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AR Fox Recalls His Time in Dragon Gate, Working with CIMA

August 9, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
AR Fox EVOLVE Memorial Cup

AR Fox spent time in Dragon Gate in 2011 and 2012, and he looked back at those tours on Talk is Jericho. Fox spoke with Jericho about working with CIMA during that time and you can see highlights below courtesy of Fightful:

On working with CIMA: “Well the main person I was working with, I was working with CIMA a lot. He’s [was] their guy. He [was] up there up there, he took me under his wing and we were teaming up and we had tag belts and everything. Yeah, he was the guy I was working with the most. I worked with Shingo [Takagi], YAMATO, I worked with the entire roster, I did two three-month tours.”

On what he learned from CIMA: “One thing I kind of learned from CIMA was just taking time. It’s hard to explain it, but just to hold his ground he would hit somebody with something, and then he’d stand there and fix his elbow pad. It just looked so cool. Sometimes he’d fix his waistband in between doing [things], but he’d just look cool. He claps whatever strike he does, so when I was in Japan, I asked if I could do that alongside him. He was sitting there thinking about it and he’s like, ‘Okay, okay.’ I was like, ‘Cool’ and he was like the coolest guy to me. I clap with all of my strikes to be like CIMA, to pay homage or whatever. So that’s why I clap on my strikes, I’m not doing it for sound. Let me get that out there [laughs].”

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