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411’s Ultimate Fighter: Redemption Report 4.26.17

April 26, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka

The Ultimate Fighter 25: Episode Two
INTRODUCTION: Current UFC Bantamweight Champion Cody Garbrandt will be coaching opposite former champion T.J. Dillashaw. Both of them are former training partners. The twenty-fifth season (American version) of the series, the producers have opted to bring back previous participants from the previous seasons; the cast will consist of welterweights that have all competed on The Ultimate Fighter on previous seasons; this includes former participants and winners of the show, as well as one current UFC fighter. The winner gets $250,000 (no mention of a contract). Judging by the opening video package, some of these good brothers have had rough times post TUF. LAST WEEK Hector Urbina was eliminated from the competition because he couldn’t make weight; Johnny Nunes was brought in as an alternate to replace him. In the first fight of the season, Gilbert Smith (12-6) defeated Seth Baczynski (20-14) via decision to advance. THIS WEEK, All hell breaks loose at the gym as the coaches confront each other over their contentious history. Then two veterans of the sport take their first steps toward redemption as they face off in the second preliminary fight; Tom Gallicchio (19-9 MMA) faces Eddie Gordon (8-4 MMA).

– Dana says that the drama has been high between Garbrandt & Dillashaw, and breaks down Ludwig’s arrival at team Alpha Male and Dillashaw’s defection to Ludwig’s team. Faber and Dillashaw argue, and Garbrandt immediately talks shit and wants to fight. Dillashaw claims Faber gave him an ultimatum, but Faber says Dillashaw’s just trying to make him a bad guy. Dillashaw says Faber is just made that he’s not getting money from Dillashaw anymore. Faber claims he sold out, and Garbrandt says Dillashaw is playing the victim.

– Faber spends one on one time with Gordon, noting that he’s trained with Gallicchio and knows him well. Gordon won season 19, finishing the final in 1:11. He had a rough UFC career after that, losing his first fight after the show, getting KO’d. He lost his second fight by split decision and then lost a third via submission. He worked hard and learned from the losses and is thankful for this chance.

– Team Dillashaw takes Dhiego Lima out for his birthday; they ate some Mexican food. Dillashaw tells Gallicchio that Gordon only has a right hand, and all he has to do is avoid and take him down to sub him. Following his time on TUF, he has to have his shoulder and ankle rebuilt. His girlfriend stood by him and took care of him after that. He runs a business, running quarter candy machines. It was a cheap start up, and is so easy “a dumb fighter can do it.” He trains at Dan Henderson’s Team Quest, which is an old school gym. He’s tired of living poor and being broke.

– We get some background on Gordon, who is a father of four. He know show to work hard and has a great work ethic. He has a new girlfriend, and says he gets up every day and gets the kids ready for school; he works from home when not fighting. When he goes to the gym, the kids come with him he trains at Serra/Longo. He’s fighting for his family, and feels he can be the first two-time TUF winner. He’s been picking Faber’s brain to find out Gallicchio’s weaknesses.

– We go to Gallicchio’s fight prep, and he feels he needs to take it to the ground to have the best chance to win, but will stand and bang if he has to. Dillashaw thinks Gallicchio’s the best he’s seen on the ground on the show. Gallicchio feels he has the conditioning advantage, which will lead to his win. He’s had struggles and many have told him to quit, but he’s still willing to make sacrifices or a chance here; he’ll do this until he can’t anymore.

WEIGH-INS: Gallicchio (170), Gordon (170.5).

– Dana says he had high expectations for Gordon, but he just never lived up to them and is fighting for a second life in the UFC.

– Both fighters do their final prep at the house, and then head to the gym for warm ups and the fight.

Tom Gallicchio (19-9 MMA) vs. Eddie Gordon (8-4 MMA): ROUND ONE: Gordon is a bit taller, and will enjoy a 3.5 inch reach advantage; Gallicchio has the experience advantage, 28 fights to 12. They circle; Gallicchio is calm to begin and is landing cleaner at the start. Gallicchio is pressing the action; Dillashaw wants Gallicchio to get it to the ground as Gordon is starting to land with the right. Thy briefly clinch, but Gordon shoves him away; Gallicchio shoots and takes Gordon down, works to half guard and then takes the back, Gordon stand but Gallicchio sticks to him like a backpack, works for the choke. Gordon fights, but Gallicchio pulls him to the mat and Gordon taps. Remember earlier in the show, “Dillashaw tells Gallicchio that Gordon only has a right hand, and all he has to do is avoid and take him down to sub him.” That was dead on accurate.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Tom Gallicchio (19-9 MMA) defeated Eddie Gordon (8-4 MMA) via RD1 submission

– Team Dillashaw is up 2-0.

– Gordon is upset at the loss, and gets shit from his team. I love the one guy, giving him shit, and then says, “I’m not going to give you shit dude.” But you just did. Garbrandt hates losing to Dillashaw, but says it’s up to the fighters.

– Garbrandt & Dillashaw argue again, keeps saying that Dillashaw is playing the victim.

NEXT WEEK: Jesse Taylor (30-15 MMA) faces Mehdi Baghdad (11-5 MMA); the shit talk continues between the coaches.

Team Garbrandt
* Mehdi Baghdad – (11-5 MMA, )
* Johnny Nunes – (6-1 MMA, )
* Hayder Hassan – (6-3 MMA, )
* Julian Lane – (11-6 MMA, )
* Justin Edwards – (9-5 MMA, )
* Eddie Gordon – (8-4 MMA, 0-1 TUF)
* Seth Baczynski – (20-14 MMA, 0-1 TUF)
* Hector Urbina – (17-10 MMA, dismissed due to missing weight)

Team Dillashaw
* James Krause – (23-7 MMA, )
* Jesse Taylor – (30-15 MMA, )
* Ramsey Nijem – (9-6 MMA, )
* Dhiego Lima – (12-5 MMA, )
* Joe Stevenson– (33-16 MMA, )
* Tom Gallicchio – (19-9 MMA, 1-0 TUF)
* Gilbert Smith – (12-6 MMA, 1-0 TUF)

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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