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Brian Pillman’s Grandson Credited With Helping Prevent School Shooting

February 12, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Brian PIllman WCW Image Credit: WWE

The grandson of Brian Pillman has been recognized for helping to prevent a planned school shooting. FOX 19 and WCPO in Cincinatti are both reporting that Boom Swallen, the grandson of the late WWE and WCW star, helped to prevent a planned attack at Mariemont High School. The reports say that the 14 year-old Swallen reported to his father Zach Swallen that he had overheard a classmate talking about conducting a mass shooting at the school.

According to the report, the other student (also 14) professed to having a detailed plan that included a hit list. According to Hamilton County Prosecutor Melissa Powers, the student reportedly plotted with an out-of-state adult in January, including the list of students and teachers they wanted to kill and making a plan for accessing a gun in the student’s home. Powers said that if Swallen hadn’t come forward, “we’d be talking about a tragedy in our community with a lot of lives lost.”

Zach Swallen said that he was at work when Boom contacted him, noting, “He said that he wanted to protect his classmates and that he didn’t care if the kid – if the kid followed through on his threat on his life, but he wanted his classmates to be safe.”

The other student was arrested and charged with with conspiracy to commit aggravated murder. They are currently being held in a juvenile detention facility.

The Uvalde Foundation for Kids will recognize Swallen for coming forward, with founder Daniel Chapin saying, “The second someone steps in and says something that makes you a hero, that makes an impact on everyone around you and the things that could occur,” said Rebecca Engle of the Foundation. “Because without that voice and if he would’ve just said, ‘Whatever,’ and not get involved in it, a tragedy could’ve gotten way worse.”

Zach said of his son, “He stood up, and that’s heroic of him, and I’m so proud of him, and I’ve always taught him since he was a little guy to protect your peers, to help people to be nice people, to love people.”

Boom Swallen is the nephew of current WWE NXT star Lexis King. King posted to Twitter, writing:

“This is my nephew Jackson Swallen. As you can probably tell he’s got the genes of his late grandfather Flyin Brian Pillman! 15 years old and already a national hero, we are all so proud of him!!!”