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Warner Bros. Reportedly ‘Weighing Options’ On The Flash Due to Ezra Miller Issues

August 11, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Justice League - Flash Ezra Miller Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Ezra Miller’s legal issues are continuing to mount, leaving Warner Bros. forced to consider options on how to proceed with The Flash. THR reports that Miller’s continued scandals and legal concerns are forcing Warner Bros. Discovery and its studio to weigh different scenarios for how to proceed with its expensive blockbuster.

Miller has been the subject of multiple issues as of late, including being arrested for felony burglary on Monday. Rolling Stone reported on Wednesday that Vermont’s child services department have gotten involved in trying to locate a mother and three children who have allegedly been living at Miller’s farm, noting their “safety cannot be reasonably assured”

THR reports that according to a source close to the situation, the studio is considering three potential scenarios. The first is that Miller may seek professional help, something that Warners has received some indications of being possible. Miller may seek the help after returning to their Vermont farm. Warners believes Miller could possibly do an interview explaining their concerning behavior in recent years and do some limited press for the planned June 23, 2023 release of the movie.

Another option is to have the studio release the film even if Miller doesn’t get help, but keep them out of the marketing and promotion in any realistic way and recast the role for future films.

The final open is that if the situation gets worse, Warners could kill the movie completely. The film could not be reshot with a different star as Miller plays several characters and is in nearly every scene. The problem there is of course that the film cost $200 million and that would be hugely expensive.

The issues couldn’t come at a worse time for Warners, who are currently facing criticism for shelving the $90 million Batgirl movie as well as other projects as the studio moves away from making big-budget films for streaming.

The film is expected to be a key film for the studio as it is likely to set a new stage for the DCEU and has been testing well despite Miller’s legal issues.