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Cazer’s Impact Wrestling Review 1.20.22

January 20, 2022 | Posted by Andrew Cazer
Impact Wrestling
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Cazer’s Impact Wrestling Review 1.20.22  


Dallas TX

Commentary by Tom Hannifan & Others (D’Lo selling the injuries from last week)

We are two weeks removed from Impacts Hard to Kill pay per view and the fallout continues. The Good Brothers and VBD have recognized the benefits of their working relationship despite their loss at Hard to Kill. Now Gallows will once again team with Joe Doring to take on the team of Rhino and Heath.

Last week Zicky Dice received an impact world championship opportunity courtesy of Moose. It was more of a day off for Moose as he made quick work of Zicky. After the match W Morrisey made his presence felt and took his frustration out on Zicky Dice and his partner VSK. Now the duo of Zicky Dice and VSK will partner up to take on W Morrisey in a handicap match. This is double the challenge Moose had and yet it still feels like a night off for Morrisey.

We’ve also got Josh Alexander vs CHARLIE HAAS, The Influence vs The Decay, Tasha Steelz vs Chelsea Green and Steve Maclin vs Johnathan Gresham. With a stacked card it looks like tonight Impact will be a doozy! Lets get to the action.

– Mickie James comes out and joins Tom on commentary she’s decked out in Dallas Cowboys gear, if only she knew what was coming when this was taped. Sorry Cowboys fans but c’mon who runs up the middle with no timeouts and :12 left. Tragic.

Tasha Steelz vs. Chelsea Green

This is a precursor to Tasha and Mickie but before Tasha can get the title match she’s looking for she has to get through Chelsea Green. Chelsea’s been a lot more talk than action recently though she did come very close to winning the ultimate x match so maybe this is where the tide turns for her. Chelsea comes out running dropping Tasha with a dropkick early. Both women on the apron and they exchange blows before Chelsea sends Tasha face first into the apron before stomping on her face. Chelsea and Tasha roll into the ring and Chelsea looks for a pinfall but Tasha kicks out. Both women to their feet and Tasha drops Chelsea with a codebreaker and covers for a two count of her own. Tasha lays into Chelsea with a series of strikes before taking a moment to talk trash to Mickie on commentary. Chelsea in the corner and Tasha with the uppercut and tosses her onto the mat. Tasha with a kick to the face and covers Chelsea for another two count. The crowd is firmly behind Chelsea and she manages to roll up Tasha for two, she rolls her up again but again it’s a two count. Tasha and Chelsea to their feet and they exchange strikes before Tasha sends Chelsea into the ropes, they run right into each other and Tasha goes for a crucifix bomb but Chelsea’s too strong and holds her up. Tasha fights out and hits a cutter on Chelsea. Chelsea to her feet in the corner and Tasha lays into Chelsea with her shoulder before lifting her onto the top turnbuckle. Both women exchange strikes on the middle ropes before Chelsea sends Tasha off the rope. Chelsea follows with a crossbody and nearly slipped but she connects. Chelsea lifts Tasha up and hits her with an inverted flatliner and covers Tasha for a two count. She tries to lift Tasha to her feet but she hits her with a neck breaker and follows up with the crucifix bomb. Tasha with the cover off the crucifix and wins in 4:24.
Rating: **1/2
Review: This one started out really hot early but it lost its steam for me in the middle there. Chelsea almost botched the crossbody but she corrected and it was a decent spot. This was a good opener but I think they could’ve gotten a bit more time. Glad Tasha was able to follow up with the crucifix bomb and win with it.
Review: Tasha asks for a mic and talks down Mickie. She tells Mickie that she’s never been down the path she’s been down. She hasn’t endured what Tasha has and she came from a much better life. Tasha tells Mickie she’s going to send her back to Virginia as a failure. She’s going to send Mickie back to her Empowerrr show a failure, and she’s going to send her back to her son a failure. Mickie’s heard enough and makes her way to the ring. Savannah Evans tries to stop her but Tasha tells her to let her go. Mickie gets in the ring and we get a brawl between the #1 contender and the Knockouts World Champion. Mickie gets the upperhand and Savannah’s seen enough she jumps in and drops Mickie with a big boot. Chelsea Green makes the save and Mickie drops Tasha with the Mick Kick. Chelsea and Mickie hug it out as Tasha and Savannah retreat.

– Tom takes us to BTI and we see Lady Frost get beat and Matt Cardona interrupt Jordynne Grace’s celebration. Cardona points at the Digital Media championship before walking away.

– Gia’s backstage with Cardona and asks if him pointing at her championship means what Gia thinks it means. Cardona says there are many world championships in Impact the ROH world champion among them but he wants to be the World Wide Web champion, he helped create digital media so he want’s a shot at the gold. Fair enough. Cardona says yes that was a challenge he wants a shot at Jordynne Grace. I’m not sure Cardona’s reasoning makes a whole lot of sense but that’s typically Cardona’s character anyways so it works for me. 

The Influence vs. Decay

Back to back women’s matches, Impact has always done well at putting their women in prominent positions you don’t see elsewhere but this is still cool to see. The Influence are still building to their match with The Iinspiration and that makes me believe this is their match to win even though Decay are booked really strong in Impact. The Influence catch Havok off guard early and kick Rosemary from behind before sending her shoulder first into the ring post. The referee throws up the ol’ X above his head to signal he needs help as Rosemary sells the injury. The Influence pose as Kaleb takes pictures of them while Rosemary is helped to the back. Rosemary is pissed because medical is forcing her to the back. Medical allows Havok to wrestle and Rosemary is big mad and sends Havok in to fight for her as she heads to the back. The Influence seem concerned as we go to commercial. Back from break and the match is officially under way as it has been made a handicap match. Kaleb is now on commentary and we replay him getting involved to distract Rosemary. Kaleb calls them dumb goth girls haha. Tenille tags in as The Influence take control of Havok as the numbers get to her. Tenille with the choke in the corner before tagging Madison back into the match and she starts choking Havok as well. Kaleb says they’re going to make an example of the stupid goth girls. Havok fights back and sends Madison out of the corner before dropping Tenille to the outside. Havok drops Madison and catches her in the corner with a big splash. Tenille gets in but runs right into a boot from Havok. Havok with a back kick to Madison dropping her to the mat. Havok lifts Madison up with a choke but Madison fights out. Madison looks for a crossbody but Havok catches her. Tenille off the top with the assist and we get a double crossbody. They look for a chokeslam on Havok but she catches both of them looking to chokeslam them both but they fight out. Madison with a cutter, Tenille with the spotlight kick. They lift Havok up and hit her with The Influence for the victory in 3:35.
Rating: **1/2
Review: This match was really short but I do get the booking that we got here I just wish that The Influence came out looking a bit stronger.
Post match: The Iinspiration cut a promo congratulating the Influence on their victory but say they know each other too well to fall for their divide and conquer strategy. They mention their history with Tenille and say she’ll try to backstab her. They talk about Madison’s history with retiring and talk about how they can’t rely on each other to have each others back. They say that the Influence has been trying to copy them, but the reality is they’re trying to walk a mile in their shoes but the shoes they want to fill are three times their size. Decent promo from one of the better female tag teams in wrestling absolutely the most consistent. However the production was weak here, I get the circumstances but still felt like it was from an iphone. 

Zicky Dice & VSK vs. W. Morrisey

Interesting back to back handicap matches. Brian Meyers is here to back up his guys he tells Tom he likes them but i’m skeptical. Tom reminds us Morrisey has won 3 on 1 in the past so what makes him think they can win? Meyers says the learning tree has been watching film on The Great Khali to prepare. VSK and Zicky run right into a clothesline from Morrisey. He looks for a chokeslam but they both slip right out just as Meyers predicted he’s on his Tony Romo tonight. Morrisey regains control and catches both men with splashes in the corner. VSK runs right into a shoulder tackle. Morrisey drops Zicky with a SICK chokeslam. He follows it with a HUGE powerbomb on VSK and pins both men in 1:08.
Rating: N/A
Review: I love this, that was a fantastic squash and Morrisey continues to look like a badass. I’m really looking forward to him getting a run as champion. 
Post match: Morrisey tells Moose if he’s not going to show his face around Impact then Morrisey’s gonna come find him and storms off. Scott D’Amore stops Morrisey and tells him Moose isn’t here but he’ll get his hands on Moose when it matters at No Surrender. Someone tells Scott he has an issue out front but they couldn’t reach him on the headset. You know I hate the headset but I appreciate it’s use in moments like this even though it’s pretty goofy.’

– The ROH group are backstage and D’Amore asks why they’re here. Matt Taven says they’re here to support the ROH world champion. D’Amore says there’s no way he’s believing that. Taven shows him their tickets and D’Amore brings up some security to keep an eye on them. D’Amore tells them that if they get out of line he has a lockerroom full of guys to take care of them. Tom says this is a great idea but Scott so he can keep an eye on them. Fair enough.

ROH World Championship – Pure Rules match
Steve Maclin vs. Jonathan Gresham

Ian Riccaboni is here to help call this match, and I must say after all these random wrestlers popping in i’m glad we’re gonna get another traditional commentator for this one. This should be a pretty sweet match, Maclin just had a sweet match vs. Trey and despite coming up short in that title match he’s a solid pick for a title match here as well as it wont hurt too bad to lose to someone like Gresham. Gresham offers a handshake and Maclin refuses to accept which is ironic as we’re already breaking the pure rules. Maclin is forced to use rope break number one early and we see the ROH group make their appearance on the balcony. Gresham is a bit distracted by them and Maclin forces him into the ropes to force him to waste a rope break. Gresham puts his hand back out and again Maclin refuses. Throw this one out ref. Gresham forces yet another rope break due to submission and again asks for a handshake but Maclin drops him with a straight closed fist. The referee warns him for his first thrown fist. Another closed fist and Maclin loses, they mention it could be strategic but it doesn’t do much to bring down Gresham. Maclin hooks the arms and hits Gresham with a butterfly backbreaker before covering Gresham. Gresham with a kick out at two and we get some chain wrestling. Maclin again wrestles Gresham into the ropes to force a second rope break. Maclin sends Gresham into two the corner multiple times before sending Gresham in face first forcing him to land on his chest. Maclin with an Olympic slam and covers Gresham but he kicks out at two yet again. Maclin locks Gresham in a boston crab and Gresham is forced to use his third rope break. Maclin holds onto the submission again breaking pure rules. These Impact refs could use some refreshing on Pure Rules. Maclin locks Gresham into a bit of an inverted camel clutch and he tries for the ropes but it doesn’t matter. Finally Gresham fights out and they exchange strikes but Maclin drops Gresham with a bodyslam. Gresham with another forearm and eats another bodyslam from Maclin. Maclin covers but Gresham kicks out at two. Gresham with a kick to the face and follows with a moonsault onto Maclin. Gresham looks for a suplex but the injured back is too much and he can’t hit it. Maclin backs him into the corner and Gresham shoves him off following it with a dropkick. The dropkick hurt Gresham just as much and Maclin looks for another boston crab but Gresham fights out. Maclin traps Gresham in the corner and hits him with the spear in the corner! Maclin covers but Gresham kicks out just in time! Maclin looks for a backbody drop but Gresham lands on his feet. Gresham immediately falls to the ground due to his back. Gresham with a submission and Maclin uses his last rope break. Gresham with a flurry of strikes but he runs right into a lariat from Maclin. Maclin covers but Gresham kicks out at one. Maclin with another lariat this time covering for a two count before Gresham kicks out. Maclin lifts Gresham up and looks for Mayhem for all but Gresham reverses out. Gresham locks Maclin in a figure four in the center of the ring and he’s out of rope breaks. Maclin refuses to tap and both men exchange strikes. Maclin drops Gresham with a stiff strike and he falls back into a pinning position. Gresham kicks out at two and continues to wrench in the figure four. Maclin rolls through into the ropes but it wont break the submission. Gresham uses the ropes for leverage and Gresham pins Maclin with a figure four in 10:20.
Rating: ** 3/4
Review: This was an ok match but boy there were many booking things I didn’t love here. I get that Maclin is inexperienced in Pure Rules match but I don’t think commentary did well at getting across that idea as long as the refs leniency. I’m not saying they should’ve called for a DQ but making a pure rules match and ignoring all of the rules seems a bit silly. Gresham winning with the figure four was better than when we saw it in AEW a few months back but still not a finish I like at all. 

– Taven and the ROH group see themselves out walking by security to leave. PCO scares them briefly and it ‘appears’ that they’re leaving. Call me Mark but I think they’ll be back gang.

Doc Gallows & Joe Doring vs. Rhino & Heath

Rhino and Heath have been feuding with VBD for a long time and I hope we can move away from this storyline soon. Karl Anderson’s on commentary so this match is already a five star classic. Rhino and Doc start things off with Rhino taking the upper hand early but its not enough to hold Doc down too long. Gallows fights back but he eats a right from Rhino that sends him to the outside. Doring looks to get involved but Heath sends him outside as well. He regroups with Gallows and VBD as we go to break. Back from break as Heath works over Doc’s arm as he tags in Rhino who takes a shot at the arm as well. Rhino sends Doc into the corner but Doc reverses out and hits Rhino with some strikes of his own. Deaner on the apron but Rhino drops him with a right hand. Doc drops Rhino with a big boot courtesy of the distraction. Doc tags in Doring and they hit a double shoulder block on Rhino. Doring uses the ropes to choke Rhino and tells the ref he has till five he knows the rules. Doring backs Rhino up into the corner and tags Doc in. Doc drops Rhino with a right hand and starts raking away at his face. The crowd chants for Rhino and it makes Eric Young go nuts. Doc drops Rhino with a headbutt and locks in a sleeper hold. Rhino tries to fight back but Gallows sends him into the corner. Rhino comes back for Doc and they drop each other with a double clothesline. Both men make tags and Heath lights up Doring with lefts and rights. Heath bounces off the ropes and sends Doring to the outside with a clothesline. Gallows with the blind tag but Heath drops him with a shoulder to the jaw. Heath gets caught up outside as the referee is distracted and Heath eats a flag to the face from Deaner. Gallows and Doring hit the double choke slam on Heath and cover him for the victory in 8:39.
Rating: **1/2
Review: This was a solid match, the flag shot from Deaner clearly didn’t connect but otherwise it was a decent match between these two teams. I think Heath and Rhino are both limited in the ring for separate reasons but neither have really blown me away with their in ring action recently and this was just more of that, nothing awful but nothing great. I expect it with Rhino but I do wish Heath brought more to the table. 

Josh Alexander vs. Charlie Haas

Tom asks Sabin what brings him out for commentary and he says he just wants to be here for a good match. Fair enough, but again this is why i’m not a fan of a new commentator every match we all know this is likely leading to something right? Josh vs Haas should be sweet. Tom notes that it’s ridiculous Morrisey is getting a title shot over Josh something we’re all thinking. Match starts and we get some chain wrestling between two very good wrestlers. In the battle of the singles I think Josh wins even though I’m not as big of a fan of the shorter legs on his. Haas with a rollup but josh kicks out at two and shows some respect to Haas. Haas backs Josh into the corner but Josh powers out and drops Haas with a boot sending him out of the ring as we go to break.

Back from break and Haas lays into Josh with a forearm to the back. Josh catches Haas off the ropes with an elbow to the face. Josh sends Haas into the corner and hits him with a chop before Haas sends him into the opposing corner. Haas drops Josh with a strike to the knee and then slamming it on the apron. Haas drags Josh to the ring post and slams his knee into the post. Haas back into the ring and wraps Josh’s leg around the ropes running into it with his own knee. Charlie locks in a modified figure four and drops Josh with a headbutt as he tries to fight out. They exchange strikes in the hold forcing Haas to break the submission. Josh lifts Haas up onto his shoulders and hits him with the rolling senton but Haas with the crucifix counter into a pinfall but Josh kicks out. Haas gets rolled up but kicks out at two. Josh in the ropes and Charlie kicks right under the leg. Josh Alexander with a pair of german suplexes on Haas who reverses and connects with two of his own before Josh reverses out and hits another before Charlie forces a rope break. Haas runs into another german suplex and Josh bridges for the pin. His knee gives out helping Haas kick out at two. Has continues to attack the knee running a shoulderblock right into the midsection in the corner. Haas with an overhead belly to belly and covers for a two count. Haas locks in a single leg crab but Josh fights out kicking the leg out from underneath him and locking in an ankle lock. Haas tries to roll through and rolls into a pin but Josh kicks out and goes right back to the ankle lock. Josh Alexander grapevines the anklelock and Haas is forced to tap out at 11:03.
Rating: ***1/4
Review: This was an awesome singles match between two guys who are just damn good at what they do. I recall reading Haas was injured in this match and i’m not sure if it comes post match but he seemed to finish it pretty well. I hope it wasn’t Josh kicking his knee out at the end that did it. But really this was a pretty awesome singles match. 
Post match: Josh and Haas stand tall but the Ring of Honor five hit the ring. Sabin has seen enough and jumps in to make the save but the numbers are too much for him. Rich Swann and Willie Mack hit the ring to make the save but still the numbers are too much for him. Rhino and Heath hit the ring to even the odds and finally the ROH squad seem to be on the defensive but again they regain control. Eddie Edwards hits the ring with a kendo stick clearing the ring. The ROH group retreat as the Impact group stand tall in the center of the ring. I wish Josh would’ve been the guy to even the numbers, like have Edwards start to even things up and Josh finishes it off to look a bit stronger.

-The ROH group are back on the balcony and Maria cuts a promo on them, she says they used to believe in honor, they believe honor is real but it’s all changed. Change is upon them and now this is Honor No More. That must be the group name, that’s neat.

The final score: review Good
The 411
This show was fine, none of the matches were horrible but I really wasn't impressed outside of the strong opener and the great main event. The pure rules match really left a lot to be desired and the lack of following pure rules hurt it for me. The back to back handicap matches were fine because they told different stories but still couldn't we have paced that better? Overall not bad but i'm aching for them to put on a banger of a show, they've got the talent for it.

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