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Aleah James Hopes To Work With Marina Shafir & Mickie James

September 19, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE Aleah James Image Credit: WWE

Aleah James has a couple names at the top of her list of people she wants to work with, namely Marina Shafir and Mickie James. James officially exited WWE in July and she told Fightful that Shafir and James are both people that she wants to compete against.

“I feel like, I might say this all the time, but Marina Shafir,” James said. “I want to wrestle her so bad. She’s amazing. I always love people that bring a different kind of background into wrestling and make the realism next level. I love that. So, 100% her. That would be a dream match, and Mickie James, obviously. She’s my adopted mother.”

James was a regular in NXT UK and was injured for its last several months, getting cleared just before the UK brand was put on hiatus.