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Big Damo On His Relationship With Drake Maverick, Getting Released From WWE

April 15, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Drake Maverick Killian Dain Big Damo Image Credit: WWE

Big Damo, the former Killian Dain, recently discussed his relationship with Drake Maverick who he worked with in NXT and more. Damo spoke with Wrestling Inc for a new interview, and you can check out some highlights below:

On his WWE release: “I was actually training people the day I got fired, it’s one of those things. But listen, what is WWE’s loss will be the rest of the world’s gain. Because what I am able to take out to the rest of the world, brilliant. I am going to be able to help influence the next group of people in America or Europe. Or even maybe in Japan or wherever else. I am going to take my knowledge and help the rest of the world, and I am more than happy with that.”

On working with Drake Maverick in NXT: “What you saw on-screen, is exactly what it was off-screen, I can tell you that. He still annoys me when he calls me or texts me. We are in a group chat together, he still pisses me off then. Even when I hear stories about him from other people, he still pisses me off. No, Drake Maverick is one of those guys, I have known Drake Maverick for maybe 17 years or something. I absolutely adored Spud as a person, and as a guy. But he does do everything to annoy me at all times. So what you saw there is about as close as it gets to reality, I can tell you.”

On potentially facing the former Alexander Wolfe in the Progress Wrestling Atlas Championship tournament: “Listen, Axel Tischer as a person, is one of my best friends. As a worker, I respect him above all else, but if we are against each other in the middle of that ring, it won’t be my friend, it won’t be my SAnitY brother, it will be a guy who I am going to knock the absolute teeth off. I think he’s an absolutely incredible talent, I love watching him, I love everything that he does. But listen, he will just be in my way. We can drink about it after, we can go have a couple of beers and we can commiserate each other as need be. But listen, if there’s anybody I would love to wrestle it would be Axel Tischer, I think he’s absolutely incredible. I don’t think WWE really got to see the full scope of his ability. I think you got a little bit of it in NXT UK, you got to see how good he was. He got some great singles matches there, but as far as on SmackDown or NXT proper, you never got to see how good Axel was. But I think he’s writing that wrong right now.”