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411’s WWE Timeline Report: ‘She Was Mine Before She Was Yours’

September 8, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Timeline

-Air Date: 09.08.20
-Run Time: 31:56

-To get this out of the way now I am going to love this episode because this angle and feud is one of my favorite of all time. As a 10 year old kid I was hooked on this story and the matches these two had with each other. Just amazing stuff with legendary promos that you could believe and feel. Let’s get to it!

-We start with Gene walking in to interview Flair and Perfect. Flair has a copy of the newest WWE Magazine and the breaking story is photos of Miss Elizabeth with Flair. “Randy, she was mine before she was yours. Woo! Yes.” The nostalgia! The memories! This is WWE Timeline (with a new narrator since Mauro is gone).

-We go way back to Randy Savage appearing on Tuesday Night Titans for the first time and the man was instantly a superstar. He was billed as the hottest free agent in wrestling and captivated audiences quickly. WOOO! “Cream of the Crop” promo! The story was every manager wanted Savage, but then he introduced the world to his manager: Miss Elizabeth and Vince losing it over his beauty is great! Elizabeth was charming and beautiful and was the balance to Savage’s crazy personality.

-Feb 1986: Savage wins the IC Title from Tito Santana in The Boston Garden.

-WrestleMania IV: Savage wins the WWF Title by winning a 14 Man Tournament. Savage became a household name and Liz was paramount to that success. Video of Savage on Regis (RIP) and doing other publicity.

-Problem was that Savage was a jealous, hot headed jock and tensions boiled with Hulk Hogan over how he was acting around Liz. YES! “Those eyes have lust for Elizabeth.” Dollar signs had to be in all their eyes after that epic split of the Mega Powers. They include Savage decking Hogan while Liz screams, “Randy.” I love it all!

-It just keeps getting better as Savage gets redeemed and reunites with Elizabeth when his career seemed at it’s lowest after losing to Warrior at Mania VII. Another one of my favorite matches and the Savage/Liz reunion moment probably makes me smile more than any other in wrestling history. Then Savage proposes to Liz on SuperStars and no joke, I would go around as a kid reciting how he did it word for word including Piper coaching him with “get down on your knee.” Again, I love all this and it just makes me happy. We have women crying in the front row as Liz answers in the best way: “Oh Yeah!”

-SummerSlam 1991: Savage and Liz get married on screen to close the show. I can’t stop smiling!

-Over in the NWA “The Nature Boy” was the man and enjoyed playing up how many women he had in each town. We get a montage of Flair with women and talking about Space Mountain. This just makes me so happy and reminds me of a simpler time in wrestling.

-Oct 12, 1991: Bobby Heenan brings Ric Flair out on WWF TV for the first time and 10 year old me was losing his mind!

-Royal Rumble 1992: Greatest Rumble match ever with massive star power, and Heenan and Monsoon killing it on commentary. Flair enters at 3 and wins The WWF Title thanks to my hero Hulk Hogan being a poor sport and screwing Sid over. Flair then cuts an amazing promo backstage with an elated Perfect and Heenan by his side. “With a tear in my eye this is the greatest moment in my life.” Classic!

-Flair was now the man and undisputed biggest star in the business. The question was who gets him at Mania VIII for the WWF Title. The top 5 contenders were Hogan, Savage, Piper, Undertaker, and Sid. I like most of the world assumed it had to be Hogan and at a press conference it was even announced as being Hogan. This left Sid none too pleased and had I been old enough to know better I would have seen Sid vs Hogan being set-up. Sid then turned on Hogan so a match was set between them at Mania leaving an opening for Flair.

-Enter Randy Savage as he finished off his heated feud with Jake Roberts and was given the nod. The news was broken by Mean Gene that at Mania VIII there would be 2 Main Events: Hogan vs Sid and Flair defending WWF Title against Savage.

-Flair and Perfect immediately started the mind games saying they had a surprise for Savage. Gene, McMahon, and Gorilla were all scoffing at the idea they had any dirt, but Team Flair kept promising something that would take the whole world by storm.

-March 7, 1992: We go back to where we started as Gene hunts down Flair and Perfect for an interview to get to the bottom of their allegations. Flair tells us that everyone knows Savage is insanely jealous of Miss Elizabeth. Flair brings out the newest WWF Magazine and inside is photos of him and Liz poolside.

-Heenan promises there are more pictures and then we join Vince interviewing Flair at a restaurant. Vince is disgusted by these tactics as it is more than just trying to win, but is trying to destroy a marriage. They flash a montage of the photos and again, just awesomeness! “Remember Randy she was mine before yours.”

-Gene, ever the news hound, interviews a crushed Randy Savage and throws dirt on the poor guy by going over in detail what was happening in the photos. Savage explodes when Gene quotes Flair’s infamous line. Savage screams “untrue” over and over and Gene keeps picking at the wound. Leave the man alone Gene!

-The next week Gene goes back to Flair and Perfect. It seems Savage is trying to buy every copy of the magazine and pictures never lie. Flair keeps it up and then plays a voice recording of Liz leaving him messages on his answering machine.

-Tom Emanuel, Publisher WWE Magazine, gets camera time saying they tried to call the Savages for comment, but they were unavailable. So they ran with the pictures and will retract them if Randy and Liz have any proof they are not real. That seems like shoddy journalism! An irate Savage cuts a promo listing Flair, Perfect, Heenan, and the Publisher of the Magazine as being on his hit list. I know he’s always intense, but Savage was just on point here with the emotion and anger during this feud.

-March to WrestleMania: March 29, 1992: Vince interviews Liz in her home. Obviously as a kid growing up I had a massive crush on Liz and she is still just a beautiful lady. Liz says that Randy has proof and will be sending the negatives to the publisher. She was first embarrassed but is now angry. She doesn’t know how Flair did it, but they are personal pictures of her and Randy. She will feel vindicated when the truth is revealed but it will always be in her mind that someone believed something like that could be true.

-Gene meets up with Flair at the airport to let him know Liz denied the allegations. Flair and Perfect promise one last surprise at Mania as they have a centerfold they will put up on the roof of the Hoosier Dome. They basically promised a fully nude Liz! You can tell this was just a perfect storyline for Flair that he could easily sink his teeth into. Flair promises that after Mania Savage will be like Liz: damaged goods!

-WrestleMania VIII: The stage was set and they delivered with a great, hate filled match. Easily one of my favorite matches of all time and in my Top 10. Savage was just possessed during the match and Flair was a cheating bastard with Perfect doing everything in his power to save the Title as well. I mean the heat for when Perfect pulled Savage off the cover is just legendary. Then he tops that by decking Savage in the knee with a chair. Flair is a bloody mess and Liz storms her way to the ring (and you can see a young Shane McMahon trying to hold her back). Savage gets a roll-up and uses the tights to win the WWF Title. That sets off Heenan who has forgotten the dozen or so times Flair and Perfect cheated.

-That was just a part of the greatness though as Flair and Savage cut two of the greatest promos off all time. I mean this is just everything great about wrestling and needs to be studied by anyone who wants to learn to cut a passion and hate filled promo. Savage isn’t just happy with the Title as he wants everything from Flair. Meanwhile Flair is promising to get the Title back and kiss Liz one more time. I can watch these two cut promos on each other all day.

-Next up Flair’s photo are exposed as fakes and I have that WWF magazine somewhere in my basement. Savage calls Flair out for the lies and that he has been talking about his wife. His wife means more to him than anything else in the world. “Life is temporary. Titles are temporary, but one thing you can’t change is my WWF Title was mine before it was yours.” Fantastic!

-Sept 1, 1992: Ric Flair wins the WWF Title back from Randy Savage in The Hershey Park Arena. Their careers continues to cross path even in WCW and sadly they don’t touch on that Liz eventually turned on Savage for Flair.

-Amazing and awesome and anything else positive you want to say. I said going in I was going to be a sucker for this and I wasn’t lying. Just a legendary feud and storyline that could have ran longer if they wanted to include their WCW wars over Savage’s father and Liz turning heel, but what we got was more than enough. My favorite episode of the series and now I am going to go watch their WrestleMania VIII match again. Thanks for reading!

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