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411’s TNA Turning Point Report 11.15.09

November 15, 2009 | Posted by Chris Lansdell

Hey yo. This is one heck of a crazy card with 3 matches that could be MOTY contenders, so let’s not waste time with witticismd. Bring it ON!

We open with – what else? – Hulk Hogan clips, tied into the video montage we always get.

X-Division Title Match: Amazing Red © vs. Homicide

Oh good, we’re getting the finger-burner out of the way early. Don West is out with Red and he has slotted into this manager position perfectly.

Homicide gets kicked in the gu but catches Red coming off the ropes with a clothesline. Red gets an arm drag and a dropkick and Homicide bails. Red vaults over the top but lands on the apron, then hits a rana from the apron to the floor. Back inside and a crossbody gets two. Homicide lands on his feet from a monkey flip and turns Red inside out with a clothesline. Homicide bites Red and tries a back suplex, Red gets out the back and hits some leg kicks and a basement clothesline for 2. Up top goes Red, Homicide moves but Red rolls through. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Homicide slows us down again. Flying back elbow by Homicide who then kneels on the throat of the champion. Inverted atomic drop by Homicide followed by a neckbreaker for 2. Homicide takes time to bitch to the ref and Red connects with a wild haymaker. Homicide returns the favour with somewhat greater effect. Toehold-armbar applied by Homicide, he releases the hold and claims he won because Red tapped. I didn’t see a tap and neither did the ref. More biting by the Notorious 187. He perches Red on the top and headbutts him, Red manages to push him off and comes off the top with an arm drag. Dropkick and a spinning DDT by Red gets 2. Jumping Flatliner off the second rope gets 2 more. Leg kicks again by Red, Homicide catches the third and hits a dragon whip followed by the Bronx Bomber 27 (Michinoku Driver) for 2. Homicide sets for the Gringo Killa but Ref gets out the back, Homicide gets a double leg and catapults him into the corner. Red gets a takedown and a standing SSP! 1…2…no! Red to the top, moonsaults press…MISSES! Homicide spiked him on the way down with a cutter!!! 1…2…no! Sweet counter. Homicide again perches Red on top and tries a top rope rana…blocked! CODE RED! 1…2…3!

Winner: Amazing Red via pinfall (Code Red)
Rating: *** Not the high-energy X-Division opener that we’re used to, but decent. Felt a little disjointed and Homicide seemed a step off his game, but it was still a good match.

All Knockouts Titles On The Line: Sarita and Taylor Wilde © and ODB © vs. The Beautiful People

What do you see, Lion-O?

I love you cameraman. Taylor and Sky to start. Taylor gets a knockdown on Sky and tags in Sarita for a quick wishbone. Sarita tags in ODB who hits a muff dive headbutt on Sky. Sky manages to get a tag to Rayne who lays in some shuolders in the corner before ODB nails her with a clothesline. Tag back to Sarita who gets a couple of quick pins for 2. Hammerlock, arm drag and an elbow by Sarita who then tags in Wilde. She runs up the ropes and connects with an arm drag but Lacey comes in illegally and levels Wilde with a clothesline. 2 count for Rayne. Neckbreaker gets 2 more. Tag to Sky and they hit a double Russian leg sweep for 2. Mounted punches by Sky and another 2 count. Basement dropkick by Sky and a tag to Lacey who beats on Wilde and gets a 2 count. Tag to Sky again who applies an Octopus!!! Wilde escapes and connects with a kick to the face…HOT TAG! ODB and Rayne in, and ODB has clotheslines for Sky and Rayne. Fallaway slam to Skygets 2 before Lacey breaks it up. Sarita and Taylor are in and we have all 6 women involved. Rayne and Lacey clear out Las Luchas, leaving ODB and three. ODB kicks a charging Rayne, takes out Sky and Lacey and CONNECTS with the TKO on Rayne! 1…2…3!

Winners: Las Luchas and ODB via pinfall (ODB on Rayne, TKO)
Rating: **¼ That was OK I guess. Weird stip if you’re not going to move the titles.

Desmond Wolfe cuts a standard yet quality promo on Kurt Angle.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: The British Invasion © vs. The Motor City Machineguns vs. Beer Money

Match of the Night? Could be. Beer Money are out with Boozer Cruiser to a huge pop. The Guns appear to be wearing kevlar vests. Naturally. The Brits are oozing confidence and awesome tonight, it’s great what TNA have done with Williams and Magnus.

Storm attacks the Brits on the bell, Magnus is left in the ring and eats a couple of clotheslines. Tag to Roode, Magnus flees and tags in Shelley. Roode takes him down with a shoulder but Shelley gets a drop toehold and a deep armdrag before getting caught in a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. They go to a chop exchange, Roode goes off the ropes but Shelley is a step ahead and trips hiom, then takes him to the floor. He holds Roode in place and Sabin kicks him hard. Back inside, Sabin tags in and gets a 2 count. Roode ducks a clothesline and hits a flying forearm but Doug Williams has tagged himself in. Williams and Sabin run the ropes but it ends in a stiff kick to the chest of a seated Williams. The Guns work a double team kick on Williams and then again on Magnus. Tag to Shelley and he hits a quick leg drop for 2. Tag to Sabin who leapfrogs over his partner onto the arm of Williams. Magnus trips up Sabin, allowing Williams to catch a good European uppercut and to tag in Magnus. Shots by Magnus and he tags Williams back in, they hit the double-team necktie drop for 2. Sabin catches a charging Williams with an enziguiri and James Storm tags himself in, sending Sabin out. Storm with a flurry ending in a flying knee for 2. Roode in, double suplex!


They hang Williams in the tree of woe and whip Magnus into him, then the Guns drag the crotch of Magnus into the head of Williams. The Guns and Beer Money take turns with charging attacks on Magnus, ending with the neckbreaker-frog splash combo on Magnus. 1…2…Williams breaks it! Dropkick sends Williams to the floor, Sabin vaults onto him as Shelley sets for the Sliced Bread…countered! Yakuza/German combo by the Brits! Beer Money tag in and run wildwith double teams and are firmly in control. Eric Young is out! He yanks Storm off the apron! The ref evicts him as Roode gets beaten down. Young leaves reluctantly but NASH IS HERE! He steals the Legends belt from Young while Storm threatens EY…Nash nails Storm with the belt! In the ring the Brits hit the European uppercut Hart Attack! 1…2…3!

Winners: British Invasion via pinfall (Magnus on Roode, European Hart Attack)
Rating: ***¼ Nowhere near as good as it should have been. Beer Money and the Guns did their part and the Brits were fine, but it was short and filled with run-ins. Also, the Guns were taken out way before the finish and never seen again. With these six guys in the match, I expected this to be around the four-flake level.

JB is with Nash and he wants answers. Nash makes a momma joke and says what he did was to do with Hulk. Hulk knows, Hulk’s in on this, and they will find out on Thursday if Hulk says it’s OK. Clearly not Hulk HOGAN. I mean, when did HE sign with TNA?

Six Sides Of Steel: Tara vs. Awesome Kong

Ladies and gentlemen! At this time I would like to remind you, as per my contractual obligations, that Kong kills bitches dead.

It’s a slugfest off the hop. Tara wins the early strike exchange, she comes off the ropes and tries a sunset flip but moves before Kong sits on her. Up against the cage and Tara ducks the BACKFIST! Kong connects with the cage so Tara attacks the arm and tries to escape. Kong catches her and hits the electric chair. Kong climbs and reaches the top before Tara catches her and drops her on the top turnbuckle. Tara goes up with her but gets pushed off. HOLY FUCKING FUCKERY OF FUCKTASTIC FUCKS! MISSILE DROPKONG! 1…2…no! Mother of mercy. Kong takes Tara to the cage, wedges her between the ropes and the cage wall and hits an avalanche! That won’t tickle. Kong grabs the legs of Tara and hits a giant swing into the cage! More cage beatings, then Kong picks Tara up for a suplex, smashing her into the cage then dropping her on her face. She tries it again but Tara counters with a DDT! Tara counters an Implant Buster attempt and tags Kong with some rights, then takes Kong to the cage! Superkick by Tara and a dropkick to the gut takes Kong down. Standing moonsault gets 2. For Tara of course. If Kong does a standing moonsault I may well die. Tara tries to escape but Kong meets her on the top rope. They fight it out and both women get crotched, where they continue to exchange shots. Kong kicks Tara down and tries to escape but Tara comes over and HITS A POWERBOMB PULLING KONG OFF THE TOP!!!! 1…2…no! Tara climbs the cage now and Kong is not moving! Tara stops on the top of the cage…Dear God she wouldn’t! THESZ PRESS OFF THE CAGE!!! 1…2…3!!!

Winner: Tara via pinfall (Crossbody off the cage)
Rating: ***½ Wow. Two amazing spots in this match, but not enough around them to make it any better than “good”. It’s a tough one to rate because you don’t want to be branded sexist by giving the match a better rating due to the spots pulled off by two women, but at the same time they did stuff that women in the Big Two hardly ever do. I originally had this at ***, but it does warrant more on reflection.

Oh for fuck’s sakes they’re talking about change again. Oh look, Hogan clips. They JUST FUCKING SHOWED this montage less than an hour ago.

Street Fight: Rhino and Team 3D vs. Matt Morgan, Hernandez and Pope D’Angelo Dinero

According to Dixie Carter, Dinero signed a long-term deal today. He’s also been getting great reactions at house shows.

Hernandez and Devon to start. Hernandez argues with Pope which allows Devon to attack from behind amd maintain control with right hands. A whip is reversed and Hernandez takes down Devon with a shoulder tackle. Pope tags himself in and hits a kick combo and a flying forearm for 2. Devon gets some separation and tags in Ray, who tears up Dinero’s fake money and shoves him down. Pope is pissed and shoots a double-leg before nailing some stiff shots. Ray bails to the floor to recoup. Back inside, Ray connects with a knee to the back and some jabs but Pope ducks under the elbow and hits some of his own before hitting the Boss Man attack! Ray ducks under a clothesline and connects ith the Bubba Bomb! Rhino tags in now and charges into a back elbow from Pope. Moran tags in and gets peppered with shots from Rhino, but Morgan shrugs them off and shoulders him down. Big right hand by Morgan but he misses the charge in the corner. Spear in the corner by Rhino but Morgan connects with a discus clothesline for 2. Team 3D break it up and we have a brawl. Pope pushes Hernandez out of the way and eats a shoulder block! Pope and Devon end up in the ring and Devon takes control. He tags in Rhino who goes to work with right hands and a choke. Snap mare and a kick to the spine by Rhino, and a tag to Ray who locks in a bear hug. Big back body drop by Ray on Pope, he tags in Devon who hits a scoop slam. Running splash for 2 by Devon. He locks in a chinlock, Pope punches free and gets a schoolboy for 2 before getting his clock cleaned. Tag to Rhino who comes in with right hands for 2. Rhino throws Pope to the floor, back inside and Rhino slams him and tags in Ray. Ray to the top…MISSES the senton! TAG to Morgan! Clotheslines galore for Rhino! Morgan removes the elbow pads and there go the elbow strikes! Avalanche! Side slam! 1…2…no. Devon breaks it up but gets a clothesline from Morgan for his trouble. Tag to Hernandez who comes in with a slingshot double clothesline. Rhino and 3D have fled to the floor, here comes Super MEX! Flying crossbody to the floor! He throws Rhino in…top rope splash! 1…2…NO! Ray attacks from behind and gets a scoop slam on Morgan, Devon goes up top but is stopped by Hernandez! Pope powerbombs Rhino off the top! Hernandez with the cover! 1…2…no! Ray trips Pope and crotches him on the post. Hernandez has Rhino up for the Border Toss but Devon has a chair! TO THE RIBS! Gore. Gore! GORE~! 1…2…3!

Winners: Team 3D and Rhinno via pinfall (Rhino on Hernandez, Gore)
Rating: **3/4 Couldn’t really get into this, felt like it was just thrown on to make up numbers.

Steiner cuts a promo talking about Kristal wanting him and Lashley being all muscle and no go. Recap of the Lashley-Steiner angle

Falls Count Anywhere – Bobby Lashley vs. Scott Steiner

Lashley wastes no time and attacks with a steel chair on the outside. Lashley throws Steiner inside amd lays in shots in the corner. Corner clothesline and a corner shoulder by Lashley followed by a suplex for 2. Nice spinebuster connects, T-bone suplex gets 2. Back outside, Steiner gains control with 2 low blows and gets a 2 count. Whip to the rail by Steiner, he fecthes a chair and wraps it around Lashley’s back. Back inside and Steiner hits the belly to belly for 2. A pair of overhead belly to belly suplexes gets 2. Steiner puts Lashley on the top rope and goes up with him! Frankensteinr from the top! 1…2…no! That looked bad, Steiner landed awkwardly. He seems fine though as he slams Lashley and climbs the ropes, Lashley has recovered and military presses Steiner to the outside via the rope rope! Lashley drives Steiner into the announce table and beats him down, another chair shot by Lashley. They wander off into the backstage areaand the camera guys have lost them. We catch up with them in time to see Lashley smack Steiner with a garbage can. They are in catering and Lashley sees tables. Suplex through a table!! 1…2…no! Lashley has a 2×4 and waffles Steiner with it. Steiner is standing in some sort of crate, Lashley charges…and misses! Steiner goes scavenging and finds some power cord which he wraps around Lasley’s neck. He relinquishes the hold and covers for 2. Steiner heads back to the arena with Lashley chasing, Steiner ambushes him with a lead pipe to the head! 1…2…3!

Winner: Scott Steiner via pinfall (pipe shot)
Rating: **½ Nothing special to see here. Move along. Better than I thought, but then with these two it didn’t have to do much to earn that distinction.

Angle says he is the biggest badass in the yard and tells Wolfe he doesn’t need to know him to beat him.

Kurt Angle vs. Desmond Wolfe

I’m looking forward to this, if only to see if they have the balls to put Wolfe over here.

Angle gets a hammerlock, Wolfe rolls through it and gets a top wristlock. Angle gets a hip toss and a pair of arm drags and then locks in a wristlock of his own. Wolfe turns it into a hammerlock then applies a short arm scissors. Arm wringer reversed by Angle and they go to the ropes where Wolfe takes Angle down. Wolfe goes back to work on the arm of Angle but gets caught with an Angle boot on the charge. Suplez by Angle gets 2, a backbraker gets another 2. Shoulders in the corner by Angle now, a whip and Angle charges and gets nothing but post with his shoulder. Hammerlock osotogari by Wolfe followed by a wristlock Northern Lights. Everything on the arm, great old-school psychology. Back body drop by Wolfe turned into a sunset flip, Wolfe turns and slams the arm into the mat instead. Modified Rings of Saturn applied, Angle counters to the Ankle Lock! Wolfe kicks him off and hits a European followed by a running corner European. He tries the running start again but Angle catches him with a belly to belly! Trifects of clotheslines by Angle and a flying forearm get 2. Angle ducks the lariat and hits a German, holds on and hits FIVE MORE! Down go the straps…Angle Slam countered! LARIAT! 1…2…2.9006! Wolfe nailed that. Angle is placed on the top, Tower of London…countered! ANGLE SLAM! 1…2…NO! Wolfe goes back to the arm and applies the London Dungeon! Angle rolls through it!! ANKLE LOCK! Now Wolfe rolls through! Figure four armbar!!! ANGLEROLLS AGAIN! Ankle lock!! Wolfe fights for the ropes but Angle pulls him back! Wolfe fights and fights…and makes the ropes! Angle Slam agaCOUNTER! DDT! What else can Wolfe pull out? Sets for the Tower of London again…BAM! Got him. 1…2…2.913! Lariat time…Angle meets him with one of his own! Moonsault MISSES BY ANGLE! LONDON DUNGEON! Centre of the ring! Angle crawls backwards instead and makes the ropes. A third Tower attempt, Kurt blocks so Wolfe with the double throat thrust. Wolfe goes up for a superplex, Angle pushes him off! FROG SPLASH! 1…2…NO!!!!Angle tries a Tombston, Wolfe is kicking! Kicking! COUNTERED! Angle rolls into the leg and picks the ankle! Wolfe counters but Angle holds on! TRANSITION! Cross armbreaker! Angle shifts the legs to add in a triangle choke! Wolfe taps!!!

Winner: Kurt Angle via submission (Side triangle-armbar combo)
Rating: ****¼ As Orlando said, that was wrestling. Wolfe hung with Angle, and Angle worked a style that suited what Wofle was used to from RoH. The action made sense and flowed well. Tremendous match.

JB is with Joe. Joe says he brought the truth to the forefront, suggesting that Daniels and AJ had always had issues.

TNA World Title Match: AJ Styles © vs. Samoa Joe vs. Daniels

We have Japan-style streamers for the intros. Must be some RoH fans here. Of note, the 2 top matches on the card feature 4 RoH alums.

The three men face off and Daniels gets a jab on Styles. Joe attacks Daniels and AJ then takes both men down. Whip to Joe and a leaping clothesline in the corner. He levels Daniels with a right but Joe hits a whiop, charging back elbow and an enziguiri. Snap mare by Joe to AJ, chop and an enziguiri. Daniels knocks Joe to the floor and tries to leap onto him but AJ catches him and gets a quick two. AJ gets a dropkick on Daniels and one to Joe, sending Joe to the floor. Headlock takedown by AJ on Daniels. Daniels pushes AJ off and hits a flatliner, but Joe comes in and peppers Daniels with jabs. Flying knee strike to Daniels gets. Leg kicks to Daniels by Joe who rolls into a leg bar, AJ breaks it with the knee drop and gets a 1 count on Joe. AJ suplexes Joe then catches Daniels coming back into the ring. He goes back to Joe and locks in the inverted Indian Deathlock. Daniels breaks it with a shot to the midsection of AJ, gets a drop toehold and drops the knee on the neck of AJ. Daniels dropkicks the knee of Joe as he comes in, then slams AJ onto Joe. Oh WOW! Daniels locks in a Boston Crab on AJ and a camel clutch on Joe…AT THE SAME TIME. Joe bits the fingers of Daniels to break the hold. Daniels charges AJ in the corner with a foreram, he tries to do the same to Joe gut gets caught with a uranage. FACEWASH! One for AJ! Back to Daniels! Snap mare, chop, kick to Daniels, dropkick to AJ which causes Joe to land on Daniels with a senton. Joe measures and charges for a tope onto AJ but AJ kicks him in the head! AJ back inside now and goes after Daniels with forearms, Daniels blocks a whip with a forearm of his own but gets suplexed anyway by AJ. AJ vaults over the top but lands on the apron as Joe moves, Joe kicks out AJ’s leg and he crashes to the apron! TOPE BY DANIELS! Daniels goes for the Asai…AJ CATCHES HIM from inside the ring!!! Joe pulls Daniels off the ropes AJ WITH A FLYING KEVIN VON ERICH crossbody over the top to the outside!!! Back inside, Aj avoids a charging Daniels who runs into Joe. AJ jumps off the back of Daniels into Joe then hits a springboard rana to Daniels for 2! Daniels sandwiches Joe and AJ in the corner, he tries a monkey flip on AJ but JOE CATCHES HIM! Powerbomb into Daniels! Joe holds on and powerbombs AJ again! 1…2…Boston crab by Joe! Transitioned to the crossface! AJ reaches the ropes, Joe takes down Daniels then hits the snap powerslam on AJ for 2. BIG boot to Daniels. Daniels manages to get a dragon sleeper on Joe, then catches AJ in uranage position, and hits a reverse DDT on Joe while slamming AJ onto him with the uranage! DVD to AJ! 1…2…no! AJ counters a suplex attempt into a neckbreaker on Daniels. “Screw Hulk Hogan” – Orlando. Not the first time they’ve said that tonight. Joe is back in, series of palm strikes and a head kick to AJ, Daniels returns the favour to Joe. Forerams to AJ by Daniels but the champ comes back with some shots and PELE! Slingshot senton to Joe by AJ flows smoothly into the discus clothesline to Daniels. SPRINGBOARD FLYING FOREARM to Joe got CRAZY height! 1…2…no! Rana to Joe! 1…2…2.877! Moonsault reverse DDT to Joe gets 2 more. He tries it to Daniels who counters with a snap mare…LAST RITES! 1…2…2.903! GERMAN by Daniels on Joe! Daniels charges Joe but Joe crotches him, muscle buster! 1…2…AJ breaks it! “This is wrestling!” – Orlando. Yes, yes it is. Joe grans a body scissors and rolls AJ around the ring before getting a 2 count. AJ goes for the Styles Clash but Daniels clobbers him with the enziguiri. Last Rites countered, AJ tries Angel’s Wings and it’s countered, Daniels goes for the Styles Clash and IT gets countered! Joe just kicks AJ to break up the exchange, then AJ and Daniels hit a hi-low to take out Joe. Daniels and AJ fight over a superplex to the floor but they don’t see Joe! HUGE chop to AJ sends him to the floor! Daniels escapes a muscle buster and hits the STO! Best! Moonsault! Ever! 1…AJ SPRINGBOARD 450!!! 1…2…3!!!

Winner: AJ Styles via pinfall (on Joe, springboard 450 splash)
Rating: ***** Holy mother of Moses. You know, for a match that was really a series of each guy’s best spots, this flowed perfectly and never felt spotty. Near falls, counters, no botches, everything made sense… Full boat. And I NEVER do that.


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