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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Drew McIntyre, GUNTHER & More Talk WrestleMania

April 2, 2024 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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-It’s WrestleMania week! It’s also only Monday and we have had the Bray Wyatt Documentary (my review should be up soon), CM Punk setting wrestling social media on fire, the go home RAW, and now AEW releasing wrestlers for the first time. Again, it’s only Monday! Let’s get to it!

-WrestleMania is 5 days away and Megan Morant welcomes us to the show. She is joined by Sam Roberts!

-Right to the video as The Bloodline opens the show and the crowd actually tries to “WHAT” The Rock! My man has years of experience dealing with that, and he just rolled with it and got the crowd to boo him by the end. They also still chanted along with The Rock because it’s still The Rock. The Rock brings out the rest of The Bloodline and this Brooklyn crowd was on fire. Roman notes Cody is a politician and The Bloodline and their children can’t have Cody taking him off the mountain. Seth Rollins is here and he wants a match tonight against Rock or Roman, but Solo accepts the challenge. Rock then makes it Bloodline Rules!

-Sam Roberts sucks up to The Rock and says his kids are eating well tonight thanks to The Bloodline.

-To the video as Seth Rollins puts Solo through a table, hits The Stomp, but here’s Jimmy Uso. Jey Uso is out for the save and the brawl to the back, but then Jimmy gets blasted by The Rock. Here’s Cody to a massive pop and he is pissed! They crowd loses it as they tease putting Rock through a table, but Roman makes the save. Seth eats a spear and then Rock and Roman whip the dog piss out of Cody and Seth. Poor Seth had no shirt and just destroyed. They rip Cody’s shirt off and he Rock tears into him with the belt as well. The Bloodline stands tall as the crowd starts a “Rocky Sucks” chant.

-To the video as Sami Zayn takes on Bronson Reed, but no winner as GUNTHER drags Chad Gable’s lifeless body and then attacks Sami. The heel beatdowns were strong this week! Pissed off GUNTHER is awesome and terrifying! Sami fights to his feet, so GUNTHER blasts him in the face with the IC Belt. Just stay down Sami!

-Jackie Redmond is backstage with GUNTHER and asks what message he is trying to send. GUNTHER says fun and games are over. “Ten push-ups with Chad Gable isn’t going to change anything.” GUNTHER notes their match is on Saturday and he will leave still as The IC Champion and Sami can keep dreaming.

-Roberts thinks Sami should buy a ticket any city other than Philly to get away from GUNTHER and save himself from a beating.

-Judgment Day and Drew McIntyre still to come!

-WrestleMania World commercial!

-Earlier today, Rhea Ripley was on with Ariel Helwani and Becky Lynch showed up. They had to be separated. I hear someone else did a much talked about interview with Ariel.

-To the video as Becky wants a fight, but Pearce has security. Here’s Rhea, but Pearce wants her to save it for WrestleMania. Rhea fights through security and the fight is on with the crowd going crazy. Becky jumps off the top and to the floor on the pile. They continue to brawl in the back with security doing all they can to keep them away from each other. I love pro-wrestling!

-Becky vs. Rhea is set for WrestleMania Saturday.

-To the video as New Day and DIY teamed up to take on Judgment Day in an 8 Man Tag! Priest gets the win for his team as he steamrolled Kofi, Gargano, and Ciampa in the closing moments.

-Jackie Redmond is in the Judgment Day Clubhouse and JD says he will have the ARMBAR Trophy. Dom is ready to beat his dad again. Finn doesn’t like being on RAW Talk and he is on RAW Talk, he doesn’t like ladders and is in a ladder match, he has to do press with idiot journalists. Priest tells him to calm down and they plug some JD shorts at WWEshop.com. Rhea hopes Becky, Seth, and their daughter is listening because she is leaving as Champion. Mama is always on top! She doesn’t care what Jackie’s name is and tells her to leave before “Rebecca’s” ass as well.

-Drew McIntyre in next!

-The ARMBAR returns this Friday! KO Show on SmackDown as well with Randy Orton and Jey Uso faces Solo. I will have live Hall of Fame coverage as soon as SmackDown ends as well.

-Sam has Andrade as the winner of the ARMBAR on Friday.

-Cathy Kelly is with Drew McIntyre and brings up what happened to Seth tonight. Drew says he is relaxed, chilled, and he is having fun roasting Seth and Punk. Meanwhile what is happening to Seth is what he said would happen. He just wants Seth to get through the tag match and get to Sunday so he can beat him for the Title. This is the Drew the world has needed!

-The Bump is Live at WrestleMania on Thursday with Chelsea Green, Bobby Lashley, and Tyler Breeze. Megan does a pretty good job of announcing Chelsea like Samantha does.

-Roman Reigns will be inducting Paul Heyman into the Hall of Fame on Friday.

-Megan closes and we are out this week. Thanks for reading!

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