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Cazer’s AEW Dark Review 6.14.22

June 14, 2022 | Posted by Andrew Cazer
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Cazer’s AEW Dark Review 6.14.22  

It’s Tuesday Night so that means we’re back for another jam packed episode of AEW Dark. It’s not actually jam packed as we’re once again looking at a relatively comfy eight matches. AEW Dark is at it’s best when it’s between 5-9 matches. More or less is always no good. We have some pretty exciting matches on tap this week as a number of decent names are appearing due to this being taped before/after an episode of Rampage so we don’t have the C squad. That said let’s get into the show.

We get a highlight video showcasing Anthony Bowens to open the show. Be a lot cooler if they did this on Dynamite to be honest. Using AEW Dark for that stuff seems odd to me.

QT Marshall vs. Alan “V” Angels

We are once again at an actual arena as this was likely taped during the Dark tapings for Rampage. Marshall gets the upper hand on Angels early attacking him before the bell. Solo gets involved for a bit but he’s ran off by the dark order. Angels with a standing sliced bread to QT and nearly steals the victory. Not sure if it’d be an upset but I guess. Angels with a sweet dive onto QT and runs right into a knee. Angels with a frog splash and again a near fall. I bit on both likely because I don’t consider QT much of a threat. QT with an elevated forearm then the Diamond Cutter for the victory.
Rating: **3/4
Review: I might be overrating this because they got me to bite on the near falls but I enjoy when I can buy into either guy winning. This was real short so again likely overrating a bit but it was a solid opener.

Bobby Fish vs. Brock Anderson

Fish takes control immediately but Brock with a decent bit of grappling to gain control for a moment. This is actually a great match for Brock, someone who really hasn’t shown a ton of growth in his time in AEW, working with a guy like Fish can do wonders. Fish maintaining control early not giving Brock a whole lot of offense early on. No Arn at ringside could be making it difficult for Brock to compete with Bobby. Brock takes control with a spear and shoulders in the corner, basically all he ever does honestly. Brock with a spinebuster the other move he does well. Fish ducks a punch and takes a DDT from Brock, Brock covers for two. Excalibur questions if Bobby is toying with Brock at this point. Brock with a roll up, Bobby transitions into a knee bar and picks up the submission victory.
Rating: **1/2
Review: This wasn’t much, Fish dominated as he should’ve. Most job matches like this the job guy gets a lot more offense in but i’m not sure Brock can effectively do anything besides a body slam, a spear in the corner and a spinebuster so he can’t get a long run of offense.
Post Match: Fish refuses to let go prompting Darby Allin to hit the ring and make the save.

The Jericho Appreciation Society vs. Jack Banning, Ray Rosa, and Sinn Bodhi

Holy shit it’s Kizarny. Daniel Garcia on the apron to begin the match and keeps his Kangol hat on. He tags in and continues to wrestle with the hat on I love it. We have Ricky Starks on commentary always a blessing. Bodhi tags in and beats up on Daddy Magic for a moment before he tosses him outside and takes control. Garcia tags in and locks in his modified sharpshooter for the victory.
Rating: N/A
Review: I love what this group has done for Garcia, he still has a ton of room to grow but he’s come a long way since just being a guy a few months back.
Post match: The Jericho Appreciation society cut a promo on Eddie Kingston and company putting over the upcoming Blood and Guts match.

Anna Jay, Ruby Soho & Kris Statlander vs. Nyla Rose, Emi Sakura & Diamanté

This is actually an interesting match, Nyla not typically on the losin side and she’s paired with Emi and Diamante who have some wins recently but they have some legit competition here. Honestly AEW Dark could benefit from more six person tag matches like this that aren’t just throw away squash matches. It’s a great way to give us something similar but different from the last six man tag we just saw. We have Mark Henry here on commentary for this one. Diamante takes control early backing Soho up with a series of strikes before taunting the camera. Emi and Stat tag in, this would be a sweet singles match up if given time and a story. Statlander looks fantastic hitting a standing frogsplash onto Emi covering for two. Anna Jay tags in, she has the most to prove in this one as both Soho and Stat are pretty sound in the ring. Emi with a scratch across the lower back of Anna Jay and a backbreaker to follow it. Nyla tags in and Anna gets to play babyface in peril, something she could use work on. Her selling isn’t awful but could use work in places. Anna Jay fights back momentarily but runs right into another backbreaker. Really good stuff here with the heels working over Anna Jay’s back. Nyla with some really bad chops across the chest of Anna. Diamante with some better but still not great forearms to the chest of Anna. Emi tags in and gets dropped by Anna allowing her to crawl for a tag. Somehow Emi is completely devastated by a flatliner from Anna. Soho makes the tag but Bryce doesn’t see it. Anna is literally in the corner and could’ve made the tag but just doesn’t. Emi is finally able to tag Nyla despite hardly taking any offense. Nyla with a senton into the corner but Anna moves and finally gets the legal tag to Ruby. Ruby looks great hitting Nyla with a series of strikes. Statlander with a blind tag into a crossbody and she covers for two. Soho and Statlander are great and immediately change the dynamic of the match after Anna. Nyla with a urinage and cover for two, it’s great she’s on the heel side as she adds some legitimacy to a potential win. Diamante with a code red she covers for two. Diamante with a roll up on Statlander for two. Diamante attempts a standing sliced bread but Statlander catches her and drops her with her finish for the victory.
Rating: **1/4
Review: I didn’t realize Excalibur was not there at all for this match until the end when noone was calling the names of moves. He was missed. This match was fine and the ref missed tag stuff can be fine when it isn’t so dumb but Anna could’ve made the tag and just didn’t only to make a tag a minute later. She wasn’t great at selling as the babyface in peril but it wasn’t awful. She has room to grow and that’s what this is for but Statlander, Soho and even Nyla felt levels above Anna.

Anthony Ogogo vs. Nick Ruiz

Ruiz making his AEW debut and I can’t imagine it’s long lasting. Ogogo right into the cravat then into a side headlock. Ogogo has a decent big guy look but I don’t have the feeling he will ever be a very big deal in AEW. His big guy look is turning into a bit of a thicc boy look. Ogogo with a sick f5 into a powerslam style move that should be his finish. Ogogo lifts Ruiz up and hits the popup forearm/right hand for the victory. Rick Knox immediately begins counting and that’s it win via KO.
Rating: N/A
Review: Here’s the thing, if the referee’s only start counting for a knockout like that for one guy at one point in matches it kind of gives it away doesn’t it? I know the ten count happens in wrestling but the way Rick did it here was vastly different from the normal. Ogogo is another talent who I am ready to see get a storyline against someone on the ‘main’ roster if you will. Even if it’s just to put over one of the newer guys i’m bored of his job victories.

Konosuke Takeshita vs. Nick Comoroto

Give these guys fifteen minutes and it’ll be a barn burner. I’m predicting closer to 6-7 minutes but I love Takeshita and Comoroto can go as well. Comoroto has become a classic mid level victory for AEW Dark superstars he ran up some wins for a bit and now is used to give guys a decent singles victory. Solid start to this one and they both exchange moments of momentum and having the upper hand. Comoroto is probably one of the more underrated under utilized guys on AEW Dark he’s used plenty but he’s way better than being stuck with Solo. The crowd loves Takeshita already because he’s proven he’s really good. Comoroto takes control and we get a USA chant, which confuses everyone as Comoroto is the heel. HO chants for Comoroto now I get it they’re treating him like Hacksaw. Comoroto does a decent job playing into the crowds shenanigans. Takeshita fights back and the crowd is ready to get behind him. This is a great match to show the strength of Takeshita as he is doing GREAT standing toe to toe with Comoroto. He drops Nick with a SICK clothesline then follows immediately with a tope. This guy is so fun to watch. Takeshita with a frogsplash onto Comoroto but Nick kicks out at two. Takeshita calls for the german suplexes but Nick blocks it. Nick lifts Takeshita up but he counters and hits Nick with a German suplex, he goes for the jumping knee but Nick catches him on his shoulders and drops him onto his knee for a neckbreaker. This is freaking great. Ho chants are back Excalibur says “The Chorus of Hos” and notices what he says. Comoroto runs right into the jumping knee in the corner OUT OF NOWHERE. Takeshita with the cover and victory. That was such a great way to finish that match.
Rating: ***1/2
Review: This was the most fun I’ve had watching a Dark match in a while, Takeshita is awesome and so is Nick, i’m a big fan of both so I may be bias but this was great. I wanted them to go longer but they went about what I predicted about 7 minutes. Longer would’ve been great but that’s a great way to put over Takeshita’s finish and how it can come from nowhere. They should run this back on Dynamite.

Matt Sydal vs. Taylor Rust

Excalibur puts over Rust as he drops Sydal and mocks him with the yoga pose. Excalibur has watched Rust grow for a while. Decent back and forth action here between Rust and Sydal, without Excalibur putting him over I wouldn’t have expected much for Rust but he’s doing well so far. He must be relatively known if Excalibur knows of him but i’m pretty unfamiliar. Rust and Sydal exchange pinfall attempts. Rust with a stiff kick to the chest of Sydal and then a flipping cravat and covers Sydal for two. Rust is impressing here. Sydal with a kick then a leaping knee strike to Rust. Sydal with the lightning spiral and covers Rust for the victory.
Rating: **3/4
Review: This was a solid squash match and was a lot of fun. This would’ve been decent in Orlando but it was awesome here in Ontario. It was short and more along the lines of your typical AEW Dark squash as the ‘job’ guy got a lot of offense in but it felt fresh as we haven’t seen the same match five times in a row tonight so it made for a good match. I don’t know if Rust will become a regular but I wouldn’t mind it.

Ethan Page vs. Kazarian

Kaz is gearing up to appear at Slammiversary on Saturday but Ethan Page has Miro in a few days so I think he needs a win here more. Pretty solid main even match for AEW Dark if I must say. Kaz maineventing in SoCal is great. Ricky is back on commentary. Kaz waists no time backing Ethan up in the corner and beating him down. Commentary references a small child recording the show but Ricky says she’s holding the phone wrong. Good stuff. Ethan tries to leave but Excalibur begs them to stop as he still has to put over their next show in Duluth, GA. Kaz makes the save allowing Excalibur to get his ad read off. Kaz is distracted by Lambert allowing Tai-Kwan-Doe Jones to drop Kaz off the apron with a sweet kick. Ethan sends Kaz into the ring post and smiles to the camera and Ricky calls him Dimple Jones. Kaz hits Ethan with a water bottle seems illegal. Taz says Sky has had an amazing run as TNT champion and all Ricky says is “Hm.” Taz mentions it and we get another “Hm.” great stuff between those two. Ethan and Kaz exchange pinfall attempts. Page drops Kaz with a clothesline. Ethan is a built boy Ricky Starks says, he needs to steal that as his nick name. Built Boy Ethan Page. Page with a waist lock and Lambert tells Kaz to just give it up. Ricky gets into an argument with Excalibur and Taz over California Geography he changes the subject by saying “ooh look at the match”. Beautiful stuff. Kaz with the knees to the back and a lariat out of the corner on Ethan. He covers for two, I expected Ethan to win early but with this being in SoCal Kaz could actually win. Kaz attempts the crossface chicken wing but Ethan ducks it and drops him with a running shoulder block. Kaz counters Ego’s Edge, Kaz with a leaping DDT and crawls over Ethan to make the cover on the other side so Lambert can put Ethan’s foot on the ropes. Kaz is mad at Dan so he pulls him into the ring Ethan with the roll up for the victory.
Rating: **1/2
Review: That finish was BIG STINKY. I can’t imagine how deflating that had to be for the SoCal Kaz fans. They paid it off with the post match so it wasn’t all that bad but that’s one way to end a decent match a completely deflating roll up.
Post match: Scorpio comes out and Kaz locks in the crossface chicken wing on Lambert. Sky stares down Kaz allowing Ethan to attack him from behind. Out comes Christopher Daniels SCU chant as Daniels and Kaz are in the ring across from Scorpio and Ethan. Taz and Ricky Starks sing “We’re goin back to Cali, Cali” Ethan grabs a mic and promotes a chance at a tag match, Ethan says too bad they can never tag in an AEW ring again. Daniels says they can’t team but there’s nothing stopping Daniels from stomping a hole in his Canadian ass. Kaz grabs the mic and tells Scorpio he has all the respect in the world for him, but he won’t break him. Sky looks into the camera and says “IT ISN’T GONNA BE FOR THE TNT TITLE”. Big pop. Kaz says they have “FINALLY” Comeback to Southern California. Kaz says at the count of three a lound and a proud SCU!

The final score: review Good
The 411
This was one of the better episodes of Dark in a while it always adds a lot when it's taped before or after and episode of Dynamite or Rampage. The live crowd in Ontario added a lot to even the worst matches on this card. This week we had a banger with Takeshita taking on Comoroto, I wish we got matches like this every week but i'll take it this week at the very least. There were some down moments but overall this was a pretty solid episode of Dark.

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