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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 2.28.24

February 28, 2024 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite Sting 2-28-24 Image Credit: AEW
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 2.28.24  

If you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, we wrestling “journalists” are beautiful creatures with muscles aplenty and long locks of hair that even Triple H would be jealous of, look no further than my friend Michael Ornelas who is back with Part 2 of his episode of Fine Dining Podcast with his mother! This week, we get some word etymology and historical context of “The South” in a way only someone from Texas can define.

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means…

It’s Sting’s last Dynamite, and he’s sure to be going out with a bang! Let’s light the fuse and get ready for the explosive episode!

Now that that’s out of the way…

Hangman Adam Page starts the show off proper, and he’s on a crutch. He’s in cowboy gear, not cowboy shit gear, so let’s see how serious this is.

Page is aware this doesn’t look promising. When AEW started, it was a new endeavor, but for him it was a goal. A chance to make the most of the world in front of him. He did that. Winning the title in 2021 was the biggest accomplishment of his career, which is why it hurts so much to have that opportunity come in front of him again and have this happen.

Page says when AEW decided that there would be a triple threat, he said it was horseshit, and he meant it. He suggested it should happen in a Singles Match, but Page had the wrong two guys in mind. He will not apologize to Swerve or to Joe, but he will tell us the truth, and this Sunday, he will not be able to compete.

Swerve Strickland is here, presumably to bask in the glory of the injury.

Crowd is very pro- Swerve. He says the last six months, they’ve been to war. They tried to kill each other, Swerve maybe crossed the line a bit. He didn’t expect this. He targeted Page because of all he has done. Saying he doesn’t respect Page would be a flat out lie. But the thing about fate is you cant escape it, and you cant stop destiny. His destiny awaits him this Sunday.

Samoa Joe, upset that he wasn’t invited, comes out with his title. Crowd also loves Joe.

Destiny? What do we have here? Two of the most bitter enemies trying to hug it out? A lot of lies are being told, so he is here with some truths. First truth, they avoided making eye contact with him to avoid who the real man around here is. Secondly, although he doesn’t know of Page’s presence in the match, he keeps hearing they’re both young and hungry. But that’s dumb, they are both battle-tested. They are hungry, accomplished wrestlers. But they are only hungry because Joe is starving their asses, and as long as he has the title, there will be no more meals come dinner time. He is Samoa Joe, the champion, and whether it’s one or both, he’s going to whip both their asses.

Swerve wants to explain who the hell he is. From unemployed to headlining PPVs, from cruiserweight to world champ. He is the same guy that trespassed another man’s home and threatened an infant child. He is not only a career maker, he is a career changer. Joe wont know what to do with himself once Swerve is done with him. He may want to go back to commentary wearing a poncho again. Who knows. Swerve is on the verge of making history. He will be champion this Sunday. Whose House?!


A HEADSHOT WITH THE CRUTCH! Page grabs Swerve, yells that he will never have the title. He screams to Joe that he wont be champion, Swerve wont be champion, Page will! Swerve will never be champion!

Swerve is knocked the fuck out.

Earlier Today, The Young Bucks showed up for work.

They walk in to meet Renee, who is waiting for a mic. Tonight is Sting’s final Dynamite. She brings up Flair, and Nick says it went great. Matt wonders if she has seen Sting yet. Matt says this is his final appearance. They’re dying to see him and thank him for all his contributions, but also want to conduct his exit interview.

They bring out bats and tell the camera man to follow them.

They yell for Sting and walk around the back.

The Blackpool Combat Club vs FTR and Eddie Kingston

Eddie wants to start with Bryan, but Bryan is smiling his ass off. The bell rings and Bryan, after some cheers for Eddie, tags in Claudio. They go shoulder to shoulder in the center, neither one budging after a few more. Uppercut from Claudio. Kick out of the corner, Claudio to the 2nd rope, shoulder check sends Claudio down. Tag to Dax. Tag to Bryan. Lockup! Side headlock takedown from Dax, leg scissors, break, and both men up. Another lockup, side headlock from Dax again, Bryan shoots him to the ropes, shoulder tackle sends Bryan down, arm drag attempt but Bryan with a scoop slam. They go for the leg scissors, break again. Both men up.

Tag to Jon. Tag to Cash. Jon slaps Cash, Cash slaps right the fuck back. In the corner, Jon with a right, Cash hits his own, uppercut, chop, another uppercut, Jon circles and hits his own, another, chop, right, Cash is whipped, kick ut the corner, HUGE chop to Jon, they are in the center now. Headbutts from both a few times, uppercut from Cash, another, chop, to Jon. Headbutt. EVERYBODY IN THE RING! They all go at it!

WE ARE BACK and Bryan has Cash in the ring, going for a Mexican Surfboard. He tags Jon in before pulling Cash back to his knees. Jon with a chop to the open chest. Cover for 1..2NO!!! Jon with a Figure Four, switching to the side. Dax runs in and stomps on Jon’s hand then exits the ring. Whip to Cash, kick from Jon, Cash tries for a tag, Jon shoots him off, Claudio grabs him from the apron, Cash counters, right to Jon, tagto Dax, kick to the entering Bryan, then a neckbreaker to Claudio. He grabs Jon, whip, reversed, small package from Dax! Cover! 1..2..NO!!!! Waist lock into a rollup for 1.2..NO!!! 2nd rope, crossbody from Dax! Cover! 1..2…N!O!! Jon with a thumb to the eye! He underhooks, Dax reverses, TIGER DRIVERRRR! Pin for 1..2.NO!!! Bryan in to stop it! Eddie enters to fight Bryan, and Bryan laughs him off as the ref stops him. Claudio with a cheapshot to Dax.

Bryan grabs Dax on the outside. He drops the arm onto his shoulder. Here comes Eddie to protect Dax, but Bryan picks the ankle and stomps Eddie with boots over and over. The ref is trying to stop Jon and Dax, who are on top of a barricade. Bryan whips Eddie into the other barricade, then rushes with a low dropkick to Eddie.

In the ring, Jon has the arm of Dax. Claudio stomps off the tag. Dax chops. Uppercut from Claudio. Another, Dax with a chop, another, another, side headlock, Claudio shoots him off and hits a big lariat. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Claudio is pissed.

WE ARE BACK and Claudio has Dax hurt with the legs locked. Jon pins Dax down on his stomach. Bryan is up top! He flies with a headbutt! Jon covers! 1..2..NO!!!! Jon works the left arm. Back body drop from Dax. Tag to Bryan and he runs in to stop a tag to Kingston just as Claudio pulls Cash down. Dax flies, gets a tag to Eddie!! They trade chops in the middle of the ring. They each get four before Eddit takes over and corners Bryan. He’s bout to go crazy but Bryan with a thumb to the eye! Eddie with an exploder to Bryan! In comes CLaudi! EXPLODER! Jon enters, big lariat! Eddie shoots right back up! They grab each other by the head, Eddie laughs, and they go with the hokcey fight! Jon kicks, Eddie with a lariat out of the corner, Bryan with a running kneeee! He shoots Edie into the arms of Claudio. GIANT SWING TO EDDI!! DROPKICK FRO MBRYAN! Catapult to Eddie INTO the fucking knee!!! PILEDRIVER from Jon! GOOD GAWD! COVER! 1…2….DAX STOPS THE PIN WITH A SHOULDER!

BCC triple team Dax, but Cash is in for the save. Dropkick to Claudio, back body drop to Jon to the outside, clothesline to Claudio!!! Cash shoots Bryan into Eddie, who hits a riht. Big bulldog from Dax off the top rope to Bryan on the shoulders of Cash! Cover! 1..2…NO!!!! Claudio and Jon stop the pin!!! All six are slow to stand. Dax and Jon up first. They trade chops. Bryan and Eddie meeti n the middle and chop each other a few times. Claudio and Cash do the same. Jon drops Dax with elbows to the shoulder, Bryan does the same, Claudio too! All of them with the elbows to the side of the head! Jon chokes up Dax, ref is trying to get everyone else out of the ring. Sleepers all around! Bryan screams for Eddie to tap! Edddie chants. He is up. Cash is up. Dax is up! They all back up their respective opponents into the corners. WE get some chops in the corner from FTR and Eddie. BCC reverses! They mount for some elevated punches. Bryan shouts orders, whip to FTR who reverse and punch Jon and Bryan in the face. SHATTER MACHINE TO CLAUDIO!!! Jon with a DDT to Cash. Brainbustaaaahhhh from Dax! KNEE FROM BRYAN!!! EDDIE tries for a fist, but Bryan ducks, captures the shoulder, suplex!

RUNNING KNEE FROM BRYAN!!! Bryan grabs Eddie by the arms. He stomps the face, again, again, Bryan sits on Eddie, pulls his head up, and we get a submission! Ref calls it.

Winners: The Blackpool Combat Club
They got a little too cute with the “everybody does this” spots, but still a high quality opener that was both hard hitting and ass kicking. They were flirtin with “indyriffic,” though.
Total Rating: ***3/4
Match Time: 21:52

Bryan doesn’t release the hold. The ref tries to stop him as Bryan gives Eddie a quick message.

Backstage, Chris Jericho is asked about his history with Atlantis Jr, the son of one of Jericho’s first opponents.

Jericho goes over the past, talking about legends of the CMLL. Atlantis was a great opponent, a great partner, a mentor, and a friend. He requested to have a match with his son, so Jericho can repay the favor. Tonight, he will show Atlantis a few things he’s never seen before. Tonight, he will show Atlantis what Chris Jericho, Corazon De Leon can do.

We come back to Tony Schiavone in the middle of the ring. He introduces Will Ospreay.

He comes out, says hello to everyone, says his obligations with NJPW are done. He got pissed with the missus, flew over here, Delta lost his bags, they found them, he cme down wearing his green track suit, looking like Kermit the Frog done leg day, but most importantly, he is here for full time work. He’s all in. He’s beat Orange Cassidy, Kenny Omega, and he’s even pinned Jericho at Wembley. The territory might be different, but he’s used to this. He’s been rollin with The Callis Family…

And here he comes.

Don Callis, Powerhouse Hobbs, and Konosuke Takeshita are here.

Hobbs gets a hugg, Callis gets a hug. Takeshita does not…

Don makes point of being by Will’s side with the win over Omega and Jericho. How to top this? Having a match of the decade with Takeshita. He wants Will and Takeshita to shake hands.

Will offers his hand out, Takeshita stares at it like it’s foreign, then shakes back.

Will goes to walk away, but Takeshita holds on, pulls him in and claps his arm a bit. Will returns the favor and they try some one-upmanship.

OSPREAY chant. Callis foolishly tries to get a Takeshita chant, but it doesn’t go.

AEW International Championship Match
Orange Cassidy vs Nick Wayne

OC does his OC thing, nearly gets a Beach Break, covers for 1..2..NO!! Rana from Nick. He rushes the corner, enziguri out of the corner, bounces off for Wayne’s World, but OC escapes. Nick with a diving uppercut. OC rolls outside. Christian is there. Nick to the apron, runs with a kick, OC catches the boot Nick flips off the apron and shoots OC into the steps back first HARD. Nick to the 2nd rope, dieves off with a moonsault. Nick sends OC into the ring. Nick ot the otp rope. OC rolls all the way ot the outside. Nick hops off the corner, runs across the ring and dives over the top rope to the outside onto OC! He rolls OC into the ring and hops to the apron. Nick to the top rope. He dives with a frog splash, lands on his feet, kick out the corner from OC, another uppercut from Wayne gets OC under the chin. Nick splits the legs, climbs, locks the head, and OC hits a uppercut to the chests, another, another ot the face. OC to the top, Nick calls for the ref and Cage trips OC up on the corner. Ref turns! HE KICKS THE PATRIARCHY to the back! Nick is furious.

We are back and OC is taking Nick’s head and bouncing it off some buckles. OC to the top rope, he dives with a crossbody. OC stands, hits the ropes, ducks under an axe, DDT to Nick!!! Cover! 1..2..NO!!! OC goes for Orange Punch, Nick ducks, OC counters, Nick counters too, Fisherman’s! Into a pin! 1..2..NO!!! Nick tires for some OC kicks. OC pops up, big kick to the chin. OC walks over to Nick and does some OC kicks but gets harder and harder after every one. Running punt kick! He goes for OC punch, but Nick ducks under. GERMAN! Roll through, into a BEACH BREAK! COVER! 1..2…NO!!!!

Matt Taven and Mike Bennett are here to distract. Nick with a dragon suplex. Pin for 1.2…NO!!! Here come Rocky Romero and Trent Baretta!

They attack Kingdom as Nick takes off the buckle pad. Daniel Garcia is out here to point at Nick. ORANGE PUNCH!!! COVER! 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Orange Cassidy
Same Orange Time, Same Orange Channel.
Total Rating: *****
Match Time: 10:55

Roderick Strong attacks OC from out of nowhere! Here come Baretta and Rocky to make the save! The Undisputed Kingdom walk to the back, staring Garcia down as they leave.

Skye Blue vs Kris Statlander

Kris corners Skye with some anger. A bunch of right hands. She sends Skye to the adjacent corner and hits another right, another, big tackle drops Skye. Kris lifts for a body slam, Kris escapes, Lariat try from Skye, Kris drops her, senton, cover for 1..2.NO!!! Chop from Kris, whip to the ropes, Skye ducks under a right, tries for a rana, but Kris holds on and just tosses her off of her neck. Kris runs to the corner, Skye escapes, kick from Kris, Skye sends her to the apron, high knee from Ske. She gets to the apron, grabs Kris by the hair, Kris with a right han, press from Kris and she drops Skye into the crowd onto some “fans.”

WE ARE BACK and Kris shoots Skye into the corner, hits a running uppercut, then a running knee. Kris whips into a powerslam. Cover for 1..2.NO!! Kris tries for a rolling hit but Skye escpaes, hits a neckbreaker, kick, cover, 1..2..NO!!! Kris lcoks the head, gets shot to the apron, kick to Kris in the face. Skye grabs Kris on the apron, underhook, back elbow from Kris, kick from Skye, kick from Kris! GERMAN ON THE APRON!!!!

Julia Hart stares Kris down, but Willow is there to stare Her down. Kris runs and gets a drop toe hold INTO the steps! Skye rolls Kris into the ring, ducks under, locks the head, CANADIAN DESTROYER!!! Big kick! Inside Cradle! 1…2…..NO!!! Skye to the 2nd rope, Kris swings wit a wild right hand. Iconoplasm. Kris locks the head, hooks the leg, and almost a Blue Thunder Bomb! Pin for 1..2..NO!!!

Stokely tries to hand Kris a chain, but she wont take it. Skye with a kick, Hart is in, belt shot to Kris! CODE BLUE! PIN! 1..2….3!!!!

Winner: Skye Blue
Everything before the break could have been cut off and this would have been great. It wasn’t bad, just inconsequential.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 9:36

Nick and Matt are still looking for Sting with their bats.

They come up on a door with Sting’s name on it. Matt waits, says sting seemed out of his mind last week. Let’s just be mindful of this. They open the door, and there are a bunch of bats hanging from small hooks. The light is red. There is a mirror. Nick hits a chair with a bat.


Chris Jericho vs Atlantis Jr.

Atlantis tries for a handshake but Jericho checks him with a right. That’s not cool. Atlantis shoots Jericho to the corner, enziguri. Crossbody off the top. Whip to Jericho, he tries for a monkey flip out the corner, Jerichol holds on, Atlantis gets some crowd love and hits it. He tries for another monkey flip, gets it. He goes for a third, but Jericho shoots him off and picks the legs for some Walls. He locks it in but Atlantis gets to the ropes! Jericho clubs the back and tries to remove the mask. Here comes his pops, and as Aubrey checks on the mask, Atlantis chokes Jericho with a towel! Jericho leaves the ring to argue, and Jr. hits a suicide dive! Jr sends Jericho into the apron head firs.t He grabs the legs and catapults Jericho into the ringpost! JR drags the steps to the side of the apron, grabs Jericho and lfits up for a powerbomb, but cant quite get it.He tries again, and Jericho hits a rana, sending Jr into the steps.

We are back and Jericho runs the apron, heads to the top rope, Jr. meets him there and arm drags him off the corner. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Jr misses a right, rlls through, hugs Jericho’s waist, lifts up for a GERMAN! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Jr to the corner, Jericho chops. Jericho climbs, grabs Jr and pulls him to the top, then drags Jr with a face plant off the top rope! This was a callback to his match 20 years ago, but came off looking ough. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Chop to Jr in the conrer. Whip and Jr flies over Jericho. Powerslam to Jericho in the middle of the ring! Cover! 1..2…NO!!! Kick from Jr, big boot from Jericho. Jericho bounces off the ropes, flies, and Jr ducks! Jericho crashes on the outside. Jr hits the ropes, flies over the top rope! Jr tosses Jericho into the ring, climbs the top, looks to fly, but Jericho clips the legs. Jericho with a righ hand. He chops Jr. Jr with an elbow but Jericho hits him with another chop. Jericho mounts and gets a 10 count punch then a head scissors sends Jr flying. Jr swings for Judas Effect, Jr ducks under, gets Jericho on the top of his shoulders, and stretches Jericho out! JR SPISN!!

Jericho counters! Drops to his feet, sweeps the legs, WALLS OF JERICHO! Jr nearly gets to the ropes but Jericho pulls him to the center of the ring. Atlantis Sr. throws in the towel, and the winner is Jericho!

Winner: Chris Jericho via Towel
A whole lot wrong here. First, Jericho has been face for weeks, so it’s odd seeing him go heel by trying to remove the mask. Second, even with the history lesson early, there was little to care about here, especially focusing on Jericho instead of Jr. trying to fight for his father or something. Also, this thing went too long and there were times where it looked like Jericho was sandbagging – he wasn’t, it just looked that way. Lastly, after having seen numerous people in the Walls, in a Liontamer, in any number of submissions, it just came off so eye-rolling to see the match end in a towel toss.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 12:03

The Young Bucks are here with their wannabe Succession music. They walk down the ramp, and there are masked Sting fans in the crowd. One walks up to the barricade, removes the mask, and it’s Darby Allin!

He attacks, but is made short work of, as Matt sends him into the ring and attacks wit the bat. Nick grabs an arm, Matt grabs one, too. They set up for it. EVP Trigger!

Damn, I expected the lights to go out.

Matt slams a bat to the gut. Nick with a stomp. Matt looks to the top of the ramp. He calls for some people to come out.

Instead of Sting, it’s Ric Flair.

He is out with a smile.

Matt and Nick continue to stomp down Darby as Flair takes his sweet ass time coming down the ramp. He removes his jacket and enters the ring with a thumbs up.

Matt hands Ric a bat. Ric looks to swing, drops the bat, thumb to the eye of Nick. Right hand to Matt, another, Nick with a low blow so soft, you think he’s doing Ric Flair a favor.

Sting’s music finally hits, and Matt and nick walk up the ramp with their bats, ready to attack.

STING COMES DOWN FROM THE RAFTERS by rope! He lands on his feet and unhooks. Matt and Nick turn around and see him, and how this is ANY different than him coming from the back, I do not know.

They clank bats, and Sting grabs a white one and a black one, attacking each with a swing. Darby on the top rope. Coffin Drop to The Bucks.

Sting sends Nick into the ring. Scorpion Death Drop.

Flair, Darby, and Sting stand tall as The Bucks walk up the ramp angry.

End Show

The final score: review Average
The 411
Yeesh. I wanted to enjoy tonight, and with a start like this one, it would appear difficult not to. But boy oh boy did that last 45 minutes smell of TNA. The opener was great, even if it bordered "indyriffic," attempting to have one too many spots of synchronicity. I'm of the mind that the "rapid fire chops" are meant more to ridicule than to hurt, so don't typically mind them, but even Eddie's gotta admit that he's gone a bit crazy with them. Pay attention to Cash's though, because they were no joke. The thread of The Bucks looking for Sting all over was dumb, with hanging bats being anything but ominous. OC's defense was fun enough, as Nick shows great promise being as young as he is. The women's match was in the typical spot, so one could argue pro or against there, in all fairness. I talked about the Jericho match above, so I will only echo those sentiments here. That final segment, though...I get the callbacks to the past, but it just didnt do it for me. Flair's turn was meh, the low blow to him was laughable, Sting coming down from the rafters, albeit cool, should have garnered no different reaction from The Bucks than him coming from the back, and just kind of left the show deflated. Not the best work, but the build has been solid for weeks, so I dont think it necessarily detracted from the upcoming PPV.

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