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411’s WWE Raw Report 12.02.02

December 2, 2002 | Posted by Brad Jennette

411’s WWE Raw Report 12.02.02
Live from Austin, Texa
Announcers are JR & The King
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for 411 by Brad Jennette

WWE Opening Video w/creepy Bischoff picture.

Last Week: Highlights from HBK vs RVD are shown along with Triple H’s

WWE Raw Video

Pyros and Powerman 5000 hits and we open Raw with the Dudleyz!

Dudley Boyz Vs. 3 Minute Warning
A replay of the clothes shenanigans from last week. No mention of Ass Cream
at least.

3MW rush the ring and we have a big brawl to start. Rosie gets control over
D-Von and hits Bubba with a belly to back from behind. Rosie shrugs off a
double shoulderblock by the Duds and hits a double clothesline. Rosie whips
Bubba into the ropes and we get the first train wreck as Bubba and Rosie
both hit crossbody blocks into each other. The both tag and D-Von gets an
armbar on Jamal. D-Von works the arm for a little bit and tags in Bubba.
Bubba and Jamal exchange chops but Bubba goes back to the arm and takes
Jamal down with an armbar. D-Von tags back in and hits a single arm DDT.
D-Von goes off the ropes but is tripped by Rosie and Jamal hits a splash to
regain control. The Fat Boyz work D-Von over nice and SLOW. They double team
D-Von for a while hitting some headbutts and elbowdrops. Rosie misses a
splash and D-Von hits a DDT. D-Von makes the hot tag but the ref didn’t see
it. D-Von gets pounded on some more until he hits a neckbreaker and gets the
hot tag for real. Bubba hits a tackle/spear on Rosie for 2. Bubba with the
Dusty elbow on Jamal for 2. Ref gets distracted and Rico kicks Bubba as
Rosie heads up top. Spike runs down and beats Rico up and pushes Rosie off
the top. Jamal hits a main event spinebuster on Bubba and heads up top for a
Vaderbomb. D-Von pushes him off the top and signals for the 3D. Rico breaks
up one attempt but D-Von takes him out. The 2nd try for the 3D works and it
gets the 1-2-3!
Winners- Dudley Boyz

Triple H and Ric Flair arrive to the building.


During the break JR tells us the Duds got beatdown. Jericho and Christian
threw Spike off the stage onto the announce table and 3MW took out the
Dudleyz in the ring.

Bischoff and Chief Morley are talking about the main event when Triple H
walks in the room. He says the belt is rightfully his. He wrestled for 30
minutes with a crushed throat! Bischoff thinks the main event, which is a
number 1 contenders match, should have a special referee.


Y2J promo for Anthology. He likes his song too.

They show the replay of the beatdown the Dudleyz got just 10 minutes ago.
The con-chair-to on D-Von by Jericho was pretty sweet.

Trish Stratus Vs. Ivory
Victoria is seen backstage watching Trish come down to the ring. She is
wearing Trish’s blue hat. Hmmmm weird. Trish and Ivory start with some
matwork and then a clean break! They exchange hammerlocks and armbars until
Ivory takes Trish down and gets control. Trish counters a charge with a
Japanese armdrag. Trish hits a chop followed by a flying clothesline. Ivory
comes back with a enziguri for 2. Ivory tries a rollup but it only gets 2.
Ivory grabs a headlock and grabs Trish’s nose, OUCH! Ivory takes Trish down
by the hair and gets a few two counts. Ivory in full control until Trish can
hit a neckbreaker. Trish hits her usual headscissors off the top for 2.
Ivory comes right back and takes Trish down with forearms. Ivory goes for a
whip but it is countered into the WORST STRATUSFACTION EVER. I mean
seriously it looked so bad. It got the pin anyway.
Winner- Trish

Victoria going through Jackie’s stuff when Jackie shows up. Victoria thought
she was going to find something battery powered! HAHAHA! Jackie challenges
her and slams the champ’s head off a locker!


Highlights of the Raw float are shown.

Y2J and Christian proclaim to the Raw locker room that they are the best tag
team. I agree with them, so does Chris Nowinski. Y2J then bashes Booker T
saying how he will fear the Undisputed King of the World!

Jeff Hardy & Tommy Dreamer Vs. Lance Storm & William Regal
They start out brawling on the ramp. Jeff runs all the way around the ring
and hits a better rail runner this week. Back in Jeff hits Poetry in Motion
on Storm. Dreamer stays in and hits a real spinebuster on Storm and follows
it with a half boston crab. Regal charges in but Dreamer fights him off.
Storm hits a jaw breaker and a dropkick right to Dreamer’s injured jaw.
Regal back in and he works the jaw over with knees and elbows in classic
heel fashion. Storm back in and he locks on a front face lock. Dreamer
backdrops out of it and tag Jeff but Regal had the ref distracted. Regal
takes the pad off the turnbuckle, slams Dreamer into it jaw first and Storm
makes the cover for the 1-2-3!
Winners- Storm and Regal

After the match Jeff tries to take both of the heel out with his corkscrew
moonsault and jaw breaker. Jeff goes for the legdrop to the groin but Storm
hits a chop block and slaps on the FUCKING SHARPSHOOTER! Regal unfolds a
chair and they go for the drop toehold onto the chair but Dreamer makes the
save, swinging the singapore cane and nearly smacking Jeff in the process.

Flair is walking backstage and he meets with Batista. He knows how Batista
was in foster homes and he wants him to harness his rage toward his opponent
tonight. The two walk to the ring together.


Batista Vs. Hurricane
Hurricane gets NO offense on the big man. Batista ends this match quickly
after a big spinebuster and the brutal sit out powerbomb for the 1-2-3!
Winner- Batista

Flair tells Batista to hurt Hurricane some more but Kane runs down and makes
the save. He gets a few good shots in on Batista and lights the pyros on the

Booker T is walking to the ring. His match with Y2J is next!


Terri is backstage with HBK. She wants to know who his back is feeling. He
is here so his back must be feeling better. Why is he here? Because he wants
to find out who is will be defending his title against at ARMAGEDDON. All
respect to RVD but Shawn really wants to face Triple H again. RVD shows up,
sounds totally stoned, and complains about how Triple H always messes
everything up. RVD calls Triple H an asshole! HA! Bischoff shows up and of
course makes Shawn the special guest referee for the main event. He tells
Shawn to call in RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE. This is so predictable it isn’t even

Booker T. Vs. Y2J
Booker demands Y2J’s music be cut while he is walking down the ramp. Booker
T says that Y2J isn’t a huge, huge, huge rockstar. After seeing Y2J buck ass
naked last week he isn’t huge anywhere! HAHAHA! He thinks Y2J should star in
a movie…Stewart Little! Booker T is also gonna star in a movie….8 Mile!

Y2J charges into the ring but Booker T ducks and chops away. Booker T whips
Y2J into the ropes and charges but Y2J hits a back elbow and a clothesline.
Y2J starts pounding away and slams Booker’s head off the buckle. Y2J
unleashes the manly chops and chokes Booker on the ropes. Y2J with a whip
that is reversed but Booker is hit with a boot as he charges. Y2J goes to
the middle rope but is hit with a punch to the gut as he leaps off. Booker T
with a standing suplex for 2. Booker with a side slam for 2. Booker misses a
side kick and crotches himself on the top rope. Y2J dusts off his old spring
board dropkick! Hell yeah! Y2J hits a double axkhandle from the apron, rolls
Booker back in and hits a back elbow off the top rope! Awesome! Y2J goes to
a chinlock then hits splash off the middle rope! Y2J showing off his
moveset. Y2J with a belly to back followed by the Juke N’ Jive. Y2J up again
but this time he is crotched and chopped by Booker. Booker
climbs….SUPERPLEX! This is an great match! Booker pounds and hits a flying
forearm then three clotheslines. Booker with a big flapjack for 2. Booker
whips Y2J into the corner and rolls him up. Y2J counters to the Walls!
Booker grabs the ropes quickly. Y2J argues with the ref and Booker climbs to
the top and hits a missle dropkick for 2! Booker goes off the ropes and
moves out of the way as Y2J misses a dropkick. Booker catipults Y2J into the
turnbuckle and hits a sidekick. Starts for the spinaroonie but Y2J counters
with a bulldog! Y2J misses the Lionsault but lands on his feet. Booker hits
a spinkick and goes for another spinaroonie but Christian gets on the apron.
Goldust takes Christian out and Booker hits the scissors kick for the 1-2-NO
here is Chief Morley!

He demands that the match be stopped and be changed to a tag match between
the tag champs and Bookerdust. OH FUCK YOU! Why stop this awesome match?!


Booker T. and Goldust Vs. Y2J and Christian
We start out with this match already restarted. Goldust hits a shoulderblock
and an atomic drop. Goldust hits the Butt Butt slam but is stopped with a
knee to the gut from Christian. Y2J comes in and is caught by Goldust.
Goldust holds Y2J up and Booker hits a running sidekick. Awesome! Booker
pounding on Y2J with punches and chops. Y2J bails and he and Christian
discuss strategies on the outside. Goldust does a noggin knocker on the
heels and sends Y2J back in the ring. Booker goes for a 10 punch count but
Christian hangs him on the ropes. The heels take control on Booker until
Christian misses a splash on the ropes and crotches himself. Hot tag Goldust
who cleans house. Y2J is hit with a clothesline for 2 and Christian is hit
with a powerslam for 2. Goldust hits his drop punch on both men and then
bulldogs Christian. Goldust sets up the Golden Globes and hits it while the
ref is tending to Y2J! Y2J charges and he is drop toeholded in Christian’s
nuts! Goldust rolls up Y2J for a LONG 2. Tag Booker, side kick on Y2J for
another LONG 2. Crowd is eating this all up. Booker with the SPINAROONIE!
Christian gets in the ring with the title but the faces dump him over the
top. Y2J with a flashback on Booker and covers with his feet on the ropes.
Booker kicks out at 2! Booker counters a whip with the Bookend! 1-2-NO
Christian pulls out the referee! Y2J hits Booker with the title belt and
hits a Lionsault for the 1-2-3!
Winners- Y2J and Christian

That was some mighty fine wrestling between those 4, especially Y2J and


Victoria Vs. Jackie
Back and forth match with several near falls. Jackie hits a spinning heel
kick and knocked Victoria out for the upset in this non title match! I
really couldn’t get into this. Especially after that last two segments.
Winner- Jackie

Victoria and Steven Richards still in the ring. Victoria calls Jackie back
out in a horrible promo. The sirens hit and Scott Steiner walks out! To make
a long story short, Steiner takes Richards out with belly to belly and press
slam, does pushups and talks about his freaks and peaks. I wont even both
trying to remember everything he rambled on about. Victoria gets taken out
too, for good measure.

Bischoff comes out, stops the slaughtering and tells Steiner he has a big
surprise for him. He takes Steiner to the back where 20 freaks are waiting
for him! Steiner likes the freaks but he has a Supafreak in his limo. Maybe
his favorite of all time. Bischoff just HAS to meet this freak. They head to
the limo and the supafreak is STEPHANIE! She tells Eric she can offer
something to Steiner he never could. Steiner is my hero right now! Bischoff
looks like he is about to piss himself as the limo drives off.

RNN News Break: Randy is hosting at the World. We don’t even get to hear how
he is doing because JR cuts him off. Damn you JR!

Triple H and Flair are walking. They run into HBK in a referee shirt. HBk
realizes that as long as he is the champ HHH life will be a living hell. All
HHH has to do is cross HBK one time in the ring and it will be “Game Over”

HBK’s music hits and he comes down with pyro! We take our last commercial
break with the main event next.

WWE Lugz Boot of the Week: Triple H costing RVD the title last week

Triple H Vs. Rob Van Dam: Number 1 Contenders Match
JR notes that three months ago tonight Triple H was awarded the World Title.
Also three months ago tonight RVD pinned Triple H in a tag match that night.
HBK’s first act as ref is to eject Flair for the ringside area. They do some
whips and reversals and RVD gets a spinkick. RVD goes for another kick, gets
caught and hits and enziguri. Rvd hits a back elbow on a charging HHH and
then a jumpkick off the middle rope. RVD hits ANOTHER spinkick and lays the
boots to Triple H. Triple H knees him in the gut and goes to the Pedigree
but HHH is backdropped over the top to the floor. RVD dives onto Triple H
and sends him into the steps. Shawn not counting the count out. RVD hangs
HHH on the railing and hits a spinkick onto HHH’s back. RVD rolls HHH in and
hits a straight kick off the top rope instead of the middle one. Way to vary
the moveset Rob. RVD tries a whip but HHH USES THE KNEE and takes RVD down
with a high knee. Shawn with a SLOOOW count. HHH gets pissed. RVD with a
small package and Shawn counts a very fast 2. Triple H gets the sleeper but
RVD counters to his own sleeper. HHH goes for the ropes but Shawn pushes
them away. RVD breaks the sleeper and goes for the split legged moonsault
but it misses. RVD hits his spear in the corner but HHH charges out with
clothesline. RVD ducks, HBK ducks and RVD springboards off the ropes and
hits Shawn! HHH with the facebuster on RVD. HHH to the outside and grabs a
chair. HBK pulls the chair away from Triple H as RVD goes for another spin
kick. HHH ducks and HBK is hit. HBK is down as RVD hits another spin kick on
HHH and then rolling thunder. RVD goes to help Shawn but gets chaired to the
head by HHH. Shawn stares HHH in the eyes as he counts the reluctant 1-2-3!
Winner- Triple H

Well that was a shock.

Triple H and HBK brawl after the match. HBK hits Sweet Chin Music as the
show ends.

Show Over


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