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Will ‘Infinite Frontier’ Launch the Next Era of the DC Universe?

December 23, 2020 | Posted by Steve Gustafson
DC Infinite Frontier

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Last week we asked What is Robert Kirkman’s Solid Blood #17? Here’s what some of you had to say:

Galactic Breakdown: “I’m super excited I was able to grab a copy online through Midtown at cover price before they sold out. I had to pay double shipping though because they didn’t originally have it up for pre-order at the time I paid for my books since this book was literally added onto retailer’s existing orders without their knowledge. It’s selling on eBay for 25-50 bucks looks like. Definitely a fun release and I love Kirkman’s surprise releases like he did for Die!Die!Die! & Negan Lives. It’s hard to do stuff like that with companies dedicated to advance solicits. Daredevil #25 is the only big two comic that didn’t ruin it’s big twist in recent memory.”

Ken Wood: “After reading this I goggled it to try to learn a bit more and basically learned nothing. It seems really fun and interesting. I’m sure it’ll be good for collectors. Anything that gets people talking is good. Hopefully it’ll live up to or exceed expectations. I’m definitely curious to check it out.”
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This week we ask…

Will ‘Infinite Frontier’ Launch the Next Era of the DC Universe?

Here we go again…again. Again. At this point we really shouldn’t be surprised when we get announcements about universe altering events from the Big 2.

DC has been announcing new creative teams for titles like Superman, Action Comics, Wonder Woman, and Nightwing, as well as new series for characters and teams like Swamp Thing, The Joker, Teen Titans, and Suicide Squad.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that everything has a purpose and we can learn more about it in an extra-length special issue featuring multiple stories by various creative teams, titled Infinite Frontier No. 0. It will feature works by creators like Scott Snyder, Geoff Johns, Becky Cloonan, James Tynion IV, Joëlle Jones, Alitha Martinez, John Romita Jr. and many more. The book will set up the next year of DC Universe storylines and beyond. 

The man behind the issue is former Flash writer Joshua Williamson, who spoke to THR about just what’s in store for Superman, Batman and the rest of the DCU following the current ‘Dark Nights: Death Metal’ series, along with the upcoming ‘DC Future State’ publishing event. Williamson did confirm that he would be using Wonder Woman and the Spectre as a framing device for the book. 

Some other highlights from the interview include:

On if this “new era” would be a reboot or a refresh: “Yeah, it’s definitely a refresh — it’s the beginning of something new, the beginning of this next stage. The last few months, talking with editorial, talking with creators getting to work on this stuff, you can really see how much it feels like we’re entering into a new era of DC. As we’re entering this new era of DC, we want to showcase that, we want to show the work that we’re doing.

I was working with Scott [Snyder] and James [Tynion] on ‘Dark Nights: Death Metal’, and we’re having a lot of fun doing that. We started having a conversation about what was coming next, and what was going to be the thing after ‘DC Future State’, and we started looking at this giant tapestry of stuff we were building — all these really cool, big, exciting books — we really wanted to have a one-shot issue that can say what DC is moving forward, and talk about how we’re going to be embracing the core of the DCU, but moving forward with it, and going into some really fun, bold, big places.

We also wanted to show that the DCU is still together, it’s still a universe that’s moving forward. We’ve got a lot of really cool, big stuff coming with that, but it’s still one big universe that is connected, and that these characters, and these stories, are still connected, telling the greatest story in comics, which is the DC Universe.”

On the story details: “The thing we’re doing with Wonder Woman and the Spectre, that’s written by me, Scott and James was drawn by John Timms, and that pretty much immediately picks up some of the pieces from ‘Death Metal’, and it lets us move that ball forward a little bit and show what’s going on with Wonder Woman and certain parts of the DCU. They act as our POV characters, they act as our witnesses, to this new DCU — I say “new DCU,” but it’s the same DCU fans love, it’s just time to move and to do this next stage.

There’s going to be a tease in there for Justice League by Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez, there’s a Batman story that James is doing with Jorge Jiménez that is awesome and has humongous impacts for the Batman line. Then there’s a story with Wonder Woman that has Nubia and [new character from ‘Future State’] Yara Flor, being done by Becky [Cloonan] and Michael Conrad and Joëlle [Jones] and Alitha Martinez. James is doing a story with [original 1940s Green Lantern] Alan Scott and Stephen Byrne that I think is awesome, and is going to be a really important story, and I’m really glad that we’re doing it in this special.

We’re doing a Teen Titans Academy preview in there with Tim Sheridan and Rafa Sandoval, that’s going to tease the new character Red X. We announced Superman with new writer Phillip K. Johnson; he’s doing a Superman story in there with Jon and Clark that’s going to be drawn by Jamal Igle — it’s so awesome. I’m doing a story in there with Alex Maleev that I can’t talk about yet, because it’s too much of a spoiler, but I think it’ll be something it’ll make a lot of fans really happy.

Geoff [Johns] is doing a Stargirl story with Todd Nauck. There’s a Green Lantern story in there that Geoffrey Thorne and Dexter Soy are doing that’s going to give a glimpse of what’s going on with Green Lantern; I’m also doing a Flash short in there that’s a really important moment for the Flash family — you know, I finished writing the Flash last year, but I felt like I had one last piece that I had to do, so I’m thankful and lucky enough that I got to do it in the special.

And then I’m writing the epilogue for the story, with art by John Romita Jr. and that epilogue will be a big piece of showing some of the stuff is going to be coming for DC in 2021. We wanted to do something that said, “Here’s what’s coming immediately,” but also gives you teases of stuff that’s going to be coming throughout the year in 2021 and into 2022, to show people that we have this plan, we have this story we want to tell.”

Here’s my take. I’ve been reading comics for decades. I’ve seen a lot of come and seen a lot of go. I’ve been through the events, the crossovers, the reboots, the remixes, the refreshes. If I had never experienced all that, this “new era” would feel exciting to me. 
But I have been through all that so this sounds all very…familiar. 

On the same note, I’ll still pick it up because I still hold on to that hope that I’ll read something that feels fresh. That’s me. 

What’s your thought?

That’s all the time I have. See you next week!