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411 Wrestling Fact or Fiction: Should Brock Lesnar Win the WWE Universal Championship at Day 1?

December 31, 2021 | Posted by Jake Chambers
WWE Day 1 Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns Image Credit: WWE

Welcome back to the 411mania Wrestling Fact or Fiction. I’m your host Jake Chambers.

Happy New Year! And this new year is especially joyous for wrestling fans because we’re getting a new holiday PPV tradition – WWE Day 1!

I’ve called upon one of the great experts of the darkest corners of the WWE to help me preview the show – 411’s recapper of periphery shows galore, from Main Event to 205 Live to the RAW Talk and Talking Smack, let’s welcome the righteous Robert S Leighty Jr!

Along with all of that regularly thorough coverage, he even attended a recent WWE house show – jealous! I think house shows are such genuinely pure pro-wrestling experiences and you can feel it in his write up here: Leighty’s WWE Holiday Tour Report

But now let’s get ready to dig into Day 1!

Statement #1: Brock Lesnar should win the Universal Championship at Day 1.

Robert S Leighty Jr: FICTION – Roman doesn’t need to lose The Universal Title yet and he doesn’t need to lose it to Brock Lesnar.  It has been amazing how switching roles has brought new life to this feud.  We are going on 7 years since they started the build towards their first match.  This is all leading to something at WrestleMania and if Roman is going to lose the title it needs to be there. Anything sooner is just wasting what they have built the last 15 months.  

Jake Chambers: FACT – I think that they risk turning Brock into Goldberg here if he loses to Reigns for a second time in a row – just another part-time special attraction who comes in for a quick inconsequential match. With a Brock win they can continue the story by building to a re-match, where do they go with Lesnar? A Royal Rumble win to set up a 3rd match? Ugh. All that could make sense, maybe, if Brock was a plucky underdog chasing a title, but he’s bigger, more protected, and more dangerous than the champion in every theoretical way and should win at Day 1.

Statement #2: Saturday PPVs are a good idea for the WWE.

Robert S Leighty Jr: FACT – I grew up on WWE PPVs on Sunday and it does seem weird to me to have Saturday PPVs, but I think it is a good idea for the WWE.  We are no longer in the traditional model of PPV with Peacock and The Network being around.  I know with kids I don’t get to just sit down and watch the shows live as often, so I generally watch it later via Peacock.  Saturday shows are where boxing and UFC have strived for decades and outside of tradition, there is no reason wrestling can’t do the same.  AEW has shown that Saturdays work and since WWE is targeted to kids, Saturday shows are better anyway as no school the next morning.  I am not saying every show needs to be Saturday, but I think a break from the norm is needed.  

Jake Chambers: FICTION – WWE giving up on the night of the week they have owned for decades is a sad attempt to try and stay relevant when they’re seeing AEW and Jake Paul dominate sports social media on Saturdays. Well, rather than arbitrarily changing the day they put on their shitty shows, they could just stay on Sundays and put on regularly awesome cards or attention-grabbing events. A 2022 of Saturday PPVs of 2021 mediocre quality isn’t going to make any difference for WWE.

Statement #3: At the Day 1 PPV, or any PPV in 2022 for that matter, no one will ultimately care if either the RAW or Smackdown Tag Team Titles change hands.

Robert S Leighty Jr: FICTION –  I am a sucker for title changes as I love wrestling history, so I will care.  It also helps that they have teams that people actually care about holding the tag titles in RK-Bro and The Usos.  I expect both tag matches to be very good on Saturday and I expect the crowd will care if either title changes hands.  This isn’t the 80s or early 2000s, but I sat at a WWE House Show last night and the Main Event was a Triple Threat Cage Match for the WWE Tag Titles.  There was no chance the titles would change hands, but the crowd popped when it was made a Title Match.  They may not mean as much as they once did, but there are fans that still get excited about a title match knowing there is a chance they can see history made (as Gorilla Monsoon would say).  

Jake Chambers: FACT – I’ll admit, Robert makes a compellingly purist argument there that I’d love to echo, but the WWE probably keeps those tag team titles around to pop the giddy-concentrate kid-filled house show crowds rather than ever do anything interesting enough to garner real PPV time. The WWE has dismantled all emotional interest TV audiences have in tag team title matches by making them consistently the realm of C-level wrestlers spinning their wheels between go-nowhere singles pushes or release. Even when they have the rare career tag team, like the Usos, or an A-level star slumming for a few months, like Orton or Styles, no one expects a PPV main event spot or excellent match to occur when any iteration of the tag team titles are on the line.


Statement #4: Newly re-signed Kevin Owens deserves another run as a WWE world champion.

Jake Chambers: FACT – Owens probably will be chasing Big Show’s “most heel/face turns” title more than any world championships through the years on his newly signed contract, but as an old Kevin Steen fan I would like to see him get another run. While they’ve tried many iterations of his indie heel persona, there’s still a “no fucks” shoot level of badass they haven’t drilled down into yet. Although they better try it soon, because I’m seeing doppleganger Joe Gacy one main roster call up from stealing his spot and relegating Owens prematurely to his inevitable mid-card “Dancing Kevin” gimmick.

Robert S Leighty Jr: FACT – One million percent he deserves a run as WWE Champion or another run as Universal Champion.  Personally, I want to see him get a run with the WWE Title just so he can have the honor of holding both titles.  Owens killed it a year ago in his run with Reigns and didn’t get the title because nobody was getting it from Roman yet.  Since being moved to RAW it has been the KO show and him shifting back to heel has been welcome.  Again, I was at a house show last night in Pittsburgh and Owens looked like the biggest star there and had the crowd hating him.  The man also gave a Stunner to an inflatable Rudolph, so how can you not think this man deserves all the titles?  Now that Owens has resigned with the WWE, I think they will realize putting a World Title back on him is what is best for business.  

Statement #5: There is a wrestler who appeared mainly on Main Event in 2021 that you hope gets elevated to PPV status in 2022.

Jake Chambers: FACT – Total lay-up for Bob here to plug his great Main Event reviews. For me, I’ve always thought Mansoor was inevitable.

Robert S Leighty Jr: FACT – I feel this question was put here just for me since I cover Main Event each week.  My vote goes to Mr. Main Event, Angel Garza.  I have been hopeful that his team with Humberto on SmackDown would lead to something more, but so far it hasn’t.  Garza was one of the bright spots of Main Event as he has crazy charisma and is very good in the ring.  At some point I think the team will get in the title picture and that could lead to a PPV Title match, or they just tear the team apart and have them feud and the world can see what they were doing against each other on Main Event.  Either way, Garza deserves a chance to sink or swim. 

Thanks again to Mr. Robert S Leighty Jrfor taking part this week. Be sure to read all of his great recaps and reviews right here on 411, and follow him over on Twitter to find out when those columns drop: https://twitter.com/RobertLeightyJr

Before we go, time for a few FoF announcements!

A few weeks ago we finally had the conclusion of our 2020 Road to Wrestlemania FoF Tournament, and believe it or not the result of the poll between Len Archibald and Steve Cook was a tie (*one week after the column was posted)! To break the tie I then polled most of the other writers who took part in the previous rounds of the tournament and that was a tie as well!

So I decided to Solomon this deadlock and will declare Len the winner of the first tournament, but give Steve the chance to move on to the finals of the Larry Csonka Memorial Fact or Fiction Tournament next week.

Joining Steve will be Thomas Hall and Jeremy Thomas who won their respective matches. So be sure to come back next week for what’s sure to be a thrilling 3-way battle!

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