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Chaotic Wrestling Results 4.27.18 – Lowell, MA: JT Dunn Defends Title in Headliner

April 28, 2018 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Chaotic Wrestling

– Chaotic Wrestling held an event last night in Lowell, Massachusetts. Below are some results from the event, courtesy of Paul Crockett and PWInsider.

MATCH ONE: Vern Vicallo v. “Retrosexual” Anthony Greene

Solid opener. Greene did well during heat to lead to Vicallo’s comeback, which got a decent reaction. They didn’t go too long and it was a nice way to start the show. Greene got a nearfall on a springboard cutter and had a great facial expression when he didn’t get the win. He then finished it with a spinning Unprettier.

WINNER: “Retrosexual” Anthony Greene

MATCH TWO: Maine State Posse (Aiden Aggro & Danger Kid) v. Bear Country (Bear Bronson & Bear Beefcake)

Aside from a few nitpicks, this match was decent. As hoss sized heels, the Bears were doing really impressive athletic things like a moonsault by Beefcake, but as heels, and considering they’re working smaller guys who need athleticism to logically be in a match against bigger guys, they should be doing that. Especially considering the moonsault came at the end of the heat and not at the end of the match. That aside, everything else was fine. MSP got the win with their backbreaker/senton combo. MSP did a good job in selling and staying away from flash and keeping it to substance in regard to their work.

WINNERS: Maine State Posse

MATCH THREE: Robbie E v. Cam Zagami

Robbie cut a promo saying he was happy to be back in Chaotic. He also said sometimes he can be a douchebag, but today he’s thankful because without Chaotic, he wouldn’t be where he is today. He then said Chaotic has future stars, and he wanted to talk to one of them: Cam Zagami.

Robbie E offered Cam to be under his “tree of knowledge…free of charge,” but Cam said he wanted to become a star on his own. So Robbie said how about he learns with a singles match between them tonight? Good talking segment to start it. I always thought Robbie was criminally underrated as a promo in TNA because they always went comedy with him, but he’s got skill on the mic.

The match started out as babyface v. babyface, but Robbie turned quickly. The only issue with the match was that Cam’s selling needs a lot of work, plus, I don’t really see him as a babyface. The crowd didn’t seem to, either, as they didn’t rally behind him during the heat. Robbie did well as the heel. After the match, Robbie offered a handshake and Cam accepted.

WINNER: Cam Zagami

They announced Mick Foley as the Special GM for the Chaotic Countdown on June 1.

MATCH FOUR: New England Championship – Josh Briggs (c) v. Bryan Logan (with Matt Logan)

This stems from issues they had at the last show.

Good match. Briggs dealt with interference on the outside from Matt on a couple of occasions, all of which was done well. At the end, Matt tried to throw powder in Briggs’ face, but he ducked and Bryan ate it. That lead Briggs to hit his chokeslam into a backbreaker finish to the win. The only thing about the finish is that it was blatantly done in front of the ref and he didn’t do anything, so that didn’t make sense. Otherwise, it was a simple, good match. Briggs bled hard way from the nose.

WINNER: Josh Briggs


MATCH FIVE: Chris Dickinson v. DL Hurst

This is Dickinson’s Chaotic debut.

The match did what it was supposed to do. It made Dickinson seem like a monster killer who can’t be hurt, all while making sure DL did enough to not come off like a punk. The match didn’t go long before Dickinson ended it with a spinning kick to the head. Hurst continues to get better with each match, and he did a great job bumping and selling.

After the match, Dickinson was going to give a Pazuzu Bomb to Hurst when Brett Domino came in for the save. Dickinson then beat down Domino. He had him up for the Pazuzu Bomb, but ended up dropping him and leaving. Solid debut.

WINNER: Chris Dickinson

MATCH SIX: Brett Domino v. Robo The Punjabi Lion (with Sydney Bakabella)

Bakabella came out and cut a promo while Domino was laid out following the Dickinson attack. Bakabella told Robo to take him out and end his career.

The story was that Domino couldn’t even defend himself and Robo didn’t want to hurt him. Bakabella yelled at him on the apron then slapped him. When Robo grabbed Bakabella, the crowd popped huge. Domino then rolled him up for the win. Domino did well to sell and not even try any offense. Robo then chased Bakabella out of the arena. This was good for what it was.

WINNER: Brett Domino

MATCH SEVEN: Number One Contenders Match: Skylar v. Davienne

I liked this match. It wasn’t complicated, they took their time, and even though there was a spot in the middle where they could have lost it with a misstep, they stayed composed and worked out of it well. Skylar got the win with a Last Chancery.

WINNER: Skylar

MAIN EVENT: Chaotic Heavyweight Title – JT Dunn (with Sammi Lane) (c) v. Chase Del Monte

This was a good main event. The only thing that was confusing was when Chase looked to have Dunn prone with a superkick as he was getting up off the mat, Sammi Lane came in and covered him up. I get that it was a Miss Elizabeth style “please don’t hurt him anymore” moment, but the timing and placement of it in the match didn’t make sense. Plus, it made the babyface look weak considering the beating he took wasn’t bad enough to warrant it. Other than that, it was an entertaining match.

The finish saw Chase going for the Cradle 2 the Grave piledriver when JT got out and hit the Death by Elbow. After the match, the man JT beat for the title, Elia Markopolous, jumped him from behind and proclaimed that he’s back and that he’s here to take his title back on May 17th. Good ending.


Overall, this show was entertaining. If you’re looking for a work rate paradise, this wasn’t it, but if you wanted easy to follow, hard-working storytelling in professional wrestling with up and comers, this was that.