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CazXL On ‘Dumb Decision’ To Beat Down Little Person on Smackdown, WWE Release & Possible Return

August 7, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Big Cass on RAW

– Speaking with Ryan Satin at Pro Wrestling Sheet, CazXL (aka Big Cass) discussed the situation that led to his WWE release, including the infamous segment where he got heat on him for going off script with a little person on Smackdown. The segment was in the middle of Cass’ feud with Daniel Bryan, and had a little person come out pretending to be Bryan. Cass was just supposed to give the person a big boot to end the segment, but instead he did an extended beatdown that angered management for his going off-script.

Cass also talked about his when he was told about his release by Vince McMahon, and a possible return to the company. Highlights are below, as well as the full interview:

On the little person segment that got him heat with the company: “Yeah … it was a f**king mistake, it was a dumb decision on my part. So stupid. It was just like, probably the worst decision I ever made, and it’s so crazy what I was going through at the time. Because if you would’ve asked anybody — if you would have told anybody two years prior, even a year prior, that I was gonna do that, they would’ve said, ‘You’re f**king crazy. He’s a model employee.’ I don’t know what — my mind was in a different place, man. And that was the dumbest f**king thing I ever did. I regret it to this day, so f**king stupid … I don’t want to get into everything, it was just a mistake, man. It was a big f**king mistake, and I knew it the second I came back [from the ring]. I went out there, I did what I thought — I don’t know. I looked in the crowd and people were not reacting how I wanted them too. And I did was right and it was a very stupid decision. Very f**king stupid. I shouldn’t have done it.”

On if that was the beginning of the end for his WWE run: “No, I think I was gonna self-destruct at a certain point no matter what. Doesn’t matter what situation you put me in, I was gonna do something stupid. I was very self-destructive at that time, very. It doesn’t matter, something was gonna happen.”

On his WWE release: “Vince called me in, face-to-face. We had a long talk, it was a great talk. Yeah, we had a very, very good conversation and we left very amicably. I have no bad things to say about that company. Like, they treated me well, they f**king put me in great spots, they did everything for me and I kinda just f**ked them over. And I feel bad about that, and I’m disappointed in myself that I let a lot of people down. Because they put a lot of faith in me, and that company treated me very, very well. It’s just — like I said, there were forces in play that just couldn’t be stopped.”

On a possible WWE return: “I do think the door is open. It’s just a matter of what I want to do … It’s tough to say right now [if he would would want to return]. It’s a tough life, man. People don’t realize how tough that lifestyle is. Mentally, right now, I feel like I’m in a good place, I feel like I’m in a very good place to handle that schedule and to handle that life. That’s where I feel like I’m at right now. But I don’t know what I want to do, man. I’m kinda living life right now keeping my options open. There’s plenty of wrestling out to be had there in the world, there’s plenty of other options for entertainment in the world.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Pro Wrestling Sheet with a h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.

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