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411’s TNA Genesis Report 1.13.13

January 13, 2013 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Championship Roll Call:
TNA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez



Reminder, I do not rate matches that are under three minutes long…

-Opening video package.

-We are LIVE in Orlando. This is supposed to be the final live PPV from Orlando in 2013 as Slammiversary, Lockdown and Bound for Glory will be on the road.

-Todd, Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show.

TNA World Tag Team Title Match: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez © vs. Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan

Chavo and Ryan to kick things off. Lock up to begin, to the corner and Ryan breaks clean. He poses, eats a clothesline from Chavo and then uppercuts follow. Tag to Hernandez, off the ropes and a hear hug by Hernandez. Overhead throw follows and then a tag back to Chavo. Slam by Hernandez, slingshot senton in by Chavo. Rights to Ryan, tag to Hernandez, who then slams Chavo on Ryan. Running splash by Hernandez gets 2. Tag back to Chavo, basement dropkick follows. Knee by Ryan, off the ropes and Chavo misses a dropkick as Ryan grabs the ropes. Catapult to Chavo, who flies into a Morgan forearm. Morgan shoots Chavo to the corner, tag back to Ryan and he lays the boots to Chavo. A dropkick by Ryan follows and he covers for 2. To the corner, back elbow by Chavo and then Chavo rolls for a tag. Shoulder block by Hernandez, corner splash follows and then a big backdrop. Ryan tags to Morgan and the big men face-off. Ryan cheap shots Hernandez, allowing Morgan to attack. Clothesline follows and Morgan tags back to Ryan. Morgan yells at Ryan, and Ryan works a front facelock. Ryan stops a tag, dropkicks the knee of Hernandez and then tags back in Morgan. Boot to the gut by Morgan, and he talks smack to Hernandez. Tag back to Ryan, he basically does nothing and tags back to Morgan. Hernandez fights back with a boot to Morgan, but then runs into a clothesline. Morgan taunts Hernandez, slams him to the corner and tags in Ryan. Boots by Ryan, Morgan tags himself back in and continues to beat down Hernandez. To the corner, and Hernandez hits and drops to the mat as Morgan yells at Ryan again, and then tags him in. Ryan with a charge and gets tossed into he buckle. Both men are down, Morgan distracts the ref, and doesn’t see the tag to Chavo. Morgan back in and lays the boots to Hernandez. Morgan covers, but the ref says he didn’t see the tag. Ryan back in, tag to Morgan and more boots to Hernandez. They double team Hernandez, Ryan tags back in and works a neck crank. Ryan off the ropes and runs into a back breaker. Tag to Chavo, in and gets a drop toehold, running senton and then shoots Ryan to the corner, reversal and a head scissors by Chavo. Three amigos by Chavo connects. Up top, Morgan in to stop that and Hernandez is in and attacks Morgan. They brawl, missile dropkick from Chavo. They double dropkick Morgan, who trips over Ryan. NASTY powerbomb by Hernandez to Ryan, that looked BAD. Chavo up top, frog splash and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Chavo and Hernandez @ 11:00 via pin

-Morgan is not pleased by the result and stares down Ryan.

-JB is with Mr. Anderson. Anderson says he is just hanging out with Aces and 8s and having a good time. He says he’ll take out Samoa Joe tonight.

Samoa Joe vs. Mr. Anderson

They talk smack to start things, which lasts forever. Joe finally pie faces Anderson and Anderson tosses his shirt at Joe and attacks. Bad idea, as Joe goes rapid fire with the jabs and kicks and beats down Anderson in the corner. To the corner, a reversal and Joe moves and then gets the back elbow and enziguri in the corner. Chops by Joe in the corner, kicks and then the knee drop follows for Joe and a cover gets 2. Rights follow for Joe, but Anderson back with knees and a right. Off the ropes and a back elbow by Joe drops Anderson. Anderson bails to the floor, and Joe follows. Chops to Anderson follow, and then slams him to the mat. Forearm strike by Joe now, and then head butts. Anderson battles back, slams Joe to the apron but Joe back with more chops, which drop Anderson. Anderson pulls Joe into the steps, and Joe immediately favors his knee. Anderson slams him to the steps again, lands a leg kick and then slams Joe back first into the apron. Back in the ring and a clothesline by Anderson gets 2. Anderson then connects with a neck breaker and gets a cover for 2. They trade rights, but Anderson with a kick to the leg of Joe and slows down the big man. A chop block follows and Joe’s down. To the corner and rights by Anderson follow, and then works the leg in the ropes. Dropkick to the knee follows for Anderson, and he covers again for 2. Anderson now cannon balls down on the knee, continuing the assault on Joe’s leg. Joe manages to kick Anderson over the ropes and to the floor. Joe gets to he feet, and limp runs for the elbow suicida, which connects. Back in the ring they go, jabs by Joe follow. Atomic drop by Joe, running boot follows and then the big back splash into a cover for 2. Off the ropes and Joe catches Anderson with the snap slam and a cover gets 2. Anderson back to the leg, nails a dropkick and then Joe gets the choke. Jawbreaker by Anderson, but he runs into the STJOE~! To the corner, Joe sets for a muscle buster but Mike Knox is out to distract Joe. That allows Anderson to get the mic check for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mr. Anderson @ 11:00 via pin

-JB is in the back with Kenny King. He says it is all about him, and he will defeat York to get his title shot, and will then win the X-Division title. RVD has gone soft, he’s not the same man he used to be, and tonight, it will be about natural selection. Out with the old and in with the new as he puts RVD out to pasture.

X-Division Tournament Finals: Christian York vs. Kenny King

Lock up to begin, to the corner and they break. They circle, lock up and York works the arm. Reversals, snap mare and a headlock by York. King escapes, more counters and King with a Japanese arm drag. One from York, a roll up by King gets 2. One by York gets 2. They both try dropkicks and then stand off. They talk some trash, slap by King and another. King backs off and hides behind the ref. Back to action, forearm shots and a slap by York. Chops follow, off the ropes and a hip toss and then basement dropkick by York follows. Atomic drop by King, off the ropes and a dropkick by York. Knee drop follows and a cover for 2. King back with the shoulder block, and then sends York to the floor. King misses a dive, lands on is feet and York with a head scissors to King on the floor. Back in the ring they go, King begs off and now wants to shake hands. York agrees, stops a low blow try and then looks for a tornado DDT, stopped by King who then dropkicks him to the floor. King follows, slams York to the steps and then rolls him back in and covers for 2. King slams York’s head to the mat, now to the corner and lays the boots to York. York tries to fight back with chops, slammed to the mat and then King covers for 2. King tries to ground York, who gets to his feet and elbows out and then York catches King and gets a belly to back suplex. York to his feet, avoids a charge and gets a clothesline. Another, neck breaker follows. King battles back, but York with a running knee strike and a cover gets 2. Rights by York, but a jawbreaker by King connects. York to the apron, knee by King, to the apron and a rolling kick by York on the apron sends King to the floor. King back in, York up top and gets the double stomp to the back and a cover gets a close 2. Roll up by York, countered and a kick by York. Off the ropes and a jump spin kick by King. Catatonic by King gets a close 2. King sets York up top, follows him up and they battle. King sent off, York in with the cross body, King rolls through and uses the ropes, but the ref caught him. Rights by York, TBONE suplex follows. York misses the rolling corner attack, dropkick by King and he gets the double knees and covers for 2. Backslide by King, countered and then King slams York to the mat. York counters a La Magistral cradle by King and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Christian York @ 10:00 via pin

-After the match, King nails York with the royal flush and leaves him laying.

TNA X-Division Title Match: Rob Van Dam © vs. Christian York

RVD doesn’t seem happy that his opponent is laying on the mat. RVD checks on York and say she doesn’t have to do this, but York pulls himself to his feet. RVD helps him, but York nails RVD with a right and shit just got real. They brawl; RVD takes control, hits rolling thunder and covers for 2. RVD works a surfboard, pulls York into a pinning combo for 2. RVD argues with the ref that he doesn’t want to do this, and then works a figure four on the head. RVD looks to wear York down further, releases the hold and tells York to quit. Leg drop on the apron by RVD follow. York battles back, boot to RVD and then gets a knee strike off the second rope, which about killed RVD. York blocks a kick, to the corner and a back elbow by RVD. Springboard kick connects for RVD. York gets a sneaky roll up for 2. Another kick connects for RVD, up top, MISSES the frog splash, roll up by York get a close 2. Sidekick by RVD connects on York, RVD picks him up and they trade rights. Counters, and RVD tries to set York on the ropes, some issues getting that to happen, finally does and RVD up top and connects with a thrust kick off the ropes. RVD up top again, frog splash connects. That is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: RVD @ 6:00 via pin

-After the match RVD helps York to his feet and claps for him.

-JB talks with Joseph Park about his match tonight, and we get a video package about his recent training in OVW.

Non-Title Match: Devon vs. Joseph Park

Park gets ready as Devon mocks him for his lack of training. Crowd loves Park, and are into the whole deal with him. Nothing happening for a bit as they cheer, finally a lock up and Devon shoves him away. Devon says that was one point like in amateur wrestling, because Park is a rookie. Lock up again, go behind and a slap to the back of the head by Devon, who says that is another point. Lock up, Devon works the arm here, rolls through a few moves and takes park down. He slaps him again in the back of the head and celebrates. Park is upset, and Devon says he will get down and allow Park to attack him, amateur style. Devon to his feet, but Park with the takedown and slaps Devon on the back of the head. Devon is pissed and bails to the floor. Devon back in and attacks with punches to the body and then beats Park down. Devon off the ropes, hip toss, arm drag and a body slam by Park. Park then misses a splash and Devon tosses him to the floor. Devon follows, slams Park to the steps and then follows with rights. Devon slams Park to the steps again and then breaks the count. Rights by Devon, back in the ring they go and Devon removes a turnbuckle pad. Rights by Devon, he talks shit to Park, tries to slam him to the corner, Park blocks it and fights back with rights. Back elbow off the ropes by Devon connects. Devon to the second rope and misses the flying head butt. Park double legs Devon and lands rights. To his feet, runs into Devon, clothesline follows and then Park looks to climb the ropes. To the second rope after some comedy, and hits a big splash and covers for 2. Park charges at Devon, back elbow by Devon and then slams Park to the exposed buckle. Park is very slightly bleeding, and the he goes crazy. Black hole slam connects. Goes for a chokeslam, but snaps back into lawyer mode, and Devon gets a roll up for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Devon @ 11:00 via pin

-After the match Devon attacks Park and lays him out.

-JB is with Austin Aries. He says Hardy will be unsuccessful in what will be his final match. He and Roode have agreed that they deserve to be the champion, so they will get rid of Hardy and then prove who is the best. Aries says everyone knows the answer to that, which is him. He is the greatest wrestler in the universe, and tonight he wins the title.

Gauntlet Match For a Shot at the Knockouts Title: Gail Kim vs. ODB vs. Miss Tessmacher vs. Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky

Not rumble style rules here, one on one matches with the last one standing winning the title shot. Km and Tessmacher to begin. Off the ropes, counter, but Tessmacher with a victory roll for 2. Forearms by Tessmacher in the corner, lays the boots to Kim, and then misses the ass slam. Clothesline by Kim gets 2. To the corner, Kim with a dropdown on the back of Tessmacher and then heads up top. Tessmacher with a kick crotches her, and Kim falls to the mat. Forearms by Tessmacher, clotheslines follow and then to the corner. Kim tosses her away, dropkick to Kim by Tessmacher, rubs her muff in her face and then gets a facebuster and covers for 2. Kim counters, eat defeat connects for the pin @ 2:00.

Kim continues on as ODB hits the ring. Kim rushes ODB on the ramp, and ODB takes her down. They brawl on the floor, ODB drinks and slams Kim to the apron. Back into the ring they go, ODB slaps Kim’s ass a few times and then slams her to the corner. Shoulder blocks by ODB in the corner, and then lands a corner splash. Broncobuster by ODB and then rolls up Kim for 2. Off the ropes, ODB catches Kim and hits the sack of shit slam. Kip up by ODB, Kim then counters the TKO and slams ODB to the corner. Kick by ODB, but as she climbs, Kim pulls her off the ropes and pulls the tights for the win @ 3:00.

Kim continues on with Mickie James. James slides in and Kim lays the boots to her. Sidekick by James, and a dropkick follows and a cover gets 2. Boot by James, goes for the DDT and Kim rushes her to the corner. Gets her corner splash, but James then tosses her back into the ring from the apron and gets a neck breaker. They trade rights, off the ropes and after a slight miscommunication James gets an enziguri. Flapjack follows, James kips up and heads up top. Kim rolls to the floor, James back into the ring and then gets a head scissors on Kim. Back into the ring they go, James up top, but Kim grabs the ref. James in, rolls up Kim, countered and Kim pulls the tights again and gets the win @ 3:00.

Velvet Sky is next. Sky enters, but Kim sneak attacks her as she was hiding at ringside. Kim slams her to the steps, and allows the ref to count. Kim celebrates in the ring as the ref counts on Sky. Sky beats the count, and Kim covers with a knee across the throat for 2. Another cover for 2. Kim then stacks her up and covers for 2. She argues with the ref, but Sky gets a roll up for 2. To the corner, Sky eats a boot as she charges in, and Kim with the roll up and grabs the ropes, but the ref caught her this time. Sky comes back and hits the in yo face for the win, although Kim’s foot was under the ropes. (3:00)

OFFICIAL RESULT: Velvet Sky @ 11:00 (TOTAL TIME) via pin

-JB is in the back with Daniels and Kaz. Daniels mocks Storm for his speech, his fans and his wardrobe. Kaz has a manager’s license for tonight, so he can be at ringside. Daniels says they are an inspiration to children everywhere. He will finish is drink, head to the ring to shake his ass, and then kick Storm’s ass. Daniels then says Storm won’t win a title shot, but he may worship them…now.

For a Shot at the TNA Title on January 24th: James Storm vs. Christopher Daniels w/Francois Kazarian

Lock up to begin, side headlock takedown and back to the feet they go. Storm takes Daniels back down with the headlock, Daniels to his feet, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Storm. Hip toss follows, and another side headlock takedown follows. Daniels with the head scissors counter, Storm escape sand back into the side headlock. Daniels escapes, works the arm now and then Storm trips him up and slams him to the mat. Storm clotheslines Daniels to the floor, and Kaz calls a timeout. Storm to the floor, beats down Daniels with rights and back into the ring they go. Daniels begs off, rights by Storm follow, no mercy. Backdrop by Storm follows, and then beats down Daniels in the corner with rights. The ref backs off Storm, and that allows Kaz to distract Storm, and Daniels sends Storm to the barricade after works in the arm. Kaz beats down Storm on the floor, and then tosses him back in. Daniels works the arm, hammerlock and then slams Storm shoulder first into the corner. Daniels continues to work with arm with a top wristlock, and takes Storm to the mat. Storm with kicks from the mat, to his feet, but Daniels pokes him in the eyes and gets a shoulder block and covers for 2. Kicks to the shoulder by Daniels, arm drag follows and hangs onto the arm and continues the punishment. Daniels to the apron and slingshots in with an elbow drop to the shoulder. Daniels works a variation of the crossface, Storm gets the ropes and gets the break. Daniels back to the standing arm bar, Storm works to his feet and delivers rights to try and break the hold. More rights follow, off the ropes and Daniels back to the arm bar. Knee by Storm, Russian leg sweep connects and both men are down. They trade rights as they get to their feet, Storm fires up and gets a forearm off the ropes. Atomic drop and clothesline follows. Knee buster, and then a running neck breaker. Storm chases off Kaz, up top and Storm hits the elbow drop and covers for a close 2! To the corner, Daniels counters a clothesline, then counters the lung blower and gets divorce court on Storm and covers for 2. Daniels sets, corner forearm follows. Charges Storm, gets set up top, and then Storm gets the eye of the Storm. Cover gets a close 2 again. Storm gets an enziguri, to the corner, and then gets am Alabama Slam. Lung blower also connects. Storm sets for the superkick, misses and Daniels gets angel’s wings! 1…2…NO! Daniels and Kaz are amazed that Storm kicked out. Daniels goes for the BME, eats a knee. Back stabber by Storm, lung blower follows that. He sets again, Kaz eats a superkick from Storm, and Daniels hits and STO, covers with his feet in the ropes and gets the win!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Christopher Daniels @ 14:00 via pin
RATING: ***½

-Highlights of Bully Ray proposing to Brooke Hogan on Impact.

-Bully Ray and Brooke make their way to the ring. Ray says that Brooke looks hot tonight. Do you know who they are? He is Bully Ray, this is his fiancée Brooke Hogan, and they get married this week on Impact. He says they discussed who they should invite to the wedding. Ray jokes about Gaga and the Stones coming, and Brooke whispers a name to him and says she thinks they should invite everyone. He then takes a video to post on Twitter. He says this is awesome, and even though he isn’t into this emotional stuff, he thanks Brooke for saying yes and thanks the fans for having their back on this whole wedding situation. Ok then.

Sting vs. DOC

Doc hits the floor and attacks Sting as he enters the arena, but that fails and Sting kicks his ass at ringside and tosses him into the steps. They brawl into the crowd, and some members of Aces and 8s attack Sting. The ref politely asks them to leave, they do and now Doc takes control as they head back into the ring. Doc covers for 2, and then tries to intimidate the referee. Sting back with kicks, but Doc cuts him off and sends him back to the floor. Doc then slams Sting to the steps, and lays the boots to him. Doc with rights now, slowly beating down Sting. Doc celebrates, Sting tries to fight back and gets tossed into the ring. Sting tries to work the legs of the bigger man, but Doc takes back control and covers for 2. Doc works a chinlock now; Sting tries to escape, does but runs into a clothesline and is back down. Splash by Doc and a cover for 2. Sting fights back, looks for the deathdrop. Doc stops that, Sting works the knee with kicks and gets the deathdrop and covers for 2. Doc misses a charge, Sting kicks at the legs again. A clothesline follows, and then chops follow that. Big right by Sting, Stinger splash connects, deathdrop again and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Sting @ 8:00 via pin

-Aces and 8s hit the ring, and surround Sting. Bully Ray rushes out and chases them off to save the day. Ray in the ring and he shakes hands with Sting.

-JB is with Bobby Roode, who says that he is working with Aries tonight to get rid of Hardy because they deserve the title more than Hardy does. He says that while Aries may have beaten him once by fluke, tonight he takes the title home.

-We get a video package to hype the main event.

Elimination Match for the TNA World Title: Jeff Hardy © vs. Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries

Aries and Roode talk about their plan and then attack Jeff. They beat him down in the corner, to the other corner, Jeff fights back with an elbow and then a head scissors. Clothesline bulldog combo by Jeff, leg drop to the balls of Roode, cover gets 2 as Aries makes a save. Atomic drop to Aries, leg drop to the balls and then Roode slams Jeff down by the hair. Aries and Roode work over Jeff, off the ropes and a boot by Jeff, tosses Roode to the floor and then gets the backwards toss powerbomb to Aries. Clothesline to the floor onto Roode follows. Rood counters a twist of fate and then hits a spinebuster for 2. Roode lays the boots to Jeff, who then fights back. Roode slams him to the corner and delivers rights. A whip to the corner, back elbow by Jeff and Aries rushes in and clips Jeff off the top, and covers for 2. Aries with the slingshot senton and covers again for 2. Aries continues the assault with elbow drops and covers for 2. Lefts by Aries, snap mare and then the second rope elbow to the back of Jeff gets a cover for 2. Jeff back with rights, boots in the corner follow. To the corner, reversal and Jeff with mounted rights. Roode in and Jeff slams him into Aries. Jeff with poetry in motion off the back of Roode and sets them up, up top and Roode is up to stop the swanton try. Boots by Roode and then by Aries follow. They take turns choking out Jeff in the corner, and then pick him up and shoot him off the ropes and double back elbow Jeff and cover for 2. They are frustrated, and pick up Jeff again. They set him up top, and take turns with rights and chops. Roode then pulls Aries off the ropes, and they argue, Roode up and looks for a superplex. It connects and Roode covers for 2. Roode and Aries argue, and Aries sets Jeff up top. Roode picks up Aries on his shoulders, he grabs Jeff and Jeff tries to fight them off. Doomsday whisper in the wind to Aries! Jeff with a clothesline to Aries, kick to Roode and sends him to the floor. He tries a plancha but Aries tosses him to the floor, saving Roode. Aries sets, heat seeking missile wipes out Roode as Jeff moved out of the way. Jeff tosses Aries to the post and then over the steps. Jeff the runs and jumps off the steps and hits poetry in motion on Aries. Jeff in the ring and then hits a slingshot onto Roode. Tosses him back in, up top and Aries tosses him off. Aries tries to suplex Jeff to the floor, but Jeff suplexes him onto Roode. Splash off the 2nd rope b Jeff to Roode gets 2. Aries tosses Jeff into Roode, but then runs into Roode. Roode manages a spear to Jeff and covers for 2. Aries and Roode set to take out Jeff, Aries connects with the elbow and covers for 2. Roode with the Vader corner splash on Jeff for 2. Roode and Aries are pissed, and beat down Jeff in the corner. Roode holds Jeff and Aries gets the charging dropkick and then the brain buster for a CLOSE 2! Aries is PISSED now! Roode cannot believe he kicked out. Roode tells Aries to go up top and hit the 450. Roode holds Jeff’s legs, but Jeff moves. Roode then hits the payoff on Aries for 2. No honor among thieves. Aries shoves him and they brawl. Off the ropes and a spinning elbow to Roode and Aries covers for 2. Brain buster countered, Roode for the spear, but Aries gets the last chancellery! Roode rakes the eyes to escape, and then gets the crossface on Aries. Aries rolls out and tosses Roode to the corner. Dropkick countered by Roode. Aries on the ropes, Roode follows and up top with him. Aries knocks him off, and gets a missile dropkick from the top. Corner dropkick follows, and Aries looks for the brain buster, countered and a roll up for 2. Back slide by Aries, and Jeff in with the leg drop and Roode is eliminated @ 19:00.

Aries yells at Roode, and the ref informs Aries that Jeff eliminated Roode. Twist of fate by Jeff, another and that is countered. Shoulder block from the apron and a twist of fate in the ropes by Jeff. Up top, swanton connects and that is all!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jeff Hardy @ 20:00 via pin
RATING: ****

-Aries and Roode sit on the floor, devastated that they could not win the title.

-Jeff celebrates his victory.

-End scene….

I am sorry to say that during the PPV, the zombie apocalypse started. While I am hidden await in my missile silo converted into a doomsday bunker with over 5 years worth of food and water storage, not including all of the weapons I own, most of you are likely screwed. Judging from my network of preppers, here is how the world is looking at this time. May God have mercy on your souls…


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