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Atticus Cogar Is No Longer A Part of GCW, Says Locker Room Is Toxic

March 9, 2022 | Posted by Joseph Lee
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In an interview with Iron On Wrestling (via Fightful), Atticus Cogar said that he is no longer a part of GCW for several different reasons. He claimed that he had issues with management and said the locker room is “toxic” for someone with past drug issues.

He said: “By no means does the booking have anything to do with my departure from GCW. Yes, I’m gone from GCW. It’s simply because me and the office don’t see eye to eye on the way business is handled. The locker room is extremely toxic for someone who has battled with drug issues. It’s toxic for someone who has battled with mental health issues. This is all strictly my point of view, I’m not speaking for anyone else in Game Changer Wrestling locker room. If others don’t feel that way, that’s on them and that’s fine. It got to the point where my mental health is bad and I was doing every GCW show, and I was very loyal for the exposure and Brett, it got me to where I am today. I’m very thankful and grateful for that. We didn’t get along towards the end. My ultimate goal in pro wrestling is to be able to make a living off pro wrestling. With my new opportunities, I’m able to do that. If I stayed in GCW, which I like wrestling for GCW, so I’m not going to bash them as a company running shows, it just got to a point where I wasn’t having fun anymore and I didn’t like being there. Another reason why I decided to step away from GCW is, I didn’t like how the people who I was close to, were treated. I didn’t like how Rickey (Shane Page) was treated and I didn’t like the way everything went about after WarGames. It’s not my business to speak on and I won’t. I didn’t like it. Eddie Only still hasn’t been paid for Hammerstein. There are little things like that. People were being disrespected. I didn’t agree with that and the way things were handled in that aspect.

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