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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Final Round of The 2020 WWE Draft, More

October 12, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Raw Talk WWE Draft

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 10.12.20

-Welcome to RAW Talk and what will be the final round of the 2020 WWE Draft. Let’s get to it!

-Charly Caruso welcomes us to the show and as always, she is joined by 24/7 Champion, R-Truth. CHARTRUTH! Charly is excited that Truth was drafted by RAW which keeps the team together. Truth tells Charly she was drafted by NXT UK! Fantastic! Charly goes over some of the new names on RAW that Truth needs to keep an eye on. Truth tells Charly his nerves are getting bad now. He is just trying to mind his own business and doesn’t know why all these people are coming over for his Title. Charly mentions Retribution was drafted by RAW and Truth seems perplexed.

-Our first guest is AJ Styles who is back on RAW after only a brief run on SmackDown. You kind of knew that was going to happen once Heyman ended up on SmackDown with Roman. Truth mentions he has seen AJ cheat in the past and AJ tells him it is only cheating if you get caught. Truth tells him he has a point. For AJ there is no real difference between RAW and SmackDown as it is all WWE. Truth brings the wisdom: “RAW is red and SmackDown is blue.” Truth wants to know if AJ builds condominiums since SmackDown was the house he built. AJ has to explain to Truth that he doesn’t really build houses and accuses Charly of being an enabler. Again, Truth is a National Treasure!

-They touch on the Triple Threat and AJ puts over that he won the match. He didn’t ask Elias for any help and thinks that Elias just doesn’t like Jeff either. AJ wants to know what they rules are for the 24/7 Championship as he doesn’t know. Charly tells him the title has to be defended 24/7. Truth is shocked at the betrayal by Charly. AJ wants Joseph Park here to break out analytic data. We all want Joseph Park! AJ takes his leave and CHARTRUTH make up with a fist pound.

-Round 7 WWE Draft: Lana (RAW), Natalya (SmackDown), Riddick Moss (RAW), The Riott Squad (SmackDown), Arturo Ruas (RAW)

-Lana is our next guest as she was the winner of the Battle Royal earlier in the night and gets to face Asuka next week. Lana is in tears as she mentions 2020 has been a hard year for everyone. For her she has had to go through two divorces and then Natalya turning her back on her. Lana starts crying and Truth makes me laugh so hard I have to pause the video as he casually says, “damn girl, you a wreck!” I just can’t get focused after that a need a minute! Whew, ok, I am back. Lana puts over how all hard work leads to profit and she just told herself to keep getting back up. Tonight she got lucky and next week she will get lucky and become RAW Women’s Champion. Truth is caught off guard at first and then gets excited by the confidence Lana just showed. Lana has made use of a vision board and this is something she has been building towards. She tells herself you can do anything you can set your mind too. The whole world is fighting a good fight and she is going to win. She wants to inspire people and Charly tells her to lay off Tik Tok this week, but would watch if she shows her training for Asuka. Truth tells her to look out for that green stuff.

-Our final guests are the RAW Tag Team Champions, New Day. Truth and New Day bang their titles together in celebration. Woods brings Truth an ice bag and Kofi tells Truth he knows he has been working out looking at the guns. They discuss the swap with The Street Profits and they feel it was the most logical decision. They ask Truth what brand he is on since his title is green and Truth says money. Everyone then plugs their merchandise and Woods plugs up, up, down, down. They talk about being out of action for months and not missing a beat. The Power of Positivity is real and they never let doubt sink in their mind. They said for years that Kofi would be WWE Champion and it happened. Woods says his last goal in wrestling is to become King of Ring and Kofi feels he will make a great king. Kofi brings up Lana talking about her vision board and they see no reason why she can’t be Champion. Woods brings up he was brought to WWE by Truth. TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCES! That’s a wonderful way for the show to end this week!

-Fun show as Truth was in rare form this week and played of all the guests. AJ is great, New Day is great, and I liked the confidence from Lana. “Damn girl, you a wreck” was the clear highlight of this show though and it still has me chuckling. As for the Draft Picks it’s what you would expect from a 7th Round reveal on a network exclusive weekly show. Still though a fun show this week. Thanks for reading!

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