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Warwick Davis Gives Update on Willow Disney+ Series

January 23, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Warwick Davis has given an update on the planned Willow Disney+ television series, noting that it’s not quite as far along as believed. Davis spoke with Inverse for a new interview and discussed how he’s looking forward to reprising his role as the titular character from the 1988 Ron Howard fantasy series.

Discussing the status of the series right now, Davis said, “The internet has got a little bit ahead of us here. There’s a lot of work on development and working out what this potentially could be, but there’s no definite green light, go, we’re doing this. There’s a lot of work going on. The right people have come together. There’s a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of goodwill from the right people and also from the fans. I think that’s what’s really so heartwarming is the enthusiasm from people around the world. So, yeah, no definite news there. I think there’s a firm chance that this is going to be something that becomes a reality. Definitely.”

Howard revealed in an interview last May that he was in talks about the series, saying, “Warwick is so cool and so good and he’s such a good actor that I really hope we get the chance to see the mature Willow in action.”

The actor said he is looking forward to reprising the role, saying, “Oh, I am. I’d love to do this. When I did the movie I was 17, and it was a steep learning curve to play the character. Ron Howard was an integral part of my being able to do it. Now I feel, as an actor, I’ve learned a lot over the years. And to play the character older would be fascinating. I mean he’s older, he’s wiser — has he learned to become a sorcerer? Has he mastered the craft? What’s been going on in the world of Willow? So yes, if we do get to do this, there’ll be a wonderful story to tell, I’m sure. And I’ll greatly relish the opportunity.”

Willow was a hit on its release, with $110 million worldwide off a $35 million budget.