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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Damian Priest Wants Edge, Big E is Ready for Seth Rollins

October 25, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Damian Priest Raw Talk

-This is the first Raw Talk review using my new phone as I finally had to get rid of my iPhone 7 (yep, I am not big on switching phone) due to no service issues. Now, I am up to an iPhone 13 mini to use for all my Peacock, Hulu, Netflix, and Disney Plus needs. As for RAW we have a new #1 contender to discuss, so let’s get to it!

-Jackie Redmond welcomes us to WWE HQ and is joined as always by Matt Camp. They cover Rollins winning the Ladder Match to earn himself a WWE Championship Match. Also The Dirty Dawgs are the new #1 contenders for RK-Bro and Queen Zelina was crowned.

-We get video of Queen Zelina giving her first proclamation and she promises to be better than Cleopatra. Doudrop interrupts leading to a rematch from Crown Jewel and Zelina cheats to win by using her scepter to get another win.

-Kevin Patrick is backstage at RAW with Queen Zelina and she has an accent going as she has learned from King Bookah! She knows the women in the locker room envy her and they are giving her ugly walks. She is her own inspiration and mentions again being like Cleopatra, but ultimately she is the only one that matters. She has KP bow down to her as she takes her leave.

-Camp and Jackie discuss and Jackie points out the accent that comes and goes, but as Queen you can do whatever you want. Damian Priest and Big E still to come!

-NXT Halloween Havoc is tomorrow night. Speaking of Halloween Havoc you can find my retro review of the 1996 show right here.

-Back with the close of the Triple Threat Match to determine new challengers for RK-Bro. Omos interferes and attacks The Street Profits which leads to Roode and Ziggler getting the win.

-We get the Title match later in the show which kind of seems unfair to The Dirty Dawgs, but such is life. Riddle out wrestles Ziggler on the mat to get the win for his team. Jackie wants to see RK-Bro dress as Mario and Luigi for Halloween and Camp wants to see them as Rated RKO with Riddle being Edge.

-Next the close of Priest’s win over T-Bar by DQ and hopefully it is leading to another match between the two down the line.

-Sarah Schreiber is back at RAW with Damian Priest. Damian says he has to evolve and tonight was just another side of Damian Priest. He mentions some of the talent that has come over from SmackDown and he is interested in The Rated R Superstar.

-Jackie and Camp discuss!

-Survivor Series commercial as it’s RAW vs SmackDown!

-Back with footage of Keith “Bearcat” Lee just destroying Cedric Alexander. Good choice of opponent to get over Lee as a monster. Camp mentions Lee has an aggression some may not have seen before and what we are getting is what some have been asking for from Lee.

-Next it’s The Fatal 4 Way Ladder Match with the winner getting a WWE Title Match at some point that hasn’t been determined yet. I assume it has to be a RAW Match since we have no PPV until Jan as I assume Survivor Series will be Reigns vs Big E. Good ladder match as you would expect considering the 4 men involved and Rollins winning was expected. Camp brings up that Big E beat Rollins 9 years ago to become the 2nd ever NXT Champion. Good pull!

-Big E is with KP and Big E is getting his hamstrings stretched out. Of course he is! Big E talks about iron sharpening iron and he wants the very best. He takes pride in people like those 4 who battled tonight wanting what he has. He congratulates Seth and is excited for the match. Big mentions The Shield and says they could be the greatest faction of all time. He wants the very best and he wants to stack his resume against history. When his reign is done in 6-7 years he wants it filled with the best the WWE has to offer. KP sniffs E as they discuss his glow and odor. E calls him out for being weird and KP says he will never do it again.

-Camp and Jackie discuss before hyping next week’s RAW Women’s Championship Match: Becky Lynch vs. Bianca Belair!

-Just your normal RAW Talk but again, the show is finding a better groove with Jackie and Camp holding down the hosting duties now. It will never be what Talking Smack (or even RAW Talk) was years ago, but for people who missed some or most of RAW this fills in the blanks good enough. Thanks for reading!

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