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Heels Showrunner On a Possible Season Two, Takeaways If The Show Doesn’t Return

October 13, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Heels Mike O'Malley

Heels aired its first season finale over the weekend, and showrunner Mike O’Malley has weighed on a potential second season and more. O’Malley, who executive produced the show and served as season one showrunner while also appearing on screen as Florida Wrestling Dystopia owner Charlie Gully, told Variety that he and the writing team are already breaking stories for a potential second season. The show has not yet been renewed by Starz, though wrestler Nick Mondo — who served as a stuntman on the show — recently said that he’s “gotten some rumblings” that there could be a second season.

O’Malley also spoke with Deadline about the show and you can check out a couple highlights relating to a potential renewel or cancellation below:

On if their safety protocols will change for a potential season two: “Truth man, I don’t think it’s going to change for Season 2, no. I think this will continue, if we go into production in March, I think that everyone will be wearing masks at least for another year. I don’t see how you can’t be doing it any other way. I think that our business, more than other businesses, has diverse range of ages, You know, just everyone is out there, working, and there is, you know, crews can have people from the age of, you know, 18 to freaking 80, and you know, 15 to 80. You know we got a kid who’s 8 years old on our show. We have to be safe. I just think I, for work, keeping people healthy, what could be more important? You look at this, Dominic, with what’s going on with IATSE right now. People are talking about rest and long days, which, 100 percent, we need it. Well, why wouldn’t that also extend to keeping people healthy? I’m not saying it doesn’t. I think it should, but that’s the most important thing.”

On his biggest takeaway for the show if it is not renewed: “You know, the cast of this show, the things that they’ve had to do in terms of getting physically ready with their bodies to learn how to wrestle, especially the guys who wrestle, and then to carry the voluminous amount of dialogue that oftentimes I am this person who shoves it in their mouth because I love actors, this show is playing because of them. Because of how much they’ve dedicated this, themselves, to this show.

“As a writer, you’re always looking for actors who can elevate the material We have great scripts, and obviously, I’m proud of my own writing, and Michael Waldron is an incredible writer, who’s extremely accomplished, and Pete Segal, and Jessica Lowrey have just absolutely crushed it. But these actors are the ones who had to expose themselves in the way that they did So, when I look back on the season, and I think about the inherent trust that they had to have in the health and safety team, and doing this. Knowing that they were going to be close quarters with people who were breathing, and knowing that being in close quarters with people that you didn’t know who were breathing was a leap of faith on a set for a television show. The thing I want everyone…one of the reasons I want everyone to watch the show is because of their work. I think they’ve all done incredible work, all of them.”

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