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Bloomywood Review

October 28, 2020 | Posted by Bryan Kristopowitz
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Bloomywood Review  

Bloomywood Review

David Meyers– Michael Bloomstein
Colleen Doyle– Blanche

Created by David Meyers, Taylor Gregory, and Rory Leland

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Bloomywood is a new comedy web series about a guy named Michael Bloomstein (David Meyers) who has written a script about his life and wants someone in Hollywood to make a movie from that script, preferably a big Hollywood studio. The problem for Bloomstein is that he doesn’t know anyone in Hollywood, isn’t part of the “Hollywood system” or the “Hollywood scene,” and has never made a movie of any kind before. That reality doesn’t stop Bloomstein from going to Hollywood, though, and trying to find someone who would be willing to make his script. We see Bloomstein standing on the street in Hollywood, asking random people if they would read his script/do they know anyone who can help him get his movie made. It’s a strategy that probably won’t work because why would it? What are the odds that Bloomstein will simply walk into a big hooha Hollywood deal while standing on the street? But if you don’t have any connections and you’re positive and determined to get your vision into someone’s hands, why not give it a shot? What’s the worst that can happen?

One of the great things about Bloomywood is that, despite the odds being totally against Bloomstein, he’s still making an effort and trying to make something happen. The odds of his strategy working are astronomical, but you still hope that he somehow succeeds. That positivity becomes more and more infectious as the show goes on. Meyers, who also co-created the show with Taylor Gregory and Rory Leland, is brilliant as Bloomstein. He makes Bloomstein overly plucky, even when he probably shouldn’t be. His interactions with regular people on the street are hilarious.


Now, mixed among the seven episodes I’ve seen (five have been released so far and there are going to be eight total when the, I guess, first season is complete. I don’t know how you describe batches of web series shows. Seasons? Series? Has the world decided on a description yet?) are some scripted moments. The fifth episode has Bloomstein going to a career coach named Blanche to get advice on how to get his movie made, and the only thing Blanche wants to talk about is her fee (Bloomstein has no money so odds are good that he’ll never be able to pay her). Their back and forth and interaction is so damn good and funny. Blanche’s insistence on getting paid and explaining the method in which she must be paid is comedy gold. It’s such a simple idea (two people talking) but it works so, so well. Be on the lookout for Krishna Smitha, who appears in later episodes as someone who wants to read Bloomstein’s script (they may also be going out on a date. Maybe).

Each episode of Bloomywood is short (episodes tend to be 2-4 minutes or so) but it punchy and chock full of funny stuff. When you look at the show as a whole the mix of improve/on the street moments and scripted moments is just right. You will wish that some of the episodes went a little bit longer, but then it’s probably best that the show gets in and out quickly, not wasting time and maximizing the laughs. It would be interesting to see slightly longer episodes in a second season/series (I’m thinking episodes no longer than 10 minutes tops), but only if the plot required it. I’m fine with short episodes for the duration of the series.

I can’t wait to see episodes six and seven again, and I can’t wait to see how the season concludes. I bet Meyers and company will knock it out of the park. And I can’t wait to find out how Bloomstein’s potential movie, My Life, actually turns out if someone ever makes it. And will Will Smith star in it? Or Vin Diesel? You’ll understand that when you watch Bloomywood. And you should absolutely watch Bloomywood.

So watch Bloomywood. Watch it, watch it, watch it. You’ll laugh and you’ll love it.


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Bloomywood is a new comedy web series featuring a guy going out to Hollywood to see if someone wants to make a movie out of his script about his life. The guy, Michael Bloomstein, has no Hollywood connections and, really, no idea how to go about his dream beyond asking random people in Hollywood if they want to make his movie. Star David Meyers is a riot as Bloomstein, and his interactions with the Hollywood public are priceless. The show, which will eventually run eight episodes (five are available to watch now on the show’s YouTube channel), features a nice mix of “on the street” improve bits and scripted moments and is something that you should absolutely watch. If and when there’s a second series, I’ll be down for it. Watch Bloomywood. Watch it, watch it, watch it.

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