phone while gaming, one cuts the other off. While not a major issue, especially considering there are plenty of music app offerings on systems, it’s still just an extra convenance that would have been nice.

As far as the look and feel of the headset goes, it’s top notch. The set looks just like I’d imaging a top-tier headset would look like: a solid base to charge from, with a magnetic charger in place to give a satisfying click when you dock the headset after a session. Plus, the headset is held vertically through the base, helping to save space on a desk or entertainment center.

The 900 Max HX itself feels lightweight and durable. I never felt a strain or discomfit during long gaming sessions. Plus, the noise canceling features work like a charm. Not only did I never have an issue about hearing outside noise, but anyone sitting nearby could not hear what I was playing either.

The headphones themselves are soft and cushioned, which feel nice. They can also be adjusted by unhooking and rehooking the straps on each side of the set, which is different from the traditional slider style, but I like it.

The other built-in feature for the 900 Max HX is the microphone. It’s a flip to mute mic, leading to a quick and easy way to mute. When testing with my groups, I never received complaints that I was too soft or hard to hear, so I’d say the mic is a solid performer.

As for the sound, the quality is amazing. They picked up anything spatially when playing titles like Call of Duty and Fortnite. And the overall sound quality was great in all titles I tried out. I never had an issue with struggling to hear sounds or anything sounding muddied.

Additionally, the 900 Max HX also gets an additional boost from Dolby Atmos. As long as you have the Dolby app, as soon as the headset is on and connected to the Xbox or PC, you can load the app up to customize the headphones as needed to boost anything you’d like.

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Overall, the 900 Max HX is at the top of the market for Xbox headsets to consider. While the price point puts it on the higher end, the sound quality and feel more than justifies it. Plus, with the simplicity of a USB dongle to plug in at any PC or Xbox, or Bluetooth to use with other devices, this is a headset that really shows its versatility.

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