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411’s UFC Fight Night 90 Report: Alvarez Wins

July 8, 2016 | Posted by Robert Winfree

Main Card
(c) Rafael Dos Anjos (155 lbs.) vs #2 Eddie Alvarez (155 lbs.)
#10 Roy Nelson (263 lbs.) vs #12 Derrick Lewis (265.5 lbs.)
Alan Jouban (170 lbs.) vs Belal Muhammad (170 lbs.)
Joe Duffy (155.5 lbs.) vs Mitch Clarke (155.5 lbs.)

UFC Fight Pass Prelims
Mike Pyle (170.5 lbs.) vs Alberto Mina (171 lbs.)
John Makdessi (155 lbs.) vs Mehdi Baghdad (155.5 lbs.)
Anthony Birchak (135.5 lbs.) vs Dileno Lopes (135 lbs.)
Russell Doane (135.5 lbs.) vs Pedro Munhoz (135 lbs.)
Felipe Arantes (136 lbs.) vs Jerrod Sanders (136 lbs.)
Gilbert Burns (155 lbs.) vs Lukasz Sajewski (156 lbs.)
Marco Beltran (136 lbs.) vs Reginaldo Vieira (134.5 lbs.)
Vicente Luque (170 lbs.) vs Alvaro Herrera (171 lbs.)

Hello everyone and welcome to the first night of three consecutive nights of UFC coverage, I’m Robert Winfree and I’ll be your host for the duration. I’m just kind of hoping I can come out the other side of this without being terribly burnt out. We’re kicking off this three night event with a Fight Pass exclusive card with a great main event, UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos is putting his title on the line against Eddie Alvarez. This is just the second UFC title fight on Fight Pass and the first men’s title, the previous title fight on Fight Pass was a strawweight affair between champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Jessica Penne, and even has a co-main event that should be amusing as Roy Nelson will be fighting Derrick Lewis. Sadly this card will be over shadowed by the news from yesterday that Jon Jones was flagged for a potential anti-doping violation and got pulled from the main event of UFC 200, but we’ll be dealing with that more in the coming days up to the event itself on Saturday. Tonight’s event comes to the world from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada with Jon Anik and Brian Stann on commentary.

Vicente Luque appeared on a season of The Ultimate Fighter and despite losing on the show and losing on the finale he got a second fight in the UFC and choked out Hayder Hassan, now with a 1-1 UFC record he’s trying for his first UFC winning streak hoping to keep moving up the ranks at welterweight. Alvaro Herrera is another TUF competitor, his being the second season of The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America and while he also lost on the show he scored a thirty second knockout win on the prelims of the finale for that season and is looking to move his overall winning streak to three here if he can defeat Luque and keep building momentum in the UFC.

Welterweight Bout: Vicente Luque (8-5-1, 170 lbs.) vs Alvaro Herrera (9-3, 171 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Herrera has an inch of height on Luque but Luque has an inch and a half of reach on him. Touch of gloves to get things going. Feinting from both men early. Luque lands an inside leg kick. Very measured approach from both men so far. Luque lands an inside leg kick, might have gone to the groin but Herrera waves it off. They trade leg kicks. Luque lands a leg kick, Herrera lands a hard right. Luque doing more work so far, Herrera looking for the bigger shots. Luque grabs a single leg and gets Herrera down, Herrera right back up but gets pushed into the fence and Luque is still working for the takedown. Herrera defending against the fence, Luque lands a knee to the thigh while looking for a double leg. Luque gets the elevated double leg and lands in the guard of Herrera. Luque lands a couple of lefts. Some left elbows from Luque land and he passes to half guard. Herrera still pinned on the cage, he’s able to get to full guard again though. Luque lands a few more left elbows and passes to half guard again. Herrera trying to wall walk, gets up and they separate but Herrera looks exhausted. Herrera lands a left to the body. Luque blocks a spinning back elbow, tries a double leg and gets it against the cage. Luque ends the round working lefts to the head of Herrera.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Luque

ROUND TWO: Herrera looks dead tired, Luque comes out southpaw for this round. Herrera lands a thrust kick to the body. Luque lands a body shot and goes orthodox again. Luque lands a left body kick then a leg kick. Luque ducks a jab and tries for a single leg, he’s got to get Herrera to the fence then switches to a double leg and gets Herrera down. Luque working some elbows from the guard of Herrera. Herrera getting overwhelmed here, able to kick Luque off but Luque dives back onto him before he can regain his feet. Herrera to his knees, Luque in the ride position against the fence. Luque tries to set up an anaconda choke, Herrera avoids it and stands but eats a spinning back elbow. Luque lands a jumping double knee then hits a double leg, this is getting terribly one sided. Luque is in half guard now, still digging for that anaconda as he passes to side control. He’s got the d’arce choke locked up and now Herrera has to tap.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Vicente Luque via Submission, d’arce choke, at 3:52 of Round 2

Quick bit of mic time for Luque now. He thanks God first then says that winning is amazing, he wanted to get the win striking but Herrera hits hard so he had to take it to the ground. He feels generally good, puts over his coaches for getting him ready. He says this is fifth submission via d’arce or anaconda and he feels confident in getting that choke if it’s available. He asks to fight on the upcoming event in Brasilia, Brazil and feels healthy, he closes by speaking some Portuguese and Spanish then thanks his fans in English.

Marco Beltran competed on the first season of TUF Latin America and despite not making it to the finals has gone 2-0 in the UFC with wins over Marlon Vera and Ning Guangyou, the latter being a somewhat Clucky split decision, but a third consecutive win here would certainly move him up in competition at the bantamweight level. Reginaldo Vieira is riding a three fight winning streak including a successful UFC debut over Dileno Lopes when he won TUF: Brazil 4 and tonight he’s looking to extend that streak and potentially start making waves in the relatively open division.

Bantamweight Bout: Marco Beltran (7-3, 136 lbs.) vs Reginaldo Vieira (13-3, 134.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Beltran has an inch of height but a massive four and a half inches of reach on Vieira. Touch of gloves to get things going. Vieira misses a couple of wide punches quickly. Beltran misses a left high kick. Beltran lands a short counter left, he lands a knee to the body as Vieira tries a double leg that stalls on the fence. Vieira keeps working and gets the elevated double leg, Beltran wall walks very quickly and tries to fight off another takedown. Vieira gets his hips up and takes him down again but Beltran is sitting on the fence again and immediately looking to wall walk. Vieira trying to spin him away from the fence while he’s sitting against it. Vieira eating some elbows that look kind of vertical to me, Beltran able to get up against the fence but Vieira takes him down again but Beltra is able to get up again and separate. They trade some lefts, Vieira landed a bit of a right as well. Beltran misses a lead leg hook kick. Beltran misses a jumping knee but lands a left hook. Counter left from Beltran lands, Vieira circling now. Beltran blocks a double leg and lands a hard knee to the head. Vieira is bleeding from the bridge of the nose after that knee. Beltran misses a left, they trade in close. Beltran lands another counter left, he’s finding that punch consistently. Vieira gets a double leg against the fence at the bell.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Beltran

ROUND TWO: That cut on Vieira is actually on the inside of the eyebrow near the bridge of his nose, a much worse spot than just across the bridge of the nose. They throw some feints, Vieira lands a right and Beltran lands a counter left. Vieira lands another right then hits a series of body shots in the clinch before they break. Beltran lands a bit of a right. Vieira pushing the pace now, digs a bunch of body shots before dropping for a takedown and hits a double leg, he lifted him and pulled him way away from the fence before finishing the takedown into the guard of Beltran. Beltran has butterfly guard going, Vieira lands some punches and Beltran starts moving himself towards the fence. Vieira lands an elbow as Beltran gets to the cage. Vieira working some rights to the body and head. Vieira stands, eats a couple of up kicks one of which rocks Vieira but Vieira grabs a leg as he falls and threatens with a heel hook but Beltran is able to escape and lands some punches from the ride position then grabs the back and goes for the rear naked choke. Vieira has to tap to the choke after a pretty big fence grab.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Marco Beltran via Submission, rear naked choke, at 3:04 of Round 2

Those up kicks from Beltran were impressive, we get a replay of them and they were nasty. Beltran is someone to keep an eye on at bantamweight guys. Mic time for Beltran now. He thanks everyone who came out to watch the fights, says this was for them and for the people of Mexico. He speaks some Spanish, I didn’t catch most of it as I’m hardly fluent. He puts over Vieira and says he wanted to fight long to minimize the options for Vieira but when he saw the submission he went for it. He talks us through the finish and says again he loves the fans.

Gilbert Burns has a solid UFC record of 3-1 and is a multiple time jiu-jitsu world champion but he’s coming off of his first professional loss when he was just out classed by Rashid Magomedov, tonight he’s looking to rebound and avoid what would be the first losing streak of his career. Lukasz Sajewski lost his UFC debut his last time out but was undefeated before that and is also looking for a big rebound win here and to avoid a losing streak that could cost him his job.

Lightweight Bout: Gilbert Burns (10-1, 155 lbs.) vs Lukasz Sajewski (13-1, 156 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Burns has two inches of height on Sajewski but Sajewski has the half inch reach advantage. Touch of gloves to start things off. Burns moving forward, Sajewski circling along the cage. They clash on kicks, Sajewski lands a left kick to the body, Burns returns it. They trade rights, Sajewski lands a left to the body. Burns shoots a single leg from way outside, it stalls out on the fence but they’re still clinched. They break with a right from Sajewski. Sajewski lands a left hook to the body then a right, he’s starting to really find the target with his punches. Burns lands a right uppercut. Sajewski switches to southpaw, Burns tries a body kick that goes to the groin and we’ve got time for Sajewski to recover. Sorry, was an attempt at an inside leg kick, the shin when right into the groin. Stann on commentary joking calls out the ref for saying that standing and hanging your arms on the cage helps recover, Brian Stann is awesome. Sajewski is good to continue. They trade a little, Sajewski is really working the body here. Burns wobbles Sajewski with a glancing right, they clinch and Burns thinks about a guillotine but Sajewski is able to roll through it and they wind up standing on the fence again. Burns tries a trip, Sajewski uses a whizzer to scramble back up and keeps Burns on the fence. Burns still looking for trips, able to spin Sajewski but Sajewski pulls free. Burns lands a knee to the head and a hard right, Sajewski is wobbled and Burns hits an ankle pick to get him down as he’s wobbled. Burns quickly takes the back, just one hook in but he’s using punches to open up the choke. Burns has a both hooks now, now a body triangle, and he’s trying to open up a submission, he switches to an armbar from the back and Sajewski verbally taps.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Gilbert Burns via Submission, armbar, at 4:57 of Round 1

The First Round Finish Club thanks Mr. Burns for his work this evening. Burns has sick jiu-jitsu skills, that was a great transition to the armbar. Burns gets an interview now, he greets the fans and puts over Sajewski as tough then puts over his coaches and thanks them for getting him ready. He says he saw there were just 15 seconds left so he jumped for the arm, says he wants to get to the top of the division and says he wants to fight anyone who thinks they have a high level ground game, specifically mentions Jim Miller and Michael Chiesa, then closes with some Portuguese.

Felipe Arantes has been with the UFC since 2011 and has been trading wins and losses, with one draw thrown in, that entire time. He’s coming off of a win over Yves Jabouin and if he can get another on here he’ll have his first ever UFC winning streak. Jerrod Sanders is also after his first UFC winning streak as he defeated Russel Doane his last time out and beating a veteran like Arantes would indicate he’s finding his footing in the UFC and could be ready to move up in competition.

Bantamweight Bout: Felipe Arantes (17-7-1 2 NC, 136 lbs.) vs Jerrod Sanders (15-2 1 NC, 136 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Arantes has an inch of reach, both men are the same height. The biggest difference is age, Sanders is eight years older than Arantes. Touch of gloves to get us going, Arantes quickly lands a leg kick then has a left high kick blocked. Arantes lands an inside leg kick from the southpaw stance. Arantes lands a knee to the body and a right, Sanders reaches for a takedown but Arantes sprawls and looks to lock up an anaconda choke. Arantes doesn’t really have a submission threat but uses it to control and tries to spin for the back, Sanders quickly scrambles and turns into him and gets on top in half guard. Sanders has one of the arms of Arantes locked up, lands a left and as Arantes tries to escape Sanders gets full mount. Sanders lands a shoulder strike. Sanders lands a short left, being patient from this position. Arantes trying to control Sanders posture, Sanders lands a short elbow. Arantes able to hip escape to half guard, Sanders lands some lefts to the body. Sanders lands a couple of rights to the head. Arantes gets to full guard now. Arantes trying to set up an armbar, Sanders avoids it. Sanders lands a quick series of lefts and left elbows. Sanders lands a few more elbows to close out the round.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Sanders

ROUND TWO: Touch of gloves to get the second round going. Arantes backs Sanders to the fence, lands an uppercut as Sanders dropped for a takedown but he really works for the double and gets the takedown against the fence. Sanders posturing up quickly now, lands a left. Sanders stands, comes back into the guard of Arantes. Sanders lands some lefts. Arantes still trying to set up an armbar, he’s got the legs across the face and Sanders has to verbally tap out.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Felipe Arantes via verbal Submission, armbar, at 1:39 of Round 2

Mic time for Arantes and his translator now, he’s undefeated at bantamweight. He says this has been a tough year as he lost his grandfather but his son was born as well, he dedicates the win to his late grandfather. Asked about the finish he says he trains a lot from that position because he knows a lot of wrestlers are in the UFC.

Russell Doane is 2-2 in the UFC but is on a two fight losing streak to Iuri Alcantara and Jerrod Sanders, if he wants to avoid the dreaded three fight skid he’s in a must win situation here. Pedro Munhoz is in a somewhat similar situation, he’s only got one official UFC win as the other was changed to a No Contest after a drug test failure and his official UFC record is 1-2 with 1 NC and he’s coming off of a loss to Jimmie Rivera. If he wants to avoid his record slipping further and possibly getting his walking papers he is also in desperate need of a win tonight.

Bantamweight Bout: Russell Doane (14-5, 135.5 lbs.) vs Pedro Munhoz (11-2 1 NC, 135 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Doane is an inch taller than Munhoz but has a four and a half inch reach advantage to go with that. They touch gloves, Doane fighting southpaw and these two get after it early. Both men throwing, Doane working a left body kick. Munhoz lands a counter left hook but Doane returns fire. Munhoz switching his stance back and forth now, Doane land a right then a knee to the head. Doane lands a right hook then a left. Munhoz tries a double leg, Doane defends and lands a knee. Hard right and a left from Doane, Munhoz fires back with a right, both land elbows but Munhoz gets a takedown into side control, Doane tries to reverse and in the scramble they get up and Munhoz jumps from standing back control to a bulldog variant for the guillotine choke, one leg over the shoulder and despite bleeding from a cut on the forehead gets Doane to tap after he fights to try and get out.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Pedro Munhoz via Submission, guillotine choke, at 2:08 of Round 1

The First Round Finish Club thanks Mr. Munhoz for his work this evening. Munhoz gets an interview, he says he’s been counting the days until this fight, hopes the fans enjoyed his style, he puts over Doane as a strong and tough fighter, then puts over his camp for getting him ready. He talks us through the finish, specifically his love of jiu-jitsu in general, thanks everyone for coming out, tells his wife who’s in attendance that he loves her, and closes with some Portuguese for his fans and family back in Brazil.

Anthony Birchak is 1-2 in the UFC with losses to Ian Entwistle and Thomas Almeida serving as bookends for a knockout win over Joe Soto but if he wants to become a relevant fighter in the UFC he needs to find a degree of consistency and winning here would be the ideal start for that. Dileno Lopes lost his UFC debut and the finals of TUF: Brazil 4 to Reginaldo Vieira, but had a five fight winning streak going before that and is after the critical first UFC win here.

Bantamweight Bout: Anthony Birchak (12-3, 135.5 lbs.) vs Dileno Lopes (18-2, 135 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Birchak has three inches of height and three and a half of reach on Lopes. Touch of gloves, Lopes fighting southpaw. Birchak lands a hard body kick but Lopes retaliates and pushes him to the fence and gets the clinch. Lopes really working for a takedown, gets a trip but Birchak back up quickly and Lopes gets the back standing but Birchak turns into him, Lopes gets the back standing again and gets one hook in. Lopes tries another throw but Birchak reads it and gets on top for a few punches but Lopes scrambles up, takes him down, and gets the back with both hooks in. Birchak stands, Lopes is in the backpack and Birchak walks over to his side of the cage. Lopes working for the choke, Birchak defending. Birchak able to sling Lopes down but they clinch and Lopes basically pulls guard. Birchak stands and starts landing rights to the body then gets the ride position while Lopes stands, then lands a knee to the head while Lopes escapes. They trade punches in the pocket, both men got rocked there and they disengage. Birchak misses a high kick, they clinch and Lopes gets the back again with both hooks in, Birchak on his knees now and working to stand. Lopes drops from the backpack and keeps the rear waist lock. Birchak has a double wrist lock going, probably just trying to force the hands apart and he bails on it but they’re chest to chest now and Lopes gets a trip. Birchak back up but still clinched and that’s where the first round will come to an end.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Lopes

ROUND TWO: There’s a cut on the finger or hand of Birchak, worth keeping an eye on if it gets worse. Birchak lands a body kick then an inside leg kick to get this round going. Lopes looks a little fatigued. Lopes lands a couple of lefts. Body kick from Lopes. Lopes lands another straight left. They clinch and Birchak gets Lopes on the fence. They trade knees to the thigh. They break and trade hard lefts, both men get rocked again and Birchak misses a jumping knee. Birchak lands a left hook, Lopes fires back with a combination. Lopes tries a double leg, has to settle for the clinch on the fence. Birchak has Lopes on the fence, works some knees to the body. Lopes has the body lock now and spins Birchak to the cage. Lopes tries a trip, Birchak remains upright. Birchak able to spin Lopes, Lopes grabs a front headlock and Birchak quickly yanks his head out to avoid a possible guillotine and Lopes has him on the fence again. Lopes gets the back standing, he’s got one hook in and they’re jockeying for position. Birchak gets the double wrist lock to further stall and the round comes to a close.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Birchak, 19-19 overall

ROUND THREE: Touch of gloves for the final round, and a quick hug. The crowd gets loud for that, it’s been a fun fight. Lopes lands an inside leg kick. Birchak lands a bit of a right then a body kick. They trade right elbows in close. Lopes goes for a single leg, they fight for it and Birchak stays upright and they separate. Birchak lands a right. Birchak lands an inside leg kick. They’re both getting sloppy here, Birchak lands a body kick. They’re starting to throw wide blows here, and both are visibly tired. Birchak lands a right to the body then a body kikc but Lopes lands a counter right. Birchak lands a good counter right, digs a left to the body as well. Lopes lands a left. Another left lands for Lopes. Lopes gets a clinch, Birchak pushes him to the fence. They break without incident. Both miss power hand punches, Lopes lands a looping left. Birchak lands a right. Lopes ducks a right, gets the clinch then lands a left as they break. Birchak lands a body kick. We get some posturing from both men for the last five seconds to close our first full three rounder of the evening.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Birchak, 29-28 Birchak overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Anthony Birchak via split decision (27-30, 29-28 x2)

Well the finishes had to end at some point. Wait, 30-27 for Lopes?! Clucky must have been pissed at the finishes. Mic time for Birchak, he says that was a war and he’s just happy with that, didn’t care about the score cards. He says Lopes wasn’t going to take him down, he says he broke his thumb in the first but he was still the rangier fighter and that worked for him. He jokes that no Brazilian will come to Vegas on the fourth of July weekend and get a win over him. He thanks his kids, puts over his new fight team, and thanks the crowd to close the interview.

John Makdessi is just 1-3 in his last four fights and is riding a two fight losing streak, if he wants to avoid the dreaded three fight skid then he has to win here tonight. Mehdi Baghdad competed on the 22nd season of TUF and lost his UFC debut against Chris Wade, he’s after the all important first UFC win here.

Lightweight Bout: John Makdessi (13-5, 155 lbs.) vs Mehdi Baghdad (11-4, 155.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Baghdad has five inches of height and seven of reach on Makdessi. Touch of gloves to get things started. Makdessi lands a front leg side kick to the body. Baghdad lands a leg kick, Makdessi catches it but nothing comes of it and he lets go. Baghdad lands a left. Makdessi trying to stay all the way out so far, Baghdad lands a hard left hook to close a combination of strikes. Baghdad lands a leg kick. Makdessi moving forward, Baghdad lands a left hook then a leg kick. Makdessi lands a spinning back kick to the body. Baghdad lands a leg kick, Makdessi lands a counter right. Baghdad lands a long right. Makdessi jabs the body. Baghdad lands a stiff jab, then another jab and a right. Baghdad just misses a right high kick. They trade body kicks. Baghdad lands a right, then a wicked leg kick. Makdessi side kicks the body again. Baghdad lands a counter right. Baghdad lands a left uppercut, and a bit of a leg kick. And the round ends with an inside leg kick from Makdessi.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Baghdad

ROUND TWO: They tough gloves for the second round. Makdessi eats a jab but lands a leg kick. Makdessi lands an inside leg kick. Baghdad lands an outside leg kick, Makdessi lands one of his own. Baghdad lands a right, Makdessi lands a left body kick. Makdessi slips a right and lands a counter left. They both miss spinning attacks. Baghdad slips on a high kick, his foot position is off this round. Makdessi lands a couple of blows in close. Makdessi lands a leg kick. Baghdad lands a leg kick. Makdessi lands another left body kick. Baghdad lands a body kick, Makdessi lands an inside leg kick. Makdessi misses a wheel kick. They trade some jabs, Makdessi got the better of that. Makdessi slips a jab and lands a couple of body shots. Makdessi starting to take over as time goes on. Makdessi lands a spinning back kick to the body. Baghdad lands a leg kick. Baghdad misses a right high kick. Baghdad lands a leg kick. They trade in close, Makdessi fared much better there. Baghdad lands a leg kick to close the round.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Makdessi, 19-19 overall

ROUND THREE: Baghdad lands a right then a left, a knee to the head in the clinch drops Makdessi. Makdessi fighting back up but he got hurt there, and is bleeding from the top of his head. They clinch again, Baghdad tries a flying armbar in a stunning display of bad decision making, and Makdessi winds up on top in the guard of Baghdad. Makdessi lands a couple of elbows. Baghdad tries an armbar, not much there but he uses the motion to regain his feet. Baghdad lands an outside leg kick. Baghdad lands a right then a left hook. Baghdad lands a couple of knees to the body from a brief Thai clinch. Makdessi lands a jab to the body. Makdessi tries a spinning back fist that’s blocked, Makdessi tries a double leg that fails and Baghdad just misses an elbow as they break. Baghdad misses an uppercut, lands a leg kick. Makdessi lands a left and a right, both to the body. Baghdad misses a left hook. Baghdad lands a leg kick, just misses a right high kick. Baghdad lands another leg kick, Makdessi sprawls on a double leg. Makdessi lands a right, they trade in close and Baghdad is a little wobbled, he drops to his guard and Makdessi happy to go into it. Makdessi happy to ride out the round on top.

SCORECARD: 10-10 DRAW, 29-29 DRAW overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – John Makdessi via split decision (28-29, 29-28 x2)

Yeah, either guy could have won that with Makdessi likely stealing that final round with a flurry. Mic time for Makdessi, he says this is the toughest sport in the world and that he’s always trying to grow both outside and inside the cage, thanks his team and everyone who came out, thanks the UFC for letting him earn a living through martial arts. He says it’s hard for him to really click with coaches especially in the corner but puts over his current corner and thanks the fans for supporting the UFC and the fighters.

Mike Pyle is a long time veteran of MMA and has been with the UFC since 2009, he’s 3-3 in his last six fights but is coming off of a win over Sean Spencer and is looking to build on that momentum with another win here. Alberto Mina is undefeated as a professional including being 2-0 in the UFC and is coming off of a bit of a war with Yoshihiro Akiyama, a third consecutive win and remaining unbeaten would likely move him up in competition for his next fight.

Welterweight Bout: Mike Pyle (27-11-1, 170.5 lbs.) vs Alberto Mina (12-0, 171 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Mina has three and a half inches of reach on Pyle, both men are the same height. Touch of gloves to get things going. Circling to start, Mina backing Pyle towards the fence. They trade leg kicks, not a lot on them yet. Mina misses three hooks. Mina lands a hard left kick to the body. Mina lands a glancing left hook. Mina has an overhand right blocked. Mina catches a leg kick and gets a takedown into the guard of Pyle. Pyle has a strong overhook on Mina’s left arm, uses that and a close guard to stall the action and get the ref to stand them up. Mina misses a one two combination. Mina lands a couple of left hooks, the second drops Pyle. Pyle quickly locks up his guard as Mina got a little careless looking for the finish. Mina with some rights to the body. Pyle eats a hard right from Mina and Mina gets to half guard briefly, then Pyle back to full guard. Pyle kicks Mina off and we’re back to standing. Mina misses a right, eats a knee but gets a takedown, Pyle grabs a guillotine but Mina gives the thumbs up and just waits out the last couple of seconds.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Mina

ROUND TWO: Touch of gloves for the second round. Mina gets Pyle off balance, lands a leg kick while Pyle is on his back, Pyle able to trip up his legs then regain his feet. Mina misses a right. Pyle lands a leg kick, Mina counters with a jumping knee to the chin and Pyle is down! A few more hammer fists on the mat to Pyle put him out but man what a knee.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Alberto Mina via KO, flying knee and punches, at 1:17 of Round 2

BOOM… welterweights! Wicked finish, that’ll make some highlight reels. Interview time for Mina. He puts over his camp at Kings MMA for getting him ready, thanks Jesus for giving him strength to fight as well. He puts over Pyle as a legend, thanks his team again for the preparation but says this is the tipping point of his career. He says his time in the sport might be limited as he’s 34 but he wants to keep fighting and fight in Asia where he does a lot of work. He thanks Brazil in Portuguese, one of the five languages he speaks, to close the interview.

Prior to the start of the main card the UFC shows a graphic dedicating this event to the memory of Ryan Jimmo who was tragically killed in a hit and run accident on June 26th.

Joseph Duffy is 2-1 in the UFC but is coming off of a loss, granted that was to Dustin Poirier who’s proven himself a very good fighter, and will be looking to rebound and build a new winning streak in the UFC starting here. Mitch Clarke is 2-3 in the UFC with his biggest win being a submission of Al Iaquinta and he’s coming off of a loss to Michael Chiesa. Clarke needs a win here just to get his UFC record back to the .500 mark.

Lightweight Bout: Joe Duffy (14-2, 155.5 lbs.) vs Mitch Clarke (11-3, 155.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Both men have the same height and reach. Both men feinting early, Duffy misses a left high kick. Duffy lands a wicked straight right that makes Clarke face plant, Clarke tries to recover but Duffy gets his back, gets the choke, and Clarke has to tap out. That was certainly emphatic.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Joseph Duffy via Submission, rear naked choke, at :25 of Round 1

Well, great way to start the main card. Mic time for Duffy. He thanks the fans and is happy to have done better this time in Vegas. He hopes they’ll announce an Irish card or he’d love to fight in Madison Square Garden, shouts out to his pregnant sister and his mother plus the girlfriend of one of his coaches to close his interview.

Alan Jouban is 3-1 in his last four UFC fights, that loss is to the somewhat underrated Albert Tumenov, and he’s coming off of a win over Brendan O’Reilly. Jouban is trying to build another UFC winning streak here and resume moving up the ranks of welterweight. This fight was supposed to be against Nordine Taleb, but Taleb pulled out of the fight with an injury and now the undefeated Belal Muhammad steps in on short notice. Muhammad has a chance to announce his arrival in a big way with a win tonight.

Welterweight Bout: Alan Jouban (13-4, 170 lbs.) vs Belal Muhammad (9-0, 170 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Jouban has an inch of height and an inch and a half of reach on Muhammad. Touch of gloves to get us going, Jouban fighting southpaw. Jouban lands an outside leg kick. Muhammad is moving forward here, Jouban is circling. Muhammad takes a kick to the groin, basically shakes it off and we’re still fighting. Jouban lands a left hook that knocks Muhammad down, Muhammad gets full guard quickly. Muhammad tries an armbar, uses that to get to his feet and has a front head lock against the cage and drops for a double leg. Muhammad switches to a single leg and spins Jouban down, landing in his open guard. Jouban to his knees and back up but ate some punches and a knee to do so. Muhammad hits a sweep from the clinch but Jouban is able to scramble free and we’re at distance again. Jouban lands a hard left body kick. Jouban circling still. Muhammad checks an inside leg kick then lands a left hook. Jouban lands a left high kick that crumples Muhammad, he goes into his half guard and lands a bevy of elbows but Muhammad is still moving. I’m not sure how he’s still in this fight. Jouban lands a left, lands a knee to the chest as Muhammad tries to stand. Jouban in his half guard, I’m shocked that Muhammad is still here because he at full shin from that high kick. Jouban stands, lands a falling right but Muhammad rolls with it and regains his feet and pushes Jouban into the fence. Jouban lands a knee to the body. Muhammad lands an elbow as they break. Jouban lands a leg kick to close the round.

SCORECARD: 10-8 Jouban

ROUND TWO: Jouban back to circling this round, eats a right but lands a counter left. Jouban lands a left body kick. Muhammad working forward, Jouban content to fight while moving back. Jouban lands an outside leg kick. Muhammad lands a jab. Jouban misses a left. Jouban lands another left body kick, Muhammad lands a counter left. Jouban lands a counter left that drops Muhammad, Muhammad back up immediately and they’re clinching. Muhammad’s chin is impressive. Muhammad working knees to the thigh from the clinch. Muhammad tries for a single leg, working some rights to the head then bails on it. Muhammad bleeding from what looks like a cut on his forehead, could be his nose though it’s hard to tell the source of the blood. Muhammad tries another single leg, Jouban avoids it and they break. Jouban misses a couple of hooks. Muhammad lands a straight right. Muhammad lands an inside leg kick. Jouban lands a jab, that cut looks like it’s on the bridge of Muhammad’s nose. Jouban lands a hard leg kick. Jouban lands the left body kick again. Muhammad misses a couple of hooks. Muhammad hits a double leg, lands a quick series of rights as he regains his feet in the clinch, then just misses a spinning elbow to close the round.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Jouban, 20-17 Jouban overall

ROUND THREE: Jouban lands a left and an inside leg kick. Jouban has a high kick blocked and eats a counter right. Jouban lands another inside leg kick then sprawls on a takedown attempt from Muhammad but they’re clinched and Muhammed gets Jouban on the fence. Muhammad with some knees to the thigh and lands a left as they break. Jouban lands a bit of a right hook. Muhammad lands a right then has a high kick blocked. Jouban lands an inside leg kick. Muhammad has a high kick blocked and Jouban lands another inside leg kick. Muhammad lands a couple of good rights, another right lands. Muhammad lands another right, he’s got Jouban on the fence and is starting to tee off. Jouban gets some distance and lands an inside leg kick. Muhammad has another high kick blocked. Muhammad lands another one two combination, Jouban might just kind of be coasting here. They trade body kicks. Muhammad lands a counter right, Jouban might be rocked. Another right lands for Muhammad, he lands an uppercut and a left hook. Muhammad lands another right, Jouban starting to jab but eats another right. Muhammad trying to pour on the offense in the closing minute here. Jouban lands a left but Muhammad lands a counter flurry, he’s fighting like a guy who needs a finish. Muhammad lands an uppercut and a spinning back fist as time expires.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Muhammad, 29-27 Jouban overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Alan Jouban via unanimous decision (28-27, 29-28, 29-27)

Heck of a fight right there. Not giving Jouban a 10-8 first round is a shame, and I can see a 10-8 for Muhammad in the last round. Mic time for Jouban, who calls Muhammad a tough SOB and a guy who’s not even lost a round and he says that him beating a guy like that means he should fight a top fifteen guy next. He says he broke his hand in the second round and his offense waned after that and thanks his coaches for helping him through that. He says he wants to fight in New York and fight a top fifteen guy to close the interview.

Derrick Lewis is riding a three fight winning streak and coming off of a first round knockout over Gabriel Gonzaga, a fourth consecutive win here could set him up nicely in the relatively anemic heavyweight division going forward. Roy Nelson has been around the sport for a long time but is just 2-5 over his last seven fights and those wins are over Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Jared Rosholt, but he is coming off of the Rosholt win and a win here would give him his first UFC winning streak since 2013.

Heavyweight Bout: #10 Roy Nelson (21-12, 263 lbs.) vs #12 Derrick Lewis (15-4 1 NC, 265.5 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Lewis has three inches of height and seven inches of reach on Nelson. Circling to start, Nelson moving forward and Lewis lands a couple of left body kicks. Nelson misses a right, they clinch and Lewis lands a knee to the body before Nelson ges him on the fence. Nelson with some knees to the thigh. Nelson with some more knees to the thigh. And the ref breaks them up. Lewis lands a high kick and then lands a couple of follow ups but Nelson gets a trip takedown from the body lock and lands in half guard. Nelson looking to pass, lands a couple of elbows. Lewis back up and lands a hard uppercut and a knee to the body. Nelson backing up, Lewis lands another knee and uppercut but Nelson gets the clinch again and pushes Lewis to the fence. Nelson got hit hard there, but he stayed upright. Nelson with some knees to the thigh. The ref separates them again. Lewis lands an flurry against the fence, Nelson hits a trip into full mount though. Nelson can’t get anything off before the round expires.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Lewis

ROUND TWO: Nelson just misses a right hand. They both miss rights, and the conditioning of heavyweights has begun rearing it’s head. Lewis lands a knee to the body and Nelson misses badly on the overhand right. Nelson avoids a couple of blows. Nelson lands a leg kick. Lewis lands a leg kick. Lewis switches his stance, that leg kick might have hurt him. Nelson misses a right. Nelson ducks a right and gets the clinch. Nelson dropping for a double leg, Lewis defends. Nelson tries again and gets the takedown into side control. Nelson working towards the mounted crucifix now, he lands a few knees to the body. Nelson with some rights to the head. Lewis tries to stand, gets to all fours and up, Nelson drives him back into the fence. Nelson trips him down again, Lewis up again but Nelson is starting to wear Lewis out even more. Nelson hits another double leg and gets to side control. Nelson still after the mounted crucifix, lands a knee to the body as well. Lewis sits up but eats a left as they do then wings a right to close the round.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Nelson, 19-19 overall

ROUND THREE: Touch of gloves for the last round. Nelson plodding forward again, just misses a counter right. Lewis has a high kick blocked. Lewis lands a knee to the body but Nelson gets the clinch now and lands some blows to the thigh. Nelson punching the thigh now, perfectly legal technique, while threatening to take him down. Nelson gets a low single leg and takes Lewis down again, landing in half guard. Nelson working some lefts to the head here. Nelson goes to a body lock while Lewis gets up but he can’t get free and Nelson is hammering his thigh again with knees. Nelson drops for the double leg and gets Lewis down against the fence. Lewis back up but he’s getting worn out in the clinch. Nelson lands a knee to the head. The ref separates them after they stall out. Both men are tired, and Lewis misses a right. Lewis lands a left body kick. Lewis pushes close and lands a quick flurry but Nelson slips and gets the body lock again. Nelson working for a trip, can’t finish it and Lewis is able to separate. Lewis lands a couple of uppercuts. They get close and wing punches at each other, Lewis landed a massive right as the last blow of the fight.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Nelson, 29-28 Nelson overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Derrick Lewis via split decision (28-29, 29-28 x2)

Crowd boos the decision, Lewis could have stolen that last round with those flurries. He gets an interview, he says it’s hard to win when all your opponent wants to do is hug you. He says he’s got the heart of a champion and he’s going to keep fighting no matter how tired he gets and no matter how many rounds he’s gone. He says he wants a rematch with Roy Nelson because he promised a finish and doesn’t like winning by decision.

As a point of news TMZ has confirmed with the UFC that Daniel Cormier will fight at UFC 200 against Anderson Silva in a three round light heavyweight fight.

Eddie Alvarez might just be 2-1 in the UFC but he’s on a two fight winning streak and has been a top level lightweight for many years now, tonight he has the opportunity to further cement his legacy by capturing UFC gold. Rafael dos Anjos has been on an absolute tear lately, he’s 10-1 in his last elven fights including capturing and defending the UFC lightweight title and is currently riding a five fight winning streak. Tonight is RDA’s second title defense and is incredibly important if he wishes to continue forging a legacy as one of the best lightweights ever.

Lightweight Title Bout: (c) Rafael Dos Anjos (25-7, 155 lbs.) vs #2 Eddie Alvarez (27-4, 155 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Alvarez is an inch taller, dos Anjos has an inch of reach on him though. Dos Anjos fighting southpaw. Circling to start, Alvarez lands an inside leg kick. Dos Anjos lands a jab. Dos Anjos misses a left, Alvarez lands an inside leg kick. They trade power hand punches. Dos Anjos lands a heavy inside leg kick. Dos Anjos lands a right uppercut and Alvarez lands a counter right. Dos Anjos lands a left body kick. Dos Anjos lands a left. Another left lands for dos Anjos. Alvarez lands an inside leg kick. Alvarez tries a double leg, dos Anjos threatens with a guillotine then elevates and rolls, stands and lands a knee to the head of Alvarez before they break. Alvarez lands an uppercut to the body. Dos Anjos shoots a double leg and gets Alvarez to the fence, Alvarez defending and they break. Alvarez lands a right. Dos Anjos lands a left high kick. Alvarez lands a right that wobbles dos Anjos! Dos Anjos trying to recover, Alvarez is trying to flurry against the fence, dos Anjos is still wobbled. Alvares tries a flying knee but dos Anjos catches it and gets on top. Alvarez back up and gets a takedown into the half guard of dos Anjos. Dos Anjos back up and Alvarez lands a series of body shots before they break. More punches land for dos Anjos and the ref stops it. Standing TKO win for Alvarez in the first round!

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER and NEW UFC Lightweight Champion – Eddie Alvarez via TKO, punches, at 3:49 of Round 1

That’s been a long time coming for Alvarez. He gets some mic time, thanks his team and training partners and his wife and kids for their support. He puts over dos Anjos and says he knew once he hurt dos Anjos he knew he needed to finish and advises future opponents not to bring out the dog in him. He puts over his coaches again, he’s very emotional, to close the interview.

And that closes UFC Fight Night 90, thanks for being here and for reading along. I’ll be back tomorrow night for the finale of TUF 23, hope you’ll all come back, and of course on Saturday for UFC 200. They also just announced that Miesha Tate vs. Amanda Nunes is now the main event of 200, the least interesting fight on that main card from where I sit, and Lesnar vs. Hunt is back to co-main event status. Anyway until next time please keep checking 411mania for all your pop culture needs.